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Soul In Tears episode 20 – 21

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Soul In Tears

Episode 20
The pastor disclosed to Nicholas that he fasted for three days about the issue and he received the same answer. ‘my son, we cannot question God. He knows what is best so let’s leave the matter to him. I am sad for that young man but God knows best. You keep haven those dreams because you don’t want to let go. You can’t contend with God. Just let it go’ The pastor advised the young man who was sitting opposite him with a confused face.

A week after Maame Adwoa started work at the Benson’s residence, school resumed. Kwadjo Boateng felt elated when he met his roommates again. They disclosed to each other, how their vacation went. Whiles the young men were busily arguing in the room, they heard a gentle tap on the door and Agyapong attended to it. She opened and it was Clara.

‘good day Mr, is Kwadjo around’ she asked shyly. ‘A moment please’ he closed the door gentle and gave Kwadjo the information.

‘please tell her I am not around’ he whispered.

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Agyapong rushed to the door and shouted ‘KWADJO SAYS HE IS NOT AROUND’ Kwadjo put his hand on his lips in shock. The two other young men giggled. Kwadjo rushed to the door. ‘oh Clara, don’t mind this dude. He was just kidding Agyapong giggled and went indoor.

There was no emotion on Clara’s face. She stared at the young man for a while before she spoke. ‘if I said something to upset you on the day I took you to my house, please forgive me’. Tears welled up in her eyes and before Kwadjo could stop her, she cried like a baby. What pricks the young man’s heart was to see a lady in tears. He tried to hold her but she pushed him away and left the place still in tears. Kwadjo felt very bad about the whole situation. He wanted to avoid the young lady but he couldn’t stand her tears. He ran after her till he caught up with her. He apologized for not answering her calls or replying her messages throughout the vacation. Clara cried the more. Kwadjo found himself in a tight corner.

‘you won’t understand. I was caught up in something. You are not the only person complaining. There are a bunch of people complaining too. Please try to understand me’ Kwadjo pleaded. Clara softened up and Kwadjo wiped her tears with his shirt. Clara’s beauty was irresistible. Kwadjo realised there was no way he would be able to forget about the young girl. He located a joint and entered with her. They sat down and ordered for a drink. Clara became sober.

Clara forgave him because she had a soft spot for him and couldn’t resist him. She was happy to have him back. She told him about the lady her mother had employed to keep her company whenever she was home. Kwadjo pretended he knew nothing about what she said. ‘Her name is Maame Adwoa. She has been in our house for just a week but I love her. There is something about her that I can’t lay a finger on. Anytime she is around me, I feel so relaxed. Her presence is very soothing’

‘judging from the way you are complimenting the woman, you really click with her. do you know anything about her?’ Kwadjo asked her

‘I tried asking her two days ago but she brushed the topic off. She promised to visit me soon. I will introduce you to her’… ‘that will be awsome’ Kwadjo cut in.

A month later, Mrs Benson and Maame Adwoa visited Clara in school. She called Kwadjo Boateng and pleaded with him to go to her hostel because she had a surprise for him. Curious to know what the surprise was, he hurriedly went to her hostel. He entered her room and sitting on the bed was Maame Adwoa and Mrs Benson…

Episode 21
Kwadjo Boateng opened the door and sitting on Clara’s bed was his mother and Mrs Benson. He greeted with a shaky voice. Clara saw his uneasiness and attributed it to the fact that he didn’t knock before entering the room.

‘Maame Adwoa, please meet Kwadjo Boateng. He is my course mate and my…’

‘don’t tell me this uncultured young man is your boyfriend. How can he enter a lady’s room without knocking’ Maame Adwoa cut in


don’t mean to say he is my…’ Clara paused and glanced at the young man who was wearing a shy face.

‘if anything happens to my angel, I will lock you behind bars for the rest of your life’ Maame Adwoa said angrily

‘Maame Adwoa, I think you are being too hard on the young man. I am sure Clara has been entering his room without knocking’ Clara noded in agreement to what her mother said. She was happy her mother was at the young man’s aid.

Clara sat on Maame Adwoa’s laps and pleaded with her to be nice to the young man.

Kwadjo Boateng was wearing a shy sorry face but was happy within him. When he entered the room to meet his mother, he was scared the woman would reveal his identity to Clara and her mother but…

‘okay baby girl, I will be nice but advice him to respect your privacy. I don’t care if you have been entering his room without knocking’ Maame told Clara but everyone in the room heard it.

‘sorry, madam. I promise never to repeat this again’ Kwadjo found his voice.

‘apology accepted. Feel free’ Mrs Benson said to him.

‘Kwadjo, I am very sorry about what happened. Anyway I guess you have met my mother before. This is the wonderful woman I have been telling you about. She is my new mother. I love her so much, don’t I?’ she said looking into Maame Adwoa’s eyes. She said that to make her mother envious but Mrs Benson was happy to see her daughter happy. She was glad the young lady was no longer craving for attention from her. She had time to go about her business without worrying about her daughter. The two young adults told the women how they were managing in the school. Mrs Benson and Maame Adwoa left the school after they had had lunch together.


Adwoa and Mrs Benson had a silent trip home. Everyone was in her own world. Maame Adwoa thought carefully about what her son was making her do. She wondered how long they would keep on pretending to the Benson’s. She realised Clara was in love with her son looking at how she spoke about him. The Benson’s were good people and she was in no condition going to do anything to jeopardize the trust they had for her. On the other hand, Mrs Benson thought about Kwadjo Boateng and her employee. She saw some resemblance in them. She wondered what that meant. She decided to find out from her daughter, who the young man really was.

Back on campus, Clara was escorting Kwadjo Boateng back to his hostel. He voiced out his displeasure concerning how Maame Adwoa treated him. ‘I think your foster mother hates me. See how she verbally maltreated me in your room’

Clara giggled at the young man’s complain.

‘did you say foster. Oh gosh. My parent ain’t dead okay’…

‘alright I hear you’ Kwadjo said

‘anyway I don’t think she hates you. She only chided you. That was it. Maame is a wonderful woman. You will like her as time goes on. Don’t judge her by what she said to you some minutes ago. She was being over protective, I guess’ Clara tried to clear the air.

‘I am only hoping I will get along with her. She is kind of disgusting’

‘I will smash your head if you ever dare say that about Maame Adwoa’ Clara said a bit angry.

Kwadjo giggled and pleaded with her for using those harsh words. The young lady calmed down.

‘Clara, I must confess that you are a wonderful woman I would love to…’ he paused when he saw Dorothy approaching them. Clara tried to urge him on but he signaled to her and she turned to see Dorothy.

‘hey girl, how are you doing’ Clara asked feeling disappointed. Dorothy was wearing a worried look on her face that told them something was wrong


wont believe it Clara, I met My guy…’

‘Nicholas right? Clara interrupted

‘who else. He told me someone is going to die in this school but as hard as I tried, he didn’t disclose the person to me’ Dorothy said still worried.

‘do you trust that guy, should I call the police? Your guy might be a murder’ Kwadjo voiced out.

‘so what is my problem about that. Oh girl, is that why you interrupted our conversation’ Clara said looking very displeased.

‘chill girl! Please don’t be mad at me. That is not my problem. I am telling you to be careful. That’s all. Kwadjo, my guy is not a murderer. I told him he was hallucinating’ Dorothy tried to calm tempers.

‘Clara, I would like to see you in my hostel. I really need your help’ she said and left them.

‘you were too harsh on her. You need to go and see her now’ Kwadjo advised when Dorothy was gone. She realised Kwadjo was right. She had really wanted him to continue his speech but his eyes told her to follow her friend. She left him at the entrance of his hall very disappointed….

To be continued……………

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Soul In Tears
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Soul In Tears
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