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The Diamonds – Episode 9


(She likes him,
but he’s cold-hearted)

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Episode 9

By: Faith Lucky

Cali’s Pov:
After eating with Diane,,she showed me round the institute, but of course, we didn’t go into the restricted places tho.

I got to see the garden, swimming pools, different apartments, recessional areas and jn the end, I got to confess the institute was damn too massive.

Hm. Bur somehow, I still missed my family and wished I could get to see them.

Diane and I spent a long time together, talking mostly about ourselves and I got to know she’s a nice person and had actually been in the institute for five days now.
No wonder she seems to know a lot already.

After a long while and it has gotten dark, we decided to go our separate rooms and have some rest. Too bad we weren’t room mates.

She followed me to my doorstep so she’d know where I stay and at that point, I wished she wouldn’t go.

“Bye Cali”she waved at me.

“Byee. We’ll see tomorrow, then” I replied and she smiled and walked away.

Oops!! I guess now I’m left alone.

I sighed and opened the door, going into my room.

Please, just tell me those lesbian animals are back to their senses by now.

I got into the room and inhaled the sweet fragrance that welcomed me.

Hm. It brought a sweet glow to my cheeks.

The lights were turned on and I could see the people in the room.

Oh! Not people – but just one person. One of the lesbians.

She was lying on the bed, reading a book.

Hm. Where’s her partner, huh?

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“Hey” her eyes smiled up at me.

I could recall – she was the same lady that’s been admiring my shape when I newly arrived.

“Where have you been, huh? We didn’t get to see you all day” she added.

“Yeah…I’ve been busy” I replied simply and tried going to my bed to sit when she jumped down from hers and stood in front of me.


“Hi” she smiled uncannily and touched her hips.

She was putting on just a shirt and left her p*nt exposed.

“You..didn’t tell me where you’ve been” she said and touched my hair.

“Wow! I love your hair”.

“Yeah…thanks” i replied with furrowed brows and tried walking away, but she held me back by the arm.

“Come on, girly. Its just both of us in the roooooom” she said dramatically and I scoffed.

“Yeah…and so?” I asked.
“Urgh! Come on…don’t act like you don’t know what I mean” she grumbled and licked her lips, then came closer me.

“You know…I’ll tell you the truth” she said seductively.
“You’ve got a really nice shape and will do great in bed. Forget the b***h you’d seen me with a while ago. She means nothing to me. You’re the real deal, girl. And I wanna eat you up” she said with so much obscurities, amusing me the more.

What the heck??

She brought her lips very close to mine and was about kissing me when I pushed her away.

“Stay away from me. I’m not a lesbian, okay?” I said irritatingly.

“Don’t worry about it, baby. I can make you one” she said and tried coming for me again but I pushed her.

“Wait for your b***h and when she’s back, you can eat her up” I stated angrily and just then, the door opened.

Ah! Perfect.

I turned to have a look, expecting it to be her mate or something. But…it was someone else – a different lady I’d seen.


The lady in front of me fumed and rolled her eyes at me before going to sit on her bed.

I watched the other pretty lady as she walked in quietly and went to straight to her bed, minding her business.

She reached for her bag, brought out a book and started reading.

Hm. She looked calm and quiet.

I sat on my bed which was facing hers and stared at her.

“Hi” I found myself saying out to her, but she only gave me a stare and took her eyes back to her book.

Huh? Is she being snobbish or quiet?

I rolled my eyes and laid on my bed, not having interest in reading or doing something else.

I stared up at the ceiling and decided to just think – think about anything at all.

I thought about my family – what it would’ve been like having dinner with them today.

I thought about the outside world and so many other things and kinda wished I wasn’t here.

But suddenly, I thought of him and my wishes changed.

Yes – him. Miquel.

With how quiet he was, it was impossible for someone to get close to him and probably become friends.

But to be sincere, I really do like him a lot.

I mean…he’s just too handsome to be true.

Those eyes, lips, stature, aura, respect…everything!

I wonder why he’s always acting that way. Being so quiet and grumpy.


I was still thinking about the whole thing when a knock suddenly came up on the door.

“Who’s it?” The lesbian lady at the top of the bed asked, sounding angered.

“Is this the room of one Cali Jenner?” She asked and my eyes dimmed.

“Are you Cali?” She looked down at me from the top where she sat and asked.

“Y…yes” I drew my reply and stood up to get the door.

I opened it and found a strange lady standing in front of me.

“Are you the one looking for me?” I asked, still holding the door.

“Nope. They’re outside” she replied and started walking away and I scoffed.


Who in this God-damn institute could be looking for me now?

I sighed and decided to check it out, following the lady behind.

I walked out of the apartment and I found the boys waiting there.

I knew they were the ones because the lady signalled me so.

Hold on; isn’t these Miquel guards???


Why re they looking for me?
For those of you being confused about the banshee stuff, don’t get it twisted. I know what a banshee fully means and I know they also have the abilities to send death. But I don’t want the story to be too scary and that’s the reason I omitted the “death” part of it from Cali’s powers, leaving her with just the screaming stuff.

So, don’t get it twisted.

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