The Betrayal

The betrayal episode 4 – 6


The betrayal 😪
(A short story)
My eyes caught the newspaper on the floor,I picked it up.

I was shocked on what I saw,Guess? It’s my Jayden wearing a black tuxedo standing beside a beautiful young lady wearing a purple long gown,I can see a beautiful silver ring on her finger,She carried a little boy who’s probably Jayden’s son.
The headline of the newspaper is “The richest young Couple”

I was damn angry,that should be me not some random girl, I’m supposed to give birth to Jayden first child not the lady in purple gown

I tore the newspaper into pieces,tears rolling down my cheeks.

You left me when I was in coma to get married to another lady,she even gave birth to you.

“I will come back for you and when I come back,u gonna pay for the pain you caused me, I’m gonna ruin you and your family”I said, wiping my tears away with the back of my hand

I continued walking without destination,I was deep in thought that I didn’t hear the car’s horn,the car almost hit me but due to the shock,I fell down.

A woman who was in her late forties stepped out of the car , guessing from the way she walked and dress,she must be a rich woman.
She wore a silver dress with a black high heels , holding a silver purse.

“Young lady,Kinchana(are you okay)?”She asked, stretching her hands forward trying to pull me up

I stared at her hands,not sure if I should hold her hand or not

“Come on”She said sweetly,I hold her hand and she pulled me up.

“Komansupmida,Ahjuma(Thank you,Madam)”I thanked her,bowing my head.

“Why are you walking alone?”She asked, looking worried.

“I’m homeless”I said sadly, trying to hold my tears.

“Mianhae,Can you follow me to my house? I meant can you come and live with me since I lives alone”She asked, raising her brows

The betrayal 😪
(A short story)
Episode Five
What if she kidnap me?What if she sold me off?Many thought were running through my mind.

“I’m not a kidnapper,Miss.I just wanna help you”She said as if she was reading my mind

“No….No…..Not at all, I’m not saying you are a kidnapper”I stammered, staring at the floor.


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fine,If you don’t wanna come.Annyonghigaseyo(Bye)”She waved, entering her car.

“Stop!!”I shouted, running after her and she stepped out of her car again

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“Ahjuma,I will follow you”I said, breathing heavily.

“Jinjja(Really)?”She asked, looking surprised.

“Yeah”I said

She told me to enter her car and did,then the car zoom off

Few minutes later,we stopped at a beautiful Mansion.The woman stepped out and opened the door for her,then I stepped out.

“Is this your mansion, Ahjuma?”I asked, staring at the beautiful mansion

“Yes”she answered, Smiling sheepishly.

“Wow, it’s beautiful, You live alone?” I asked in admiration and she nodded

She showed me my room,The room was decorated with Pink as if she knew i love pink,there was a Queen size bed.


like it, right?”The woman asked, looking at me from the corner of her eyes.

“Yeah,May I know your know?”I asked

“I’m Park Bo Young,the founder of the famous Park Companies”She introduced herself

“Park Company? I’m very glad that I met you, I’ve heard so much about the company “I said sweetly.

“Ohhh, What’s your name?”She asked

“My name is Ariana Lopez,former CEO of Lopez Company but not anymore”I said sadly, remembering all what Jayden did to me.

“Mianhae,I live alone here since my husband and daughter had an accident which made them lost their lives,Can you be my daughter now?”She asked sadly

“Yeah,Komansupmida,omma(Thank you,Mom)”I thanked her, hugging me tightly from behind as i wanna disappear.

“You need to rest then you gonna tell me why you you looked sad when I met you on the road, okay?”She said and I nodded, walking out of my room.

The betrayal 😪
(A short story)
Episode six

Grrrrrrrrrgghh!!!The sound of the alarm woke me up.

“Gosh”I muttered, rubbing my hands on my eyes sleepily.

I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and had my bath.After I was done,I wore the Blue Jean and Yellow top I wore yesterday.

Someone knocked at my door,I opened the door to see Mrs Park.

“Joh-eun-achim,omma(Good morning,mom)”I greeted her.

“How was your night?”She asked, sitting down on my bed

“It was fine,Mom”I replied.

“Sit down, let’s talk about why you were walking alone looking sad”She said, motioning me to sit down


With tears I narrated how Jayden and I met,when I had an accident,how Jayden sold my house and company making me to be homeless and Jobless.

“I’m sorry about that but do you know where Jayden lives now?”She asked, staring at me with pity.

“Aniyo(No)But I saw him and a young pretty lady with a child who’s probably his child “I said sadly.


will help you to find him with the help of my private investigator but……..”She said, looking at me closely.

“But what?”I asked in curiosity.

“But if I help you find him,what will you do to him”She asked and I smiled devilishly.

“I wanna revenge, I’m gonna kill him and his family and destroy all his properties”I said,my eyes full of rage

Episode six

“But if I help you find him,what will you do to him”She asked and I smiled devilishly.

“I wanna revenge, I’m gonna kill him and his family and destroy all his properties”I said,my eyes full of rage.

“You wanna kill him?She asked, looking surprised.

“Kre(Yes)I don’t care anymore,He ruined my life and I’m gonna ruin his life too”I said, gritting my teeth.

“Count me in then”She said happily.

“Jinjja,omma?I asked, raising my brows

“Kre”She nodded

“You are the best,Mom”I said happily, hugging her tightly.

“Awwwn, someone is happy”She teased, covering my face with my hands.

“You need to do plastic surgery so that when you get to see Jayden,he won’t be able to recognize you but don’t worry about the money for the plastic surgery, I’m gonna pay”She said sweetly and I hugged her once again.

“Moreover, you can’t use Ariana Lopez anymore, you need to change your name to a Korean name”She said, placing her finger on her lips, thinking of the name she should give me since my minds are blank.

“Park Min Seok!!”She shouted and clapped her hands.

“OMG, Is that my new name?I asked, blushing.

“Yeah, It’s cool right?”She asked, thinking I might say no.

“I love it,Mom”I said joyfully.

I stood up, using my new name to sing and danced at the same time.

Mom was laughing at the way I danced, obviously happy to have someone around her.

“Jayden,Get ready for me because I’m gonna ruin you”I smirked.


Do you think they can find Jayden?

“Is it bad that Mrs Park, Ariana’s new mom supported Ariana’s decision?

How will Ariana revenge?

Tell me what you think 🙏🙏


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