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She is insane episode 20

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👧$h£ is !nsane 👧

Chapter 20

By Authoress promise

[email protected] POV

I receive a call 📲 from Kim. I went !nto a corner !n th£ restaurant to answer th£ call.
I thought it was Kim. But wh£n I came to know it was Judy, I became speechless.
I was marvel that $h£ called me. h£ar!ng h£r voice over th£ phone made my h£art skip a b**t.
h£r voice sounds sweet and lovely.
I can’t wait to see h£r.
” Are you still th£re ” $h£ it.
half yelled for th£ fourth time jerk!ng me to reality.
” A.. am a.. am ” I struggled to speak and it j√$t dawn on me that I’ve noth!ng to say. $h£ call!ng me have made me speechless.
” Are you all right. You sound weird” $h£ pored.
” Yea, j√$t surprise that you called me ” I said and a smile curve th£ edge of my l¡p.
” Why is that ” $h£ questioned.
” I.. is noth!ng ” I stuttered.
Jeez, what wrong with why can’t i speak properly.
” Yo, you’re really weird ” $h£ reply with sarcasm and i chuckled.
” Why th£ laugh ” $h£ demanded.
” It’s noth!ng ” I replied.
” j√$t forget, are you gonna come to my welcome party 🎉 don’t get me all wrong. j√$t wanna have a friendly conversation with you. You h£lped me wh£n I wasn’t !n my right s£nse an i haven’t be able to thank you properly like you really deserve” $h£ said softly.

” I’ll be th£re. Sure really wanna see th£ lady I love ” I said my last statement was j√$t a wh¡sper to myself.
” What do you say ” $h£ pored.
Oh my God! did $h£ h£ard my last statement.
” It’s noth!ng ” I replied.
” You are a weirdo really, can’t you say anyth!ng apart from ‘it’s noth!ng’ ” $h£ said and hang up th£ call.
Gosh!!! why did i act strange, I cussed and turn to meet my glar!ng boss.
Jeez, am only on th£ phone can’t h£ give me a break.
j√$t go for it.
” You’re suppose to be do your job. Save your call for later ” $h£ scold.
Likes seriously is th¡s man for real can’t answer my phone aga!n.
I went and started serv!ng consumers.

Judy POV

Gosh what a weirdo. h£ can’t even answers th£ call properly.
Soon it will be 4.why can’t wait to see h¡m.
Is as if am impatient to meet h¡m.
My eyes is always at th£ clock.

Kim will be [email protected]¢k soon from school. Mum and dad are at home with me.
Th£y’re already arrang!ng everywh£re for th£ small party th£y wanna 0rg*nize for me.


[email protected] POV

I went home to get Sofia. So $h£ can come along with me to Judy’s party.
But i couldn’t f!nd h£r home and neith£r Elena.
I immediately receive a call from Elena wh£n i step !nto th£ house.
$h£ said over th£ phone that $h£ is with Sofia that if $h£ wants Sofia to come with me, I should let h£r come too.
Elena will never let me be. What of if $h£ creates a scene th£re.
” you can come. But you’ve to promise not to create a scene please if not for me at least for our child ” I said.
” Yes, am not gonna create a scene aga!n ” $h£ promised, but i rolled my eyes away.
” j√$t tel me th£ name of th£ place. I and Sofia will meet you th£re ” $h£ said.
I sigh£d and told h£r th£ name of th£ place.
” I love you ” $h£ said and i scoffed !nwardly.
” Keep your damn love to yourself ” I replied sarcastically.
[email protected] baby please…
I hang up th£ call before use could even complete whatever $h£ wanna say.
Damn bitch, if only $h£ knew how i loath h£r so much.
I’m only friendly with h£r because of my child.
I sigh£d and h£aded ©vtta of th£ house and went to my cycle i rode along.

Judy POV

Th£ party as started but i k!nda of feel awkward because [email protected] isn’t h£re yet.
C’mon Judy focus at ya audience h£re stop worry!ng ab©vt [email protected] be h£re yet, I said to myself.
I keep look!ng at th£ entrance as th£ people @r0vnd wh£re ch£er!ng up.
Kim came closer and wh¡sper !n my ears.
” why is ya a$$ on fire. Can’t wait to see [email protected] ” $h£ said and i frowned.
” Not th.. that ” I stuttered and $h£ chuckled.
” Get go!ng ” I almost yelled and $h£ went away.
I glance at th£ doorway once m©r£ before look!ng at th£ audience at h£r before me.
I forge a smile at th£m.

I glance at th£ door aga!n and saw [email protected] walk!ng !n.
A smile curve my l¡ps. I didn’t know wh£n i ran and gave h¡m a hug.
Wh£n h£ dawn on me what i j√$t did.
I quickly yank myself from h¡m.
h£ was j√$t star!ng at me. Am sure many thoughts are runn!ng through is m!nd now.
” You came ” I said, try!ng my best to hide my happy expression.
“Yea “h£ replied with©vt remov!ng h¡s eyes away from me.
It made me uncomfortable and i gazed away and stare at th£ audience who all had th£ir eyes now on me.
I ignore th£m and went to jo!n th£m. [email protected] trailed beh!nd me.
“h£llo ” someone called from th£ doorway.

I turn and saw th£ same lady that claim $h£ and [email protected] are !n a relationship.
I became sad all of a sudden. It as if pres£nce h£r hurt me.
But I waved it off with a forge smile.
$h£ came to me and hugged me.
” You do look good. But can you k!nd of stay away from [email protected] if possible. We do love each oth£r ” $h£ wh¡spers it !nto one of my ear.
Those word pierce my h£art. I felt h£art broken wh£n i h£ard that.
$h£ dis£ngage from me and put on a smile before go!ng !n th£ midst of th£ little crowd pres£nce.
My eyes was almost teary. I can’t tell what I feel.
Am !n love with [email protected]
I arch£d a brow and caught [email protected] look!ng at me.
I stared at h¡m. Kim was th£ one who jerked me up.
” What did that fv¢k!ng bitch say to you ” $h£ gib£d and i frowned.
” You should never use foul languages for people no matter what ” I scold and $h£ rolled h£r eyes away.
” Am sure $h£ said someth!ng to you. That why you’re hurt right ” $h£ !nquired.

” Nope. ” I responded and shh are up before $h£ could utter anoth£r word.
[email protected] came to me.
” Did $h£ say anyth!ng to you ” h£ demanded h£ seems mad.
” Not at such, but I don’t understand th£ relationship you’ve with h£r” I queried.
” I don’t have anyth!ng with h£r. $h£ is my ex girlfriend and….
” Th£re is no need to expla!n to me ” I said hop!ng what h£ says h£r true.

[email protected] POV

Elena as th¡s suspicious gr!n. Mak!ng me anxious of what $h£ wanna do h£re.
$h£ is all act!ng weird. What h£r motive h£re ❓ I’d asked myself rh£torically.
h£r eyes was darted to th£ door.
I gaze at h£r direction and became stunned.
My eyes widen.

Judy POV
I turn and my eyes darted to th£ door.
I couldn’t believe what I was see!ng.
I became stunned and my eyes widen.
I was tak!ng [email protected]¢k.
” You’re…….


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