Soul In Tears

Soul In Tears episode 38 – 39


Soul In Tears

Episode 38
Kwadjo Boateng was enjoying a bottle of joy daddy bitters. He heard a gentle tap on the door and asked the visitor to enter the room. His pastor and wife entered the hall. He welcomed them and offered them drinks. He was still enjoying the joy daddy in the presence of his pastor and wife. The pastor and his wife exchanged surprised glances.

The pastor cleared his throat and spoke.

‘for the past two months, we have not set eyes on you and your mother. We are here to find out what the problem is’

‘for your information, that woman is a witch. She can’t be my mother. I threw her out of my house a few months ago. She was being an enemy to my progress and happiness’ Kwadjo blurted out

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The pastor’s wife held her mouth in shock. They were not adamant to how Maame Adwoa suffered to take care of the young man.

‘young man, be careful how you bridle your tongue against your mother. Don’t forget she suffered to bring you this far… Also.. ‘

‘enough of that sermon Mrs pastor’s wife. Who are you to tell me what is right and wrong or who brought me this far. If that witch is your topic for coming here, you can exit this very minute’

Kwadjo Boateng stood up and showed them door.

The pastor and his wife with their perplexed face left the young man’s house.

They entered their car looking like they were mute. They drove out of the house in shock.

‘I can’t believe this. Was that the same young man I have known from his infancy or a different person’ the pastor’s wife found her voice when there were about five hundred meters away from Kwadjo Boateng’s house.

‘we need to locate Maame Adwoa and find out from her what actually happened between herself and her son’ the pastor said to his wife.

The pastor’s wife told her husband to pass through the market so she could buy a few items they needed in the house. The couples were still in shock. The pastor parked his car at the market parking area and his wife got down to get the items. He waited in the car with his mind occupied with what happened at Kwadjo Boateng’s residence. As hard as he tried couldn’t understand what was going on. Something caught his eyes whiles he was brooding over the issue. He saw Maame Adwoa in tattered clothes. She had a sad face. The pastor got down from the car and called her. Maame Adwoa turned to the direction she heard her name and saw the pastor. The pastor got closer and hugged her. Maame Adwoa broke down completely. The pastor consoled her and took her to the car. His wife was back and was waiting in the car.

‘oh my God’ the pastor’s wife exclaimed almost in tears. She was surprised at how disgusting Maame Adwoa was looking. They took her to the house and cleaned her. They sat her down and she narrated her ordeal to them.

‘Maame Adwoa, you made a huge mistake by not coming to us for refuge’ the pastor said looking a bit disappointed.

‘I didn’t want to be a burden to anyone. My very own son called me a burden and a witch’ she broke into tears. The couples allowed her to unburden her heart with the tears. They understood her pain and tears. The pastor’s wife advised her to give everything to God

‘your situation is very heart breaking but in everything, let’s give thanks to God. He knows what is best for us. God will surely intervene on your behalf’… She consoled the weeping woman.

Episode 39
Kwadjo Boateng clenched his fist angrily. His gaze was fixed on the news paper lying on his center table. On the front page was boldly captioned; PASTOR RESCUES THE FAMOUS MOVIE STAR, KWADJO BOATENG’S MOTHER FROM THE STREETS. the young man paced to and fro in the hall. He was so angry that his sense of reason was low. He picked his phone and called Natasha. A few minutes after the call, Natasha rushed to the house. Kwadjo pointed at the news paper lying on the table. He was still pacing in the room.


my goodness. Why does this crazy pastor want to soil your reputation’ Natasha exclaimed after reading the details of the story.

‘Say that again! That bastard who calls himself a pastor want to disgrace me. I will deal with him’ Kwadjo hissed.

‘yes, you are right. That son of a bitch who calls himself a pastor must be dealt with drastically’

Kwadjo Boateng picked his car keys and rushed to his garage with Natasha pursuing him. They entered one of the saloon car’s and drove to the pastor’s residence. The gate man hesitated in opening the gate for him. Kwadjo horned several times which got the attention of the pastor. The pastor called his gate man and inquired from him who was disturbing the neighborhood. The gate man disclosed the person’s identity and the pastor told him to open the gate for him. The gate man rushed to open the gate. Kwadjo drove into the house on top speed. He almost knocked down the gate man.

Kwadjo rushed to the pastor’s hall looking very furious. The pastor saw his anger but ignored it and tried offering him a seat.

‘I don’t need to sit on these God forsaken sofas. I have quality ones in my hall’ the young man blurted out. The pastor’s wife and Maame Adwoa heard it from the kitchen and being curious, rushed to the hall to see what was happening. Angrily rooted on his feet was Kwadjo Boateng with Natasha standing beside him.

Kwadjo Boateng warned them never to put his name in the mud. He rain insult and curses on them for telling lies about him to the media. Maame Adwoa broke down in tears. She knew things were bad but as it stood, she realised things were worse. The young man stormed out of the house. Natasha followed suit. A few seconds later, Natasha popped her head into the room and said ‘that woman is a witch. She will give you problems if you don’t get rid of her’. The pastor lost his temper and almost slapped her had it not been for her swiftness.


Adwoa from then wept everyday. She felt God had not been fair to her. One morning, the pastor’s wife went to Maame Adwoa’s room to pray with her as she usually does. Lying beside Maame Adwoa was a letter. She stared at the sleeping woman and felt something wasn’t right. She picked the letter with shaky hands and read.

‘The two of you have been a blessing to me in this trying days and I really appreciate your support and effort to make me happy but I can’t bear the pain that I feel anytime I remember what my son is putting me through. I went through hell to take care of the young man but because of a lady, you all know the later. Since I turned seventeen till date, I have been through fire. I can’t take the heat anymore. My life was a mistake and I am ending it as such. I know my actions would be a disaster to you but this is the only way I can set myself free from the hurts and pains of this cruel world. Good bye forever’ Maame Adwoa.

The pastor’s wife with shaky hands tapped Maame Adwoa several times but she didn’t respond. She checked her pulse and realised it wasn’t working. She screamed her husband’s name out of fright. The pastor heard his wife’s screams and rushed to where he heard the sound. He went to meet his wife trying her best to revive Maame Adwoa. The pastor pulled his wife away gently and took Maame Adwoa to his car and drive as fast as he could to the hospital. The woman was declared dead. The pastor shed tears when he was told Maame Adwoa’s state.

The news got to the media and everyone gave his or her headline concerning the incident. One that triggered Kwadjo Boateng’s anger was ‘MAAME ADWOA, MOTHER OF THE FAMOUS MOVIES STAR COMMIT SUICIDE BECAUSE OF REJECTION FROM HER ONLY SON’… He decided to take legal action against the pastor and his wife for killing his mother… See me see wahala!


be continued………..

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