Soul In Tears

Soul In Tears episode 36 – 37


Soul In Tears

Episode 36

Kwabena Boateng was sitting behind his office desk. His face was buried in his palm and his elbow was resting on the desk. He was lost in thought and didn’t notice his doctor friend enter the office.

‘must you keep brooding over your son’s death. You have to let go. The harm is already done’ the words startled Kwabena Boateng and raised his head. Worry was written all over his face.
Dr Anderson was Kwabena Boateng’s doctor friend in the hospital. They were on the same field and shared ideas when the need arose. He was the doctor on duty when Kwabena Boateng rushed into the hospital with the young man he knocked down and later found out to be his son.
Dr Anderson sat in the opposite chair. Dr Boateng was still quiet on what his friend said. His thoughts were not so much based on his deceased son but on Maame Adwoa. He had become fond of her and would wish he would marry her but as it stands, the woman still had grudges with him though she had confessed her forgiveness to him.

‘Dr. Boateng, I really hate this attitude of yours. Say something to me. A problem shared is half solved’ Dr Anderson became impatient.

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‘you don’t need to be mad. Anyway, aside my son’s death, there is a bigger problem. I have become fond of my son’s mother and wants to marry her but…’ he paused and stared at the ceiling.

‘but what man. Do you think she would give in so easily after the heartless act you committed against her? Don’t forget you are the reason for her pain. It would take a very long time for her to adjust to you. She might have forgiven you but the wounds are still there. You need to help her heal those wounds before you think about proposing marriage to her. You need a miracle. I can bet on that’
The magnitude of Dr Anderson’s words hit Dr Boateng so hard in the face. He was hurt with those words but saw sense in them.

‘your words are like that of a sharp blood but true though. You are right. I have to tread cautiously so not to bleach bleeding wounds. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. I know what to do to win her heart’
Dr Anderson was perplexed at what his friend said. He expected a rebuke instead.

‘on a lighter note, you and your son have got good taste so far as women are concerned. Maame Adwoa is very beautiful though not young. Same thing applies to that young lady your son was dating’ Dr Anderson said and Kwabena Boateng giggled.
‘Maame Adwoa is thirty nine years. She is still young. I am the old man here’ Dr Boateng said amusingly.
Dr Anderson disagreed with him on his last statement. He really admired how handsome his friend was and wished he was him. Kwabena Boateng was forty seven years but looked younger and very handsome. Dr Anderson told him how he envied him. The two doctors laughed their hearts out. Kwabena Boateng thanked his friend and told him how elated he was for helping him out. Dr Boateng disclosed to his friend what really happened between his son and the young lady. ‘on a more serious note, you have to be very closed to her on the day of the funeral. She might do something crazy if attention is not given her on that day’ Dr Anderson advised and they walked out to have lunch.

Kwadjo Boateng wiped his tear stained face. He was full of anxiety and fear. He didn’t know what the angel would reveal to him about the future.
‘fear of the unknown drives people to quit or do the wrong thing. Don’t let it rule you’ the angel said. Kwadjo realised the angel could read his senses. He told the angel to show him the future.
‘it’s more heart breaking than the past. Brace yourself for what is coming’ the angel said with a smile.
‘if it is heart breaking, why was he smiling. Angels are heartless and unfriendly’ Kwadjo thought.
‘We are not heartless. We don’t have flesh to feel pain’ the angel replied his thoughts.

Kwadjo Boateng saw himself in the mist of graduating students. He was full of life and happy though Clara was not in good terms with him. Within a short time, the graduation ended and he had a lot of photo shoot with the woman who had toiled to bring him that far. His mother!
In the house, the young man advised his mother to quit working with the Benson’s since their daughter was mad at him. Maame Adwoa objected to her son’s advise with the reason that the Benson’s had not sacked her. Kwadjo angrily left the house and went to the Benson’s Villa. He warned them not to let his mother enter their house again. He made them know that they don’t need their money before they would survive.
He went home afterwards. His mother asked him where he went and the young man disclosed to her what he had done. He explained to her that he would take care of her. She wasn’t happy with the young man’s actions and went to apologised to the Benson’s. She quit working in the house to make her son happy…



A month after Kwadjo Boateng’s national service, a movie production in Nigeria approached him on business basis. They showed him some TV series he was a character during his second year in the university. The production was impressed with the character he played and wanted to employ him as one of their movie actor’s. The young man gladly accepted the offer. He was given a home in Nigeria but decided to stay in Ghana because of his mother. Kwadjo Boateng became a star after his first movie with the production due to his handsomeness and acting skills. He became a hot cake and stared in both Ghana and Nigeria movies. Within two years of starring in local movies, he was spotted by Hollywood in the States. In less than three years, the young man became richer and famous than one could imagine. His mother was living a good life until he met a lady by name Natasha in the movie industry.

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Natasha was one of the great movie characters Kwadjo met on set during one of his Hollywood movie premiere. She was a fair skinned girl. Had a silky black long hair. Her dimple and blue eyes were perfect. The young man mistakenly slept with her and she started dictating to the young man. She had a quarrel with Maame Adwoa when Kwadjo was out. Already Maame Adwoa had warned her son to send the woman away because the character she was depicting showed she would be an evil wife. On Kwadjo’s return home, Natasha cried and told him his mother was a witch and doesn’t want her happiness. She packed her bags and furiously told Kwadjo Boateng that she was leaving the house if he would still accommodate the mother in the house. Kwadjo pleaded with Natasha not to go but she angrily left. The young man stormed his mother’s room and asked her to leave the house. Maame Adwoa was surprised and thought her son was joking. She didn’t mind him. She was preparing for church service. Kwadjo with all force pulled his mother out of the house. She threw her out and warned her not to ever come near his residence. The woman began to sob seeing the magnitude of the situation. She sat behind the gate and sobbed. She knew all that was happening had to do with Natasha. The pain and suffering she went through to take care of the young man flooded her memory. Kwadjo Boateng opened the gate to see his mother sitting behind the gate crying. He called his gate man and warned him severally to make sure his mother was no near the house. The gate man knowing how good Maame Adwoa was couldn’t carry out the task his master assigned him to.

Kwadjo Boateng threw the gate man out of the house and pushed his mother far away from the house. He went back home and called Natasha. He pleaded with her and disclosed to her what he had done to his mother. Natasha rushed to the house. She happily hugged Kwadjo Boateng and told him how glad she was for getting rid of the witch that was tormenting them in house. Kwadjo smiled and told her he was always at her service. They had a great s£x afterwards. Maame Adwoa in tears went to the Benson’s home with the hope that they would have mercy on her and employ her again. Unfortunately, Clara was on a holiday in the U.S. Mrs Benson gave her a warm welcome and listened to her story. Mrs Benson was shocked at what she said. Knowing how the woman had suffered to take care of Kwadjo Boateng, she least expected him to behave that way towards his mother. Mrs Benson was sorry for her but told her she can’t entertain her in the house because her husband wouldn’t be happy with the idea knowing how things went when Maame Adwoa was working in the house. Maame Adwoa pleaded but she was rejected by Mrs Benson. She left the house to her church and cried unto the Lord.


days after the incident, Natasha and her friends had a big party at Kwadjo Boateng’s residence. Kwadjo didn’t know how to drink alcohol but he was introduced to it that day. He got drunk and slept with two of Natasha’s friends without Natasha’s notice. He dated the two ladies alongside Natasha. He felt proud of himself. He was happy with how things were going. He was famous, rich and had all the beautiful women at his beck and call. His mother was a thing of the past.
Maame Adwoa was back to her street life. She ate sorrow day in day out. Food was bitter in her mouth. She grew lean and worse everyday.

‘oh no no no no, this can’t be me. I can’t put my mother in such pain again. This can’t be’ Kwadjo was shocked at what he was being shown and wailed loudly.
‘that is exactly what you would’ve done to your mother. This is just the beginning of what you did to your mother because of Natasha’ the angel said and Kwadjo looked at him in disbelief.
‘death was the best option to reduce the pain you would’ve infringed on your mother. Can I continue?’ Kwadjo was very hurt with what was being shown him. The tears in his eyes couldn’t cease… Hmmmm life life life…

To be continued……

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