Sisterhood episode 16




Efe was flattered when he read Esther’s message but he had a problem. He was to join the New Year Fasting program of his church. He couldn’t be sinning while praying. He didn’t want to tell Esther his real reason for declining her offer. Instead, he asked her to take until the end of January to take a decision.

On the 3rd of January, Esther landed in Efe’s flat. She was determined to spend at least five days with him. She had told Jake she would resume on the 10th of January. He had complained but there was nothing he could do.

Efe was shocked to see her. She came into the flat as though she owned it. What was going on here? He liked her, he did. They made very beautiful music together. But apart from that, he didn’t think they had a lot in common. Yes, she was intelligent but she didn’t apply herself. She was too conscious of money and her looks. She was too superficial for him. He wanted more in a woman even though he didn’t have the means right away, he still knew what he wanted. Esther wasn’t it.

Efe asked her, “What are you doing here? I wasn’t expecting you.”

“I came to spend time with you.”

“See, Esther right now isn’t the right time to be with me. I am undergoing a spiritual fast for the new year. You will distract me from my goals.”

“What do you want me to do? I can’t return to Warri now, they believe I am in school.”

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“That’s why you should have told me before barging in here. Esther, I have not accepted your offer of a relationship. Give yourself time to think over the issue. I will wait until you decide. Or until Jake comes begging and you take him back.”

“I am through with the relationship. It is you I have feelings for. See, I will be here while you undergo your spiritual fast. We can talk about us while you are on it. I am happy as long as I am with you.”

Efe couldn’t believe what he was hearing. She was willing to stay with him without sex until he finishes his spiritual fast. He asked himself if he was dreaming. He decided to spend more time with her without the sex and see what happens. He believed she would want to distract him with sex. She didn’t.

The seven days she spent with him was amazing. She cleaned and cooked. She made sure there was food waiting for him each night he returned from work. They talked. Esther tried to explain why she was done with Jake. She felt closer and more fulfilled with Efe. She believed she was in love.

Efe felt the same way. He didn’t want to get his heart broken again after the last time. He tried to explain to he had nothing to offer her yet; his job didn’t pay enough for him to spoil her the way she was used to. She didn’t mind. She wanted him. He felt she was influenced by their sexual chemistry but it also made him feel desired. He agreed as long as she ended things amicably with Jake.

He took her to the hostel when she resumed. He kissed her for the first time in the car since the new year. Esther was shy. She was also very happy. Efe had a good laugh. He wondered why she was shy. If only the people passing had an idea of what Esther was capable of behind closed doors.


Bashir dropped off Zainab at home. He didn’t wait to meet his in-laws. He promised to come officially to see them. Zainab didn’t mind, she was uncomfortable in his presence. She saw the way he looked at her when he thought she couldn’t see him. He looked at her lustfully. She promised herself she will never be alone with him. Her parents were happy she had returned home but were disappointed Bashir left before they could appreciate him for bringing her back safely.

Bashir went home. He was greeted joyfully by his mother. He was also happy to see her, it had been some years.

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He settled into his apartment. He had a wing in his parents’ house. He couldn’t stop thinking about Zainab. From the moment he met her, he lusted after her. He knew her parents wouldn’t allow him to be alone with her. He also observed she was apprehensive when he was close. He was thinking of a way to lure her into having sex with him, put her in the family way and then marry her at once. It was the only way he could have her now.

As his thoughts ran wild, his mother brought him his favourite meal. He looked at his mother and appreciated how lucky his father was to have her. She was his third wife. He married another wife and had concubines. Still, his mother served his father lovingly. Because of that, he favoured her and her children above others.

He wanted such from his wives. He wanted them to compete for his love and affection. He would favour the one that worshipped him the most. He had decided how many wives he would marry, what they would look like, the number of kids each will have and his enjoyment with concubines.

Thinking about his plans got him aroused. He wanted to satisfy his urge and the only thing that helped him get off was the melodious voice of Zainab. He loved to listen to her talk. He smiled as he picked up his phone to call her. When she answered, he imagined how shy she was as he spoke to her. “I miss you, do you miss me too?” he asked. He wasn’t expecting a response. He had additional gifts for her. He wanted to lure her. As she spoke to him, his hand got busy. She heard him inhale deeply but never knew she had brought him to ecstasy. “My food is getting cold, I will call back when I finish eating. I love you.” He ended the call and went to the bathroom to clean up.

Zainab was experiencing a different side of Bashir. If it was based on looks, she would have been gone. But she had a nagging feeling about him. It was beyond just looks. There was something cynical about him. She had observed he praised her a lot and he enjoyed hearing her talk. She was shy when she was in his presence with him but talked freely on phone calls.

She had made up her mind to pray for Allah’s will to be done. She was prepared to be a good wife according to the laid-out rules. All she wanted was for Allah to have mercy on her and make her home very peaceful. She prayed Bashir wouldn’t go back to being the monster he was.

Bashir came to see Zainab’s parents bearing gifts. He spoke with Zainab’s father. He apologised for his behaviour in the past, and his apology was accepted. He confessed he liked what he saw. He extolled Zainab’s virtues. He confessed he could not wait to be married to her. He expressed his desire to spend more time with her before he goes back to the UK.

“When are you finally relocating to Nigeria?” Zainab’s father asked.

“As soon as Zainab graduates. If I am around, I won’t be able to work,” Zainab couldn’t believe he could make such a suggestive comment in the presence of her parents. She stood up and went to her room. She didn’t want to listen to the conversation.

Before Bashir left, he asked if he could spend some time with Zainab in her room so they could discuss. Her father gave his permission and he was led to the room. He knocked on the door and Zainab said to come in. She couldn’t believe Bashir was in the same room with her. She was laying on the bed reading a book when he entered. Luckily she was still fully clothed.

“What are you doing here?”

“You left me alone with your parents. That’s not nice.”

“I am sorry.” She stood up and adjusted herself. She then asked, “What can I offer you?”

“You are looking for a means of escape. I don’t want anything. I brought a gift for you.”

“Gift? For what?”

“For being my beautiful bride. You are exceptional,” he handed her a bag.

She opened it and brought out the content placed inside on her bed. It was a gold jewellery set. It was beautiful. “Thank you. It is beautiful.”

“Not as beautiful as you. I will like you to visit me soon. I would have loved to be at my place almost every day now I am around. I will love to see you often.”

“My parents will not agree to that. Try and understand. It is unless I come with a chaperone.”

“Good, you can come with someone but know it is you I want to spend time with. I mustn’t converse with who you come with. It is you I want. Is that clear?”

Even though this would have made other girls excited or made them feel special, it didn’t do the same to Zainab. She wasn’t comfortable. She agitated about going and never mentioned it to her parents.