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👧$h£ is !nsane 👧

Judy a mentally unstable young lady ran away from a mental asylum.

[email protected] a young [email protected] man found h£r on h¡s way [email protected]¢k from work.

h£ found h£r behaviour childish, but felt pity for h£r an took h£r to h¡s home. Wh£re h£ lives alone.

h£ tried f!nd!ng ©vt ab©vt h£r family. Those that might know h£r. But that will take a lot of time and effort. h£ couldn’t gath£r !nformation ab©vt h£r.

$h£ was an embarra$$ment to th£ world for [email protected]

How will be able to cope with h£r !nsane behaviour.

h£ tried gett!ng h£r treated, but wasn’t able to meet up with th£ doctor high demand.

Time pa$$es h£ grown fond of Judy, even if $h£ embarra$$es h¡m.

h£ likes h£r j√$t th£ way, $h£ is maybe love.

Th£ cause of Judy !nsanity was yet to be discover by [email protected]

[email protected] however had a relationship !n th£ past and became h£art broken. Is girlfriend left h¡m to pursue h£r ¢ar£er.

What will become of [email protected] and th£ !nsane girl h£ took home.
Will [email protected] [email protected]|| !n love with h£r, depict h£r !nsanity.

👧$h£ is !nsane👧

.Chapter 1

By Authoress promise 💖

Sara po!nt of view ( POV)

“Oh my God! I can’t believe th¡s my daughter escap!ng from th£ asylum” I muttered to myself already break!ng d©wΠ.
I j√$t receive a call that Judy as escape from th£ asylum .
Tears started stream!ng d©wΠy ch£ek. I give a loud cry and my husband Logan came rush!ng to me.
” What wrong” h£ demanded to know .
” Sweet h£art our daughter as escape from th£ asylum th£y can’t f!nd h£r” I struggled sobb!ngly.
” What ” h£ utter !n shock and i level myself to th£ floor.
” Mum… my oth£r daughter Kim rush !nto th£ room. $h£ j√$t came [email protected]¢k from school. $h£ squat d©wΠward and cuddle me to h£r arms.
” What happen mum, why are you cry!ng and why is dad stand!ng th£re look!ng shock ” $h£ question anxiously.
” Kim your sister….. tears prevent furth£r speech.
” My sister…. what happen to h£r ” $h£ !nquired.
” Judy escaped from th£ asylum and now we don’t know wh£re $h£ is ” I broke th£ news to h£r. I arch£d a brow and saw h£r tear!ng up.
I came [email protected]¢k from school. I knock at th£ door, but no respond.
Mum suppose to be [email protected]¢k from th£ shop by now.
I arrived late as unusual. And dad also took a break from work for today.
I press th£ door knob d©wΠward and th£ door flew open.
I could h£ar mum loud cry com!ng from th£ |ns!de. My h£art pounded on my ch£st. What must’ve happened.
I hurried !n and meant mum on th£ floor cry!ng and dad stood !n a spot with shock!ng faces.
I ru$h£d to mum and cuddle h£r to my arms.

I requested to know what might’ve happen. $h£ h£sitated before tell!ng me.
Th¡s is terrible Judy my sister escape from th£ asylum.
“Mum i told th£ both of you not to let Judy go to th£ asylum but you two paid deaf ears to my warn!ng ” I yelled and stood up. I made my way ©vtta of th£ room angrily.
” Kim”mum called but i choose to ignore h£r call, because i mad.

My sister Judy was a nice, sweet jovial and also madly !n love.
Judy always wake up early !n th£ morn!ng and prepare breakf*st.
And i wasn’t a morn!ng person so $h£ comes to wake me up always to get ready for school.
Wh£n $h£ is done, $h£ will th£n go to work.
$h£ was !n love with Brian. Th£y were togeth£r s!nce !n highschool.
Brian and Judy love each oth£r a lot.
$h£ always blab ab©vt h£r sweet, lovely, k!ndh£arted lover.
$h£ always talk’s ab©vt how much h£ ¢ar£s for h£r.
Every Saturday morn!ng Brian always come over to our home for a visit.
Judy will sit beside th£ w!ndow wait!ng for Brian to arriver. $h£ will not live th£ w!ndow until h£ arrives.
Wh£n $h£ spot h¡m $h£ will ran and ©vtside and give h¡m a hug and a peck. Before allow!ng th£ poor guy !n.
And wh£n we sat d©wΠ to have breakf*st, Judy will sit beside h¡m.
Th£y were always steal!ng glances at each oth£r and Judy will look!ng d©wΠward shyly.
Th£y will chitchat for some time and wh£n it was time for Brian to live, $h£ is gonna give h¡m a puppy face.
Brian will a$$ure h£r h£ is gonna visit h£r aga!n and beside th£y’re gonna meet aga!n.
Judy has Bra!n picture all over h£r room.
I often joke that $h£ is so Add¡¢ted to Brian and $h£ will fake a frown and tell me to get my own pr!nce charm!ng.

But death ru!ned everyth!ng. It shattered Judy beyond imag!nation.
It wounded my sister tender h£art.
Brian died on a fatal accident is b©dy was brutally burnt completely.
Wh£n th£ news of h¡s death reach£d Judy.
$h£ couldn’t believe. To h£r someone was ₱|@y!ng a prank and $h£ isn’t gonna spare that person who pay such a deadly prank.
I remember that day, $h£ ran ©vtta of th£ house.
Mum, dad and I ran to march up with h£r.
We didn’t saw wh£re $h£ might have ran to.
But we a$$ume $h£ might’ve gone to wh£re Brian funeral was be 0rg*nize.
We board a cab and hopped !n. Wh£n we got th£re we alighted.
We meant h£r alone. $h£ [email protected] h£r h£ad d©wΠ on Brian grave weep!ng.
Mum cuddled h£r. $h£ wept sobb!ngly !n mum arms.
Suddenly, $h£ yanked h£rself away and ran away.

We ran after h£r and $h£ disappeared with!n th£ crowds.
Dad a$$ume $h£ must’ve gone home.
But i totally disagreed. I made it clear that Judy wasn’t on h£r right s£nse to go home.
Mum nodded !n affirmation. I suggested to mum that I will go look for h£r !n $h£ and Brian hang©vt. And th£y should go home to see if $h£ might be th£re, j√$t !n case.
I called mum by th£ phone and th£ told me Judy isn’t home eith£r.
I would’ve call Judy to ask of h£r wh£reab©vt.
But it dawned on me th£ phone fell from h£r [email protected], wh£n Brian death news was announce to h£r.
Mum dad and i wh£re th£ first to knew ab©vt Brian death, but s¢ar£d didn’t wanna !nform Judy.
$h£ so much love Brian, I guess someone !n from h£r ab©vt th£ news over th£ phone.
Wh£re could Judy have gone, i wondered.
I hauled a cab and went home. We were ab©vt to !nform go!ng to th£ police station to tell th£ cops to go !n search of h£r, wh£n Judy walked !n.
$h£ look place h£r hair and cloth£s was !n a mess.
I could sight a dark spot on h£r develop!ng on h£r eyes.
Judy wasn’t h£rself aga!n after Brian death.
$h£ was devastated, baleful, woeful name th£m all.
I can’t describe what $h£ went through.
$h£ spent h£r days beh!nd close doors.
Th¡s affected h£r work !n th£ office. $h£ was fired from work.
But $h£ didn’t ¢ar£. Not!ng else matter to h£r.
$h£ always had Brian picture on h£r [email protected] all th£ time.
$h£ stare at it and sometimes talk and laugh at Brian pic.
$h£ never let anyone of us to touch th£ pic.
Judy will give a loud s¢r**m.
$h£ will always say that we’re try!ng to take h£r Brian from h£r and sometimes $h£ will bit our [email protected]

Judy strange behaviour wh£re gett!ng worse day by day.
We feared $h£ might be loos!ng h£r sanity.
$h£ started act!ng childish. Uncle Ray suggested we should take h£r to a mental asylum.
We refuse at first. But Judy behavior became embarra$$!ng.
Mum and dad gave !n to th£ idea of s£nd!ng Judy to th£ asylum.
Why i rema!n objected to th£ idea.
Mum and dad go aga!nst my will. Th£y s£nd h£r through uncle’s h£lp to th£ mental asylum wh£n i went to school.
That was six month ago. And how are will gonna f!nd h£r now.
Judy POV
I don’t like that bad place those people are bad very, very bad.
Th£y keep giv!ng me those disgust!ng medic!ne and !njection.
Am gonna f!nd my momma and poppa and Kim as well.
I saw a truck and i got !nto th£ [email protected]¢k of th£ truck.
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