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She is insane episode 2 – 3

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👧$h£ is !nsane 👧

Chapter 2

By Authoress promise 💖💖

[email protected] POV

Life seems unfair to me. Ever s!nce i was a child, i only dreamt of becom!ng a superstar. Music was my world.
But fate never wanted me to reach for my dream.
It made me a Waiter. I’ve to do some work to survive.
Sometimes i wonder those big superstar at th£re. How were th£y able to reach such h£ight. Why can’t i become like th£m.
Surely am a human like th£m also. I worked [email protected] like th£m.
Some don’t even have to stress th£ir self before becom!ng a star.
j√$t like Rob !n college.
h£ drop ©vt of college. But gosh look at h¡m, now h£ is a famous superstar well known and oth£rs were able to reach for th£ir dreams.why am j√$t a park music ₱|@yer and serve people food restaurant, j√$t for survival and to take ¢ar£ of mum and Katie my kid sis. !n as much i try [email protected] and dream of becom!ng a superstar, fate doesn’t want my dream to come true.

What i don’t understand is that th¡s famous superstar started from some wh£re eith£r rich or poor th£y were sponsored and some got to that h£ight through connections and whatever made th£m famous.
But someth!ng is clear th£y started from somewh£re.
But why do i not get any sponsors is not that my music are that bad.

Every Saturday even!ng i always go to th£ park to s!ng my song, while ₱|@y!ng my guitar. I s!ngs for those that wanna h£ar.
Everyone gath£r @r0vnd me and wh£n am done ₱|@y!ng th£y’re gonna give me a random applaud and make sweet complement.
And i also upload some of my music !n th£ social media and still am !n one spot. Nor mov!ng forward and [email protected]¢kward eith£r.

Damn, why am i curse with bad fate.
Every morn!ng wh£n i woke up. I spot bad fate [email protected]!ng beside me and wh£n i go to th£ washroom to fre$h£n up.
It will stand !n a corner and smirk at me.
Wh£n am go!ng to work it trails beh!nd me.
!n all of th¡s unfortunate cir¢vmstances, i rem!nded myself am not th£ only one go!ng through bad times.
Life s√¢ks to me. Why must it give me bad fate.
And to top it all, my girlfriend Elena left me to pursue h£r ¢ar£er as a model.
$h£ can only be able to become a famous model.
If $h£ live th£ state to Ireland that is way too far from home.
I was happy for h£r. But i couldn’t live with©vt h£r.
I can’t bear th£ distant. I begged h£r to stay beh!nd severally, $h£ shouldn’t go away form me that i can’t bear th£ distant.
We got !n to a fight because of th¡s. Elena made it clear that h£r ¢ar£er is m©r£ important than our relationship.
$h£ can’t risk h£r ¢ar£er, because of me.
$h£ said my love for h£ was becom!ng possessive.

And that particular day, we had a fight.
$h£ ended th£ relationship. I please with h£r not to break up with me.
But $h£ did anyway.
Th£ ordeal left my h£art shattered. $h£ left me.
On th£ bright side, Elena as become famous.
$h£ is all over th£ magaz!ne, media and so on.
But me am still !n a spot. Geez, well so unfortunate.
Am dest!ny to have bad fate.

After th£ restaurant was close for th£ day.
I went to th£ park as usual. To give people th£ taste of my music with my guitar beside.
Ya, i always carry my guitar with me to work every Saturdays.
Am well known !n th£ park. So wh£n i arrive people gath£r @r0vnd to listen to my song.

Judy POV

How long will it take to f!n momma, poppa and Kim.
I’ve be look!ng for th£m s!nce yesterday, wh£n i escape from that bad place
I’m very hungry I’ve not eat!ng s!nce yesterday.
Am gett!ng hungry packs. Everyone i meet we say go away you’re crazy. Am not crazy but th£y’re.
Am s¢ar£d now, it gett!ng dark. I gotta to f!nd my family.
I don’t wanna sleep !n th£ street like yesterday.
I slept close to a man shop. And beside am walk!ng !nto a path. It scary, monsters and witch£s are gonna come for me.
“Momma” I called.
I could h£ar some strange sound. I cont!nue walk!ng through.
Two men troop ©vt of th£ bu$h£s and th£y were smil!ng.
” Damn, you look beautiful, and h°t ” Th£ short one complement me.
And i smiled [email protected]¢k at th£m.
” Please can you take me to my momma, poppa and Kim my sister” I begged and th£y gave a random laughter.
” What a childish way of speak!ng and com!ng from a m©vth of a fvll grown woman ” th£ tall one said
I frowned and replied.
” Am a kid not an adult ”
” What ” th£ tall one said and both started aga!n and couldn’t stop.
I wonder why th£y’re laugh!ng.
” What funny ” I demanded confusedly.
” Whoa, whoa you’re a big baby ” th£ short one said and giggled th£ m©r£.
I frowned and took a stone from th£ ground and stone th£ shorter one.
h£ got angry and th£ both of th£m was ab©vt to attack me.
” Momma ” I cried.
” Let see wh£th£r your momma or whatever will save you from us” th£ taller one said.

” What do you th!nk we should do Ken” th£ taller one ask th£ shooter one.
” Let rape h£r ” h£ replied h¡m.
I don’t know what rape is, but am sure it bad.

👧$h£ is !nsane👧

Chapter 3

By Authoress promise


” Let me go of me or i will tell my poppa ” I warned sternly, but th£y pay no attention and i started cry!ng.
But th£y refuse to let me go
” h£y” someone sh©vted and arch£d a brow a delicate brow and saw it was a man on a motorcycle
h£ came d©wΠ from it.
h£ came closer to us and started trust!ng at th£m, s£nd!ng b!0ws.
h£ gave th£ short one a double kick and h£ fell flat on th£ floor with h¡s face.
Th£ taller one try punch!ng h¡m from beh!nd.
But h£ h£ld is [email protected] and twisted it to h¡s [email protected]¢k.
Th£ man w!nced and i laugh jump!ng up for joy.
Th£ oth£r one got up and try to attack my superman.
Superman isn’t gonna give h¡m a chance h£ gave h¡m a kick aga!n, h£ h£ld it and [email protected]
Th£ oth£r one ran away !nto th£ bu$h£s.
Superman pick th£ oth£r one from th£ floor through is collar.
And was ab©vt to 👊 h¡m on th£ face. h£ knelt d©wΠ.
” Jeez men, you won. Let me go already duck ” h£ said trembl!ng and i laugh, clapp!ng 👏 my [email protected] and jump!ng up feel!ng excited.

Bad men suit th£m right.
” fv¢k!ng dumb a$$h0l£s, you try embarra$$!ng a lady. And what were you try!ng to do, take advantage of h£r. Thank your stars, I didn’t call th£ cops am sure th£y will teach bastards like you a fv¢k!ng lesson. And you moth£rfv¢kers will be begg!ng by call!ng ya mama names “h£ blurted ©vt with a lion’s voice and th£ bad man fl!nch£d.
h£ free h¡m from h¡s grip.
” Thanks mehn ” h£ said.
Don’t thank me. You a!n’t worth my forgiveness. You try tak!ng advantage of a lady. Now be gone ” superman said.
And i laugh as th£ man ran !nto th£ same direction th£ oth£r one ran away to.
I stop laugh!ng wh£n my stomach rumbled.
” Are you okay ” h£ required and smile broadly
I ran and gave my h£ro a hug.

[email protected] POV

I was liv!ng for home, after go!ng to th£ park as usual to s!ng and ₱|@y th£ guitar .

I decided to take a path. Because someth!ng !n me !nsist i should follow that path.
I obeyed and went. Th£re i saw to guys try!ng to hara$$ a lady.
I quickly rush to save th£ lady for that harm th£y were ab©vt to !nflict on h£r.
I sma$h£d th£ both of th£m.

After th£y went away. I glance at th£ lady, $h£ was !n a mess.
Th£ day wasn’t that dark, you can still see clearly, I can see how mess up $h£ is.
Was $h£ kidnap by th£m, if so i made a terrible mistake of lett!ng those thugs go.
I should’ve called th£ cops.
But wh£n i !nquired to know if $h£ is okay or not.
$h£ ran and gave me a hug. That weird.
$h£ dis£ngage from th£ hug.
” Yippee, my new h£ro “$h£ said excitedly clapp!ng h£r [email protected] h£r behaviour is like that of a child. $h£ is a weirdo.
s1©wly those smile $h£ got faded away.
” My Brian ” $h£ blurted ©vt. Search!ng th£ floor.
I look at h£r confusedly. Gosh, th¡s lady is weird.
Isn’t th£ Brian supposed to be a human.
Why is $h£ search!ng for h¡m on th£ floor. Is $h£ crazy or what.
I glance at th£ floor and saw i that I was stepp!ng on someth!ng. It was a picture.
I bend d©wΠward to pick it up. I was ab©vt turn!ng it over to see who is on th£ pic.
Wh£n $h£ snatch£d it from my [email protected]
I arch£d a brow and saw th£ killer look $h£ throw at me.
” No one touch£s my Brian ” $h£ yelled at me. I was beg!nn!ng to feel upset with th£ way $h£ is act!ng.
I save h£r life and $h£ yell!ng at me.
And $h£ awkward also.
$h£ hug th£ picture to h£r ch£st.
” Damnable and awkward lady, i save your fv¢k!ng life. Why yell!ng at me ” I fired [email protected]¢k, angrily.
And turn to go. But $h£ h£ld my [email protected]
I turn and was ab©vt bark!ng at h£r.
But halt wh£n i saw th£ way $h£ look at me.

It as if, $h£ is s¢ar£d of someth!ng and need someone to protect h£r. I could see th£ fear on h£r eyes. Tears came rush!ng d©wΠ h£r eyes.
$h£ h£ld my [email protected] t!ght and rested on it.
“Superman, you’re my h£ro please don’t live me alone am s¢ar£d” $h£ pleased and started cry!ng like a child.
Never !n my life meant such a weird lady.
Did th£ kidnaps do someth!ng to make h£r act childish or what.
But i felt pity for h£r.
I dis£ngaged h£r and place my [email protected] on h£r shoulder.
” What happen to you” I !nquired !nquisitively.
” I ran away….. $h£ said and halt h£r word and place h£r two [email protected] on h£r stomach.
I glance at h£r stomach wonder!ng.
” Superman am hungry ” $h£ announce.
” And i can’t speak any m©r£. I haven’t had anyth!ng to eat, s!nce yesterday ” $h£ added and i felt m©r£ pity for h£r.
“Ride with me am gonna take you home. You can have d!nner at my place” I said and $h£ nodded.
We hopped !nto my motorcycle and i drove home.
On my way $h£ kept ask!ng questions and th£y were annoy!ng.
But i ¢©Πtr0| myself and answers th£m.
” What th£ h£ad th!ng call” $h£ !nquired like a three year old, and was referr!ng to my h£lmet.
” It is an h£lmet not a h£ad th!ng ” I replied feel!ng a bit irritated with h£r childish question.
” What do you carry on your [email protected]¢k” $h£ !nquired. And i was hold!ng a bit [email protected]¢k of ¢©Πtr0|.
h£r childish questions are frustrat!ng and weird any way i answer th£m
” My guitar is !n it and you’re suppose to know through th£ shape of th£ [email protected]¢k. It guitar bag. ” I expla!ned, even if i f!nd!ng it k!nda if strange of expla!n!ng such th!ngs to h£r.
And h£ got dawn on me we both didn’t not have proper !ntroduc!ng.

” What ya name ” I ask.
” JUdy ” $h£ replied childishly.
” am [email protected]” I said. “[email protected] Wilson” I amended.
” What ya oth£r name ” I ask.
” j√$t Judy ” $h£ replied.
That weird, j√$t one name. Not a surname. How’ll th£ cops f!nd h£r love ones. Wh£n $h£ don’t even know are complete name. Strange lady.
I ask h£r aga!n, but $h£ said j√$t Judy.

We were driv!ng home, s1©wly, because th£ traffic was absolutely awful.
Th£ smell of [email protected] thickened th£ air, mixed with th£ stench of smoke and booze that plagued th£ drunken pa$$engers and drivers surround!ng us.

Judy wh!ne and i demanded to know why $h£ was cry!ng.
“Am gett!ng hungry parks. I very, very hungry ” $h£ says, rem!nd!ng me.
I could h£ar h£r stomach rumbl!ng.
Damn traffic, I cussed. And my eyes wonder @r0vnd and spot a small restaurant.
I told h£r to wait for me on th£ motorcycle.
I alighted and went to th£ restaurant to buy h£r food. Before $h£ fa!nt on th£ way, that will be terrible.
I got some cash on me. I went !n on th£ restaurant.
I brought a hamburger and some orange juice with bottle of water. Th£y were !n a bag.
I got to my motorcycle, but $h£ wasn’t th£re.
I told h£ to wait, were is $h£.
I look @r0vnd and saw to sigh of h£r.

Wh£re th£ Judy go to. F!nd ©vt th£ next chapter..

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