The Cold Female

The Cold Female – Episode 30

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The Cold Female – Episode 30

© Bunmi B Gabriel

#Theme : he’s dead!

#Lyn ‘s standpoint

A person like me, a creature of my kind ought to be best friends to his or her wolf but mine was different. My wolf don’t only hate me, he wants me dead which is funny because we share the same body. I’ve never heard of a wild fighting his or her person in my entire life, but with Flynn it became possible.

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We don’t agree on anything. We always argue and fight and it’s the weirdest thing ever. From the food we eat to how we hunt, we always argue. The only thing we agree on is that we hate both hate each other’s existence.

Flynn really meant it when he said he would give me pain. He never did it for once but now he did. He fought me. Can you believe it! He turned against me the moment he said those words. Imagine your spirit and mind fighting against your body psychologically and spiritually. Your soul wanting to rip out of you and go to the unknown

Be didn’t care he he felt the pain, as long as I felt it more. He was okay.

In other for a wolf to survive, his or her body and mind must be one and that was not my case. My entire body was failing me. He was fighting to separate from me mentally and spiritually even when he knew it was impossible and that it will only cause us pain, but to him even if we die, it was better. The mental and spiritually disagreement was shredding me to pieces

I tried to explain to her, I tried to make her understand that I did nothing with her and changing wasn’t easy, but she never paid attention. She didn’t want me near and Frost made sure if that.

Four days had pass since then. The King moved the fight to four days because of the weird eagle that came in. He had to figure what the message was and it was confusing because I knew Krystal did it. She later interpreted her message and I understood it was her helping Leo. Leo really tried to help me talk to her but she almost killed him when he mentioned my name so I gave up

Whatever that is meant to be will be

Everyone’s fight was over. Krystal finished her match in five seconds. Everyone did theirs fast but you know Frost. He’s a menace. He played and toyed with his opponent for an hour, running around and the guy chasing him until he fainted. The most funny way to end a match. Then when he was done, he howled and did a weird dance that made everyone’s day

I walked into the ring with pounding head and stiffen body. The cheers increased the pain in my head and I struggled to breathe. I was dying and I knew it and the poison from Frost’s claws weren’t healing fast because of the internal battle going on. I looked over at her, she sat on a lonely side of the bleacher. Her face buried into her thighs as she hugged her knees. Her hair was white this time, it strands a ridiculous mess and a out flowed curtain

I could hear her breathing. I could hear the faint sob from her mouth. Did I really hurt her that much? I didn’t mean to but no one will understand. I saw my opponent coming with his big club. My body refused to move, it was paralyzed and I didn’t want to move anyways. I was tired, I wanted it all to end because the pain in my chest was worst than the pain Flynn tormented me with

I felt like human. All my powers were gone and I knew one hit and it will kill me. Whatever. The club kissed my face hard, I could see dancing stars.

He whipped my stomach and knees and I fell feeling dizzy. He whacked my head as people cheered and I could hear my friends panicking. I rolled on the ground to my back. He matched my stomach and made to hit me with the club again but Krystal dashed in and caught it. She snatched it from him and broke it

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I smiled

‘Can’t you see he’s not alright!!!’ She screamed. ‘He’s sick’ she cried

‘You interrupted our match. According to the laws…’

‘According to MY law, I kill those who challenge me so scram!!!!!!!!’ Her shout flung him away. She knelt in beside me and carried my head on her laps. ‘Lyn look at me, can you hear me?’ She sobbed. I groaned. ‘You are burning up badly. Can someone help me out here!!!!’

‘Krystal calm down…’

‘Don’t tell me to calm down!!!!’ Her shout was making my head hurt more. I held her hands as I felt myself being dragged into another world. ‘Don’t just stand there, get me something Raf’

‘Krystal I’m sorry. I really didn’t do anything with her’ I apologized thru our mind link

‘You shut up’ she said softly. ‘Just hang on’

My hands slipped out of her hold, I cold feel nothing again



#Frost’s standpoint

I stared at Krystal as she panicked and cried when Lyn stopped breathing. It’s so hard watching her hurt and not being able to do anything. He’s not dead. Lyn is stronger than that, he’s like a cat with nine lives only that his is twenty. I know that because he have risk his life thrice and survive it after dying. I don’t know why

I’m sure the big question is how did I know she was my sister. Well it’s easy. I raced with her that day to confirm it. We ran, I cheated, she beat me up and cried while cursing herself for hurting me. Then the day she pinned me down in the hallway. Wynter is very good at adding more salt and hot sauce to people’s injury. She find joy in others people misery


was the day Lyn marked her. I could feel her excitement, passion, fear, shock and then anger. Aside from Raf, Wynter and mom are the only one I share that connection with. And then there’s the shock whenever we touched and the way she acts like mom sometimes. Lyn knew. That smart idiot. After he marked her, he came to me the morning after I marked Raf and told me she was my sister

How he knew? That’s for his smart head to figure out

Then a day before we came here, she surprised me by visiting me at the special lake I sit at every evening. She said she found her way there like I called her. There she took off her mask for a swim. It was her. She stripped to a handless crop top and short and the markings on her body that appears anytime she touches water glowed

What other prove did I need?

Raf and Aida knew. I got to know that even when I didn’t ask her. The way they were around her and the way they treated her. I didn’t say a word because I knew Aunt Raquel won’t keep it a secret for no reason so until she’s ready to key it known, I won’t let it out

‘You stupid mate’ she yelled. ‘Wake up’ she continued yelling giving him slaps that could make a dead body run mad. ‘I said wake up bas***d!!!! You haven’t loved me back yet so wake up or I’ll find your spirit and kill it!!!’ I pulled her away from him before she really kills him. ‘Frost, let me slap him more. He’ll wake up. He can’t die on me like that’ she cried desperately. ‘If he’s to die, I must be the one to kill him. So wake up’ she kicked his stomach. He groaned and whimpered. ‘Yes!!!’ It worked’ she shrieked happily.

He opened his eyes weakly and sat up. She rushed him in a hug

‘Thank goodness that you’re okay. I almost passed out’ she sobbed. he smiled confusedly. She pulled away. ‘YOU STUPID FOOL!!! HOW DARE YOU TRY TO DIE WHEN I DIDN’T KILL YOU!!!’ She gave him that slap again and he passed out. ‘Oh what have I done now’ she wailed


‘What did you call me!!!’ She yelled maniacally. I ran away. Did I say that out loud?



Flynn is the best wolf in the entire world. He deserves a hug, kiss and a hug again. He should fight me more often so I’ll die and Krystal will love me again. I was in our room alone with her. Her hand on my forehead to keep the temperature down.

‘I said I’m fine already’ I whined. She won’t let me move a muscle. I tried to remove her her but she swat it away with a warning growl. I sighed and dropped my hand. ‘I wanna drink water’

‘Stay here’ before I could blink, she was back with a glass. She made it cold and sat on the bed. I wanted to sit up but she didn’t let me, she fed me the water

‘Krystal I’m fine. Re….aaaah!’ My head rang. I hissed in pain

‘See! Just hold still’ she cried pushing me on the bed gently. She wore a black sport bra and knee length shorts. The blackness flattering her white silky and supple skin. ‘Do you need anything?’

‘You to sleep. It’s late’

‘I’ll be fine’ she smiled.

‘Okay this pillow is too strong’ I complained. ‘I want my cup pillow’ she chuckled and placed my head on her laps. ‘Get rid of this’ I was referring to her jeans. She sighed and dropped my head before taking it off. ‘And that’

‘You are stupid’ she laughed. Adjusting her female boxer well. I chuckled and rolled over. ‘Hey!’ I rolled back to her and put my head on her thighs. She sighed. ‘Better?’

‘So smooth’ I m0aned wiggling on them. She laughed. ‘Your mate will enjoy you…wait, I’m your mate’ I said cheesily. She only laughed. ‘I love your laugh, it’s as beautiful as you’

‘Awwwn. How beautiful am I?’ She asked smirkingly, her hands unconsciously massaging my bare torso erotically.

‘It’s like falling in love with Frost. Really creepy’ she pouted

‘What’s that suppose to mean?’

‘Nothing’ I smiled and pinched her cheek. Her white hair fell down in a curtain, caging my face as she stared down at me. She’s so beautiful but it’s weird because she’s Frost’s identical twin

‘Krystal you’re turning me on’ she froze. She stared at her hands sheepishly, her cheeks turning blue. Funny

‘Er…who’s the woman tattooed to your chest? And the ones on your back and arms?’

‘The one on my chest is mom. I did that after she died. It’s permanent but the ones on my back and arms aren’t. They are my little sisters’

‘Do you love them that much?’

‘My only sanity point’

‘And the head of a lion at your back bone?’

‘Permanent’ I grinned. ‘Don’t worry, I’ll tattoo you on my butt’ she smacked my cheek, that slap again. My eyes spun as it set off an alarm in my head

‘I’m sorry’

‘Don’t kill me please’ I murmured



#Krystal ‘s standpoint

I sighed. I really suck at this love thing. I placed my hand on his heart to feel his heartbeat. Is it beating for me? I closed my eyes, the melody vibrating thru my body. It was peaceful but then the image again

He cheated!

He cheated on me

‘Krystal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ Wynter screamed very loudly


‘You unconsciously froze mate’s heart’ she cried. My crystal heart sank. Oh no. I looked at Lyn, he wasn’t moving again. His body was cold and blue. ‘Why can’t you be normal’ she cried. ‘Mate’

I burst into tears. I’ve killed him

‘Lyn’ I cried dropping his head and turning to hover over him. ‘Lyn’ I can’t unfreeze a heart. I’m doomed. I cried on his chest hoping my tears would magically wake him up. I cursed. ‘Please, help me. Anyone’ I cried shaking his body which was turning to stone.

My hair hazed and the hunter crawled out and wrapped itself around him. I held my hands tight in prayer. It moved back to my hair and he was okay. He sat up sharply and I hugged him

‘I’m so sorry Lyn. I keep hurting you. I’m so sorry’

‘What happened?’

‘We can’t do this. I will keep hurting you. I’m not stable, I’m a killing machine’ I stood up and walked to the door crying. I almost killed him. He hugged me from behind as I held the doorknob

‘I don’t understand what’s going on’

‘I’m sorry. I don’t want to hurt you’

‘You froze my heart?’

‘Yes’ I cried

‘I wouldn’t have died. I still have some life left to spare’ he said chucklingly. He turned me around and held my shoulders. ‘You need to relax, you are stressed out. Lucky for you, your boyfriend is a pro at making women feel good’ I blushed. ‘Come on’

He pulled me to the wardrobe, packed some clothes Intl a small bag and carried me bridal style

‘Where to?’

‘For a run’

‘You’re sick’

‘Bah!’ He exclaimed. He dashed out running out of the castle and kingdom to the woods. The wind was perfect, he was perfect. He dropped me down. ‘Shift’


‘Let your wolf out’ he held the bag with his teeth and ran off, shifting with every step he took. He returned to me, his wolf. The beautiful alpha. His fur was of pure gold, his eyes the b brightest green I’ve ever seen and claws too. Two long ruby streaks trailed all the way from his head to his tail. His hair scattered on his forehead which was funny because it made his wolf look s£xy

Even his wolf was killing the s£xy look

Wynter howled in my head. Her body burning to come out and behold her sweet looking mate. She pestered me for freedoms. I sighed and shifted, giving her the freedom she desired and the peace of not having to deal with her. My clothing ripped off but he carried backup

Immediately she came out, she tackled him with kisses and licks. Wagging her tail happily. I rolled my eyes. Lyn laughed. They ran, I hate being stuck on the inside. They played and ran, hunted down buffaloes, ate it like love stuck puppies and ran some more. Jumping from cliff to cliff

I actually felt much better

They ran off to the winter part of this universe, howling and chasing each other to my dismay. Love is so tiring. The next thing they did shocked me. Lyn thought it was funny buy I thought otherwise

They mated!

Can you imagine the nonsense! Wynter happily and gladly let a stupid gold dog f**ked her like that. What if she got pregnant and that means I also get pregnant and then she give birth to actual wolves, not werewolves, wolves! I’ll disown her

Lyn and Frost are transferring their madness to me

What have they both done to Krystal Stone

After their wonder s£x, mtcheeew to that by the way. The wolf who happened to be Flynn walked into a seriously freezing water. It stayed there, his head and body out of sight and when he came out, it was Lyn now

‘Come on mate! Swim with me’ he laughed

‘You’ll freeze’ I tell him telepathically. He shrugged

‘I need to learn to get use to the cold if I’m going to spend the rest of my life with you’ I smiled to that. Oh you will or you die. Wynter went back into the water and shifted back to me. I refused to come out at first, I mean I was [email protected] ‘Won’t you come out’ he laughed knowingly. I whimpered. ‘Don’t worry. I will never do what you want me to do. Only what you don’t want me to do’

‘Incorrigible bas***d’ I swam out for air, my hair w€t and the coldness of the water increasing because of me. He hugged himself a little then pulled me close and hugged me. ‘I’m not warm’

‘Yet you feel warm against me’ I smiled and the silence enfold us as he hugged me from behind, his breath fanning my neck. He sighed heavily. ‘Krystal. I didn’t do anything that night, almost but didn’t’

‘Because I came in’

‘I was gonna push her before you came in. It’s not easy for me you know. I’ve lived like this all my life, hating my father for hurting my mom so much to the point of death and detesting his promiscuousness yet I was just like him. I didn’t realise this until you came in. It’s not easy to change, it won’t happen overnight. You know that because we both have a lot of changes to do if this relationship should ever work.

I can help you lighten up and you can help me control myself, to not be my dad. I don’t want you to pass through the pains my mother did before she died. I know how it feels, how she cried herself to sleep every night while I held her hands. How she secretly took drugs and inject herself because of depression and how she got sick and he didn’t care. Please Krystal, give me a chance to love you, teach me how. You doth either but I know you can bend me to the mam you wish me to be. Not your puppet, bell no but you understand. Please give me a chance’

You wanna know what I was doing? Crying, seriously.

He turned me around and entwined our fingers looking into my eyes with so much love. He kissed my tears away

‘Cold Queens don’t cry’

‘I don’t think I’m cold anymore. Not when I’ve bit two handsome devils scaling thru my thick ice walls easily. Don’t ever make me cry Lyn, or I swear by every hair in my head and that if my mother’s dead body. I will kill you’

‘I promise. I’ll make mistake but you can teach me’

‘Like I don’t need training myself. Come on, you are freezing’ he smiled shivering slightly. I pulled him out and walked out before him. I could feel his eyes raping me and I chuckled

‘How long will it take to get all this goodies to myself? I’m starved’

‘You will never change’ I sighed opening the bag





‘Please please please please please please please please please please please…’ I stood up and dropped the dress I picked out. He squealed happily and hugged me

‘Ugh! Get away from me you [email protected] moron’

‘Your named moron’

‘I said….’ I sighed, he sank his fangs into my neck again. He will never listen. I m0aned, he knows my major weak point now. ‘Lyn you’re gonna suck me dry’ I whisper. He smiled and removed his fangs moving his lips to my mouth. It tasted weird because of the blood but how can one say no to his lips

I kissed him back like the day he marked him. The day I had my first kiss and my heart foolishly opened for love. We ended up on the Surprisingly warm ground, kissing our breath away and letting the moonlight shine on us. With every suck, kisses and nibbles he left on my skin, I felt my heart open more. I felt free and better, like a new person.

I tightened my kegs refusing to give him entrance because I was scared of meeting the new me. Once he mates with me, I will change completely. If a single kiss could change me, what will happen? He kissed my earlobe and whispered, his voice as gentle as the morning breeze

‘Just trust me’ I gulped and let myself go, hoping I won’t regret ever surrendering myself to love, surrendering myself to him

To be continued

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