Tale Of A House Boy

Tale Of A House Boy – Batch N

Tale Of A House Boy – Batch N


JENNY: what kind of question is that one naw?

ME: yes if you are claiming that am responsible for your pregnancy swear with this your condition.

JENNY: you know i can never do that, its against my believe.

ME: ok,as you don’t want to swear, please and please don’t raise that issue again to me. Go and look for whosoever that got you pregnant.

JENNY: igwe you can never deny this pregnancy.

ME: what do you want from me,i mean what did you want me to do?

JENNY: you knw what you have to do as a man.
I know that you are under someone but we have to do something about this. I can never abort this baby bcos its my first child. Do what you have to do as a man and leave the rest for me.

ME: *** with a harsh voice *** do what as a man? Why are you so wicked to this point?
You want to tie me down with another man’s responsibility and ruin my life. You are so heartless Jenny.
Don’t ever let me to say what you and i will regret in future.
From today, lets just pretend as if we didnt know each other.*** i started the vehicle, as am about to move,
she marched the brake ***

JENNY: is that what you said? After using me to satisfy your s€×ual urge and you got me pregnant, you want to abandon me,
no problem,you will regret this.
*** she opened the door and got down. I didn’t even care, i drove off immediately. As i was driving, my mind was troubled bcos i don’t know Jenny’s plan.
Will she disclose this secret to my boss. God please save me from this mess i have put myself into. I drove to the market.
That day in the shop,i was restless .
In the evening,i went home, when i got home,i didn’t see Jenny. That evening,
i couldn’t eat, i was just thinking about Jenny bcos i hate hurting people’s feeling. How i wish i can help her out,
i would have done that? The next day my madam told me that Jenny travelled to the village.I continue living with my madam and her sister.
One day,i couldnt woke up on time due to so much stress,
my madam’s sister came to my room and poured me water while am still sleeping.
That day i was so irritated to fight her but she is just a mere woman so i couldn’t do that. She started vomiting the wh0le nonsense that was in her mouth.
Omo if you see the kin tin wey comot for her mouth,
even if u be pope u go beat am. As she was saying all sort of things to me,i walked out from her.
My madam came and was pleading with her to stop shouting on me. I was in,side the bathroom listening to them. Why do you always back this boy each time he did a wrong thing?My madam’s sister asked.Is not that am backing him or something like that, am only pleading with you to take it easy with him” my madam replied.
I took my bath, i did some of my domestic work before i told my madam that am off to the market. She told me to wait and she made tea for me.
After am through,my madam’s sister called me,
she told me that what i did today should not repeat itself again. I couldn’t even utter any word to her.
As she was warning me, my mind was in another place. After she was through, i didn’t say any word to her before i left.
I drove to the shop, after sweeping and cleaning the shop, i sat down and bend my head. What’s this woman’s headache? How can she be doing this to me? Anyway,her staying in that house is just temporal.
Some minutes later, ijeoma and Jenny entered.
We exchanged pleasantries and they sat on their chairs.Ijeoma asked me,why do i suddenly change from been happy to moody guy? I told her that am ok. ”Did your girlfriend abandoned you to another guy? ”’ Amanda said jokingly. I smiled.
Starting from that day, i always frowned at my madam’s sister whenever i saw her.
One Saturday, my madam went to market to buy things that we will use to cook Sunday food, she left the baby at home with her sister. That day i couldn’t go to the market bcos our line {market line} went to one of our member’s burial.
I was in my room when my madam’s sister entered. I was surprised. What did she came here to do?
I was just looking at her to knw what she came to do.
I was lying on my bed, facing the ceiling, she sat beside me. I pretended as if nobody entered my room.***

MADAM SISTER: Igwe am sorry for what i did to you the other day. *** i was muted *** please am really sorry for my action. Ever since i did that to you,my consent couldn’t allow me to rest. *** since my life,i can easily forgive no matter what you did to me ***

ME: alrite aunty, is ok.

MADAM’S SISTER: igwe tell me what’s going on between you and Jenny? *** my mind skipped… Did Jenny told her anything. I was so so surprised at her question***

ME: nothing is going or did she told you that something is going on between us?

MADAM’S SISTER: that day she travelled back to the village, i thought she followed you to the market?

ME: yes..

MADAM’S SISTER: so why did she came back moody and travelled back to the village? ** she laid her hands on my tommy ** tell me what’s the problem???


*** that hand she laid on my tommy vibrated me. I had an er-ction instantly. I was muted, she started fingering my tommy.
Omo na so my body begin de sweet me. She asked me again with a rom-ntic voice.
I couldn’t utter anyword to her. I was busy imaging myself with her. As she was doing fingering me,i was enjoying it.
I tried all i could to pretend as if am not interested in her but she still noticed that she turned me on.
Should i bounce on her or forget her? Is she for real or a temptation? She continued fingering me. I held her hand and drow her closer,
she fall on me. I started k-ssing her neck down to her navel before she told me to stop.
She removed her top,she untied her wrapper,She wore only p-nt.
Wow! Her body was still looking fresh and smooth. Without wasting time,i freed my phallic. She robbed the head. ”Wow! You children of nowadays eeeh! Una don spoil finish” she said. I pulled my hand underneath and removed her p-nt.
I ins**ted my one finger in,side her h0πeyp0t,
she jerked. I fingerbleeped her for a while before i ins**ted my joystick in,side her,
she gave me a soft mo-n. I started stroking her. The woman sweet die,i couldn’t believe she was still tight.
As i was going in and out of her,she was pleasurizing me with her mo-n.
Aaaah! Give it to me! I have really missed it for a while. Oooooh! Igwe you are my everything, marry me igwe! She mo-ned.
Omo i can say,she no know when she dey talk all dis bcos she dey under pressure.
As am about to c-m, i withdrew my joystick,
i poured my c-m on the floor. She told me to enter her again. I told her that am tired. Omo dis woman na s-x addict oo. She started pleasurizing me again to have s-x with her.
Your sister will soon come back,please don’t implicate me” i said.
As i was saying that, someone banged at the gate. I abandoned her and rushed in,side the bathroom,i thought it was my madam. I took my bath and entered my room.
My madam’s sister wasn’t in,side my room.
Some minutes later, by then, baby has woke up, she called me to come and take care of the baby that she want to bath.
I carried the baby and was singing for her. Immediately she entered the bathroom,
my madam came back,i greeted her. She took the baby from me ***

MADAM: has it been long she woke?

ME:not too long ago. You stayed long in the market.

MADAM: my dear,i would have come back earlier, where is my sister?

ME: she is bathing.

MADAM: something terrible happened today in the market.** she handed the baby to me and entered my boss’s bathroom. I guess she went there to wash her b—-t to feed the baby. She came out and took the baby from me. She started to b—-t feed the baby** some unknown men evaded one bank beside the market.

ME:hmmm, na waoh. *** my madam’s sister came out from the bathroom and joined us ***

MADAM: they robbed the bank, as they were coming out from the bank,
some police men arrived and they started firing bullets. They killed some peoples that were running. I would have come back but the main arena they were firing bullet was the place,we use to enter keke, so there was no chance.

MADAM’S SISTER: that was terrible, how did you manage to come home?

MADAM: When the arm robbers shot three policemen and they took off. Everywhere became cool for some minute before we came out from our hidden places.

ME: glory be to God for saving you,its a great testimony.

MADAM’S SISTER: yes oooo…. Its a great testimony indeed.
*** i left the living room to my room,
i started thinking about what i did with my madam’s sister. I remembered the vow i made with God not to have s-x again. I felt ashamed of myself, i hate myself that minute.
But was that really my fault? I asked myself that rhetorical question.
I weep bitterly that afternoon. My madam prepared launch, i refused to eat.
After my madam and her sister finished eating and my madam entered the kitchen and called me to the living room.
I entered with a thick face. She started asking me what the problem is, why i didn’t eat my launch, her sister was there with us.
She was starring at me. I told my madam that am ok just that i don’t feel like eating anything that afternoon.
She asked her sister if we quarrel and she said no. As i was meditating, in my room,
so many thoughts were running through my mind.
Should i go to the church and confess to our priest or continue leaving with this my dirty life?? Am just tired of this my dirty life. Through out that day,i refused to eat. The next day i prepared to church. We have two priest in our church so after mass i met the other one in the parish office.
I greeted him and he offered me a sit,he is also a prophet.
Immediately i sat down,he asked me if am married.
I said no. ”’I saw so many wedding rings on your fingers”’ he said. I was statued.
Have you been baptized? He asked.
And who is princess and Mrs Sandra{Mrs sharp sharp} to you?
Who is this lady that is crying for you bitterly? He added.


*** I trembled when the priest said that. I don’t know which one to answer first. He was muted as he starred at me ***

ME: father, actually, i haven’t receive baptism.

PRIEST: why?

ME: i was born in a Pentecostal church, as you know Pentecostal churches doesn’t do enfant baptism. So when i relocated to Asaba, i followed my boss to attend catholic church.

PRIEST: alright. Are you living with someone?

ME: yes,actually am serving someone.

PRIEST: then what about my question.

ME: father to be frank with you, princess was my girlfriend back then in school,so after our secondary school,
she went to Lagos to continue with her studies. I have called but her mobile number wasn’t reachable since then. *** i knelt down and was shedding tears,he consoled me.
I started narrating my story starting from Mrs sharp sharp to my madam’s sister. After i finished narrating the story to him,i lied on the floor crying for help. He lifted me and sat me on the chair ***

PRIEST: my dear,there is nothing impossible for God to do. Just believe in him and put your trust in him,he will never abandon you. Have your boss found out about your affair with his wife?

ME: there was a day i came home early,
that day my boss didn’t came to market so i heard his wife disclosing it to him. It was from there i found out that my boss was an impotent.

PRIEST: *** he closed his eyes and was gro-ning *** i saw so many women running after you with there children. Your name is Igwe right.

ME: yes.

PRIEST: *** he opened his eyes and looked at me, i was feeling so much guilty *** you are going to come with your boss because this battle line you are about to drow is not going to be easy like that.

ME: my boss is not in the country now and i don’t know when he will be back.

PRIEST: then you have to wait till he comes back. I will like his wife to be present that day.

ME: no problm father.

PRIEST: you have to go now but, i caution you to be prayerful because the battle line is about to set. Pray before you go to bed and when you wake. Knee down lemme pray for you. *** i knelt down and he prayed for me, after that he gave me bible and a holy water to spinkle when ever i want to sleep. I thanked him and left his office.
When i got home, my madam asked me what was holding me in the church.
I told her that i went to see our priest, she shocked. Her sister was looking at me. I left them to my room.
Whenever i want to sleep,i will pray and spinkle the holy water around the room.
One morning,i was in the shop thinking about my life. I deliberately deleted all the female numbers i had on my phone including princess and Mrs sharp sharp. Though i deleted princess number with tears on my cheek but it wasn’t deleted from my heart.
Some minutes later, a text message came to my phone. I opened the message and it says:
”’pls com and meet me in HOLIDAY RESORT HOTEL. Its an emergency. ”’
i was amazed, i dialled the number and the person was not picking. I redailed it again and she picked up ***

ME:hello who is this?

CALLER: igwe the play boy, don’t bother about my name just come first, am patiently waiting for you.

ME: i don’t want to know who you are, listen don’t ever call or text me again. *** i aborted the call.
She called me back and i picked up *** why are you disturbing me?

CALLER: just come first,i wouldn’t harm you. Just come and know why i summon you.

ME: am not interested in whatever you are calling me for so stop wasting your time and your airtime.

CALLER: please just come first.

ME: are you deaf, i said am not interested please. Don’t ever call me again since you don’t want to disclose your identity *** i aborted the call. She called me again and i aborted it.
Bathlomeo entered our shop and was asking me,
why am i moody. I shown him the message, he suggested that i should go and know who was that since the place isn’t far. I told him that i wouldn’t go since she don’t want to disclose her identity.
He told me to go but i shouldn’t follow her to enter the hotel room. He told me if i get to the hotel,
that i should call her outside the gate and if she refuses to come that i should come back. He told me to call her and inform her that am coming but she will come out when you call her.
He then told me that, it will be from her response that i will know if she will come out when i call her or not. I told him ok and he left our shop.
I was in a deep thought concerning what Bathlomeo told me when Amanda and ijeoma came to market. They sat on their seats. As am about to go,
a call came to our office line. It was one of our customers that demanded for goods so i forgot about the hotel i want to go. I packaged his goods and waited for him to pay in the money so that i will deliver his goods. Some minutes later, alert came in and i carried the goods to the park.
After that i came back and i went to the hotel to know who was that.


*** when i got to the hotel gate, i dialled the number but she wasn’t picking up.
I redialled it again and she still didn’t pick up.
I entered my motor and was about to start the vehicle and
my phone ranged. She was the one
calling me. I pick up. ”’Hello, i’m at the hotel gate”’ i said. But why can’t you come in,side naw, She said.
If you’re not coming outside then i have to go,i replied.
Hold on for some minutes,i will be there”’ she said.
Hanged up,i decided to wait for her in,side my motor.
I waited for her for some minute, She came out, behold! it was Mrs sharp sharp.
I couldn’t believe my eyes that day. Am i dreaming or what? I wiped my eyes twice, who am i seeing?
I was looking at her as she came out of the hotel gate and looked around,
she couldn’t see me bcos i was in,side the motor. She dialled a number and my phone started ringing.
I hurriedly came out and ran to her,
we hugged. Wow!! Igwe you are now a man” she said.
She took me in,side the hotel room where she lodged.
I sat down in,side her hotel room and she opened the door and left.
It was like a dream to me that day,
i couldn’t believe that i will see her again
in my life. Some minutes later she entered the room and sat opposite to me. ***

ME: i have praying for a day like this in my life. Today is one of my happiest day in life.

MRS SHARP: Me too. So igwe,how are you copying with business and how is your boss and his wife?

ME: they are ok.

MRS SHARP: i hope they are not treating you bad?

ME: they are nice to me. *** a young girl entered with food, chicken and drinks. She present it to our table and left *** why did you stress yourself to order for this?

MRS SHARP: my dear, why wouldn’t i? I couldn’t believe a day like this will come. My dear, lets have fun. *** we started eating ***

ME: what happened to your other line, i have tried it so many times but it wasn’t going through.

MRS SHARP: i lost that my phone so when i bought another one, i logged in to my e-mail and found your number where i saved it.

ME: owk.. You are looking so beautiful and healthy, so where are you working now because it doesn’t seem you are still teaching now.

MRS SHARP: ** smiled ** i have been promoted. Am now a principal.

ME: wow! So grateful, so Where do you live ?

MRS SHARP: i live in Awada *** she told me the name of her street and house number ***
*** as we are eating,my phone ranged and it was Bathlomeo. He asked me where i am and what am still doing there.
I told him that i will explain to him when i come back. He hanged up. After that, Amanda called me to know where i am and i told her that i went
somewhere that am on the way coming back. She hanged up.
She asked me, who called me and i told her who they are.
After eating and everything,i told her that i
will be on my way to the shop. She asked me, where do we live and i told her. She gave me 20k for my upkeep, i thanked her. She asked me when next will i visit her again.
”’ i will see you on this coming Saturday”’ i said.
She followed me out of the hotel room.
I couldn’t believe my eyes when i saw the car she drives.
I left the hotel and hurried back to the shop.
It was already late so i couldn’t brought down account so i went home.
As i was going home,i was filled with excitement. I started remembering my good times with her back then.
She called me to know if i have got home and i told her that am still on the way.
When i got home,i did my evening chores and took my bath.
I didn’t even remember to ask her for our son.
In the next day, i went to the shop, i cross checked the sales that was made on my absent.
Bathlomeo later asked me, how did it goes. I told him everything.
He cautioned me to be very careful about her so that she wouldn’t implicate me.
She call me from time to time. On Saturday,
i did my normal house cleaning and left to the market.
When i got to the market,
Mrs sharp sharp called to remind me about visiting her that day.
When Amanda and Ijeoma came to market,
i told them that our boss sent me somewhere,
that i will be back in the evening or i may not
enter market again that day. {i know Mrs sharp sharp wouldn’t let me go on time} so i told them to take care of the shop.
I went to the compound with the help of the address she
gave me.
I knocked at the game and a man came out and asked me who am i looking for.
I told him that am looking for Mrs Sandra. The man told me to wait and he entered in,side.
He later came and told me to come with him.
When i entered the gate, Mrs sharp sharp was the one that took me in,side. The compound consist of one storey building that has four flats. It was from there that she told me,
she was the owner of the house that she was living in.
When i got in,side, she prepared a very delicious meal for me.
I asked her about our son and she told me that he is in,side the room sleeping.
I told her to wake him up for me and she told me to follow her to the room where he was sleeping.


*** we entered the room our son was sleeping,
i moved closer to him and planted a k-ss
on his forehead. ***

ME: wow! He has grown. What are you giving him that made him to grow like this?

MRS SHARP: **smiled** is food naw.

ME: within some months, he has grown to this,
by the time he will be like 2yrs, anybody that sees both of you will think he his your junior brother.

MRS SHARP: *** she laughed *** you are always funny both in the dream when i saw you. *** i giggled *** igwe,i heard that Your boss doesn’t base in Nigeria.

ME: yes,he only comes back when our goods were ready to push to Nigeria.

MRS SHARP: what about his wife and children?

ME: i live in Asaba with his wife. His wife gave birth some months ago.

MRS SHARP: hmmm…. I hope am not sharing you with her oo?

ME: how can you say such. You know i can never do that.

MRS SHARP: how sure are you? I don’t really trust boys of nowadays because they can do undo atimes.

ME: then you have to trust me.

MRS SHARP: trust you? Ok, are you telling me that you haven’t had s-x all this while?

ME: yes,, i can Boost of that.

MRS SHARP: are you sure igwe?

ME: am sure my dear.

MRS SHARP: i really missed you.

ME: i missed you too.

*** she drew me closer to her and gave me a sentional k-ss.
She said that we should move to the sitting room so that we shouldnt wake the baby.
We moved to the parlour, we gisted for so long before i told her that i want to go that i will come back some other day.
She told me to wait, she entered in,side the room and broughtout a nylon bag and handed it to me.
”’You deserve more then this”’ she said.
I thanked her so much for the gift.
”’I want to see my son again before i go, by the way,
what name did you call him?”’ i asked.
”’I called him junior but you can choose a name you will be calling him”’ she replied.
”Lets go in,side first” i said. We entered the room the baby were still sleeping,i pecked him. ***

ME: please take a good care of him. I have to go now.

MRS SHARP:there is not problem
*** i k-ssed her and went away. I got to the shop so late so i went home straight.
When i got home, my madam asked me,why did i came back late,
i told her that i went to do waybill and they delayed me in the park. She asked me, what was in,side the nylon bag i was carrying.
Omo dis lady witch strong oooo…. Wetin i go tellam say im dey in,side the nylon?
She was looking at me as she asked me that question.
Inorder not to fall my hands, i fabricate a lie and told her,
that it was a cloth, one of my friends bought for me as my birthday gift, today was my birthday. I said ***

MADAM: na waoh! So why didn’t you inform me?

ME: nothing, is just that i don’t want to bother you. *** her sister came out from the room and sang a happy birthday song for me.
Omo na so i com adopt day wey no be my birthday but it was still the same month shaa.
I entered my room. The next day been Sunday,
i prepared for 7:00am mass, as i drove out from our street,
i saw that same girl that i was avoiding as she was going to church.
I stopped and told her to come in and she entered the front sit. We couldn’t talk to each other till we got to the church.
We entered in,side the church together,
we sat together, we still couldn’t talk to each other. After the mass, i went to the chapel to pray for the week and she followed me. I didn’t know if she prayed also because after i have finished praying and opened my eyes,
she was on her knees but her eyes were widely opened. I left the chapel to where i parked my motor and she followed me.
I opened the door and she opened the other door and entered. I drove off. As i was driving home, i decided to break the silent, so i parked at the road side ***

ME: why this silent all this while?

GIRL: i should be the one to ask you.
*** as she gave me that response, i knew that she doesn’t have any motive for keeping silent so started the motor without any more word to her
and drove off. When i got to our gate, she came down and waved at me and left.
When i got home, i entered our living room,
my madam’s sister was there, i greeted her and i also greeted my madam in the kitchen. I removed my cloth and entered the kitchen to help her.
She said that i came back late so i told her
that i went to the chapel.
After cooking,my madam called me to the parlour to come and eat with them.
I joined them with a guilty face, i concentrated fully on my food inorder to avoid eye contact with either of them.
After eating,my madam broughtout St Remy wine, she said that we will use it to celebrate my birthday.
When celebration were over that afternoon, i went out, i went to the same bar, i caught Jenny and one guy.
As i was there, that same girl i drove to church entered and sat not too far from where i was seated. I ignored her and concentrate on my drink. Some minute later she saw me and came closer to me,soon my madam’s sister entered there and saw us.

To Be Continued

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