Sister Deborah episode 20 – 21


Episode 20
Divineʼs threat didn’t make me flinch. I wasn’t perturbed in the slightest bit. To me, it was just a mere, ridiculous empty threat.

The moment she wheeled Deborah ahead of her and they both left the room, I followed suit behind them and bolted the door shut.
“What was that all about?” Timi didn’t hesitate to query me, despite Annabel’s presence in the room.

“What did it look like?” I shot back at him, clearly annoyed.

“You didn’t have to be so harsh on her like that.” Timi lowered his voice, calmly. “I don’t know what transpired between you and her, but at least if for anything, you should have been considerate enough on her condition.”

“To hell with her condition!” I retorted angrily. I had wanted to say something more out of anger until Annabel’s hands curled around my arms while she stared at me, signalling me to keep calm.

Timi didn’t utter a word afterwards. He only shook his head and sat down on the carpet, facing the direction of the television. Fatai and Hakeem imitated his action as well.

Annabel pulled me gently towards the bed where we both sat down together. She patted my shoulder softly with a warm smile, still trying to calm my nerves. Afterwards, she took out two mini-sized coolers and plates from the polythene bags she had brought along. She placed a pack of orange-flavored juice alongside too.

“Food is ready!” She smiled broadly as she dished the meal accordingly. She handed a plate to Timi but to her surprise, he rejected the meal. He got up to his feet and walked out of the room quietly.

Annabel was surprised, but nonetheless, still managed to retain her vibrant smile. She stretched the plate to Fatai instead, and his reaction was even much worse. He hissed and eyed her thoroughly with a frown before walking out of the room as well. Hakeem followed suit behind him too.

“What is wrong with your friends?” Annabel said in a mild, unhappy voice. She sounded sad and defeated.

“I don’t care what their problem is, they can’t dictate my life for me.” I responded with plain finality. She cheered up once more and smiled again, before dishing another portion of the meal into the same plate and then she spoon fed me. I spoon fed her as well and we both laughed. During the course of this, we joked, laughed and chatted as time flew by fast.

Later on, on that same evening, Annabel and I strolled out around campus together, hand-in-hand as we talked and walked along. She took me to a vast beautiful garden with a lake nearby, precisely ahead of it with people seated in various positions around the garden, all in pairs. She had blindfolded me all the while she led me there, until she eventually uncovered my eyes.

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“You can open your eyes now.” Annabel whispered softly behind me as she removed her palms from my face. I noticed dim multi-colored bulbs lighting the atmosphere amidst the darkness. She pulled me gently as we both lay on the plain green grass, facing the stars.

“Is this the love garden?” I asked her, admiring the serene atmosphere. Annabel simply nodded in response.
“Why is it called so?” I pushed on.
“Look around you, what do you see?”
“People, of course.” I replied.
“You are wrong.” She laughed slightly. “These people are not just people, but lovers. Mostly all couples visit this place all the time. I am surprised that you aren’t familiar with this place of all places in campus.”

“With all honesty, the truth is that I rarely go out, Annie. I am more of an introvert and a nerd, so you don’t often see me out of my cave. If you hadn’t brought me here today, I probably wouldn’t have known that a place like this exists.”
“Thatʼs funny,” She laughed again, “but you obviously know where the school’s cafeteria is, don’t you?”
“Why not, who doesn’t? Of course, I do.”
Annabel laughed hysterically.
“You are such a food monger!” She pinched my nose playfully.

“We are birds of a feather then, aren’t we?” I joked and pinched her ear in return. Annabel flinched a bit and laughed.
“I haven’t seen this playful side of you before, Neche.” She confessed amidst laughter. “I really like seeing you this way.”
“Is that so?” I smiled.

“Really?” I smiled more, shifting closer to her body. We were facing each other this time around, barely inches apart.

“Yes.” Annabel responded again, keeping her eyes fixated on mine.

“Are you sure?” I touched the hem of her dress, precisely around her neck region. I could feel her heartbeat racing fast with anticipation.

In the heat of that tension-filled moment, a phone call happened to disrupt the glorious, serene flow between the both of us. I excused myself and sat up properly to answer my call. It appeared to be a video call from an unsaved number.

Hesitantly, I picked up the video call and I instantly regretted doing so.
Deborah’s face appeared on the screen, lying on her bed with tears cascading down her cheeks. She averted her gaze to the ground of the garden where Annabel lay close beside me. With one last sad glance at me, the line immediately went dead. She had cut the call without a word.

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“Who was that?” Annabel asked after I lay back on the ground beside her.
“A friend of mine.” I lied. “He called to inform me that our hostel’s gate would soon be locked.”

“Oh.” Annabel pouted with a nod. “In that case, we should better get going then.” She sat up as she spoke.

“Why the rush? I am not in a hurry. Relax,” I assured her.
“Do you want to sleep outside?” Annabel laughed while pulling my hands. “Besides, it is far too late already. I suggest we sum it up and call it a day from here.”

“Youʼre probably right.” I gave up in mock surrender as I stood up to my feet. Annabel curled her hand around my arm as we walked, while I hung my arm across her shoulder.

On getting to the exit point of the love garden, Annabel halted her steps and ceased moving. She held my hands firmly and pressed her warm lips against mine, softly. I reciprocated the kiss as well.

I couldn’t decipher what it was, but something about Annabel’s eyes seemed to glint with passion after our kiss. That kiss we shared, as brief and simple as it seemed to be, could speak volumes beyond words between us.

Afterwards, we continued walking further until we arrived at the campusʼ junction where we were supposed to take a taxi to our various hostels. Annabel hugged me once more and kissed me, despite the fact that we were in public. Thereafter, I bade her farewell as she entered the taxi and the vehicle zoomed off. I chartered a taxi as well that was headed for an area around my hostel.

While seated in the cab, absentmindedly scrolling through my phone, I received a text message from a familiar number. Curiously, I clicked on the message which reads thus:
“I thought we had something genuine and true. I thought we found something pure and real. I believed we shared an inseparable, rare type of love between one another. I hoped and dreamed for a day when we would make a life-long vow between each other.
But now, my hopes and dreams have been washed down the drain. I prayed earnestly for a fateful day to come when I could call you mine, and you could as well lovingly call me yours. I vowed a pact in the deepest part of my heart to stand by you always, come rain, come shine. Funny enough, on your part, it is clearly obvious that you never really loved me from the start.

I gave you my dignity — my virginity. I lost my pride in your hands, all for the sake of love. Yet, I had a minor incident that cost me my legs temporarily, and this is how you treat me?

Whichever way, God knows best. I just want you to know that I still love you, Neche, despite all the odds.
Sleep well, my dearest love!”…


Episode 21

Apparently, two days had passed since the day of my miraculous release from prison. Within those two days, my friendship with Annabel had blossomed and bloomed to a whole new level. We developed the habit of texting and calling each other frequently, and visiting each other’s hostels from time to time. She was caring and considerate. She was jovial and everly gleeful.

Admittedly, it came to a point that I began to have real, genuine feelings for her. I wanted to erase the old, bitter memories of my life and start a new chapter with her from scratch. Undoubtedly, Deborah Etomi as I fondly called her, had been a huge part of my life despite our separation. She was my first true love with whom I had selflessly shared and given my all to. She was my sunshine in the day, and my moonlight during the night. She was my strong pillar in whom I found comfort and solace. Yet, despite all my sacrifice of unending love for her, Deborah Etomi stabbed me in the back ruthlessly. She tore me to shreds and imprinted a scar into the innermost depth of my heart and soul.
I had to move on, nevertheless.

Annabel on the contrary, had shown and displayed nothing but pure love and affection towards me. She had been there from the onset, but I was so blind and short-sighted to notice her presence. She never gave up on me, regardless of how many times I pushed her away. With Annabel, I could foresee a new chapter of my story unveiling all over again. I could forget the past memories and hurtful stigma that Deborah had scarred on me, hopefully, with Annabelʼs support.

On this fateful Tuesday, happened to be Annabelʼs birthday. She had informed me a day before the supposed day about her birthday and how she had planned on celebrating it with her friends, especially me. She intended on throwing a big party in favour of her 20th birthday. So, expectedly, preparations had to be made and scheduled properly for the event.

I returned home late at noon after a long day of lectures in school, bearing Annabel’s birthday in mind all through the day. Upon my first step into my hostelʼs room, the first figure my sight gazed upon shocked me beyond measures.

She was seated on a chair, dressed in a pink sleeveless top and a pink jean. Her hair had been cut in a low-cut pattern, making her look different, and pretty, too. She had crutches placed beside her on the chair where she was seated.

The moment I walked in, Timi, my roommate, stood up to his feet. Timi had no doubt brought her into our room, for he was the only one with her.

“Neche, my love.” Deborah said my name softly, almost in a whisper. She struggled to get on her feet to no avail, stretching her hands to her crutches. Timi leaped close to her and assisted her with her crutches while I stood there, petrified.

“Did you bring this w—e into our room, Timi?” I faced him angrily. Deborahʼs face turned sour at my words. She looked dazed and baffled. Timi, however, took some steps towards me until he had gotten so close to me that we were only inches apart.

He then muttered in a low, calm voice. “Don’t you have a heart? Don’t you have human feelings? How can you be so cold to her this way, even in her condition?”
I was speechless and utterly lost for words. Timi continued speaking; “I beg you to please, for Godʼs sake, hear her out for a moment. She yearns to speak with you. Act mature. Be a man!”

With that, Timi walked past me and went out of the room, leaving I and Deborah together, alone.

I glanced over at her as she did the same too, wearing a sour and unhappy facial expression. She looked undoubtedly sad. She was standing fairly upright with her crutches in both hands as we glared at each other in utter silence.

“So, what is it you want?” I broke the silence between us.

“A w—e?” Deborah spoke with a mild voice. “Is that what you take me for, Neche, my love?”

“What do you want, Deborah? Time is precious to me.” I stated bluntly.

“A w—e? Chinecherem, my love, you called me a w—e?” Her eyes became teary as her voice quaked.

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“Yes, I did. I would say it a thousand times again if I need to.” I glared at her eyes directly. “Not only are you a w—e, but a shameless and worthless one at that.”
“Why?” Deborah managed to ask, despite the tears welling up in her eyes. “Why are you so cold to me all of a sudden? What have I ever done to you?”

“Oh, so you don’t know, right?” I raised my voice a bit. “You think all secrets remain hidden forever, do you? You thought you were smart and clever, but little did you know that this world is like a rolling stone that rotates and gives back bad to whoever does evil. Your secret is out in the open. Quit the pretence and spare me the innocent face already, miss reverend sister.” I mocked her with finality.
“What secret? What do you mean? I am lost here.” She inquired with a confused facial expression, acting unaware of what I meant.
“Are you still pretending, Deborah?” I was getting furious. “On the night you told me you were going for a church programme, where exactly were you on that fateful night, Deborah?”

“I was on my way to church until,” She paused.

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“Until what?” I urged her on, angrily.
“Until that unfateful incident that cost me my legs today. I was abducted by two guys on my way who drove me to an uncompleted building where they forced me to drink something from the content of a black bottle, after which they injected me on my neck. I was drugged and raped and that was all I could remember until I found myself by the campus field where they dumped my body afterwards. What makes you think I would tell a lie as costly as this?” Deborahʼs eyes had welled up with tears by the time she finalized her words.

“A pathetic liar — that is what you are. Stupid, worthless w—e.” I dipped my hands into my pockets and took out my phone. With a few clicks on the screen, I played the video sex-tape which featured Deborah and her supposed ‘abductors’ as she claimed.

“Can you see this?” I flashed the screen to her face. “See how you m0aned with pleasure and satisfaction all through the video. Or do you want to claim you still aren’t the one in this video? You pathetic liar!” I was hurting inside of me as I spoke, but my rage fuelled me with more anger and ferocity.

Deborahʼs face had turned pale and sour. The look on her features showed surprise and evident confusion.

“You know what? Get out of here, before I lose my temper and do something Iʼd live to regret.”

“Who sent you this video?” She broke down in tears. “Itʼs a fake video! I can swear on my life that it is fake!”

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“Are you mad? I said leave, now!” I repeated, more angrily.
“Neche listen to me, I was blackmailed! I don’t know who is behind this but please,” She was pleading amidst tears when all of a sudden, her legs became wobbly and she lost balance and fell to the ground. Deborah screamed out in pain from the impact at which her head [email protected] on the floor.

Almost immediately, Timi rushed inside accompanied by Fabian, Deborah’s family driver. I had no idea that they had been outside all along until they came rushing in. Deborahʼs head continued oozing tiny drops of blood as she screamed louder. Timi and Fabian assisted her to stand on her feet and then they led her to the bed where she sat.

Without saying a word, I walked out of the room, still angry. My mood had been ruined and I needed something to clear my head. I needed someone to talk to. Annabel seemed to fit in to my only option at that moment in time……..


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