Anjiala episode 26

ANJIÁLA – Episode 26
© Bunmi B Gabriel
I tapped my foot on air absent mindedly, my mind was focused on the chat I was having. I was still angry about what Daniel said, I thought he liked that Jessie girl, what’s with thus new one again. I sighed slowly losing focus on what I was doing. I dropped my phone after turning off my data and laid back on the chair. My mind wrapped around what Anjiála explained.
Something was missing
Something didn’t make sense in it.
She said the Lion said the ring will absolve the energy but I saw it with my own two eyes, her veins turned red when she came in contact with the Maria, she also went goon brain. Sure the ring got a red streak and I’m sure it did take the energy but it did something to her. Aris will never hurt her, that I know but the story still didn’t match up. I picked up my phone and went straight to my record playlist, I recorded her explanation to replay it for stupid Davis. I played it all over again and dropped the phone.
The witch was looking for the rightful owner to Lakeem’s powers, the 5 great grand daughter.
If I’m right, from the movies I’ve watched, earth is the safest place to keep a mysterious and powerful child. The child must have been here on earth, the daughter must be close to us and I have a very strong hunch that it is Anji.
I stood up and walked to her room, I opened without knocking and walked to her bed. She sat by the window sketching a portrait of Mr Charming.
‘You will never learn to knock.’ She said chucklingly.
‘Just like you will never learn to wear s€×y clothes to knock men dead.’ She shook her head and dropped the pen thingy or what that thing is. She turned around and faced me.
‘What do you want Ariana?’ She asked calmly.
‘Why do you think I want something?’ I asked with a batter of my lashes.
‘Because you’re a curious kitty,’ she said knowingly. ‘A smart one who knows White didn’t tell me the wh0le story.’
Gosh! She’s too smart.
‘So what do you plan to do about it?’
‘You mean what I already did about it,’ she smiled weakly. ‘I’m not a coconut head Arie, Aris failed in the knowledge of that. I’m much more smarter than he thinks I am. I took my time to understand the story and realised that the so called daughter might be me. Why else would I have such medallion passed down from my grandfathers?’
‘Do you mean the one that the last gem was?’
‘Yes. I went to the library and did some research, found a picture of Lakeem and the crest of Medasepticon. It’s a diamond with gold flame burning off it in glorious glitters, I have it on my th-gh. Nephaledia’s is of a white lion with wings, white dust falling off it winds and flames burning off it feet. I have Nephaledia’s crest at the small of my back and few minutes ago, the crest of Medasepticon appeared at that same s₱0t, the two crest combined in the most beautiful way.’ She turned her back to me again and hitched her blouse up. I walked over to her and examined the mark.
The lion crest was in,side the diamond, the gold and white flames mixing thoroughly. It almost looked original. It was seriously glowing!
I trailed my fingers on the mark, I could feel the intense powers in it, surging through my veins. My own powers recognized the true owner, I could feel it struggling to enter Anji. I removed my fingers and exhaled.
‘That was intense.’
‘Tell me about it,’ she dropped her blouse and turned back. ‘Mom has Medasepticon’s crest right below her br-ast. She once told me it was a tattoo but thinking about it, her father had the same crest on his shoulder and his own father had it on his neck. I was stupid not to think about it. Mom owe me an explanation, we’re going back to Spain tomorrow.’
‘Right, I’ll finally see Mimi me!’ I squeaked.
‘He’s not your mini you,’ she laughed. ‘He’s not even your brother or….’
‘Abbie! Abbie! We’re going to see mini me!!!!’ I shouted running out of the room. Hold on first, mini me is Zino. I call the cute Zander Biggie me. I’m such a clever genius!
I stared into my mirror with a frown, White was laughing at me calling me a cabbage head moron. He’s super annoying.
‘Aren’t you tired of laughing yet?’ I gro-ned. It only elicit his laughter, like a new born fire. I sealed the mirror shut and turned my body around to glare at him, thereby giving him more reason to laugh.
‘You look like a kitty with that face,’ he said in between his laugh. ‘So cute.’
‘You’re the kitty dummy!’ His laughter increased and this time, he rolled on the floor, shaking the wh0le castle. ‘White! I don’t understand what’s funny!’ I snapped throwing my hands up. He sat up and stretched.
‘Oh it is and even it isn’t, I will still laugh to make you feel like the idiot you are. Cabbage brain. The destinies placed a curse on Nephaledia for giving us a king with vegetables for brain,’ he looked directly at my skull and broke into another fresh bout of laughter. ‘Oh Aris, you’re so stupid.’ I puffed getting pissed already.
* don’t get angry * my subconscious whispered. I inhaled and calmed down
‘Moron alert!’ He exclaimed and laughed h-rder.
‘Are you sure you’re more than a thousand year old?’ I snorted. He grinned, his terrifying silver teeth winking at me. When I was a kid, I was always so scared of him but now he was my best friend. He had been from the first Peace Bearer, he don’t die.
‘A thousand and four, why do you ask?’ He asked innocently. ‘Look at your carrot shaped head.’ He burst into laughter again. I felt like killing him which I could but dare not. ‘Ah, good times.’
‘Can you stop now?’ I sighed. He shook his head.
‘Did you really think she won’t figure it out? She’s Lakeem’s descendant, not a foolish human. Even that fragile Blondie figured it out, let alone her? Aris you’re very stupid.’ He laughed. ‘Why are you so afraid? The same force that created you have remade her the new force if Nephaledia, her world is destroyed, her new home is here. No matter what you do, she will step her feet here and fate will do the rest.’
‘She’s my death White, I should be afraid and stay away from her.’
‘Foolish potato nitwit, she’s your death and yet you found joy in binding her to you. Mayonnaise, you marked her and did more than marking….’ Somehow brows at me. I scoffed and looked away sheepishly. He laughed and slapped his paw on the floor. The wh0le place quaked.
‘Easy, this castle have been for years so don’t destroy it.’
‘I built this place with my strength dumbo, I know how it works…..don’t change the topic.’
‘How was I suppose to know sleeping with her would create another prophecy and awaken a long time enemy trying to kill all my previous ancestors.’ I said defensively, he snorted incredulously.
‘Don’t lie to me Aris, you might have not had your memories then but I lived in her, I warned you not to but somebody couldn’t zip his p-nts up.’
‘It’s not like I did wrong, we’re in love.’ I muttered. He smiled and shook his head. ‘Not the point, what’s done is done, what do I do now?’
‘Nothing, it is time for her to know she’s a princess. The rest will unfold itself.’
‘What if she hates me for lying to her?’
‘You didn’t lie, neither did you say a word. I’m only laughing at your stupidity. Running away from her because you are afraid she would kill you in the future, trying to hide her identity, yet…..’
‘Shut up please. You’re stressing my brain.’
‘Cabbages don’t get stressed, they get eaten.’ With that hr laughed h-rder from the very top.
I hate him.
Jada (Anjiála’s mom)
I browsed through my book shelves singing to myself. I was looking for my spell book, my little spell book. Every descendant was born with one, like it appeared once they turn five. It’s confusing though, Anji didn’t get her book or get her crest either but she was one of us. She looked exactly like the first father and had the signature white hair and spark in her eyes.
I sighed and clicked my tongue.
Why didn’t she have her magic? Why didn’t she have the mark or aura? Why is she so different? I also needed to tell her about our weird and unknown origin. I also needed to double check to make sure Zander don’t have the crest, only first born get the crest and power but the other day, he got angry and his beautiful chocolate eyes turned to the signature blue.
What if he is one?
No second born get…..geez! What do I know.
‘White Pemline!!!!’ He shrieked. ‘Mommy, white pemline came!!!’ He shouted. I ran out and saw Anji playing with him while Arie stared admirably.
‘Hi mom,’ she smiler, her eyes flashed with the gold flame. Her aura felt different, stronger, dangerous. She entwined her hands to Zander’s, I gasped as his hair turned gold instantly and his veins too. They jolted away from each other.
What the hell!
To be continued
Me I know this episode may not be clear but it will be clear soon. Keep following and please drop your comments.

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