Tears Of A Child

Tears of a child episode 2 – 3


Tears of a child


Aunty Amara rushed in and found me gathering the broken glasses on the floor .

” Jesus !! ” She clamored, and landed a hot slap on my face . I went to the ground with my face on the broken glasses, I also stepped on the glasses in the process of getting to my feet .

Fear grabbed me from cloud nine as my body began shaking. I was only a child of four whose parents were no where to be found .

” What kind of a carless child are you ? Common to wash the dishes you broke my expensive glass cup to your carelessness . Do you know how much glass cup is cost in the market? ” She asked wrathfully.

” Am sorry aunty Amara ” I replied her as tears continue to dripped from my eyes .

” Sorry for yourself. The next time you try such a thing I will make sure I lock you up in a police cell ” she spoke angrily and left to the sitting room.

My feet hot as I took a look to see blood flowing out . It was rushing none stop and hot like hell.

” Should I tell Aunty Amara ? ” I thought to myself in pains .

The blood was still rushing out when I thought of the very day I stepped on a nail at school back in the village.

I showed grandma which she boiled hot water and pressed it on my wounded feet . The way Grandma sometimes handles me made me think she was my biological mother .

Some people used to think my grandma is my biological mom because of her motherly love and cares towards me .

I decided to summoned courage and walked to aunty Amara to show her my wounded feet .

” Aunty Amara, please help me stop the blood flow from my feet , it hot alot and I really need your help ” I spoke emotionally.

Aunty Amara was making her nails when she stopped and gazed at me . Her looks got me scared as I turned to walk away when she called me back .


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You this boy, you must be stupid . Do you think I am your mother or your slave ? Come here !!” She shouted.

I took a step forward to where she was when she landed me another hot slap on my face .

” You can tell that to your mother in hell not me ” she sparked like electric light.


quickly and quietly walked away from her holding my face to myself as tears continues to drip down my chin. I cried like a homeless child, I cried in pains , I cried in regret.

” I thought grandma said aunty Amara will be nice to me . Why then is she treating me like a slave ? If truly she is my mom sister why all this ? ” I thought to myself in tears .


slept that night without dinner. The first time in my life I experienced hunger . When I was in the village with Grandma even there was nothing to eat she make sure I never go to bed hungry .

The next Morning, I woke up very hungry and early cause of aunty Amara trouble . I was standing by the door when she walked out from her , when she saw me standing she came towards me and said ;

” Why are you standing there doing nothing ? Don’t you have water to fetch and clothes to wash ? ” She asked in an angry manner.

I was about going to fetch water when she asked me to wash her car.

” My hands can’t reach to the roof of the car, how does she expect me to wash her car? ” I thought to myself, as I flashed back what grandpa once told me when I said I want to wash his car. He said ;

” Ben, you are still a child and can’t wash my car at your age . I will allow you wash my car when you turn ten, for you are just four and a still a child”

I was still in thought when aunty Amara came and saw me standing by the car with a bucket of water and a rag.

” What are you still doing standing there ? Will you wash that car and stop standing like a zombie ” She sparked..

I hurriedly used my little experience and washed the car that morning . I was in my room that morning when i started perceiving aroma of food coming out from the kitchen .


was used to helping grandma in the village when ever she wants to cook or prepare something .

I could remember very carefully what grandma had told me . She said I should always be around her whenever she wants to cook cause most times I help her in pounding the pepper and in washing of the plates.

So I took the habit of helping hands from the village to the city cause it has always been in my blood to help while cooking as grandma had thought me .

So I hurriedly rushed to the kitchen to be of help to aunty Amara.

” Aunty amara do you need any help ?” I asked just as I used to ask Grandma while cooking.

She gazed at me and said ; ” if you are expecting to eat from this pot, zero your mind to it because this rice and chicken am cooking is mainly meant for my children that are coming for holidays. As for you , I have prepared garri and sugar for you . You can go and take it cause is right in the table waiting for you ” she spoke, and continue with her cooking . We walked to my room angrily as a child.

After she had finished cooking she took her bath , dressed up and drove off to pick her children from God knows where …

I went in to the kitchen and uncovered what she had prepared, everywhere was stew , I was badly hungry that I couldn’t resist the temptation of picking a peace of meat from the pot .

The body was desperate but the spirit was weak .

I came from a Christian family which am not used to taking what was not given to me .

I covered her pot for her and went to the dining table drinking my garri . As I was drinking I thought of what grandma had said . She said ;

” Aunty Amara is rich and will take good care of you , you will no more drink garri when ever you return from school , for you will eat and eat till you get tired of eating ”

I flashed back and went down in tears . ” Mama, papa , wherever you are , that’s if you are still alive out there, please come and take your son ” i spoke aloud.

I was still drinking my garri when aunty Amara drove in with her three children , two girls and a girl . I have never seen them though I have been hearing about them until that day which I set my eyes on them.

They walked in when the children saw me , they asked their mom aunty Amara if they have gotten a new house boy .

I didn’t know what she told them as they all went to take their bath , after they had taking their bath they went to the dining table and their mom aunty Amara served them rice and chicken .

” Come and join us ” her son called on me .

” Shut up your mouth emeka ” his mother shouted at him and walked to her room .

I was in the sitting room sitting down when emeka her son brought meat to me to eat .

” Take this meat , is chicken laps and I know you will love it” he spoke ,handing the piece of meat to me .

” What is your name and how old are you ? Emeka her son asked . Cause I overheard his mom called him emeka.

” My name Ben and I am four yes old. Ending of this month I will be five years ” I replied chewing the chicken laps.

” You are four ? I am seven years old , and my sister Ada is thirteen while Chioma our elder is fitfteen ” he spoke aloud.

I was enjoying his company when Aunty Amara walked in to the sitting room and found me eating meat, she quickly snatched the meat from me and landed a slap on my face .

” If you ever collect his meat again I will skin you alive you useless thing. will you go and wash those dishes?” She sparked .

I went in to the kitchen crying when I overheard her telling emeka never to near me or give me anything again .

I was washing the plates when emeka came and insist to help me wash. I asked him to leave but he refused . I had no choice than to allow him wash .

As he was washing he mistakenly pushed the glass plates on the floor and about nine of them broke on the ground.

I heard aunty Amara rushing to the kitchen , she was confused when she sqw nine of her broken plates on the floor .

I started crying begging her cause I know the blame will be all on me .

Watch out for the


Episode 3.


Aunty Amara stood by the door side wondering how manage her nine breakable plates got broken. I saw anger In her eyes and her breath, she was boiling deep down inside like a charcoal fire.

I was in tears as I began packing the broken glasses on the floor, emeka her son ran out of the kitchen for fear , Aunty Amara’s eyes were red like that of a loin , looking into her eyes got me scared as I prayed silently to God;

” lord I commit my spirit on to your hands ” silently I prayed in tears .

” Am sorry aunty Amara ” I cried out, holding the broken plates glasses . She immediately started looking for something around the kitchen but couldn’t find exactly what she really wanted.

She stood a while and took the broken plates and smashed them on my four head as blood started flowing down from my head to my chin. I was badly in pains as I shouted;

” Jesus !! Aunty Amara ” I cried out in pains .

” Even Jesus can’t safe you here . So because I didn’t give you my food that’s why you broke my plate right ? Today I will show you pepper, I will not only lock you up I will kill you with my barehands you ,useless thing . I wonder why I took you in from the first place ” she sparked like a wild fire .

” It wasn’t me that broke your plates , it was emeka your son ,I tired to tell him to leave them for me to wash but he wouldn’t listen ” I explained in tears .

She gazed at me in anger .

” Which emeka ? Did I asked emeka to wash the dishes or I sent you to wash the dishes ? So you now want to lie against my son . Come here !!” She shouted .

” I didn’t break your plates aunty ” I pleaded with tears .

β€œI said come here !!” She shouted one more time. I took some steps to where she was and she landed a slap on my face .

” If I don’t treat you like this, you will never learn , no wonder your parents left you to wallow in the hands of those two old fools . If this is how you have been doing to them over there in the village , this is city I won’t allow you do same here emba nu, nu not in my house. Will you pack those glasses before I use them on you one more time” she spoke wrathfully and left the kitchen .

My head was hot blood kept dripping as I pack the glasses in tears , I swept the kitchen making sure all the broken glasses were swept out .

I was sitting outside the compound thinking about my life when I remembered what i had told Grandpa before coming to the city , i said ;

” Grandpa , I don’t want to leave you and Grandma , I want to spend the rest of my life with you in the village and beside I don’t want to stay with a stranger I know nothing about , I am just four years old . If you don’t want me to stay with you just take me to my parents I know they won’t send me away when they sees me” I said to Grandpa.

Immediately tears started dripping from his eyes, he was touched with my words. He gazed at me and said ;

” My son, we know you are too Young to be in the hands of a stranger . But there’s something I must tell you , your aunty Amara is not a stranger to you , she is your aunty , your mom elder sister . She will treat you like a prince for she has been wanting you to come over to the city . And we are not sending you away from the house because we don’t love you , we do care about you , the truth is that we don’t have enough money to send you to school and you know we hardly feed. Don’t worry , by the time government pays my allowance I will come and pick you up no matter where you are ” grandpa spoke in tears , giving me assurance.

I was outside crying like someone who has no one around . I was badly in tears and blood when Ada walked towards me and said;

” You don’t have to cry , my mom is always like that , emeka told me everything that you didn’t break those plates . But why didn’t you tell her you didn’t break them ?” Ada asked .

” I told her I didn’t but she wouldn’t listen ” I replied .

She went in to the house and brought hot water and a rag and pressed them on my four head.

She was pressing them when we both heard a scream from the kitchen. She immediately dropped the rag and ran to the kitchen .

As a child , I ran to the kitchen as well to witness the reason behind the clamored. Getting there, emeka’s feet was in blood he stepped on a sharp glass in the kitchen . He was crying like a baby as blood continue to flow down his feet .


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