Tears Of A Child

Tears of a child episode 6 – 7


Tears of a child

Ep6 -10

As a child, I angrily walked to my room in tears, wishing I never came to stay with aunty Amara at the first place.

That night, I went to bed in tears and still woke up the next morning in tears . Love was far, far away from me: as I wondered where on planet Earth will I joyfully find love and care from when I decided to pray.

I could remember very clearly what grandma had told me back then in the village. She said ; β€œGod answers prayers when one prays with all of his heart, body and soul. Always pray to God he hears and will answer you most especially in times of trouble for God answers little children prayers faster than the adult ”

Her words of advice about praying gave me hope and belief that God will answer my prayers when I table them to him.

I was in thought when I decided to go down on my knees to test God as grandma had said : ” put God to test he won’t fail you ”

I went to the door and locked it and started praying .

” Lord Jesus , grandma told me that you exist but can’t be seen, she told me that you answers prayers of little children, she also told me that you are the father to the fatherless and the mother to the motherless. She told me that you help people in need and that you care for the little children . If all what she said about you was right, why then do you watch me suffer in the hands of aunty Amara ? Why then do you watch her maltreat me like an animal? Why God?, Why?” Silently I asked God in prayers, as tears dripped down from my eyes to my chin .

I was praying in tears when I heard a knocked on my door, the sound of the knock on the door reverberated in my ears but I kept quiet and kept on praying to the most high .

I prayed asking God to intervene in my life. I prayed for peace and love in the family of aunty Amara and in my family as well. I asked God to bring back my parents where ever they might be. I prayed like a prayer warrior in my mind.


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I had finished praying, I heard aunty Amara shouting outside .


I asked you to call that boy for me what kept you so long ? She asked .

I was inside my room wondering who she sent to call me when I heard Chioma’s voice replying her.

” Mom, I knocked on the door but he didn’t open” Chioma replied .

” What do you mean he didn’t open ? ” Aunty Amara asked wrathfully .

I quickly opened the door and stood by the entrance as I heard her footsteps approaching to my room.

She walked to my door and saw me standing , she gazed at me angrily and dragged me by the shirt outside the compound puring a bucket of cold water on me .


Kneel down here!!” she sparked like a charcoal fire . I went down on my knees in tears like a robber who just committed a crime . My body began shaking in the morning cold weather as my heart beat kept beating for fear .

” Who do you think you are in this house that I will send to call you and you will lock the door on my daughter in my own house? I said it you are a spirit . Your parents left you because you are a curse. I don’t think I can continue keeping you in my own house , no, no I can’t .” She sparked and went back inside.

I was kneeling down with my clothes w€t, when Ada saw me , she stood by the door shading tears . Emeka her younger brother was with her as he kept pointing fingers at me making mockery of me.

Ada walked up to me and said ; ” I don’t really know what to say to you Ben , if it was in my powers I will ask you to get up . It hurt me when I see you shading tears , it really hurt me when I see you sad, it truly hurt me . You can only do something to win mom’s heart ”

” What is it that I must do to win her heart? For I have prayed as grandma had said will work but it ain’t working at all. I just finished praying this morning but still yet it ain’t working . Seems like your Mom was right when she said my parents left me simply because I was cursed” I spoke in tears.


You are not cursed Ben. Your parents didn’t left you because of that . All you need to do is to keep praying they will surely locate you one day and am sure Mom will get to like you someday as well . Ada spoke in a cool voice .

I was in tears as I began to pray for a helper that morning. Just then I heard a car horn on the gate as ada rushed to get the gate .

β€œWho could that be ?” I thought to myself.

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Episode 7.


The breeze was blowing , the sun was nowhere to be found, the weather was cold , I was w€t , my body was shaking , I was in tears, my heart was pounding . ” Could this be my end ” I thought to myself ”

Ada opened the gate widely and a black Toyota spider drove in, horning so loud to everyone’s hearing. Ada was smiling as she hurriedly shut back the gate .

” Who could that be ?” I watched as the car drove in slowly. I was in thought when the man in the Toyota spider got down.

He was tall and handsome. I watched Ada jumped on him shouting; β€œdaddy, daddy” .

I was jealous watching Ada jumped on her Daddy’s body . ” Why is my life different ? Why can’t my parents locate me so I could jump on them ? ” I thought to myself in tears .

I was touched wishing the man was my father , wishing he came to pick me away from aunty Amara’s house, wishing it was grandpa that came to end my suffering. I was catching cold so badly that any more drop of water on me could end my life .

” Please lord send back my parents so I could jump on their body wherever they might be ” I prayed silently as I looked up to the sky.

” Daddy good morning, am so happy to see you after seven months” Ada spoke with excitement holding his hands tight to herself.

” Am also happy to see you too Ada . You have grown ooh, when I left you weren’t like this. Am sure Mom has been taking good care of you ” Ada’s dad added.

” I bought a lot of toys for you and your siblings , where are they ?” He asked . Just then aunty Amara, Chioma and emeka rushed out from the room happily .

” Daddy ” emeka shouted, running to his dad and jumped on him same with Chioma . They were so excited seeing their father .

Just then I remembered when Grandpa traveled and returned after some months grandma and i were so excited seeing him. I witnessed love from Grandma’s eyes as she welcomed him with a hug. That day, grandpa bought a lot of gifts for me knowing he had no money but still won’t stop to gratify me .

” Could Ada’s father bought me one?” I thought to myself shivering in the morning cold weather .

” Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?” Aunty Amara asked her husband hugging him tight to herself.

” I left kaduna with empty battery , and my car charger is faulty no how I could reach you guys and beside I wanted it a surprise ” he replied with a smile on his face .

β€œDaddy did you buy me any toys ?” Emeka asked .

” Yes son, I bought you toys and many things ” his father replied.

” Sweetheart, There’s cold here in Jos compared to kaduna where I work . I don’t like Jos just because of the cold weather. And see, emeka is not putting on his sweater . Go and wear his sweater for him there’s cold” aunty Amara’s husband spoke folding his hands tight to his chest.

I was in tears and cold listening to their conversation when aunty Amara’s husband decided to go inside because of cold .

As he was walking in, he saw me kneeling down very w€t in the cold weather by the corner. He stood and gazed at me from a distance. He was astonished seeing me shivering in the cold weather .

He walked to were I was kneeling down and said ;

” Why are you kneeling down in a cold weather so w€t ? Get up and Change up before you catch serious cold ” he spoke in amazement.

” Good morning sir, if I should get up aunty Amara will kill me , and I wouldn’t want her to hurt me anymore ” I replied in tears .

I saw the looks on his eyes , he was touched with my words as he instructed me to get up .

I didn’t disobey him because I remembered very clearly what grandma had told me . She said I should always respect my elders which I did. I got up as he instructed .

” Follow me ” he said . I followed him behind . He walked to the room angrily to meet aunty Amara his wife.

I was about to follow him to their bedroom when emeka stopped me .

” Where do you think you are going to ?” He asked.

I kept quiet didn’t uttered a word to him but kept gazing at him .

” My daddy is back and am happy . You , you don’t have anybody to call father or mother you are an orphan. Very soon I will tell my mommy to send you out of our house ” he laughed making fun of me.

I was touched as tears dripped from my eyes . Just then I heard aunty Amara and her husband shouting from inside their bedroom .

” How would you pure water on a child in a cold weather, what if he dies? what will you tell his parents? If it was your son emeka that they did that to, would you be happy? ” Her husband sparked .

” You didn’t asked what he did , you just jumped into conclusion as if I am a wicked woman . I don’t know you with such habit. I will deal with that boy I don’t know what he told you I did that is making you back that thing you are supporting ” she replied angry .

” Don’t you near nor touch that boy . You are heartless . How could you make a child kneel on a could weather puring water on him . Who does that to a child? Answer me who does that ? Haaaah, you are heartless” he spoke wrathfully.

I was listening to them in tears . ” Could aunty Amara’s husband be my helper? ” I thought to myself .

” I don’t want you to punish that little boy anymore. Let him have rest of mind . If you can’t take good care of him why did you brought him in?” Aunty Amara’s husband asked angrily.

At that moment I didn’t hear aunty Amara’s voice anymore she was quite .

Later in the evening dinner was made and was brought to the dining table, I quietly walked to my room because no matter what, I know aunty Amara won’t allow me eat from the same pot with her children instead she will serve me garri and salt .

So for that , I quietly went to my bed . About some minutes later Ada walked in without knocking .

” Why do you always like going to bed when ever lunch or dinner is served?” She asked.

I kept quiet gazing at her .

” Anyways Dad said I should call you to come and have dinner with us. You know you haven’t eaten for days ” she added .

I got up from the bed and followed her to the dining table . Everywhere was stew as I watched emeka and Chioma eating my favorite meal . Pounded yam and egusi soup.

” Come and seat here with me ” aunty Amara husband instructed. I quickly went and sat beside him . Aunty Amara wasn’t there in the dining table .

He dished my own share of the pounded yam and went outside to make a phone call. I was eating and was feeling happy for it will be my second time to eat in the dining table .

I was eating when aunty Amara walked in and sat down. she gazed at me and said;

” Who asked you to come and seat here ? Since when did that one start ? Will you drop that food and go to your room” she spoke angrily. I dropped the plate of pounded yam as tears dripped from my eyes ..

Aunty Amara was confused I could see her reactions , her heart was pounding , she was sweating and crying.

” What have I done oooh!? What have I done ? Ben has killed me oooh, Ben has killed me. Am finished ” She cried out loud .

β€œMother, this is not the right time to blame someone over what you have done , let’s take Dad to the hospital before he runs out of blood ” Chioma her first daughter spoke out in tears .

” Mike get up please , am really sorry it wasn’t intentional ” she kept on crying

I never knew that aunty Amara husband’s name was Mike untill that day she cried out loud calling him by name .

The name Mike made me remembered the name of my father . I could remember very clearly some months back when Grandpa was telling his Friend papa chinedu that my father’s name is Mike and that he lives in the city with Mom.

That evening they were drinking plam wine gisting and laughing to themselves.

I could still remembered very carefully what papa chinedu asked grandpa. He said ;

” If his parents are in the city alive , why then do they left him with you here in the village ? ”

I love Papa chinedu’s question , I stopped doing what I was doing that day just to hear what grandpa will tell him . I drew very close to the door just to listen to Grandpa’s replied.

But his replied didn’t make any sense to me he said;

” Drink palm wine your questions carry weight . That is a story for another day”

I was in thought when an ambulance drove in to the compound and rushed uncle mike to the hospital .

” Sister chioma , is daddy going to be alright? Emeka her younger brother asked in tears .

” I don’t really know ” she replied in tears.

I was standing by the gate when aunty Amara was asking one of the nurse if her husband will be alright. The nurse was like;

” We will try our possible best because your husband is not breathing at all” the nurse replied.

” Is he dead? ” aunty Amara asked in tears.

He is not. but what really happened to your husband cause he is bleeding seriously ” the nurse asked .

” It was an accident. I wanted to drive out when I ran in to him with my car ” she replied .

” Is ok , I have to rush to the hospital madam ” the nurse replied.

β€œI am going with you, please wait let me wear something better” aunty Amara replied, as she rushed in to the house .

Minutes later , she came out and they drove off with the nurse in her husband’s car.

I was scared and started praying deep down inside me. I was like .

” Dear God, I asked for a helper and you sent me uncle mike, I was hungry he feed me, I was tasty he gave me water to drink , I was hated , he showed me love. so please lord don’t let him die ” silently I prayed in tears.

Through out the day aunty Amara didn’t return home . The house was quite Ada ,chioma, and emeka were all quiet .

I was the smallest among them all .

” Have any of you call mother yet? ” I asked .

” Her number is not connecting. We are so worry . I hope dad is ok” she asked in tears.

I heaved a sigh and said to her;

” Daddy is fine . I have spoken to God and he said daddy will be fine ”

” I pray he be fine because I don’t want to live a life without father ” she spoke .

” If you really want your daddy to be ok table your problems to God , he alone can do that for you” I replied.

” Why do you so much believe in this God ? The last time I came to your room, you were kneeling down praying and crying . What is so special about this God” Ada asked .

β€œWe really want to know ” Chioma her elder sister added .

” I want to know too” emeka spoke out in tears .

” The truth is that , I don’t really know what is so special about this God, but I have a strong feeling that when you table your problems to him he will answer you. My grandma used to tell me that when ever am in trouble I should call upon God which i have been doing . I asked God for a helper and he sent me one . Come let’s pray for daddy he will be fine I swear to you ” As a child , I didn’t know how I encouraged them but I did . That night we prayed together for daddy like a family for the first time in the house.

For two days aunty Amara didn’t show up and her numbers weren’t going through . so sister Chioma decided to take us to the hospital.

” Please a man was brought in here about two days ago with a wounded head where can we find him? ” Sister Chioma asked one of the nurse .

” Am sorry , I don’t know of any man with a wounded head ” the nurse replied.

” But he was brought in here ” ada added.

” Please I have better things to attend to excuse me ” she spoke and went upstairs.

β€œAre you sure this is the hospital ?” Emeka asked . Just then I sighted the nurse that aunty Amara was talking to at home .

” That is the nurse that came to our house ” I spoke in excitement. We walked to her and Chioma asked of her mother which the nurse took us upstairs .

Aunty Amara was already in tears , regretting her evil act . Uncle Mike her husband was lying down on the hospital bed with an oxygen covering his noise.

The doctor walked in and asked us to leave the room which we all did . We were quite in the hospital some minutes later the doctor came out nodding his head the negative way.

” Am sorry madam , we lost him, we tried all we could but he is gone ” the doctor spoke in a cracky voice .

” Ben your God is fake. You told us that he will be find after praying to him” Ada spoke out in tears …

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