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Scandal episode 9


Episode 9

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Cardin paced up and down in his office, he couldn’t find the docvment. He started suspecting something fishy “first, i cant find these docvments, second, Clara hasn’t been to work yet. She must have taken it or something” he said

“not being to work early doesn’t mean she took it, that’s not evidential enough” Sam, his P.A said making Cardin have a second thought.

“i need to confront her. Tell me as soon as she arrives”. Just then, Clara knocks and enters into his office, bringing some papers for Cardin to sign. She looked more gorgeous today, Cardin admitted.

“good morning, i brought the contract papers of Mr Nelson, he wants you to sign them before the commencement of the meeting today” Clara says ignoring the seductive look on his face

“drop it on the desk” she drops it, and heads out

“we need to talk Clara” Cardin’s voice stops her from exiting.

“about what” she turns slowly to look at him

“about my proposal, what is your reply?” Cardin looked at her, wanting to be sure she wasn’t the one who stole the docvments

“you can go ahead and tell the boss. That singular thing can’t implicate me. I could even sue you for defamatory and scandalizing my name and reputation. You’ll have to explain to the court how you got that papers and be ready to prove that you didn’t forge those yourself. You’ll go to jail yourself. I bet you that. So go on and do it” Clara left him shocked and frozen to the spot.

#fast forward#
Cardin sat at the restaurant waiting for Charles. He checked the time again to be sure he was there at the right time and he was. He had been seated there, waiting for Charles for about ten minutes but no sign of him was seen. He only wanted to give the update of how Clara had decided against their plan and how the docvments had mysteriously disappeared. For some reasons, he still suspected Clara but as his P.A said, he had no basis for accusing her.
“maybe he changed his mind” Sam said seeing how worried Cardin has become

“no, its not in Charles’s personality to back out this way. He has been planning this for a very long time” Cardin picked his phone and placed a call to Charles for the tenth time and as usual, no response. It kept ringing but no one answered.
“we have to go see him in his office” Cardin concluded rising up and Sam trailed behind.

“he hasn’t been to work yet” Charles’s secretary tells Cardin
“have you heard from him?
“not yet, but im sure he will come, he’s handling a case with a client, and has a court appearance tomorrow so he will definitely show up. Why dont you sit and wait?” the secretary suggested and he obeyed.

After a while Charles still hasn’t showed up, Cardin becomes restless as he returns to work in deep thought. He knew something wasn’t right. He decides to pay Charles a visit later, after work.

#at the site#
David sits staring into space. He hasn’t come up with any plan, he was as blank as an empty page. What Charles told him still bothered him. He had to find a way, any way. He looked at Charles lying on the ground helpless. He felt pity for him more. The whole place was beginning to smell of the rottenness of his Charles’s legs. He looked at him again and shook his head, he thought of how much it could cost a person if he loved a wrong person and a bad one at that. But something was strange. According to what Charles told him, his legs were injured and paralysed just the previous day, how then it has already began to rot just the next day?he looked at the food the white lady gave them and saw it spoilt too, in fact it added to the smell of the room. How strange, he thought. The coffee too has turned sour, and its color changed from dark gold to black, pure black. “that’s it!” he shouted snapping his fingers “first observation is rapid change” he paused and touched his face only to find his newly cut beard had grown full and bushy “see? Everything here changes faster than normal” he said feeling proud looking at the direction of Charles who cared less. He tried untying his legs but it was useless trying. He looked everywhere for something sharp but found none. He crawled to where charles was lying and found him unconscious. He started panicking. He thought of escaping as the thought of dying here made him flinch. He looked all around him but there was no way, the room was very high. The window was very high too. The door was made of iron, the type he hasn’t seen since he was borne. He looked at the wall yo find it made of concrete cement, not bricks as he was used to. He exhaled disappointedly, escaping wasn’t possible here.

babe, its time” Cindy said as soon as Clara picked up.
“okay, im on my way. Should u come to pick you or you’ll go in your car?”
“come pick me” Cindy said and dropped the call.

## . . . . . ## . . . . . ## . . . . .

#at the site# Day 2# 12:01am#
They seated in their usual Korean style, all seven of them looking at the portrait of Charles and David. They held up their ring finger

circling it all around. They stopped simultaneously. Cindy goes in and drags Charles out if the room. Bringing him to their middle, this time, he lay on the ground looking upward he was conscious but his body was paralysed; all his body were, up to his neck. Cindy took a knife and cut his legs up to the rotten area which was up to his knees. She sliced it into seven parts excluding his bones.
She gave each part to them. Charles saw from the corner of his eyes how they devoured his body, the worms that came out of his body were like spice to his flesh for them. He was afraid, helpless, he knew he was going to die.

David saw the way Cindy came in to drag Charles and how Charles looked at him as if saying “SAVE ME!” but he couldn’t do anything instead, he shifted backward in fear. He didn’t hear anything from either Charles or they people he knew were around. Its heart started thudding against his chest again. Adrenaline rushed through his vain. He held his heart as he thought this would be the last time he was Charles.

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Shortly after, David heard the door beep, he listened and observed red the password wasn’t long, in fact he heard beep seven times, but how was he going to solve this mystery? he asked himself frowning out of worry. The door opened and he saw Clara walk in. He wanted to say something and as before, he could not. He felt his lips glued, same thing that happened the previous day. It happened anytime Clara was around, or whenever he felt the presence of any of the devilish people. Clara stood in front of him and extended her hand. He took it but fell down. Just then, he realised his legs were still tied, Clara saw him and although there wasn’t any good light except for the mysterious lamp that shone from the corner, very dim. He looked again as another observation hit him. The lamp seem to stop shinning when there was day but starts shinning when night comes. He looked at it again, as he left the room limping behind Clara. The pain from the tying of his legs gave him cramps.

## . . . . . ## . . . . . . ## . . . .

David froze at the sight of paralysed Charles. He saw his bones beside him and saw that his legs were amputated. He wondered what happened until he saw the white lady licking her fingers and another person, picking worm from a plate in front of her. He needed no one to tell him that these people just ate his beloved partner. He got even more scared when he saw all of them staring at him. All seven of them, six females and a male, the male he saw woods the day Clara brought him here. He started to cry within him. He held his trousers when he felt he just peed on himself. He was pushed to the middle where he was made to keel. He looked at Charles who returned the gaze with no expression written on his face. He wanted to ask him what he could do, but he himself could not speak. He looked around and saw Clara whom he thought was behind him all this while, suddenly appear in front of him. He jerked back in shock. This was really creeping him out.
Clara personally hypnotised him. David experienced the same trance like state he experienced the first tim, though this time, it was more intense, very intense. He felt like dying. Jerking and rolling on the floor, Clara continued until he lost consciousness.

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