The elder’s daughter episode 32

The Elder’s Daughter

Episode 32

“Mom. I know that what I did was wrong by engaging myself in immoral activities, but I want you to know that Jacob is not the person you think he is. He is a monster” Esther said when her mother called her on the phone in the evening. “I know my daughter. I do not condemn you in any way. Whatever has happened has happened and we need to trust in God for the way forward. Your father is still in shock and I believe that with time, he shall get over it” her mother answered. “I will try my best to find something to do here so that I can help him to gather money to pay off the debt that he owes Jacob. I know God will make a way for us” Esther answered. It was a long discussion. Her mother didn’t want to cut the line. She had gone to one of her trusted neighbors to make the call as Elder and her son didn’t have phones again. Tears filled her eyes as she talked to her daughter. Esther was also filled with pity. She imagined what the family was going through. “Anyway, God is in control” she said to herself. Jacob kept sending her warning messages with abusive language, but Esther did not respond. “Angela, do you know how I can block this man? I am honestly tired of seeing his messages all the time” she said. Angela took her phone and with a simple click, blocked Jacob’s calls and messages. Esther was happy and felt relieved. She received another message ‘Oh no, I hope he is not using another number now!” Esther shouted. She opened the message and sighed “Oh thank heavens! It’s not him. It’s David. I wonder what he wants this time around” she said. Angela looked at her with curiosity. The message read “Hi Esther. Can we meet this evening at 7. I have something important to discuss with you. Please.” Esther shook her head “Men! When they want something, they can be very deceiving” she said.

Angela: But Esther. I thought you had always loved David. Don’t you think this is your opportunity to make things right with him?

Esther: Which things? Yes I did love David, but I am no longer desperate for love. I found the love and peace I was looking for in Christ.

Angela: I understand and you are perfectly right. No one loves us more than Christ, but David is the father of your child and he needs to know. Do you want to have a child that will not know its father?

Esther: Angie, with time, I will inform him about it. I just don’t want him to think that I am using my pregnancy to have him in my life. You know I am no longer the person I used to be. I no longer look down on myself. I have read from the Bible that I have so much value in the eyes of Father and that is why He even sent His only Son to die for me. I cannot be chasing after love from men. Love should find me where I am. David is seeing Betty and I definitely don’t want to be the cause of their separation. If he truly loves me, he will put everything in order and come after me.

Angela: But don’t you think that is what he is trying to do?

Esther: No I don’t think so. I think he is trying to be selfish. It’s not even more than two months since I saw both of them together. He cannot be jumping from one lady to another and at the moment, I don’t even want to get involved with any man. I want to concentrate on my studies and see the way forward. God will bring the right man to me when the time is right. You have always told me to do so. So I don’t understand why you are now pushing me to David

Angela: Because I care about you and your child

Esther: Don’t worry dear. Everything is under control. As for David, he can continue in his state of confusion. May God help him and show him the way

Angela laughed “Wow! You have really changed and I guess you have changed for the good. I am happy” she said. Esther smiled and continued revising, completely ignoring David’s message.

The final exams were coming up in the next three weeks and students were preparing adequately. Esther and Angela were also in deep preparations for the exams. They were constantly revising and studying hard. They continued attending the Christian students’ fellowship and were becoming even more excited about knowing more about God. Brian was ever kind and friendly. The three: Angela, Esther and Brian had now become best of friends within a short period of time. They were usually found together after classes and did revisions together as they all studied the same course. David was becoming more paranoid. He had tried his best to get in touch with Esther but it was all to no avail as she also tried her best to avoid him. At times, he went to see her in her room, but she would ask Angela to tell him that she was not around. He still hoped to see her soon.

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One afternoon during lunch break, David found Esther, Angela and Brian having lunch together. His heart was filled with jealousy. He sat behind them constantly looking at them. He could see Esther laughing loudly as Brian talked. “She looks more beautiful every single day I see her” he said to himself. He ate his lunch with anger and left. In the evening, as he was going to his shop, he met Brian on the way to their Bible study. David told himself that it was his chance to talk to Brian. Brian was the first to greet him with a merry heart “Hello bro . How are you doing?” he said.

David: I am doing fine thank you and you?

Brian: Very well, by God’ grace. I am still waiting for you hahaha

David: Hahaha. No problem my bro. I will come very soon.

Brian: Ok. Remember that we only have a few weeks left before the end of the term

David: Sure. I will be there soon. Actually I am glad that I met you today. I wanted to find out something from you. I hope you can spare a few minutes

Brian: Definitely. Our prayer meeting starts in the next 20 minutes or so. So you can go ahead. I am all ears

David: Thanks man. I don’t you know if you are aware that Esther and Angela have been my very good friends for over three years now

Brian: Oh yes, I am aware of it.

David: Great. Well, I just wanted to find out something from you. Please forgive my curiosity. I am not trying to poke my nose in your business but I just want to clarify certain things. Are you seeing any of those ladies?

Brian: Hahaha. What a question! Anyway I do understand why you ask such a question. I know that of late, we have been quite close. No, I am not seeing any of them bro. They are just my friends. I actually have a fiancée but she is not in this school. Esther and Angela are very good ladies. We fellowship together.

David: Oh ok. Thank you for the information. Sorry again for my curiosity, but do you know if Esther is still engaged?

Brian: Hmm. That can only be answered by Esther herself because I don’t think she would be happy to hear that I am talking about her private life. But why all these questions, if I may ask?

David: phew! It’s a long story bro. you definitely seem to be like someone that is trustworthy, but I don’t think it is of use to tell you about it. Maybe I am just being paranoid for nothing.

Brian: You don’t have to be. Maybe I can help. Are you in love with her?

David: hmm. I don’ t know what to say. We have known each other for a long time now and so many things have happened between the two of us. We went from best of friends to enemies, even though she pretends as if she has nothing against me. The truth is that I have fallen deeply in love with her and I don’t know what to do. I know she has a fiancé but I feel she is not meant for him

Brian: How do you know that she is meant for you?

David: I can feel it in my bones bro. I have met different girls in my life, but none of them has stolen my heart like Esther. I have tried so many times to forget about her, but the feeling won’t go away. And the strange part is that ever since we came back from the short break, the day I saw her, I felt like there is something connecting both of us. I can’t explain it, but the feeling was so strong

Brian: What do you mean?

David: I don’t know mehn! I felt like she was having a part of me. I don’t know how to explain it anyway. Maybe I am just being too obsessed with this girl.

Brian kept quiet for a while. He knew exactly why David was feeling that way, but he dared not tell him the truth.

Brian: Well bro. I understand perfectly how you are feeling. I have been and I am still in love with my fiancée and I know how I felt when our relationship was almost being torn apart

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David: Really? And how did you manage to solve the issue

Brian: Well, our story might be a little different from yours, but I just made up my mind to conquer her love for me. I put childish things aside and did my very best to win her heart again. You know, I learnt that women love strong willed men; they want to be conquered at all times. So if you truly think that both of you are meant to be together, then go for it. You might start by following me to the fellowship now because Esther will be there. Hahaha

David: Oh really? Then I won’t take any chances. I am coming with you

Brian: Hahaha. So now that you have heard that Esther is there, you finally decide to come? May God arrest you

David: Hahaha. Yes indeed!

Brian and David hurried to the classroom where the prayer meeting and Bible study were being held. David was excited as he hoped to see Esther. As usual, a good number of students were already gathered inside. David sat right at the back and the meeting started. He kept looking back and forth to see if Esther was there. He was not even praying when the opening prayer was announced. Five minutes after the start of the meeting, Esther and Angela walked in. David’s heart beat fast as he looked at Esther. However, Esther and Angela had not seen him. They went straight to some seats in front and joined in the prayers. The Bible study for that day was centered on “living to please God”

Brian was the one taking the teaching for the day. He talked about how one can live a life that pleases God. He explained with so much enthusiasm and conviction. David, who had not been paying much attention, was drawn to the teaching when Brian gave his personal testimony “I am a living testimony of what I am saying right now. I used to live a worldly life, a life that had no meaning. My parents gave me everything that I needed. I had money and could go anywhere I wanted, but deep within me, I felt an empty space that needed to be filled. I thought I could find fulfilment in drinking, womanizing and even stealing, but all these things led me into more frustration. I was trying to find my purpose of living, but it was to no avail. I hurt the people that loved me: my parents and even my fiancé. I thank God for their love. They kept praying for me. But a day came when I had to take a decision that changed my life. I was driving one night after a long drinking spree with my friends at a night club. On the way, I lost control of the car and it went straight into the forest. The car turned at least twice before hitting a huge tree.

I hang upside down with blood dripping from my nose, ears and mouth. I could not feel my legs anymore because they were stuck. I was hoping to see passersby to rescue me but there was none because it was in the middle of the night. At that particular time, I remembered my mother’s words “God is a present help in times of need.” I was afraid to call on God because I knew He knew that I had been a bad person. I felt I was not qualified to even mention His name. I feared that He would just kill me brutally. But somehow, as the pain on my head became intense, I had no option but to give it a try. So with pain and shame all over my face, I cried I could see, because of the lights of the car, blood that was dripping on the ground from my nose. I was losing hope. I told myself that God couldn’t possibly hear a sinner like me. But suddenly, I heard a noise. My car made a crack and within a few seconds, it fell on one side, allowing me to go through the other door.

I crawled out of the car with the little strength I had. I dragged one of my legs because I was badly hurt. Then I started moving, dragging my feet towards one direction. I knew the area very well so I knew where I was: there was a small village just on the east side of the road. I took the journey towards the village. It was painful, but I knew God had given me a second chance to live. After a couple of minutes, I could see some lights. I rushed in desperation. I had arrived in the village. Everyone seemed to be sleeping and with a loud voice I cried out “Help me! Somebody help me!” Some men form the village came out with hunting guns to see what was going on. I was already on the ground lying in a pool of blood. I lifted up my hand and cried again “Please help me.” And that was the last thing I remembered. When I woke up, I found myself in a small hospital.

I was later told that the village men had taken me to their local clinic. My body was full of bandages, but I was glad that God had given me another chance to live. My parents were informed and they transferred me to a private clinic. My brethren, within a few weeks, I had totally recovered: no broken bone, no fracture. I was bouncing in sound health. I came out not only good physically, but spiritually also because I had been renewed. I had been forgiven and given a second chance. Today, I can proudly say that I am a living testimony of God’s mercies and grace. Maybe you are here and you are wondering what life holds for you. You are not sure of the reason of your existence. I have good news for you: Jesus is here waiting for you. He is ready to take you back if only you make the decision to follow Him like I did and just like me, He will change your life and make you a whole new person” Brian said. Everyone clapped their hands. David was touched. He had never heard such a profound message. He fought in his heart whether to respond to the call that was being made or not. Some few students stood up and went to the front. He also stood up and joined them, with his hand on his chest.

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Esther and Angela looked at each other in astonishment. Esther couldn’t believe that David had been there all along. Brian smiled with joy in his heart as he saw David giving his life to Christ. The whole group stood up and sang songs of praise. When the meeting was over, Esther walked up to David and said “Hi David. It’s good to see you here. What brought you here?” David smiled “Hi Esther. The same thing that brought you here” he said. Brian came to meet them and shook hands with David, congratulating him for the decision he had just taken “You’ll never regret it my bro” he said. David looked so touched and humbled. He was quiet and kept looking at Esther. Esther, who seemed to be suspicious of him, said “It was nice seeing you. I need to go now. I have some things to do urgently.” David wanted to talk to her, but Brian made a sign to him to hold his peace. Esther and Angela left. Angela clapped her hands “Wow. I am so happy to know that David has joined us” she said. Esther was quiet. She then answered “I don’t think his salvation is genuine. I believe he only came there to show me that he is now interested in church things. Men can be very subtle and I am not ready to fall for his gimmicks. I am not a small girl anymore. It’s just sad that people can even use God to get have their targets met.” Angela could not continue the discussion as she could see that Esther was not considering it a laughing matter.

That evening Esther was taking a walk near the hostels when she met Betty. Betty gave her a hug ‘Hello Esther. It’s been a long time. How are you doing?” she said. Esther was not very happy to see her, but she gave a fake smile “Hi betty. I am doing fine thanks and you?” she said. “Oh I am alright. Just running a little late. I have a date with David tonight and I am sure he has been waiting for me for a long time. Hahaha. I’ll see you later. Take care” Betty said. Esther smiled “Oh great. Please pass my regards to him” she said. Betty went running to prove her point. Esther shook her head “Hmm. David you are a wolf in sheep’s clothing” she said to herself. Surprisingly, a few minutes after that, David sent a message to Esther which read “Hi Esther. I was happy to see you this evening. I had a wonderful time. I feel so relieved and I believe this is the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I hope we can meet one of these days. I miss you my friend.” Esther read the message with so much frustration. She took her phone and blocked David’s number. She was determined not to hear from him again.