She Is Insane

She is insane episode 13 – 14

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👧#$h£ is !nsane 👧

Chapter 13

By Authoress promise.


$h£ is gonna tell [email protected] for sure.
I’ve to do someth!ng.
“you are a witch, why did you say Sofia is [email protected] child. LIAR” $h£ said sarcastically dragg!ng th£’ Liar’
I smirked and took my hair to th£ [email protected]¢k with my [email protected] as a gesture of mockery.
” fv¢k off weirdo, h£ isn’t gonna believe any fv¢k!ng word that comes ©vtside of that crazy m©vth of yours. Why should i be worried you’re a fv¢k!ng crazy lady ” I returned h£r taunt.
” Am not crazy. You’re ” $h£ said and attack me by th£ hair.
I struggled to get ©vtta of h£r pa!nful grip.
I wonder how $h£ got so much strength to attack. But am not gonna let h£r take th¡s chance.
I ₱u$h£d h£r and h£r h£ad landed on th£ d!nn!ng table.
At that time, i was !n th£ d!nn!ng side and $h£ was [email protected]¢k!ng th£ d!nn!ng table.
I [email protected] as $h£ w!nced hold!ng h£r h£ad and fell off to th£ floor.
h£r h£ad bleeds and $h£ as s1©wly loose consciousness.
” Holy molly!!!!!!! ” I exclaimed with fear as i covered my m©vth.
” Damn, holy shit, [email protected] is gonna fv¢k!ng hate me for th£ rest of my life for th¡s ” I yelps.
j√$t th£n i tyres screech and i yelps th£ m©r£.
” Gosh!!! that must be [email protected] ” I panicked.
” What should i do ” I muttered.
j√$t th£n and idea poked !nto my h£ad.
I ran to th£ upstairs and th£ th£ flew open. [email protected], Sofia and two teens came !n. A girl and a boy
I was !n th£ third stairs and i pretended that i was j√$t com!ng ©vtta of my room.
h£ ran to th£ stairs and !nclud!ng th£ strange teens went !n search for Judy.
” Judy ” I s¢r**med pretentiously,
While h£ad!ng to th£ d!nn!ng.
I level d©wΠ to Judy and started shak!ng Judy.

[email protected] came rush!ng to me !nclud!ng those teens. Th£ teens [email protected] and [email protected] call ©vt for Judy.
” Judy ” h£ yell as h£ took h£r !n h¡s arms.
h£ ru$h£d ©vtside !nclud!ng th£ teens and i took Sofia by [email protected] and went beh!nd th£m.
” Take my car. you can’t use ya cycle. ” I suggested show!ng h¡m my car keys .my car was j√$t pack at a corner.
” Th£n what’re you wait!ng for. !nsert th£ damn key !nto th£ car ” h£ yelled h¡s voice was all register with fear.
I ru$h£d to !nsert th£ key at th£ [email protected]¢k door and unlock it. I open up th£ door and [email protected] take h£r !n.

👧#$h£ is !nsane👧

Chapter 14

By Authoress promise

[email protected] POV

We got !nto Elena car and alighted.
I took h£r !n.
A few m!nute later th£ doctor came to announce after attend!ng to h£r, that Judy as lost a lot of blood.
Th£ only way to save h£r is to f!nd a dona that match£s h£r group type.
Kim says h£r mum’s blood match£s th£ blood Judy’s blood group.
I urge tensely to call h£r.
$h£ pick h£r phone and call h£r mum.
$h£ told h£r mum all that as happen and directed to come to th£ specific hospital.

I was loos!ng my m!nd. I don’t want any th!ng to happen to Judy.
It all my fault if I haven’t live h£r beh!nd th¡s won’t have happen.
Now $h£ is !n terrible condition.
A drop of hurt fluid slid d©wΠ my ch£ek an th£ boy with Judy’s sis patted my shoulder cosset!ng me.
But i wasn’t buy!ng !n. Am s¢ar£d. If anyth!ng happens to Judy.
Am sure I’ll not be able to survive. I love Judy so much even if $h£’s !nsane. I don’t ¢ar£.
How’d th¡s happen any way. I turn to look at Elena who was hold!ng Sofia.
Could Elena have done th¡s. Surely th£ bitch want me [email protected]¢k to h£r.
I p©vted and gaze at h£r suspicious and walked straight to h£r.
$h£ lower h£r gaze and glared.
” Am gonna deal with you if you’d have a [email protected] !n th¡s. Start digg!ng ya fv¢k!ng grave coz am not gonna spare ya fv¢k!ng damn life” I spat ©vt with a hoarse high tone, enough to be h£ard by everyone @r0vnd !nclud!ng th£ teens. Every been !n th£ hospital as that th£ir gaze on me.
Sofia $h£ik !n fright and Elena fl!nch£d, leap!ng [email protected]¢k a little and still had h£r gaze d©wΠward mak!ng me m©r£ suspicious of h£r.
” Why are you always accus!ng me for everyth!ng [email protected] and to th!nk of it i saw Judy bleed!ng on th£ floor unconscious and call put for you. [email protected] is that what you th!nk of me a murder ” $h£ po!nted put and breakd©wΠ with tears.
Sofia eyes were teary too.

I don’t know if $h£ is responsible, but i will get to know very soon. If $h£’d is responsible am def!nitely nor gonna spare h£r fv¢k!ng a$$.
I still ma!nta!n my glare. Someth!ng !n me say’s $h£ was responsible for th£ critical state Judy is and am sure Elena as be try!ng to w!n me [email protected]¢k. If Judy awake i will get to know th£ truth and until th£n…..

Damn fv¢k am los!ng it all. Why as Judy mum not arrive yet. What’s hook!ng h£r up, i wonder anxiously. A m!nute is precious and shouldn’t be wasted.
I p©vted and ruff my hair. It’s as if am gonna go crazy. Am completely fv¢k!ng daze right now and my h£art is ach!ng.
Sooner I spot a man and a woman com!ng towards th¡s direction.
Kim ran dis£ngage from th£ boy and ran to meet th£m sobb!ngly
” You told me over th£ phone that you’ve found Judy, but $h£ us !n a critical state ” Judy’s mum spoke before Kim could utter.


Mum and dad arrived an i dis£ngage from Danny’s arm and ru$h£d to th£m.
I was ab©vt tell!ng mum that th£ doctor needs h£r blood, s!nce it march£s with Judy blood group before $h£ started panick!ng.
” Mum please calm d©wΠ” I sooth!ng despite my tears. I glance at dad h£ looks worried and tense too.
“Wh£re’s your sister. Wh£re’s my daughter ” dad panicked also
I was ab©vt tell!ng th£m that mum blood is needed. Before th£ doctor came and announce that th£y was no time to waste.
I turn and told mum. Mum was quickly tak!ng to ward by a nurse so th£y can do all th£ necessary requirement !n to take h£r blood.
I stood !n a spot. Danny came closer to me and cuddle me. I gaze at h¡m and bury my h£ad on h¡s ch£st and wept.
” All shall be well Kim. Please stop cry!ng all hope isn’t gonna yet. Fate as make us f!nd h£r, it not gonna let us loose h£r. Fate isn’t that wicked ” h£ a$$ured, while coo!ng me.
I raised my h£ad and stare at h¡m. Some tangl!ng s£nsation rush through. h£ gave a a$$ur!ng smile.
I j√$t hope what h£ says prevail.
I can’t afford to loose j√$t aga!n.
I’d lost h£r once and th¡s time might be forever and that shouldn’t prevail, because i can’t afford to lost h£r once m©r£.

I look at th£ guy [email protected] that as be tak!ng ¢ar£ of my sister as i pore on h¡m. h¡s precognitive behaviour tells anoth£r story.
h£ had h¡s eyes teary and glue to th£ ward.
[email protected] eyes are fvll of ¢ar£ for my sister and th£re are m©r£ to th¡s car!ng stuff of h¡s and it’s love.
Am sure h£ is !n love with h£r and that i can never be mistak!ng.
Those car!ng eyes are love. I def!nitely don’t need proof for that.
I hope Judy and th¡s man start a new relationship of love togeth£r. We j√$t meant and i can tell h£ is a good man.
If th¡s love is true it will h£lp to solace Judy and that solace may h£lp h£r to m©v£ on for Brian. But Judy as to be alright first and should also rega!n h£r right m!nded self, only th£n that might happen, hopefvlly i guess.
I’m gonna ask h¡m if h£ is !n love with h£r or not later wh£n everyth!ng is alright.

My eyes came rest on th£ lady that [email protected] accuse of be responsible for Judy’s condition.
If [email protected] is anyway right. $h£ sure deserve to pay and am sure th£ law will punish h£r and i Kim Logan will not spare h£r bitchy a$$.
My attention was averted to mum as I caught h£r and th£ nurse approach!ng.
Th£ nurse went !nto th£ ward Judy is.

It as be some few hours, s!nce th£y’re still gett!ng j√$t treated.
Th£ hours were tensely. Th£ doctor hasn’t come to announce any hopeful news.
Th£ door flew open and !nstantly alert i got from th£ bench i and oth£rs start on exclud!ng [email protected] who refer stand!ng.
h£ was also alert and everyone too, await what th£ doctor as to say.


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