The Girl With The Mark

The girl with mark episode 24 – 25

{ His Runaway Mate }🔥🔥

By; Holland Cisca


Chapter 24&25: BRUISED FACE.




” So tell me, you were pissed off last week, what happened?” Harmonie asked, she was sitting opposite Hanley.

” I don’t wanna talk about it.” She said, flipping the pages of her note.

She wasn’t reading, all she did was to flip pages upon pages, yet not having an actual stop.

” You’ve been flipping through those pages. You sure you don’t wanna read that book? ”

Hanley stopped, shutting the book close. She exhaled heavily.

” You see those girls over there,” Harmonie pointed at some group of girls who were sitting at the other side of the library.

” Mm-hmm. What about them?” She asked.

” They’ve been whispering about you since morning. Guess they’re a lot of people who really wants to talk to you. Can’t believe you’ve grown so popular in just few days. ”

” Hmmm. ” She scoffed.

” Why would they be talking about me? ” She wondered.

” That girl, ” she pointed at a brown haired girl sitting at their middle. ” I heard she’s the Queen Lady of the school. Also heard she’s a bully too. You mustn’t be richer than she is or your life is ruined for good. ”

” I’m not popular, so why would she bother about me? ”

Harmonie shrugged.

Hanley moved her gaze to the brown haired girl, their eyes met for a while then Hanley took it off.

She knew she had entered the wrong school. And she doesn’t know why they keep staring at her like a moron.

The bell rang for the next period, everyone began to pack their stuffs for the next class.

” I have music now, see you after class.”

Hanley nodded.

She turned to leave. ” Least I forget,” she stopped, ” I didn’t get to know your name. ”

” Hanley. My name is Hanley Preston.” She said.

” Harmonie Grant. See you around, Miss Preston. ” She waved at her as she exited the library to the music class.

Hanley checked on her times table. Literature.

She first went to the toilet, after she was done, she took her books from the sink, heading to the literature class.

On her way, the said-to-be Queen Lady of the school approached her with packs of followers.

Hanley didn’t want trouble so she took the other side. Two girls blocked her, and when she tried to take the right, another two pushed her back.

Then it was the brown haired girl standing before her. ” Where the fu*k do you think you are going to?”

” I’m sorry I can’t reply your question, I have a class to attend. ” She said, ignoring the other girl’s question.

” I don’t remember asking you a question.” Said the girl, pushing her by the chest. ” Just because everyone talks about you, doesn’t mean you’re the cool one here.

You’re pretty has nothing to do with me because I can afford that. ” Hanley stared at every sides of her face, indeed she was absolutely beautiful.

” So, if you wanna prove beauty in here, then you’re in the wrong place. I won’t sit and watch you take my glory, bitch. So, you better hands down. ” She threatened.

” Well spoken, Miss beauty but I don’t think I fancy that. If you really do wanna find some one who is interested in your crazy competition, then I think you can actually find one around. If you don’t mind, I have class to attend. ” Hanley threw back.

Hanley walked away. The followers of the Queen Lady stared at her. No one has ever walked away from her ever before.

She held her by the hand, dragging her back. ” You dare not walk out on me, bitch!” She grabbed Hanley by the hair while the other girls threw punches at her.

The books she was holding fell to the ground as they kept beating her all over.

Luckily, the headmaster was checking on each classes just as he always does every day. Then he heard the sound of blows and hits.

All Hanley did was to dodge the hits, but that didn’t prevent her skin from having a taste of their hits.

Mr Anderson rushed towards them, separating the girls from Hanley.

He was surprised to see it was Hanley they were hitting like that. He never thought in just one week and Hanley would be a target.

” What is going on here? And what is all these about? ” He stormed at the girls.

The girls couldn’t defend themselves as he had caught them red handed. He held Hanley to her feet, and she adjusted her dress properly.

” You know the rules and what follows for such action you all have just taken. ”

” We are sorry, sir. ” Said the Queen Lady.

” I want you all in my office immediately. ” He ignored her apology. ” Are you alright? ” He asked Hanley as soon as the girls left.

She nodded her head.

” I’ll get you to the clinic.” He took her to the school clinic. He made sure the nurse had a good treatment on her.

Hanley had a plaster on her forehead and on her cheeks. One would know the fight was to destroy her face and make her look worster than she is.

Mr Anderson took her back to her class. Before she entered, he said to her. ” Stay away from bad companies.” He warned.

” I’ll keep that in mind, sir.” She said, walking in.

School was over for the day, Harmonie has been waiting for Hanley outside her class.

She was shocked to see her face already stained with red marks and plaster. ” What happened?” She asked.

” You know those girls you told me about… at the library, they did this to me. ” She answered.

” Did you reported to the headmaster? ” She asked.

” He was the one who stopped the fight. ” She opened her locker, picking her sweater and shoving it into her bag.

” My mother will be waiting for me, I gotta go.” They walked outside the building. ” Bye, ” she waved at Harmonie on seeing Lunara’s car.

But when she got to the car, it was Donald inside. ” Hey, you came.” She hopped in. ” What about mother?” She asked as he started the engine.

” She’s working on some important stuffs.” He answered and off they were out of the school compound. ” By the way, what happened to your face?” He asked after a while.

” Some crazy hot headed girls did this to me. ” She points at her face. ” Mother is gonna think I started the fight. ”

” Did you?” He asked.

She shook her head.

” Then I doubt she will.”

They got to the mansion. Hanley took her time to step out of the car. She quickly wore her sweater, covering her head with the hoddie .

She hung her bag on one shoulder, sighing heavily before she made her way to the building.

Thankfully there was no one in the sitting room, she made her way to her bedroom.

After a warm shower, she took a nap.


It was evening, and the cloud has become dark. Hanley yawned hungrily. She was beginning to feel the pain from the scars on her face.

She remembered she hasn’t done her literature assignment so she went through it as quickly as possible.

Literature wasn’t that difficult, all she has to do is to read the first five chapters of ‘Gifted Hands’ by Ben Carson and summarize it which actually took her a whole of three hours to do so.

” Dinner is ready, Miss.” Mary said from the outside.

” I’ll be there in a second.” She answered some few questions before shutting her book close.

She trailed down the stairs to the dinning room. Lunara was tying her napkin around her neck when Hanley walked in.

” Hey, what took you so long?” Lunara asked on seeing her.

” I was actually working on my assignment. ” She answered, making herself comfortable on a seat.

” Are you done with it?” She asked.

” Almost. Just few questions left. ” She replied.

” Got into a fight? ” Asked Lunara, noticing the bruises on her face.

Hanley shrugged.

” What happened?”

” There is this girl in the college, every one calls her the Queen Lady. I’ve been noticing how moronic she’s been watching me since I walked into the school. And luckily, she had her way right on my face. ”

” Did you fight back? ”

” I couldn’t. They were six of them. All thanks to Mr Anderson, he saved my ass from getting kicked out. ”

” Who is Mr Anderson? ” She asked.

” He’s the school headmaster. ” Lunara felt relaxed.

” What about the girls?”

” He’s working on them. They’re probably gonna call their parents by tomorrow, who cares.” She said with a shrug.

The door open and Ace walked in. ” Mother. ” He looked at Hanley who immediately bent her head to the table.

” What happened to your face?” He asked Hanley who ignored him at first. She was scared to answer his questions. ” You got into a fight? ” He asked again.

” I didn’t. ” She snapped.

” So why did you get the bruise on your face?” He questioned.

” They hate me. They said I wasn’t good for the school.” She said angrily like he was the girls in particular.

” Why would some group of people hate you on your second week of schooling? ”

” How am I supposed to know that? Maybe you should ask them yourself! ” He frowned and she looked away.

” I’ll love to have a word with your headmaster. ” He said sternly.

Back to his mother, ” Meet me in my room after dinner. I have something to tell you.” He exits the room.

Hanley rose her gaze to Lunara who has continued her meal. ” Please, don’t let him come to my school.” Hanley pleaded.

” Why not?” She asked.

” I don’t want him to. He might spank on the headmaster and possibly end up giving him bruises than mine. I think you should come instead.”

” Hanley…”

She didn’t let her finish her statement, she cuts in. ” Please, talk to him. I’d love it if you come instead.” She begged.

” I’ll see what I can do about it. ”


The following morning, Lunara drove Hanley to school and together they went to Mr Anderson’s office.

There he was discussing with the parents of the girls who had beaten Hanley.

” I would love to show you some prove,” he pointed at Hanley and the parents gaze all went to her. ” This is an act of wickedness, I’d say.”

Lunara signaled her to wait outside with the other girls. Hanley sat on the chair opposite the girls.

After what took like minutes, the parents walked out with a stained face. They took their respective child back home.

Hanley then walked in, sitting beside her mother. ” Mr Anderson, I was saddened when I saw this on her face. It would be unfair to see something like this on her second week in college. ”

” I understand, Mrs Preston, and I assure you this won’t have to repeat itself again. ” He promised.

” Hanley you should get going or you’ll be late for class.” Lunara ordered her to leave.

” Please, can you do me a favour? I know I’m asking too much but…”

” It’s okay.”

” Can you please keep an eye on her for me? She’s a little bit… hot headed. ” She requested.

” You have my word. ” He promised.


To Be Continued…

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