The Commissioner Son And I

the commissioner son and I episode 1 – 2

🎀 *The commissioner Son*
And I🎀 {why me}

Chapter 1

“Make Una leave my pikin make she eat ooo!”my mother yell at my brothers who were disturbing me.

“Nawa ooo
So we no pikin again.”i elder brother said standing with his two hands on his wist. God help.

“Mama, abeg leave then alone, you say nau only today we get together.”i said with my mouth full of food.

Make them allow you enjoy your self before you go.

You know say if you do reach there nau your study you go see.”my mother reply continue with what she is doing while I smile.


“Yes mama.”I answer.

“See this place nau dried okro dey there, when you come back from class just put water for fire after he don boil carry small garri here do Eba.”she said smiling.

I no fit carry on those things go.”I said looking at them.

God! This woman.

“Heyhey, keep your mouth shut!

I no say make you tell wetin I go do oga.”she queried.

“But ma..m.”

“No but!”i father yelk walking in,side with fawn in his hand.

“Your mama dey talk, you still have mouth talk.

What do you know my friend?
No be the one wey your neck go be like tolotolo when you dey come back.”he said sitting down while I decided keep quiet and continue eating my food.

“Where your brother jide?”he asked.

“I don send am go outside make he allow my pikin rest.”my mother answer.

“Jide! jide!!
Come here!”my father shouted while he ran in,side.

“Papa wetin happen?”jide said immediately he got in,side.

“Nau your head happen!

Wetin you dey do outside wey you supposed to dey help your sister arrange her load.”my father asked while jide look at everything on the flow then shake his head.

“You no tell me say my sister dey go her husband house.”jide said which almost got me laughing but i compose my self.

“You well so?
Carry your nonsense commot from my front jare!”my father yell at him.

“Daniella see nau your wedding they dey prepare for so!”jide said going back to outside but he was call back by my father.

“Jide come back here!”

“Baba kilotoden bayin ?”he asked in our tribe language frustrated
{Father what happened again?}

“Nau your head!

My friend go carry that fawn (hen)tie am for one place, your sister dey carry go iluoyibo !”he said and immediately my food churke me.

“What!!!!”me and my brother shouted at the same time.


🌙next morning🌘

🎀The commissioner son💕
And I🎀 {why me}

Chapter 2

✈Murtala Muhammad airport✈ ✈

Everywhere was filled with people going and coming in.

The cab my dad hired finally stopped at murtala Mohammed airport located in Ikeja Lagos.

I am going with the first flight which is moving by 9:00am and here I am at 7:30am, omg I am very happy.

They started uploading everything down, I mean my dad, mom and my elder brother who has been shaking his head since at my parent Park.

I decided to use the opportunity to look around.

Wow, this place is beautiful!
I have always wished to travel out but I didn’t know it would be this early.

If the airport is like this. How will an outside country like it?
2hours later.

Everything was already and everyone was waiting for my name to be called.

That moment I miss my family, I promise them I won’t disappoint them.

What I am allowed to take with me is just my traveling back which brought disappointment to my mum.

“Oga sir.
My pikin no fit do without food and those snake wey Una set eat there no fit belleful am.”my mum complain while the lady smile.

“Don’t worry mama, everything wey we dey chop here dey there.”the lady told my mum but she was not confused.

“You sure.
Okay if Una no allow am carry everything at least what about the garri?
She likes garri very much, “my mum said while I smiled.

“Mama don’t worry.
I will be okay.”I assured her, smiling.

“Promise?”she asked, almost in tears, which broke my heart.

“I promise.”I said , hugging while we cried on each other’s shoulders.

“Daniella adetoye!”I heard my name being called.

The time has come!

I Daniellla Adetoye is the representative of my family to go there and make them proud.

“Daniella.”That is my dad’s voice.

“Omo Mi
Mada oju tiwa.”he said tearfully.
{My Daughter don’t disappoint us}

“I won’t baba.”I said , hugging him tight before I turned to my brother who was also in tears by now.

“Every single opportunity make sure you make use of it wisely because it came but once!”my brother jide hugged me.

“Adetoye Daniella!”my name was called for the second time.

I disagree from him going towards the plane✈.

Wow, finally.

I enter sitting down, staring at my family who are waving their hands in tears.

“I miss my family.”

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