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Summer Picnic – Episode 9 – 10


Summer Picnic – Episode 9

Theme: Baby finds daddy a soulmate

Written by Pinky Preshy Chioma

Alex’s Pov:

I kept on driving….

We were in silence.

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Her scent alone is so nice….

I guess she’s ashamed to talk to me.

I stole glances at her but she kept avoiding eye contact.

“Uhmm… Marga are you living with your parents?” I asked trying to start up a conversation.

She cleared her throat slightly.

“Yeah… With my father” She said

“And your mother?” I asked anxiously

Her face countenance changed immediately.

“Err… Am sorry if you don’t want to talk about….” I said as she forced a smile.

“It’s nothing! Mother died while I was still very young and father got married to another woman” She said.

“Oh! Am sorry for refreshing the healing wound” I said as she smiled.

“It’s OK sir!” She said simply

“You know you can call me Alexander or better still Alex” I said

“Err… OK Sir… I mean Alex” She said shyly and I smiled.

She’s so beautiful.

“You’re beautiful….” I said as she smiled.

“Thank you!” She managed to say.

I reached for her hand and held her.

She was already feeling uneasy and I understand her though.

“Thank you for taking care of baby” I said as she chuckled.

“Of course she’s lovable” She said as I kissed her hand.

She gradually snatched her hand from me.

I only smiled and she gulped nervously.

We drove into a compound.

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“We’re here” She said as she smiled at me.

“Okay dear!” I replied

“Thank you so much for bringing me home” She said as I nodded.

I reached for the car door to open it since she was having a hard time in opening the door.

On the process of opening the door, Our eyes meet with each other.

Slowly, our lips drew closer…

I tried to stop myself but I couldn’t.

I was yearning to kiss her and she didn’t also stop.

Our lips glued together as we kissed each other passionately

Suddenly, she disengaged the kiss immediately and quickly got down from the car.

I bowed my head and she avoided to looking at me.

Goldy’s Pov:

I gnash my teeth as mother and I peeped from the window.


I can’t believe this!

The handsome rich guy kissed her

“Mother just look at that flirt” I whispered in anger.

“Shh…. You don’t want her father to hear you do you? You just have to act nice” Mother said

Actually we heard the car sounds so we came out.

To our greatest surprise, it was the handsome man dropping off and kissing her.

I sat on the couch fuming with anger.

That handsome man is my man

I was so furious.

The door throw open and Marga came in.

I was so angry… I felt like slapping her face hard.

She became scared as she saw mother and I.

She should thank her stars that father is home.

“Good evening mother!” She managed to say.

Mother gulped down.

“Good evening child! Your dinner is on the table” Mother said sweetly.

I could see hatred in mother’s eyes.

We just had to act sweet because we don’t want her father to get annoyed.

She looked very stunned.

“Marga? Oh my little lady” That was her father’s voice.

Marga smiled broadly.

“Father?” She said and rushed to hug him..


Alex’s Pov:

I walked into the mansion.

I heard crying and wailing from upstairs.

My gosh!

What’s going on?

I rushed upstairs…

The wailing was coming from the guest room.

I hurried into the guest room.

To my greatest surprise, I saw Bella lying on the bare ground with only a towel tied round her chest.

Her body was so reddened.

She was wailing and rubbing her eyes.

“Bella? My goodness! What happened?” I asked as I helped her to the bed.

“Don’t touch me! Aah….. My body! My eyes….. Pepper” She cried out.

Believe me she was red in colour.

I shook my head in confusion.

“Pepper? What pepper?” I asked anxiously

“Those little rascals you called your kids… They are so heartless” She cried

“My kids? What did they do and why are you red?” I asked

“Those kids are witches…. They added chilli to my bathing water…. My God! Am dying… My body is paining me… They are so evil” She weep.

That was when I heard a roaring laughter from the children’s room.

“What? Are you sure about this?” I asked as she hit me hard.

“Do you look like am joking?” She wailed.

Goodness me!

This is a height of wickedness….

Are the kids that naughty?

I rushed out of the room to the children’s room.

Surprisingly, they were all fast asleep.

But I thought I heard laughter from her.

Or are my ears deceiving me?

“Sandy! Nicky!! Nicholas!!!” I called shaking them vigorously.

They yawned tiredly as they got up.

“What is it dad? You’re disturbing my sleep?” Sandy said sleepily

They looked sleepy for real.

“Who added pepper to Bella’s bathing water?” I asked anxiously

“Bathing water? Pepper? I don’t know what you’re talking about dad” Sandy said.

“I said speak up” I yelled.

“I have no idea… Nicky did you do that?” Sandy asked

“Of course not… Nicholas did you?” Nicky asked again.

“No I didn’t… Or should I ask baby?” Nicholas said as I stared at them in confusion.

“If you guys didn’t then who did?” I asked no-one in particular.

“We have no idea of what you are talking about… Good night daddy” They chorused as they pecked me one after the other and laid down.

I became very confused…

Thoughts kept running through my mind.

“BUT WHO REALLY ADDED CHILLI TO HER BATHING WATER?” I asked myself scratching my head….

Summer Picnic – Episode 10

Theme: Baby finds daddy a soulmate

Written by Pinky Preshy Chioma

Alex’s Pov:

I yawned hungrily as I got up from the bed.

I glanced at the wall clock….

It was 6:30am already

I walked into the bathroom….

I brushed my teeth and took a shower.

I was still applying cream on my body when I heard a knock on my door.

“Daddy?” That was Nicky’s voice.

“Baby? Just come in!” I said as the door swing open and she walked in.

Nicky yawned hungrily with her face frowned.

“What is it baby?” I asked as she sat on the bed.

“Daddy am so hungry…” she cried

“Oh come on baby… Is that why you are crying?” I said as I patted her hair.

“Who’s going to cook now? Miss Marga is gone!” She wailed.

I forced a smile at her.

She’s right anyways….

I scratched my head in confusion.

“Uhm… But I can cook baby” I smiled sheepishly.

“Hell no daddy….” A voice echoed from the door.

It was Sandy and Nicholas.

I gulped as I frowned at them.

“Daddy please we all know that you cook pepper instead of food” Sandy said sharply.

Nicky giggled.

“Yes daddy! We want food not pepper” Nicholas said

“Fine! We are going to the eatery and…” I said

“What about Bella? At least she can help with that” Nicky said.

I nodded my head and smiled.

“Wow! I even forgot…. Let’s go” I said as we walked out of the room.


“What…. Damn! You want me to cook? Ewww….” She yelled to our greatest surprise.

“Uhmm… Bella it’s just breakfast and…” I said

“It’s just breakfast and so what? I cannot stain my fingers and my expensive nails just because I want to cook for you and your no good kids” She said as she applied some makeups on her face.

“Yeah… Yeah…. Nothing good comes from the gutters” Sandy chipped in.

“You little mosquito…. Watch your mouth!” Bella warned

“But Bella it’s a simple thing to do” I said

“Then do it! Gosh! I can’t cook Alex and please rush to an eatery and get me something to eat cos am famished” She said.

The kids walked out of the room in disappointment.

I stared at Bella as she continued her makeup.

Sandy’s Pov:

Nicky burst into tears as we walked into our room in silence.

“Am so hungry Sandy!” She cried.

“I wish I can prepare something for us” I said sadly.

“If mommy was alive she could have prepared breakfast for us even before we wake up” Nicholas lamented.

The thought of the lovely times we had with our mom brought tears running down our cheeks.

“Uhm… Sandy what about Miss Marga? I thought you gave her your spare phone?” Nicky asked sharply.

I smiled broadly.

“That’s true!” I jumped for joy.

“Then call her…” Nicholas said as I quickly made for the telephone

I dialed the number.

Bella’s Pov:

I watched them walk out of my room.

I sighed loudly.

What the heck…?

Are they really serious?

Like I should go and cook for them to eat?


I looked at my nails again.

To get my sparkling nails ruined just because of those rascals that almost made my body peel off yesterday.

Besides I can’t even cook!

How can a beautiful lady like me walk into that filthy place they call kitchen to stain my hands?


My cell phone rang aloud.

I picked it up.

It was Agnes.

Hello Agnes…. I said

What’s up? Where are you? You didn’t come home last night… She asked.

Are you guys shocked?

Are you surprised she didn’t know I was coming here?

You don’t have to be….

Of course I know she’s only going to talk me out of coming.

Am here to make those kids disappear forever.

I have my plans.

Isabella are you there?.. Agnes asked anxiously as I turned off the phone.

I don’t have to tell her my plans else she will ruin in it.

I smiled.

Goldy’s Pov:

I tiptoed into the room actually Marga was taking her bath downstairs.

I have to search the room thoroughly with the chance I have.

I searched the room.

Throwing everything away in disarray.

I have to find out who the handsome man is.

I was already losing hope of seeing anything.

My eyes caught with something.

A card and a cell phone beside the old couch.

“A phone? How can Marga afford a cell phone?” my eyes almost popped out of it’s socket.

Suddenly, the phone started ringing.

I quickly picked up the call.

Hello good morning Miss Marga it’s me Sandy… The voice said

Hi sa…. Sandy!.. I pretended

Why is your voice so different? Are you just waking up?… She asked

Yes… I replied

OK… Miss Marga could you please come over to the mansion again… She said

Mansion?…i asked anxiously

Yes! I mean the house… She said

Our house? Our mansion…. At the vine’s GRA.. House 6! Have you forgotten so soon?… She asked

Oh no! I remember… I’ll be there… I said as she giggled and hung up.

The handsome man has kids?

He has a mansion?

What am I going to do now?

An idea popped into my head and I smiled mischievously.

And am going to the mansion in place of Marga.

I laughed as I walked out of the room.

Mansion here I come

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