The Bet

The Bet – Final Episode


©Tisa Phiri

“You can’t scale a mountain in a single step, however, you can take on the challenge one step at a time. The same is true of most obstacles you face, no matter how mountain like they might seem to be, chose to be happy.

One of the gifts of life is to love and be loved.

Everyone’s ultimate desire in this life is to feel loved, love makes people to smile, to cry, to destroy and to do lots of indescribable things in this world.” Lucy smiled as she recalled the words of her late mother who had called her and spoke to her when she was still alive.

She looked outside the window as Ngulube drove her to town. The grass which was now turning green to brown with the chilly cold of April month passing fast backwards as the vehicle sped past.

Her natural hair combed back revealing her round face neatly patted with some mild makeup. She had done it more carefully to give her face a smooth and bright look.

“So, I will have to wait for you? ” Ngulube asked her, he had come to accept that his fantasy love for Lucy was just that, a fantasy.

He was glad Lucy looked happy especially when Jack was around.

“No, you don’t have to, I will find my way back don’t worry ” she answered with a smile.

Mr Kangwa had given Ngulube his car to take Lucy where she wanted to go. Since Ngulube knew where Jack stayed, Lucy needed not to call Jack to ask for directions to his new house. She knew he had shifted to his new house and from what she heard from Jack’ s mother, it was beautiful.

She kept her eyes outside as they approached Mean Wood anxiety building up. she felt so nervous with each passing minute and her heart was pounding. Lucy squeezed her hands to keep calm. She wondered how Jack would react seeing her, what gave her more shivers was the fact that she had to tell him about her feelings.

Trying so hærd to push out thoughts of finding another woman in his life.” I have to do this,” she thought to herself.

“We are here!” Ngulube announced pointing at a brown gate ahead of them.

“Oh okey, ” she sighed sitting up. She looked at her phone and it was a few minutes passed 15 hours. Hoping to find Jack home, She stepped out of the car as they drove in after the gate man opened for them.

As Ngulube and the gate man exchanged greetings, Lucy held her bag and looked around the house, it was indeed beautiful. One would think they just entered one of those houses she saw in the Nigerian movies.

The pavers surrounding the wh0le yard making it look so neat. She looked towards the wide slide glass Windows from the room adjacent to the gate and she was amazed.

Indeed Jack had built his dream house and for a second she felt out of place. She was brought back to the present when Jack walked out and Called to her.

“Hey! I didn’t know you will be coming ” he said walking towards her.

She turned to look at him and her heart skipped. she had not expected to see him yet.

” Hey there! ” She smiled trying to compose her posture as she felt her legs shiver.

He gave her a hug and invited her in after he greeted Ngulube who left immediately.

He went to the kitchen and closed the door behind him, leaned back on the door. Jack closed his eyes and sighed. The sight of the woman in the other room bringing back every passion and feeling he had for her.

He had almost convinced himself he had forgotten her over the months.

Now he understood how wrong he was. He opened the fridge and looked in to see what he could pepare for her to eat but his mind couldn’t come up with anything to cook.

He sat down on the long stool he had in the corner and tried to compose himself looking at the small bag of lamp meat placed on the table which Lucy had told him came from his mother.

Finally,he wipped his face and pulled back the short cargo p-nt he wore and walked towards the TV room where he left her seated.

“So how is sonny? ” He asked her with a grinn,

“Well Jack you asked me that already” she smiled, “He’s fine, I left him playing in the gardens with his grand father.” She explained.

“I came here to check on some things for his birthday” she added shly, noticing how nervious she was.

“Jack I have to go now,” Lucy told him after they had finished eating the food he had ordered.

“Where are you going to? It’s already dark outside why can’t you sleep over here since you are doing the buying tomoro. I can take you to do your shopping before you head back” Jack insisted looking at her.

” I don’t think it’s a good idea to sleep over here Jack. ” she started looking down her hands.

“Why is that my dear? it’s not like we have never stayed in the same house before. Can you tell me why you are trying to avoid me? I have noticed how nervious you are. Please I don’t want you to feel out of place, ” Jack told her honestly. ” I want you to be free with me. We are practically family” he added, stressing the word ‘Family’.

“I know I made a mistake to do what I did at the farm but I can assure you I will never get to force you to do that again. ”

Lucy felt her heart beating faster, how was she going to tell him she didn’t want him to regret. How could she tell him she came because she couldn’t bare staying away from him.

“Have I said anything bad? ” He asked after he saw how quite she had become.

” No no it’s not that Jack I heard you.” She responded her eyes open.

“Well then can i show you the room?” He said standing up.

“Of course ” she smiled standing up too.

They came to the view of a wide room with a bed placed in the left corner. The long cream white curtains drawn apart a bit showing off the white net in,side. There were in built wardrops on the right side of the room and a white door next to it.

“This is where the bathroom and toilet is,” Jack informed her opening the door. Lucy nodded .

” It’s a beautiful house you have built here Jack. I like it. Well done ” she added with a smile.

“Thank you,” he smiled at her. “Let me get you some beddings from the laundry room” he said walking out.

She sat on the soft bed waiting her eyes set on the open door. He came back and handed her the beddings.

“You can do the bed I will be in the TV room” he said stepping back. “Am sure it’s too early to sleep right ?” he asked avoiding her eyes.

“Jack !” Lucy called him back before he left the door. He stood in the door way.. ” yes what is it ? ” He asked not moving fighting the urge to run in her.

Lucy walked towards him and stood on the other side of the door facing him.

“I want to ask you something” , she said softly.

“Well go on ” he responded.

“I’m…..Am, I wanted to ask of you if you have someone in your life” she stammered.

“What do you mean someone? ” Jack asked with a laugh.

“Am sorry I shouldn’t have asked that. it didn’t come out right “she struggled to say.

“Forget it ” she quickly mentioned turning to walk back.

“Lucy.. ” Jack whispered holding and pulling her back.” Are you okey? You are acting off today. ”

Lucy lifted her head looking at her his face.

“I missed you so much Jack , I can’t bare staying away from you. I just got so used to being around you and now everything isn’t making sense in my life” she said without a blink.

“What are you telling me? ” Jack asked in a low tone, his voice calm and composed .

“I didn’t come here to buy anything, your mother already bought all the things needed for Jammy’s birthday party. All i need to get him is a my present. I dont really know why am here. All i could think about was you and what you told me last time. I don’t know what to say to you Jack …. I…I ” she stammered not finding words to tell him.

He looked at her his heart jumping with joy . he couldnt believe his eyes and ears. What he was listening to was like a dream come true.

Without any word he held her by her back and pulled her closer to himself, Jack smiled before k-ssing her.

She held on to him inhaling the sweet scent of his perfume his heart pounding against her chest as he worked his way in her mouth.

Without letting her go, Jack moved towards the bed and lay her down making sure his hands and mouth got to work their way to her.

“I waited for this moment forever, ” he smiled looking at her now narrowed eyes that displayed true desire and passion. ” I love you so much and don’t ever purnish me away again” he whispered rubbing her forehead with his.

“Thank you for coming. ”

Lucy smiled, “I never knew knew being so close to you would make me grow butterflies in my stomach ” she said with a laugh..

“I love you too Jack, I never knew I would get to love someone beyond what I felt for James. This is so different. It’s like am free, everytime I think of you I feel calm, I feel safe and I feel complete. it’s strange how just yersterday I thought I will never feel so deep for anyone Jack. ” she told him sincerely.

“Shshshshs !” he whispered rubbing her l-ips. I don’t want to talk anymore, aren’t you scared of getting pregnant again? ” He teased pulling off her top.

“You afraid to be a father? ” She smiled holding his face.

“Well I would love to have lots of babies” he smiled back at her.

“We can’t have a child yet Jack, I want to have a wedding and a ring on my finger.” She said giggling.

“lets find one then” he smiled k-ssing her. They spent the next hour k-ssing and whispering words to each other with Jack fighting the urge to finish his desire to make love to her. But he had to control it as he didn’t want to rush things..

“Mama Lucy is here,” Jack called his mother watching Lucy as she slept in her bed peacefully, he moved to talk from outside .

“Tell me sonny.. how come you sound so happy. whats the good news. ?” Mrs Kangwa asked him.

“She loves me mama, this is the best day of my life, you have no idea how excited this makes me. Am marrying her mama. Do me a favour” he told her the secret he had planned and hang up going back in the room Lucy had slept and planted a k-ss on her sleepy face and left for his room.

The following day they went into town where Lucy got a present for her son. Jack had left her checking out her own things and disappeared for some minutes at Levy park where they had gone.

“Am going with you to the farm, I have to attend Jammy’s party” he informed her as they drove back to his house. “let’s just get a few things from home” he said holding her hand.

“What happened to that trip to south Africa?” she asked him turning in the seat to look at him. “Well, I concelled it” Jack answered without looking at her and Lucy knew he was lying.

“Mmmh I see.. concelled huh ?” She laughed shaking her head.

“I couldn’t come and watch you from a distance it was hærd for me” he told her finally.

All the way to the farm, Jack couldn’t help stealing glances at Lucy, he couldnt help the happiness he was feeling now that she was finally going to be his.

As the party came towards the end, Jack stood in front of all the people and the kids from around the farm that had gathered for Jammy’s birthday party . He thanked them and as they all went in different directions he asked his parents, the uncle to Lucy and her aunty who where also invited together with her brother to go have a talk with them in the living room.

Lucy wondered what was going on as she sat next to her brother.

Jack cleared his throat and went down on his knees “My family, I called you all here because I have a special request to make. ” he begun

They all looked at each other in awe,

“Over the time, I have come to learn about this person that my heart longs for. She makes me happy and I want her to be my wife. I know some people may say otherwise but am sorry to you all, for the first time in my life let me do something from my heart. ”

Lucy looked down knowing where the story was going. She was glad she had called her aunty to tell her about Jack earlier otherwise they all could have been shocked.

“Lucy, please honour me by accepting this ring ” he said lifting a gold engagement ring up towards her. “I love you and am not afraid to say it with these people around. I want to live my life with you and in some way fulfil my brother’s last wish.”

She cried as she went to join him on the floor he was kneeling and extended her hand to accept the sparkling gold ring he placed on her fingers.

” thank you and yes” she said loudly.

And everyone clapped their hands in happiness as Mrs Kangwa shed tears. She could see the joy in her son’s eyes and she was glad he was finally where he wanted to be. She held her grand son tightly and smiled in tears.

After they all spoke a word or two, they agreed to marry Jack and Lucy in a month’s time at the farm.

“We don’t need to go anywhere far away,” Lucy had told Jack, ” from church we can gather here and have our celebration in the garden behind the house.”

It was a small and intimate wedding they had and they dedicated the day to James as the Kangwas gave their speeches making the guests shed tears because of their sentimental words.

“Where ever you are my brother, I want you to know that you are the one who has sacrificed yourself to give me this happiness today. I miss you and I wish you were here to see how happy I am,” Jack said holding Lucy as they stood in the hotel room they had booked.

Jammy was left with his grand parents.

Jack and Lucy had booked to fly to the United States of America where Jack had planned to go for their honey moon.

“I have never felt so much at home my entire life ” Lucy confessed as she lay her head on his shoulder that night after some moments of being tangled in some rom-ntic and passionate love making that made them both connected and bound forever.

It was a happy ending for Lucy and Jack. Their love had conquered all odds and with each passing day, Lucy realised how right James was. Jack loved her more everyday, making life with him easier and happier. she had fallen more and more in love with Jack.

They stayed with Jammy and raised him together. The boy called Jack dad as he was the only father he knew. The family agreed to keep it that way until later when Jammy was older.

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……….THE END……….

Thanks to Tisa for sharing this story with us. Please drop your comments.

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