Sitting On My Stepson's Lap

Sitting on my Stepson's lap episode 2

Sitting On My Step-Son’s Lap +18
Part 2
I started to feel something hærd. I
reposition my ass, but it didn’t go away. I also noticed my stepson got real quiet. “It wasn’t there when I first sat down.” I thought to myself. Then I realized what I was feeling. My stepson was getting a hærd on. I really didn’t think about giving him a hærd on by sitting on his lap. I could feel it still growing. “My god,” I thought to myself. “How big is it going to get.”
I wondered what he was thinking. Does he think I can’t feel it between the crack of my ass? I looked down at my legs. My dress had rose up a little more. I could almost see my p-nties. My stepson’s hands was on the seat on each side of me. I wondered if he could see how high my dress had ridden up. I realized I like the idea of my dress being up so high. It
gave me a little thrill knowing I could give my stepson a hærd on. We only been on the road for about an hour. There was still 9 hours to go. I knew my husband couldn’t see how high my dress was or he would be looking at my legs. The TV block everything from his view. I felt my stepson shift his body around. When he did his d*ck ended up on the back of my ass. I kinda wished he would try something. “How you doing back there, son,” I asked him.
“I’m Ok, mom, how are you feeling?”
“I like what I’m feeling,” I answered him. “Are your arms getting tired where you have them?”
“Yea, it’s a little uncomfortable,”
“Here try this to see if it feels better,” I said as I took a hold of both of his hands and placed them on my bare thighs. “Is that better?”
“Yea, that’s a lot better.”
I looked down. When I put his hands high on my thighs, I put them palms down. His
thumbs were resting on the in,side of my thighs, very close to my p-nties. I liked what it looked like. I wished he’d move them up and touch my p*ssy. I knew he wouldn’t. The more I felt his hands on me, the more I wanted him to feel me. I rested my hands on his. This seemed very innocence. I started rubbing the top of his hands. Just like any mother
would, but I had something different in mind. I looked over at my husband. I liked the idea of my stepson’s hands on me with my husband right there. As I rubbed his hands I tried to move them up my thighs just a little. He didn’t give me any resistance. Now his hands were on my skirt with his fingers still on my bare thighs. I rose up a little so I could pull
my skirt up a little. His hands moved with my skirt. I looked down and could see my
p-nties. His fingers were so close to touching them. I raised his right hand and put it on my p-nties. He left his hand there. I spread my legs a little. When I did, his hand fell between my legs. I took a hold of his hand and pressed it against my p-nties. My stepsons hand was now on my p-ntie covered p*ssy. I could feel myself getting w-t. I wanted more. When I removed my hand, he left his hand on me. He wasn’t moving it around or
anything. He was just letting his hands rest on my p*ssy. I waited for him to start moving his fingers. Nothing. Maybe he was afraid to. I knew how to fix that.
I took a hold of his hand and moved it up to the top of my p-nties. When I knew his
fingers were above my p-nties, I pressed his hand against my body and slowly slid his fingers between my p-nties and bare skin. I kept moving his hand down until I could feel his finger tips just barely touch the top of my p*ssy l-ips. I pushed his hand down further. I couldn’t get his hand all the way between my legs under my p-nties so he could feel my p*ssy. My p-nties were too tight for both of our hands. Finally I felt him try to move his
hand further down so he could find my entrance.
Trying to make out with my stepson while my husband is inches away

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