The Commissioner Son And I

The commissioner son and I episode 28 – 29

🎀The commissioner son💕

And I🎀 {why me!}

Chapter 28


Unknown POV 📍

The atmosphere became hot and quiet as none of the twins couldn’t raise their mouths to say anything.

The twins dress in the cloth that covers their entire body and put on a face cap and nose cover so that no one can recognize them.

They obey their mother’s words saying they shouldn’t disguise but they still couldn’t take their ground because anything can happen.

They have taken the next flight to Nigeria immediately,here they are now watching their mother blurting out everything.

‘So we are actually triplets.’they thought in their head still couldn’t believe it.

Mrs Otedola finished speaking with tears flowing down her eyes.

Minutes pass and the silence continues but suddenly John speaks up.

“Why didn’t you wait for your other son before telling us all this thing?”he spoke slowly and unwillingly, making Mrs Otedola tear up the most.

“He is your brother.”she said hurtful in a correct manner.

“Answer the damn questions mother..!”James cut in angrily,his voice was cold and hærd.

“You are not worthy to be called mother!”James added, glaring at her making her shiver.

Silent echoed again with the air becoming hotter.

“I again asked Mrs. Commissioner’s wife..”John said with his gaze on the flow.”Why don’t you wait for your other son before splitting all those things out because I believe you have called….”

“Because I already know!” a voice cut him off.

Lawrence began to walk in fully glaring at the two guys wearing face caps totally covering their faces.

James and John raise their heads up immediately to see who’s the voice because it sounds familiar.

They meet the shocks of their life.

“L…lawrence…..”they whispered, still hærding it hærd to believe.

At the call of his name Lawrence stood still, those voices sound familiar but he couldn’t determine who it belonged to.

James and John instantly removed their face cap and the noise cover to confirm that they are not dreaming or exaggerating.

“C..crazy twins.” Lawrence said with his brow furrowed.

He immediately pitched his brow to be sure he was not dreaming and yes he was not because he was actually standing in front of all those crazy twins.

All this while Mrs Otedola just sat down watching everything with confusion written on her face.

“What are you guys doing here?”Lawrence asked with his eyes raised.

“You meant us here!”They rolled their eyes at him.”We are the one who was supposed to be asking you that question.”James added, still gazing at him.

“You don’t need to behave crazy all the time.”Lawrence scoffed.”I just asked a simple question.”

“Ohh sorry we forgot that you are not here to ask for our hand in marriage.”James said, grinning at him.

Lawrence immediately shot them a hærd glare telling them to shut up when he remembered his mother.

It seems they have all forgotten that Mrs Otedola is still there but immediately Lawrence shuts them glares they instantly remember and turns to face her with their face turning cool again.

“It seems you already know each other…..”

“Who are them?”

“Who is him?”

The three of them said at once putting at each other and Mrs Otedola immediately went down on her knees with her two hands folded together as tears flowed down her eyes.

The three of them instantly understand what is happening as their eyes pop out in disbelief.

“What!”they shouted.

They stare at each examining himself.
“You know you triplets?”john asked Lawrence and he shake.”i only know that I was Sold out.I never know I was a triplets.”he answered, taking His face down.

“Please…”Mrs Otedola cries out.”Yes you are triplets please forgive me..”she pleads with tears running down.

They stare at each other so they are triplets.

‘The most crazy creatures he has ever meant turn out to be his brothers.

The best friends of the only girl he ever loved turn out to be his brothers.

His crazy in-laws turn out to be his brother.Lawrence thought going down on his knees.

This is just too much for him to take.

Mrs Otedola cries out the more.this is her fault.
All because of her love for money this happened.

“Please forgive me…”she cries out and James and john quickly down on their knees moving to where she is.”we forgive you mummy.”

The three of them said but one could see how hurt they are.but what will they do?
Is their destiny.😔

What will they do?
She is still their mother!

“Really?”she asked in surprise.
‘Just like that?”

“Yes we forgive you because you correct your mistakes and do them the right way.”Lawrence spoke up.

“T…thank you…”she cries out as they hug her.

“You are triplets, please love and take care of each other..”

The three of them hug her as she cries out.

“If anything happened to me please let it be.don’t fight.”she said sobbing.

“We don’t understand?”John spoke up.

“Am paying the prince for my mistakes please don’t fight….”

“Please follow your heart desire don’t allow your father to put under his wealthly bondage….”

Then it happen!


Meanwhile the guy who was ordered to watch everything immediately brought out his ringing phone.

“Hello Mr commissioner….”

“Keep that your f***king mouth shut!”commissioner Otedola yelled angrily.”shoot her dead now!”

“Excuse me sir!”the guy said confused.”This is your wife here.”

“Don’t dare question my authority!
Shot her dead now and I want to hear s¢ræming of horror because I am outside the bar now!”Commissioner Otedola’s voice came again.

And the guy immediately looks outside the bar and there he is the commissioner car.

He took out a gun and shot directly toward the commissioner’s wife.

s¢ræming echoed the whole place as everyone took to their heels and ran for their life.

Commissioner Otedola’s car drove out immediately.


Lawrence,James and John stood up and stared at their mother’s dead body on the flow and immediately her last word played back in their heads.*don’t fight because I am paying the price!*

So this is the price she was talking about.

They turn around and watch the commissioner Car driving out.{you know they will never refer to him as their father}

“We sorry but we will this man!”they at once.

They smile and they immediately join hands together and walk out of the bar and enter their car driving out..


The trio drove to the airport and booked for the next flight which was taking over immediately.

They fly back to the United kingdom.

🎀The commissioner son 💕

And I🎀 {why me!}

Chapter 29
🌆 united kingdom🌃🌋

Welcome back

Daniella POV🍭🍭

“Have they picked up?”Kelly asked me worriedly while I glared at her.

“Did you see me talking to them?”i hisss as I continued what I was doing.

Kelly is in my apartment immediately during the day break.

Those crazy twins have sent messages to us since midnight saying they are in,side the plane going to Nigeria.

And since then we have called them but those crazy creatures are not picking up their calls.

Kelly has been damn worried. In fact any minute from now this crazy nerd will Start crying.

She claims to be worried about our best friends but the only person this crazy nerd has been trying his number repeatedly is John.{hope you understand the reason.}

“Call their daddy to confirm please.”That was Kelly’s voice again.

Call their daddy?
How am i supposed to have the commissioner number when am nobody.😰

“Are you okay?
How Can i have his number?”I asked , laying my hand on her head checking her temperature.

I swear her body is hot like die.

“Are you not supposed to have it?”she rolled her eyes.”isn’t he the commissioner of your country?”

Dis girl no sabi anything…look at the way she is saying it as if it is easy.

I ignore her as I continue dialing their numbers .

“Or has their plane crashed?”

“Keep shut!”I yelled angrily at her.
“Can’t you say something positive?”

“But they are not picking up maybe their plane crash.”she said worriedly with her voice cracking.

What will I do now?
This girl is about to cry ooo😟

“Maybe they have a problem with the witches.”I said , coming up with a liar to calm her down a little.

“Witches?”she asked with a furrowed brow while I nodded.

“How is that possible?
The plane is flying in the air. How come they are having problems with the witches?”she asked.

“Witches also fly in the air and…..”

“What?”she s¢ræmed fearfully.
“Nigeria witches fly in the air?”she asked, scared.

You never know anything.

“Gosh… We need to help before they adopt them.”she said standing up worries but I just kept quiet staring at her performing a miracle.

“Miss gagari help call your grandmother ghost.”she s¢ræmed at me.

I think this girl needs some medication.

“I don’t understand?”

“Call your grandmother before they adopt them!”

“My grandmother is dead! How can I call her?”

“You said she’s a witch pl….”

“What!”I yell at what this crazy nerd is blurting out.”You are really crazy.”

“Don’t be so mean!
Call your mum and tell her that your best friends are under the attack of witches so that she pleads with them.”Kelly said. I just shook my head before returning my gaze to the phone again.

We are being serious now and she is still behaving like this…. I wonder where they bought her from.

Thank God she also kept quiet and returned her gaze to her phone also.

Hisss…crazy nerd.

I dialed their number one more but they didn’t pick as usual and not even replying to any of my messages.

Gosh….what could be happening?
Or did their plane crash like Kelly earlier?

No it can’t be!

“Daniella, why not check the news.”my inner self said and immediately I switched toward Niger Nigeria news.

Breaking new!!🎇🎇

This news is based on one of the wealthiest men in Nigeria known as commissioner Otedola.

Today just a few hours ago we discovered that the commissioner has children which he claims not to have for political reasons.

The commissioner’s wife Mrs Otedola was seen in a bar with a trio that was confirmed to be her children.

Some minutes later the commissioner’s wife Mrs Otedola was found dead in that particular bar.

The citizens that witnessed everythings that happened said the triplets killed their mother.

The commissioner’s wife was killed by her children and they escaped immediately.

The triplets escape immediately.

Mr Otedola the commissioner has not said anything yet.

Breaking News from Nigeria✅

“What!”I s¢ræm out, making Kelly run to my side.

I can’t do anything! best friends are…..😭😭😭

They kill their mother😰

What have I done!

They are actually triplet and they lie to me.

They pretend not to know each other why me?😫

I became friend with assassin!😢

{It has happened}

“What happened?”Kelly shouted immediately. She got to my side but my mouth was too heavy to say a word.

‘`Have your grandmother finally answered you?”she asked and I just shook my head at her.

Can’t she be serious at once😩

I said since she is a witch she will surely go and rescue them.”she shouted and began to dance around.”grandmother will help us.”

How did I even became friend with this crazy creatures?😢

I want to sold her out.😭😭😭


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