Teens Romance

Teens romance episode 5






The alarm waked me up,yawned and strengthens my body and rolled around the bed still feeling sleepy.

Message pooped into my phone,I reached for my phone,I smiled at the moment I noticed the messenger is from my sweetheart Andrew.

💌 Good morning my morning star,the love of my life,the only one that makes my day bright like diamonds in the sky,my angel look outside the window, sun rising for you,flowers smiling for you,birds singing for you because last night I told them to wish you well and always remember that I will forever love you”

I was reading and blushing and smiling,rolling on the bed.

“I love you too my Prince Charming!
I sounded with smiles and rest my phone on my chest.

“Are you still on bed my sleeping beauty?
That’s Dad on the door.

“No Dad! Am already up”
I sounded and went to open the door.

“Good Morning Dad!
I greeted with a kiss on his cheek.

“Morning my Angel! How was your night?

“My night was fabulous! I hope you slept well too Dad?

“Yes my Angel! I got so tired yesterday that I came back and went to bed straight away”
He sounded.

“That’s reminds me Dad,how is Mr Dalton’s health?

“He is getting much better”

“That’s good to hear Dad!

“Shower and come down for breakfast”
He said before exiting from the door.

I undressed rushed to the bathroom and showered,dressed up for school and went down to have my breakfast.

“Bro where did you learn those romantic words from?
Princess sounded with smiles.

I laughed and asked,
“Don’t tell me that you listened to my conversation last night?

“Of cause bro! You thought I was sleeping! How can I sleep when my darling bro is talking to my beautiful Aunt Olive”
She laughed out.

I laughed and sounded,shaked her head.
“Naughty you Baby!

She laughed and sounded,
“I was awake until you wish her good night,did you know the part i like the most in your romantic words?

“I will like to know!
I sounded with smiles.

“I like that part that you said if loving her is a crime that means you are a criminal”
She sounded as we both laughed.

“Bro am so happy for you that you have gotten your soul mate,your heart desire and also a perfect match for you”
She sounded with smiles and kissed me on the cheek.

“Thanks Baby! Olive is all I want in life and my life will be meaningless without her,all thanks to you for making this love story work”
I sounded and kissed her on the cheek.

“You are my darling bro and I always want the best for you”
She sounded with smiles and hugged me.

Five more minutes,we were done with the breakfast and hurried up for school.

“Hey Benny!
I sounded with smiles and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Wow Olive! I have never seen you this happy mood for a very long now,what’s the secret Baby girl?
She sounded with smiles.

“Who did you think that will be the secret of my happiness?
I sounded with smiles.

“Wow! I can see who is behind all this happiness,did you talk to Andrew?

“Yes Benny! I talked to my heart beat”
I sounded with smiles.

Those annoying guards will be thinking and wondering why am so happy like this because their eyes never ease to go away from me.

“How did you manage to do that Olive?

“All thanks to his cute and lovely sister who made it possible for me to talk him by collecting my contact”
I sounded still smiling.

“So he confesses his feelings to you?

“Oh yes! He did,he is such a sweet person and I can’t take him off my head,his sweet words are still echoing in my head”
I sounded with smiles.

“Wow! That means you guys are official dating now?

“Yes Benny! We are dating now”

“I told you that there’s something so special in bumping into someone had it been you did not bumped into him you wouldn’t have find him,am so happy for you sweety”
She sounded and hugged me.

“Thanks Darling! I want you to do a favour for me”

“What’s that!

“I found out that he is not in any social media due to the phone he is using so I got him a phone so that we can be chatting,I want you to give it to him to avoid any suspicious things from the guards”

“You got no problem on that one,I will carry out your mission”
She sounded.

“Thanks so much Darling!
I sounded with smiles.

“Here comes your happiness,the one that makes your heart beats so fast”
She sounded at the moment Andrew stepped inside the class.

We gave each other an eye contact and smiled.

Some minutes later,Mr Jeff came inside for his lesson.

“Olive you are staring at him too much,did you want the guards to suspect something”
Benny sounded.

I have been starring at Andrew since he came inside the class.

“Benny i can’t keep my eyes off him”
I sounded.

“Olive you have to! To avoid any suspicious things from the guards”

“Yeah that’s true!
I sounded and distracted myself from him by focusing on Mr Jeff.

I was in the library studying and Julie came to me.

“I know I will find you here Andrew!
She sounded and sat beside me.

“I came to find out some fomulars of things on Chemistry”

“Okay! Please can I have your time just for a few minutes?


“Andrew! I can’t hide my feelings from you anymore,anytime I try to hide the feeling the more the love i have for you grow stronger, Andrew I love you so much and am dying to be with you”
She sounded looking at me in a romatically way.

I was not surprised to hear this from her and I have been waiting for this day to come so that I can tell her my mind.

I breathed and said,
“Julie I don’t have feelings for you not even a thin one”
I sounded straight to her.

“Andrew I love you so much and dying to be with you”
She sounded.

“But I don’t love you Julie!
I sounded.

She held my hand and said,
“Andrew look into my eyes and you will know that the love i have for you is real and pure”

I withdrew my hand and sounded,
“I don’t love Julie! Am in love with someone else”

“Who? Is it Jenny? Did you choose her over me? She is not a good person for you,am the perfect person for you my love,I love you so much and am willing to do anything for you,please love me back”
She sounded with her two hands folded.

“He said,he don’t love you or is it by force to love someone?
Benny sounded as she walked to us.

“Oh! I see,she is the reason why you are regretting my love? You choose this Benny over me”
She sounded.

“Oh yes! He choose me over you and there’s nothing you can do about it,baby girl the only thing you should is to carry your stupid love and leave this library”
She sounded.

“I will get back to you Benny,you can’t snatch my boyfriend away from me”
She sounded and walked out angrily.

“What type of a girl is she? How can a girl be fighting over a man?
I sounded.

“Don’t mind her Andrew! She is just like that,any handsome guy that came inside this school she and her friend Jenny will be dragging him”
She sounded with a sighed.

“They won’t change from their bad characters”

“They are not the reason why am here,Olive said i should give you this”
She sounded.

“What’s that?
I asked and she brought it out.

“A phone!
I sounded with so much joy.

“Yeah! It’s now yours,you can now reach her out in any social media on Whatsapp or Facebook any website”
She sounded with smiles.

“Thank her so much for me! I don’t know what I will do without her in my life”
I sounded with so much joy.

“You know what Andrew! I don’t want you to take Olive’ s love for guaranteed”

“I can’t do such thing to her,I love her so much and the love i have for her is unconditional and beyond human imaginations”
I sounded with so much love written all over my face.

“You know what Andrew! Am so happy for both of you and for the love you have found in each other”
She sounded with smiles and hugged me.

“Thank you so much Benny!
I sounded and kissed her on the cheek.

“Let me not waste your time on this library”

“See you in the class”
I sounded and she made her way out.

“Wow! This phone look so beautiful!
I sounded as i stared at the phone.

Done in the library,went back to the class for another lessons for dismissing for the day.

“Bro your love bought you a phone that’s show that she loves and care for you”
Baby sounded as we got back from the supermarket.

“I also love,care and cherish her the most”
I sounded with smiles.

“I miss Aunt Olive,I want to see her and she don’t want to come and see me”
She sounded sadly.

“You don’t have to be sad okay,I will talk to her and you will see her tomorrow”
I sounded and she lighten up her sad mood.

“Bro I want to eat noodles for dinner!

“There’s no problem! I will prepare it for you”

“Thanks Bro!
She sounded and rushed to the bathroom to have her bath.

Done with dinner,we went to bed,I sang lullaby for her until she fell asleep.

“Time to chat with my sweetheart!
I sounded as i reached for my phone.

I added her contact on the new phone and also added her on Whatsapp,I have alreday installed some apps on the phone.

💌 Hey my Angel ♥️♥️♥️!
I sent to her.

Within a seconds she replied back,
💌 My love i have been waiting for you”

💌 Here am I my sweet angel,thank you so much for the phone my love”

💌 All for you my heart,i hope your day was not hectic?

💌 Not at all my Angel! Is just that I miss you so much”

💌 I also miss you and dying to be with you”

💌 My love am dying to kiss those charming lips and caressing your beautiful skin”

💌 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋 my love”

💌 Flowers will die, sun will set but you are my love that i won’t forget, your name is so precious,it will never grow old, Its engraved in my HEART with letters of Gold”

💌 A candle may melt and it’s fire may die,but the love you have given me will always
stay as a flame in my heart”

We chatted about our lives before wishing each other a sweet good night.

Chatting happens to be our means of communication to each other,we always chat in the school.

💌 Baby I want to see you at the girl’s rest room.

💌 Girl’s rest room! What for?

💌 I want to be with you my love”

💌 Is it not risk? Won’t they catch us?

💌 Nobody will see us,trust me! That’s the only way for us to see each other”

💌 Okay!

💌 You have to go first and I will follow you behind.

💌 Okay Love”
I ended the chat.

I went to the rest room and the guards stood outside,Andrew is already there waiting for me.

“My love are you sure they will not catch us?
He sounded being so worried.

“Trust me my love,nobody will see us”
I said as I held his hand and took him to the girl’s rest room.

We stared into each other so romatically,

“My love am dying to kiss this beautiful lips of yours”
He sounded and touches my lips with his index finger.

“Even me my love! Kiss me like never before”
I sounded.

He kissed me and we started kissing so passionately,he carried me still kissing me.

We kissed for about thirty minutes,isn’t it crazy that we shared our first kiss on the rest room.


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