Sisterhood episode 12




Funke felt alone after Ebuka left for service. They talked every day and night. Her day was incomplete if she didn’t hear his voice. They talked about their day and shared their experiences. Funke couldn’t hide his fears he might fall for someone in Abuja but he assured him, he didn’t notice anyone except her. It was a beautiful conversation in which she had to find a private place for them to talk.

Her roommates could read the handwriting on the wall and they teased her about it. They were quite happy for her. At least Funke was in love. They had talked about their feelings for their guys. Bashir had changed towards Zainab and she seemed to enjoy the new him. Esther couldn’t talk much about Jake. She still loved him and he treated her well, but the sex was still a problem. She dreamt and fantasized about Efe when she was with Jake. She couldn’t help it.

Nkem was the only one without a relationship and didn’t seem to care. She said she didn’t need a man until she had made enough money to be self-reliant. She had her siblings to look out for. Her mother too. She had many suitors from far and near but she had no interest. Her roommates felt she was weird but she was adamant.

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Three weeks after orientation camp, Ebuka came back to Lagos. From the airport, he went straight to the university to surprise his love. She wasn’t at the hostel and so he went to the faculty to look for her. He called her number, but she didn’t pick up. He came into the department and searched for her class. He saw her sitting in class engrossed in her lectures.

He was able to make eye contact with someone sitting close to her. He signalled to the person to call her, she looked towards the window and saw him. She was shocked. She signalled to him to wait a bit. She took down some more notes while peeking at him. He smiled knowing she was no longer concentrating. She closed her books and then she took permission to leave the lecture room. She came outside and signalled to him to meet her where they couldn’t be seen. They hugged and then she told him he had to wait until the lecture was over. She would meet him downstairs at the car.

“Not even a kiss?” Ebuka asked.

“Not here and not now. They are looking at us. I’m so happy to see you.”

“I am too. I will wait by the car for you.”

Immediately after the lecture was over, she rushed down to meet him. She was excited. He was standing by the car when she arrived and jumped on him in excitement. They hugged passionately and then they entered the car.

“Would you come home with me?” Ebuka asked.

“I don’t want to. It will send a wrong signal.”

“What signal? That we are dating? Aren’t we dating and in love? They won’t be home when we get there. I want you to spend the night, I will bring you for lectures tomorrow. I have missed you.”

“I have to tell my folks I am at your place. I don’t feel comfortable doing that.”

“We can stay at a hotel. I wanted home so we will not be moved to do what we are not supposed to. They won’t know you are there, I promise you, I won’t tell them. I want you to spend my first night with me.”

“I don’t know. Let me think about it.”

“What time should I come back?”

“Lecture ends at 4 pm today. You can come by 5 pm. Why can’t I visit and come back the same day? I don’t have to spend the night.”

Ebuka wasn’t happy about it but he also knew she was being cautious. He wanted to spend time with her. He wanted her in his arms for hours. He missed her and seeing her now made him so happy. He agreed to come back by 5 pm to pick her up.

As he left her to go home, he thought about their relationship. At the camp, he saw beautiful girls. Some of them liked him but, he paid no heed to them. While some of the friends he made there were having a wild time, he would rather talk to Funke on phone. They thought he was crazy when he told them about her. He was in love and he wanted to be faithful to her. He knew she would be faithful to him.

When he got home, his room had been cleaned up. He had a bath and changed into something more comfortable. He asked the chef to prepare something delicious for himself and his guest. Then he went to the supermarket to get drinks for them. He was preparing to pick her up and have a great time with her.

He left at 4 pm to pick her up from the hostel. They had exchanged several text messages before he left the house. He waited for her outside the hostel. She had said she will be down soon. He was anxious to see her.

Funke couldn’t concentrate on her classes anymore. She couldn’t believe Ebuka was back. She was tempted to accept to spend the night with him but she knew it was wrong and it would be sending a wrong signal.

She went back to the hostel after deciding what she would wear to go out with him. She wanted something that will emphasise her figure and let him know what he had. She decided on the baby pink body con gown. She had her natural hair on but now she rushed into the hostel to get it washed and rolled. It was combed into a beautiful bob. She used Sprintz on it so it would scatter easily.

She had her bath and changed before she received the call from Ebuka. He was already downstairs waiting for her. She wore her strappy sandals and carried her bag. Her roommates hadn’t returned yet and so she dropped a note for them and left.

As she came out, she saw him standing by the car waiting impatiently for her to come out. He was backing her at this time. She walked towards him and tiptoed to reach in front of him and then she covered his eyes with her hands.

“There is only one person that can do this to me. My love, my heart, my queen, my soulmate.” He removed her hands and swung around to be face to face with her. He was smiling and she was too. He looked into her eyes and said, “I love you,” and then drew her close to himself.

Funke was conscious of openly displaying affection. She managed to wriggle out of his embrace and she whispered to him, “let’s get out of here.” They both entered the car and they drove off.

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They drove out of school in silence and then Ebuka drove into a filling station, parked the car to the side and then turned to Funke. He kissed her on the lips. She was shocked beyond words and action. When he was through he said, “I had wanted to do this all day and now I have. Let’s go home.” Funke was shaken by the encounter.

When they got home, Ebuka took her upstairs to his room. He asked the chef to serve the food in his room. He brought the drinks for them. Funke couldn’t eat much. She was nervous. She was excited. The kiss had done something to her. She wanted more of it, but how would she ask?

“You are not eating?”

“I’m ok. I’m just happy to be with you.” It made Ebuka smile.

“Did you miss me? Because I missed you. I thought about you and talked about you all the time. So many things happened at the camp that I am worried about.”

“What happened?”

“Let me say some of the guys got lucky, too lucky if I may add. They had different girls at different times. Are you sure I would allow you to serve?”

“I am not those girls. There must have been good girls at the camp too. After all, you didn’t join them. Or did you?”

“You occupied my mind so why would I want to be with another? This (showing his body) belongs to only you. From the day you said you loved me, it was all yours.”

Funke smiled. They could hear some noise outside the door so Ebuka stood up to get to the door but it flung open before he got there.

“Mum, I have told you to always knock before entering my room. I could have been naked you know.”

“Ta what do you have I haven’t seen before? Welcome back Opara m. How was the camp?”

“It was fine mum. Funke is here.” He stepped back so she could see her. She was surprised.

Funke knelt down to greet her, “When did you get here?” she asked Funke.

“About thirty minutes ago,” Funke replied.

“Ebuka you went to bring her. Is she spending the night?”

“She doesn’t want to, I will take her back to the hostel. I wanted to spend some time with her without interruption.”

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“Is that so? Your dad will be back soon and you will be interrupted. Let me go and supervise your dad’s meal. Funke, spend the night. You don’t have a problem.”

Ebuka suggested they go for a walk. They strolled out together walking hand in hand. They walked towards the park. It was getting late and there was no one there. Ebuka suggested they went in there. They strolled along the length and breadth of the park. Then they strolled towards the entrance and then Ebuka stopped Funke and took her in his arms. He kissed her again. This time he didn’t let go. They were shielded by the darkness which was a perfect cover. Funke responded. She felt Ebuka’s hand on the back of her neck and she stiffened. She was scared she would say no and he will be upset with her but she wasn’t ready yet.

He pulled her closer to him in an embrace. He whispered to her, “I can do this all day and all night. I love you.” Then he took her hand and they walked out of the park. They walked a bit in silence. Then Ebuka said, “I don’t know why I can’t resist you. You make me so happy. I look at you and I want to be with you always. I know you wouldn’t want to spend the night, I respect that. I will see you every day before I go back.”

They continued walking, no longer holding hands but Ebuka had his hand around her waist. He shared more camp tales with her which made her relaxed to enjoy the walk. They were out for almost an hour and were nearing the house when they heard a car pull up beside them. It was Ebuka’s father.

“I thought as much. I knew it was Ebuka and I wondered who he would hold around the waist in the full view of the public. It can only be Funke. Ebuka, I think you should do the needful and let’s get this over and done with.”

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Funke genuflected while Ebuka said, “Good evening dad, I will see you inside.”

“I would have given you a ride inside but from every indication, you don’t want it.”

“Thank you, dad.”

Funke was embarrassed and didn’t want Ebuka to hold her again but he did. He said to her, “I am not ashamed to express my feelings, you shouldn’t too. At least he knows I am serious about you.”

“But he is still looking at us.”

“He is smiling as he is looking. I know my dad, he is a romantic at heart.”

When they got back to the house, they went back to the room to stay. His mother sent in a bowl of peppersoup for them. They shared it. Then it was time to leave. Ebuka told his parents he was taking her back to school.

“It is late. Let her spend the night and go back tomorrow,” his father suggested.

“She doesn’t want to do that and I promised her I will take her back.”

“Let my driver take her back, we have some catching up to do.”

“When I get back. I have to take her back myself.”

His parents looked at each other smiling. They understood young love. His mother was from Rivers state while his father was an Anambra man from Onitsha. Chief Umeh’s family fought against the union. Virginia had two children before they paid her dowry and allowed her in the home. The two children she had were boys.

Chief Umeh was detribalised but he knew his siblings will be against this union. It was worse with Ebuka being the first son. But he knew his son will fight for his love. He could see himself in Ebuka. This love would stand the test of time.

Taking her back to school, they sat in the back seat of the car. Ebuka whispered to Funke. He told her how much he loved her and what she meant to him. He smiled as she shied away. He asked her if she would spend the weekend with him but she declined. She was going home for the weekend.

“Even better, I will come there to see you.”

The two weeks were over faster than the two lovers wanted. Ebuka went back to Abuja. He needed the distance between them. He was having wild thoughts but he felt it wasn’t time to act them out, he didn’t want to spook Funke. But the feelings were becoming stronger.