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Sweet but psycho Episode 14


Sweet but Psycho 😻😻😻

😉 His perfect antidote 😉

🔥🍒 Written by Bunmi B. Gabriel 🍒🔥

😋 Segment 14 😋

( this segment contains s£xual content, yadi yadi yada, part of the genre. So please skip when you get to that part. I repeat, if you don’t like such, scroll over it. Thank you)

💜 Yolanda 💜

I stared at dad as he stared back at me with his cold look; the one he uses on every other people but me. Since what happened two days ago, he had been very quiet, locked away and obviously thinking, the next thing I knew, I was here. He sat behind his office table, his palms folded under his chin and lips pressed into a thin line; he was terrifying me.

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‘Dad, are you going to speak now?’ He remained mute, his gaze turning colder and sharper. ‘Please? My teacher is waiting for me…’

‘You wouldn’t be having any lessons today, I cancelled it.’


‘Yolanda, with the recent happening around me, I have been forced to realise that I am going too far with your training and the authority I am giving to you….’

‘What is that suppose to mean?’

‘First, rules will be laid down along with adequate punishments for each disobediences.’

‘Teddy Berry, is this you talking?’

‘From now on Yolanda, you will live by my rules, abide by my decisions or be punished for disobediences like I said just now. The main rules to be noted; never interrupt me when I speak, don’t look me in the eyes like we are age mates, don’t use any form of command tone on me, don’t yell at the names of the specific men I will give to you, be quiet when we speak because you are just a child…..’

‘But dad….’

‘You have gone too far Yolanda!’ He yelled out angrily. ‘Killing my men, punishing River for no reason, attacking me!’

‘You told me not to be weak!’ I yelled back at him.

‘In case your foolish mind haven’t registered, I am Ame, Head of all Mafias, what right do you have to question or talk to me with such insolence?’

I kept shut, he was right. ‘But dad….’

‘I have had enough, given you enough time to start getting use to us, to know your place but it seems like you don’t know who you are and what I am capable of doing….’

‘I’m sorry,’ I sobbed.

‘For yelling back at me, not even talking, the first punishment will be served.’

‘No, I will start behaving now, please?’ I pleaded in tears, clasping my hands together. I know how ruthless dad can be when he is in king mode, I honestly overstepped my boundaries.

‘The next time you make any mistake, I will start by roasting those dogs of yours and making you eat their meat, is that clear?’ He asked acidly, I could literally feel the poison going down my own throat. ‘Here,’ he pushed a big book to me. ‘That’s the rules and all you need to know, now get out of my office and remain in your room reading that.’

‘Yes, daddy,’ I said sadly. I carried the big green book and jumped down from the chair. I walked out of his office and headed to the stairs, Vee was coming. ‘Vee,’ I sobbed.

‘Baby, what’s wrong?’ She asked worriedly, I don’t like her uniform.

‘Daddy scolded me,’


‘He said I’m over the top rude, arrogant and bossy; that I’m overstepping my boundaries and disobeying him.’

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‘And is he wrong?’ She asked calmly with a frown. ‘You are just seven, think about what you are becoming. This shitty business killed your mother, father, grandmother, grandfather and might probably kill him too. Is that what you want with your life?’

‘But it’s the only thing I’m good at,’ I whimpered.

‘Killing,’ she snorted. ‘Every child has a colourful dream, look for that colour before your world turns black and white.’ She said with her normal smile and walked out on me, that long lock man followed behind.

What colourful dreams?

All my life, I have only lived knowing I can do nothing than fight, do nothing than be like my generations have. It is what makes us, what we are born to do but….

🍪🍘 Cookie 🍘🍪

I seriously hate this uniform! Can somebody tell me how to make use of thy scissors?! I huffed as I tried to drag the bottom down, again. I can only wear this when I really want to, not when I have to be forced.

‘Heh heh,’ Bruce chuckled. ‘You look like a penguin with that steps,’

‘Shut up,’ I groaned.

‘Shut up,’ he mimicked. ‘Babe, you still haven’t told me about that hot friend of yours,’

‘She’s not your type,’


‘You are a broke ass bodyguard.’ I deadpanned.

‘Ouch, that cut me real deep Penguin….hey! That’s your new name!’

‘Sure thing Bruise, sure thing.’ I said smirkingly. He laughed behind me, he still won’t let me be about Ursula but she deserves someone better.

‘Vee,’ someone sobbed. I looked at Yolanda who was coming.

‘Baby, what’s wrong?’ I asked worriedly, seeing her crying face.

‘Daddy scolded me,’


‘He said I’m over the top rude, arrogant and bossy; that I’m overstepping my boundaries and disobeying him.’ I rolled my eyes mentally.

‘And is he wrong?’ I asked calmly with a frown. ‘You are just seven, think about what you are becoming. This shitty business killed your mother, father, grandmother, grandfather and might probably kill him too. Is that what you want with your life?’

‘But it’s the only thing I’m good at,’ I whimpered. Seriously, who told her that?

‘Killing,’ I snorted. ‘Every child has a colourful dream, look for that colour before your world turns black and white.’ I said with my normal smile and walked out on her, Bruce followed behind.

‘That was almost harsh,’

‘She needs to let that sink into her head,’

‘Okay,’ I opened Ted’s office door without knocking again, walked in and shut the door. He was slouched on a blue couch, smoking. His office was sea blue and white.

‘You didn’t knock, again.’ He said lazily, like a drunk man.

‘Feeling bad about talking to her that way?’ I asked smilingly, waltzing over to the chair.

‘I don’t like seeing her get so hurt,’

‘Get use to it for her sake,’ I said nonchalantly, crossing my legs on the white table. He turned his head over to me and sneered. ‘What?’

‘What do you plan to gain from this, separate us?’

‘I’m extremely good at causing discord, but I don’t plan on doing that to her and you know it.’

‘Why should I trust you?’ He asked with a suspicious peer. I took his glass of black wine on the table and took a sip; black general.

‘That’s the thing, I didn’t beg you to trust me.’

‘I fvcking hate you,’ he growled, snatching the wine from me. ‘Now get your feet off my table and get back to work!’

‘Aye aye captain!’ I squealed.

‘No,’ he cried. ‘Not the the shrieking mode,’

‘You think I have modes too?’ I asked poutingly.

‘Don’t you know you have modes?’ He asked frowningly.

‘People do say that,’ I said with a gentle stroke of my chin. ‘But I refuse to believe that,’ his eyes followed the cock of my hips. ‘What are you looking at?’

‘Here,’ he stretched his fag to me.

‘What is this for?’

‘Smoke it,’ my eyes almost bulged out of their socket.


‘Take this and finish it,’


‘Are you deaf?’ He asked, his tone changing into something I don’t like. ‘Take it!’ He yelled. I reached my shaky hands forward and took it.

‘You want me to inhale this?’ I asked with confusion, staring at the half used up fag.


‘Isn’t this weed?’

‘Something related,’

‘Sir?’ I asked looking up at him, I felt like passing out. The first time I tried it back in highschool, I got to know how the world of madness looks like. They have a city, it’s called Madabu, everyone and anyone is welcome but I don’t want to go there. It took the doctors two months to return me to normal, I’m screwed.

‘For fvck sake Cookie! Take it or you know what’s up!’

Cookie, it’s obvious this insane man wants to pour his frustration on you, don’t give in. You are Cookie Carlisle, think of what to do very fast!

I scrunched my nose, thinking fast for an escape plan, so….yes!

‘If I take this like I did the last time, I will run mad for two months and then what use will I be to you?’

‘Well….’ He trailed off, his eyes zoning out. ‘Give that back to me,’ he finally said after half a minute. I let out a heavy sigh of relief. ‘You are afraid of smoke?’

‘Anything cigarette related will be me breaking my oath to my mother,’ I blunted out before I could stop myself. ‘Here,’ I said sheepishly. ‘I will get to work n….’

‘What makes you think I’m done with you?’ He asked with a lazy smirk sprawled on his lips. ‘Did you think I made you my maid just to clean my office?’

My throat went dry, my head swelling as a hint cross my mind. ‘And what is that?’

He chuckled evilly. ‘Get on your knees Bebe, now.’ Okay, since it’s just knees, nothing bad will happen, right? Right. I went on my knees, dragging my dress down.

‘This is humiliating,’ I cried. ‘I don’t like kneeling.’

‘You haven’t started yet Bebe, now come closer.’

‘I should what?’

‘Come closer,’ I rolled my eyes and crawled closer but stopped at a safe distant. ‘Not close enough.’

‘Why do this? Why not punish me?’

‘At first I wanted to, but then I thought why do that when the best way to break a woman’s confident is through s£xual harassment.’ He said with a shrug.

‘So let me get this straight, you are doing all of this just so you can break me?’ I asked incredulously.

‘Not entirely, you are s£xy and I love that in a woman,’ i got between his legs, scowling at him. It wasn’t my first time but what I didn’t like was sleeping with an enemy, he was a big enemy and I hate him.

‘You are sick, really really sick.’ I cursed.

‘Good to know, now open my pants.’

‘I can bite you,’ I said with a threatening tone. He smirked and wiggled his brows.

‘Trust me hon, this is stage one of what I have install for you and that Ursula girl.’

‘Don’t you dare bring her into this!’ I yelled

‘That’s your problem,’ he leaned on his elbow. ‘You are weak, caring and selfless. Your love for the people you love is what has gotten you into this mess; my mess.’

‘And that is because I have a heart, a life, people who loves me and all you have are enemies who will one day kill you. When that day comes, I will laugh as I watch you burn.’ I snarled. His eyes darkened, okay, too far!

‘Now look here you little bitch,’ he snapped, grabbing the back of my neck roughly. ‘Do you think killing you is difficult? Do you think me firing a bullet into your skull is fvcking difficult for me! Do you think you are still alive because I can’t kill you?! I can do whatever I want, but I choose to let you live for reasons best to me. Now, you are going to start doing everything I ask you to, no comments, no witty remark or this very moment where you kneel, I will dash your heart ten bullets. Is that clear?’ Never in my entire 23 years old life had I been frightened by someone before; I am Cookie, I don’t get terrified, I don’t feel weak, but his tone and eyes knocked out every ounce of courage in me.

Goosebumps pricked my skin, making me feel itchy all over. My heart had changed gear, into one I never thought I could face before, one I never even knew I had. I suddenly felt the urge to run and hide; under the table, chairs, behind curtains or anywhere far away from him. Indeed, he had been messing around with me.

‘AM I UNDERSTOOD?!’ He barked, I didn’t know when I screamed in fear and nodded, tears burst down my cheeks as panic overtook my entire system. ‘Now, open my fvcking pants before I open your brain!’ I didn’t need to be told twice, not one bit. My trembling hands made it way to his zipper, immediately my hands touched his pants, he inhaled sharply.

I tried desperately to look for Cookie Aileen Carlisle, to see if she was still in there waiting for me to bring her out. But, all I saw was spots, fear and more fear.

‘Well, who the hell will take my briefs off!’ He yelled harshly. I nodded like the slave I was and reached out for the hem of his pants, my body pricked me a little. I was starting to feel nauseatic; I wasn’t used to being commanded at all. My mind wandered; what if he’s too large?…. No, where is Cookie when I need her? What have he done to me? I harshly tugged at his pants, feeling a little like me again; not until his voice hit my eardrums. ‘Listen here twat,’ he cursed, grabbing my chin harshly. ‘If you think I am incapable of brutal rape, then better start correcting yourself. If you don’t do this carefully, I will be forced to introduce you to that world. Am I understood?’ I nodded. ‘Speak!’

‘Yes, s…..s…..s….’


My pride, everything I stand for was emptied when I gulped and said: ‘Yes, sir.’

He smirked, of course he would, he have broken me like none ever could. My eyes went up to his body; he had a really great body, now that he was shirtless and…. Focus Cookie! This is no time to drool over an enemy. I rolled my eyes back to his pants and finally tugged both off at once. My eyes almost fell off at his size, the words left my mouth immediately.

‘Jesus! Dude! Did you get your d!ck pumped! This is too huge!’ His deep growl sealed the real me back inside, I was back to chicken slave. This is serious, how would that fit?

‘Am I going to lecture you on what to do,’ he snapped. I gulped loudly, staring at the biggest thing my eyes have ever seen. How many men have I slept with? Six. Given like ten blowjobs, had romance with five so this was a big development in my department.

Cookie, focus!

I grabbed his enormous member with my trembling hands, my breathing hanging in my throat. I analyzed every inch of his member, noticed the way it twitched and shook my head in amusement. I stroke it once, he let out a sharp hiss. I chuckled to myself, if this is what I’m going to be playing at, then I better make it worth my time.

I continued stroking him, his eyes were shut as he pushed his head back in his seat. I can’t relate to what he felt, but as for me, I felt being cooked or fried that moment made about enough sense. His hips jerked sometimes, struggling to keep up with my pace while I yawned boringly.

‘Yes Cookie, faster, just like that!’ His voice which I can’t recognize again, screamed out. A slight tingle ran down my spine, making my body jolt with excitement. I laughed mentally.

Body, better behave yourself before I kill you.

I fastened my hands movements, making him hiss and m0an louder. I pushed my mind somewhere else, like if Cinderella’s shoes were the perfect size, why the fvck did it fall off?! Magic, obvi. ‘Ahhh, yes, go faster…’ I did as told, asking myself more questions to distract my body.

Why don’t Peter pan’s flying dust ever run out?

Why is the sky blue?

Why am I alive?

What do babies think?

‘Hey!’ I yelled when he suddenly yanked my head. ‘What gives!’

‘Suck it,’

‘Hey no!’

‘I wasn’t begging,’ again, my me was suppressed inside and I was back to trembling. There was no way I could….he didn’t let me decide; he pushed my head down and forced his member into my mouth and I dare not bite him. Tears rushed down my eyes again; this is so humiliating for me. ‘Pruttana,’ he hissed, digging his nails into my neck.

How the mighty falls.

I closed my eyes with disgust and pictured me stabbing him multiple times with a knife, or using his ball head to play golf. Wouldn’t that be nice? Whipping his head and watching it fly miles and miles away while his body chase it? With great pleasure of seeing him dead, I was able to do what he asked of me. I was doing just fine, not when he abruptly grabbed my head and thrust himself deeper, so deep I took more of his length in. I squealed and hit his hand, I couldn’t breathe but he didn’t care. He was enjoying that, probably the vibration of my throat against him.

Having no other choice, I bit him slightly and gained the freedom to fall down and gasp for air. ‘You are not done yet Cookie,’ so seriously? ‘Kneel up, now.’ I went back to my previous position, crying bitterly as I took him back into my mouth. I went faster than before, so he won’t choke me. He continued m0aning loudly. Now I regret telling him to cage Yolanda. My eyes widened when his balls tightened, I tried to move away but he again tightened his hold on my hair and emptied himself with a deep thrust. Since I didn’t have any other means of air, I swallowed everything – which is a first – and he let me go.

I started coughing violently, ew! ew! ew! ew! ew! ew! ew! ew! ew! ‘Now, that wasn’t too bad, was it?’

‘God will punish you.’ I spat.

‘Even with my tone, I can only scare you for five minutes and then you are back to normal. What kind of human are you?’

‘I quickly overcome my fears, I will surely overcome you too.’ I said lowly, not daring to look into his eyes.

He shrugged. ‘We’ll see,’ he said with his arrogant smirk. ‘You can go.’ Really wish I can punch that useless….no! I wish I can iron that smirk to his face!

I stood up and ran out immediately, running straight to my room. I ran to my bathroom, opened the bowl cover and threw up. I made sure everything was cleared, even saw many of his disgusting sperms swimming in the toilet. After flushing it, I finished half of my Colgate toothpaste, brushed until my gums and tongue bled.

Cookie, Cookie, Cookie, you are in trouble.

To be continued.

Somebody made Cookie cry 😂

Is alright.

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