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Sweet psycho episode 36


Sweet but Psycho 😽😽😽

🍹🍷 His perfect antidote 🍷🍹

💦 Story by: Bunmi B. Gabriel (BB) 💦

😋 Segment 36 😋

🍪🍘 Cookie 🍘🍪

I watched Carlos pace around with sweat soaking his body, he was panicking and nagging about him becoming a father. Ted and I were getting bored already, we wanted to go back to our moment, he ruined it.

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‘How did it happen! How the fvck did a baby get involve in this goddamn situation! How did I end up being a father!’

‘Dude, wasn’t your sense working when you were busy fvcking her?’ Ted sighed.

‘What right does she have to get pregnant!’

‘What right do you have to be sleeping with her? Didn’t I warn all of you not to touch her?’

‘Didn’t I warn you not to touch Vee?’

‘I am your boss, don’t even think about it.’ Carlos rolled his eyes and continued pacing.

‘What am I going to do? I am not damn ready for a damn baby…’

‘Then abort it…’

‘Are you mad Ted!’ I finally exclaimed. ‘Abort what?! Wasn’t he thinking about the consequences when he was busy pounding the life out of her! Stop acting like a child.’

‘Damn it! Do you know how old I am?’ Carlos fired.

‘Oh pe-lease, age has nothing to do with stupidity,’ I said, rolling my eyes around.

‘Don’t even start Vee, I am not in the mood for your own brand of stupidity.’

‘Well, too bad, I am not the one who is going to be a daddy…’ I laughed. ‘You are going to have a baby crawling allover your face and pooping on all your shirts and peeing in your mouth.’ I laughed, he glared at me.

‘Look Carlos, the baby is yours. Whatever you wish to do with it, do. But let me remind you that nothing should happen to the mother…’

‘Better take that back!’ I yelled. ‘That baby is staying, I am going to be a mother…an aunt. Babies are cute, the angels of earth…’

‘Not when you have to fvcking father them!’

‘Tut tut tut, temper temper Carlos, temper. You should be proud. Hit your chest like the ugly gorilla you are and say “yes, I am finally a man. My 2 inches d!ck got a woman pregnant.” Trust me, you will feel better after saying that.’

Ted chuckled while Carlos stared at me like his eyes could kill me. ‘Ted, warn her to shut the fvck up.’

‘Stop looking at me like that, Daddy Somebody, your irritating eyes might get me pregnant too.’

‘Cookie, shh,’ Ted hushed.

‘Don’t tell me to shh, why should I shh when he haven’t shh? Before I must shh, he must shh because one shh makes another shh, get it?’

‘That doesn’t make any fvcking damn sense! Your brain has a serious problem!’

‘And you swear so much I think fvck or damn was the first word you said instead of mama. Who knows, maybe your baby’s first sentence will be fvck too.’

‘I am going to wring your neck if you don’t shut up! I came here looking for a fvcking solution to my damn problem and you are making me feel worse!’

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‘There you have it, your damn problem, not ours. Word of advice buddy, go download ten books on how to be a great father, you would really need divine intervention to turn you into a real man. Although I feel you are already feeling like one since your tiny d!ck got someone pregnant. Ha! When your son turn ten, you and him will hold a smallest d!ck competition!’

‘Why you…!’ Ted jumped in front of me and took the impact of the phone he threw at me. It hit him on his head.

‘Ouch,’ I giggled.

‘Carlos, why don’t we go for a run? To clear your mind because apparently, staying here with her will do the exact opposite.’ He suggested, getting off the bed.

‘You said that like I did or said anything wrong,’ I said innocently, twinkling my lashes at him. ‘Carlos darling… Sorry, Daddy Carlos, did I do or say anything wrong to you?’

‘Ted, please, just one time, this one time, let me kill her.’

‘My girlfriend Carlos, you can’t touch her.’

‘But she is fvcking annoying!’

‘But she is fvcking annoying!’ I mimicked mockingly and rolled my eyes. ‘I won’t blame you, pregnancy hormones.’

‘Cookie, please be quiet.’ Ted pleaded.

‘I was only trying to be a good citizen and preach against the act of abortion. It is a great crime against nature and humanity and being a good and intelligent citizen who believes all children have the right to live, I advice you let the kid live because he as he must be, didn’t ask you to fvck his mother without protection and make him. He wasn’t there when you were busy m0aning and gripping her waist…’

‘Cookie please…’

‘Oh, Lola, that’s right baby… ABC…10+7…ooh…ahh…hey…baby…’

‘Cookie!’ Ted shouted.

‘Roll your hips,’ I finished and wiggled my brows at Carlos. If it wasn’t for Ted, he would have strangled me. ‘I know you want to strangle me but you can’t, Ted already got that covered, right big boy?’

‘Carlos, let’s go…’

‘See what I did? I called him big boy because he is big in every area,’ I winked at Ted who gave me a pleading look not to finish my sentence.

Cookie, zip it, don’t talk.

I have to finish that sentence.

Hold it in Cookie, swallow it.

I can do it.

Ted quickly dragged him out while I battled with myself.

No no way! I have to finish it!

I stood up and ran to the door, poked my head out and grinned at their backs. ‘Oh Daddy somebody,’ I called in a singsong.

‘Oh shit!’ Ted cursed.

‘When I called Ted a big boy, I meant his almighty area but you are a small boy, very very small. You should get a pump, it will make your life better and maybe then, only then…’

‘Cookie shut up!’

‘Will Lola be finally able to appreciate the s£x because buddy, if it was up to her, she would rather fvck a dildo or wait… How does Barrow sound?’

‘Argh!!!’ I slammed my door shut and locked it.

Men I’m so proud of myself! It has been a while I annoy someone to the extreme.

It has been a while you almost died… My subconscious scoffed.

Oh pe-lease, I’m unkillable.

So says the girl who isn’t Supergirl and even that blonde witch has a weakness, kryptonite.

‘Aprire la porta!’ Carlos yelled, banging at my door. (Open this door!)

‘You know what, I will just stay in here where it is safe from mad people like you.’

‘Carlos, can you calm down! Cookie, also be quiet in there.’

‘Should I open the door? I’m pregnant too, look at my big stomach. The difference between my baby and your baby, mine was planted by firm sperms, not shakeable ones.’

‘Cookie, do this for me, keep quiet.’

‘Qualsiasi cosa per te, honey,’ I said sweetly. ‘Anything for you, honey.)

Keep quiet Cookie.

‘One of these days, I’ll kill you!’ I heard his voice from a distant, Ted was pulling him away.

‘Fare esso!’ I shouted. (Do it.). ‘I dare you!’ I didn’t hear anything again, that was fun.




A week later, I was going out for someone’s anniversary party or whatever it was, I didn’t care to ask. I was super excited because it would be the first time Ted would be taking me out without disguise, taking me out publicly as his girlfriend. I already called mom, told her who I was dating but made her swear to shut up. Carolyn was well now, can you believe Ted was treating her the whole time? I can’t wait to meet them in the nearest future.

Since it has been a while I stepped out and gain too much attention, the Leo in me was burning to make this a fantastic display of the baddest or s£xiest bitch in town. With the dress my team picked out for me, there was no way their heads wouldn’t take a second turn to see the s£xy bitch with the great Ame Allen.

What did I wear? Good question my subjects. I wore a white satin dress that fell on my feet, hugged my chest very tightly, so tight my tiny waist was in full view. The dress had a plunging neckline that gave my neck and multi coloured precious stones necklace a wonderful highlight and showed off enough cleavage to make the men drool. The dress had two slits that went up at the side of my thighs, showing off my slender s£xy legs – if I do say so myself – and rainbow heels. I wore rainbow accessories and carried a rainbow clutch. To spice my look, I went with my rainbow hair and Ted was so glad to see it again, although he complained about the plunging neckline.

My eye lens for the day was violet, to match my bright violet lipstick and makeup. I made my hair into a chignon romantique with white flower hairpins to hold it in place. I had on different scent of flowers on me, each flower representing the colour of the rainbow with pink instead of indigo.

The ride was amazing, I was just too excited to be there already so I could show off. The dress brought out my hips and ass, the two most lovely feature I needed aside from my voice. Ted led me into the big ballroom, as expected, all eyes turned to me. Ted kept his hand around my waist, assuring himself that no one would hurt me. We walked straight to a man, he was quite younger than the age Ted told me he was.

‘Good evening sir,’ Ted greeted.

‘Evening Ted,’ he looked at me. ‘Questa è la tua ragazza?’ He asked, eyeing me. (Is this your girl?’

‘Sí, questa è la sua,’ (yes, this is her)

‘Hmm, lei è diversa dalla solita preferenza,’ (she is different from your usual preference.)

‘Lo so. Lei mi fa preferire diverso,’ Ted smiled down at me. (I know. She makes me prefer different)

‘Sei scuro? Lei è carina,’ he chuckled. (You sure? She is cute)

‘You know, I can speak Italian.’ I whispered. He laughed, his laugh is familiar. He had the same hair color with me, like my original hair colour; black and white. And dimples and plum lips. He is officially my best friend.

‘Nice to meet you beautiful, I’m Cephas Newton.’

‘Nice to meet you, I am Her Royal Majesty, Lady Viona Reed. You can worship me now.’ I said smugly. He burst into laughter and pulled me away from Ted.

‘Right my dear, come tell me all about your great kingdom.’

‘Won’t you bow?’

‘Okay,’ he took a bow and kissed my hand.

‘Oh thank you, thank you. You are so kind. Rise my noble subject.’ He stood up straight and smacked my head.

‘I can see why he likes you.’

‘I bring colours to his life,’

‘Indeed,’ he chuckled, staring at my rainbow hair. ‘I must admit, you are beautiful.’

‘You forgot to add gorgeously s£xy and irresistibly cute and…and…and…’ I said, twirling my index finger in a circular motion. ‘Ted, help me out here.’

‘Insane,’ he said plainly.

‘No, I was insane yesterday, today is another day.’ I tapped my chin.

‘A psychopath…’

‘Being that all my life.’


‘I will be that tomorrow…’

‘Am I seriously helping you increase your stupidity?’

‘You are more foolish than I am. Don’t insult your queen kiddo.’


‘Yes, don’t dare me Coco…’ Cephas almost fell from how much he laughed.

‘So, you found out about the C name, are you using it?’

‘I just did.’

‘That’s my girl! High five!’ I gave him a ten, he’s so nice. ‘Come here my new daughter.’ He pulled me into a hug. His hug was warm, brought tears to my eyes because my dad have never hugged me like this before, he never showed me such love. I sniffed and wrapped my hands around his waist, burying my face into his chest. He felt like home, he was definitely my new father.

‘Thank you dad,’

‘Praxina,’ he said. I raised my hair. ‘I will call you that.’

‘Why?’ He shrugged. ‘I love it!’

‘Oh brother,’ Ted scoffed.

‘Say, why don’t I tell you a story on how Ted got gonorrhea and almost died.’

‘Ooh! Interesting!’ I squealed. ‘And it’s Coco di di ya ya…’

‘And here I was saying it is Teda de Coco.’ We looked at each other with a dramatic pause before bursting into laughter and surprisingly, he had my mocking laughter or even better, his had graduated. The kind of laugh that would make you rethink your life.

This party is going to be fun!

To be continued.

Wow. Well, Cookie is coming back.

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