The hammingtons episode 34 – 35

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 34🍃
Gia’s POV
“Where are you Eric, where could you be?” I muttered as I searched for Eric throughout the city

I suddenly bumped into someone by the roadside
“Sorry” I quickly apologized and walked off but the lady held me back

“Gia?” it was Sophie

“Oh Sophie, hi” I said

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“What’s wrong? You seem to be in a hurry” she said and I nodded

“My brother, Eric I need to find him fast, he’s in danger” I said

“Maybe I can help you then” she said and I looked at her puzzled


“A locator spell, I can at least perform that and help you find Eric” she said

“That’s a great idea Sophie”

“Come with me” she said and I followed her back to her house

“Is Ethan at home?” I asked

“No, he went off to school” she replied

“How is he doing now?”

“Pretty great” Sophie said as she went of to get a map of the city

“What exactly is wrong with Eric?” she asked as she prepared for the spell

“He was hexed, by The Guardian” I said and she stopped and looked at me


“Yeah, apparently it’s some kind of enchantment that will make him so angry that he’ll want to kill everyone” I explained

“Then he’s not the one in danger, it’s the people around him that’s in danger” Sophie said and I smiled

“I guess so”

“Your family seems to always battle a new problem each day” Sophie stated

“That’s what happens when you’ve lived for a thousand years and have gathered a whole lot of enemies that wants you out of this world” I said

Sophie stared at me for a while, then she continued setting the map

“What’s wrong? What were you thinking?” I asked

“No, it’s….it’s nothing” she said


“How….. how’s Ivan doing?” she stuttered and I chuckled

“You know Ivan, since Eric is in danger now he’s probably running around trying to find a solution, that’s what he always does” I said and she sighed

“What happened between you two at the Plain of sorrows?” I asked

“Aria showed me his darkest secret” Sophie said

“Oh, that’s where all this is coming from, you saw Ivan’s darkest secret, but did that change anything Sophie? Do you fear Ivan now?” I asked

“How am I supposed to know if that changes anything when he won’t meet with me, he won’t see me and he won’t even talk to me at all!”

“Because he fears you might detest him now and see him as the monster that he really is” I said

“He’s the mighty Ivan Hammington, why will he fear that?”

“Because he cherishes you, when an outsider says bad about you it doesn’t really bother much but when it comes from someone you love, it hurts like a spear to the heart and that’s what he’s avoiding, the mighty Ivan Hammington is scared of what you’ll think of him, that’s why hasn’t meet you, because he cares for you and doesn’t want to loose you”

Sophie was silent for moment, then she took a pin and handed it over to me

“What’s this for?” I asked

“Eric is your brother, I need a drop of your blood on the map in order to trace his location” Sophie said and I nodded

I pierced my finger with the needle and let a drop of my blood fall on the map

“I hope this works, am not really that much of a powerful witch you know” She took a deep breath “Here goes nothing”
She began muttering some spells and the blood on the map starting moving
It moved for while then it stopped at a particular location

“It worked!” Sophie exclaimed

“So? Where’s Eric?” I asked and she stared at where the blood stopped on the map

“This is a rather odd place to be” Sophie said

“Where?!” I asked almost yelling

“The woods outskirts of the city, is your brother planning on leaving town?” Sophie said

“He probably went there cause it’s away from people, to avoid hurting anyone” I said as I stood up “I should go get him”

“Wait!” Sophie said and I stopped “The woods outskirts of the city! Some group of men came by the bar this morning, they said they were going hunting and camping today in the woods outskirt of the city”

“That means Eric won’t be alone there, if he sees those men in his state, then things might turn into a blood bath, I need to get him out of their quickly!”

“Let me come with you!” Sophie said

“And have Ivan rant at me for putting you in danger? I think it’s better you stay here” I said

“Then I guess you’ll be needing this” she said as she handed me a car key
“You don’t plan on walking to the outskirts of the town when you are in a hurry do you?”

“I didn’t know you have a car”

“Well I didn’t have one till yesterday, I bought it on a loan and am still paying for it so there should be no scratch on the car when you return it” she said and I nodded

“Sure, thanks Sophie” I said as I dashed out

Dianna’s POV
“The father?!!” Ivan and Eva exclaimed
This reaction was much expected

“His name is Owen Fletcher and he is the last living descendant of the innate ones” I said

“Why didn’t you tell us this before? Why did you hide it?” Ivan asked

“Do you not remember the innate ones Ivan, they hunted us for centuries back then because they believed we were a sacrilege to the witch’s order, they were one of the toughest enemy we ever had but yet we succeeded and we killed a whole lot of them. How do you think I met with Owen? He hunted me down, he came to kill me out of revenge, that is how our path first crossed. Now how was I gonna spell it out to everyone that the father of my child is a descendant of our long time enemy who’s probably still out to get our throats?” I explained

“Now I get it!” Eva exclaimed “I always wondered how you ended up pregnant Dianna, you were cursed a thousand years ago and the curse included inability to procreate, so you weren’t able to get pregnant all those years, your sudden pregnancy remained a mystery to me but I guess the mystery has been solved, the innate ones are not affected by magic, they can use magic but magic can’t be used against them and your inability to procreate is a magical curse, one that have no effect on the innate one, that’s why he was able to get you pregnant, because magic doesn’t work on him” Eva chuckled “I knew it, when I examined you back then, I knew your pregnancy was no ordinary one, I knew the baby you were carrying is not going to be ordinary witch”

“Aria said the curse of The Hammingtons will be transferred to my baby too, is that true?” I asked

“Aria didn’t know the baby was fathered by an innate one, this all changes everything, magic cannot hurt an innate one so she won’t be affected by the adverse effect of the curse but yet she will inherit your powers and that of her father’s, the ability to make magic happen by just thinking of it, the power of the Phoenix flame that you have, she will be very powerful yet immune to any form of magical attack, your child Dianna, will grow up to become the most powerful witch the world has ever known, a pure blooded witch” ……

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 35🍃
Ivan’s POV

“You said he came to kill you at first and he still harbours hatred for our family, will he agree to help free Eric of the hex?” I asked

“I can convince him” Dianna said and I stared at her for a moment

“Does he know about you being pregnant?” I asked

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“No, I never saw him again since that day so I never told him anything” Dianna replied

“For now let’s go find him and find a way to save Eric, but after that, we will talk about this sister” I said as I walked out and Dianna followed me

Gia’s POV

I drove as fast as I could to the outskirts of the city, even with a car, I’ve still not gotten there so how the bloody hell did Eric suddenly end up in this place

I drove for a few more minutes then I saw the sign marking the end of Arcane County
I stopped the car and stepped out, then walked into the woods by the side of the road
I walked and searched through the woods but I found no trace of Eric

“Why are you so hard to find Eric” I muttered

The sky suddenly became dark and the thunder rumbled loudly

“Eric!!” I said as I ran through the woods yelling his name

Dark clouds, rumbling thunder, these are one of the few things that happens when Eric is really angry
I need to find him before he finds someone

Dianna’s POV
Ivan and I walked past the bayou and went deeper into the woods

“You sure we’ll be able to find him here?” Ivan asked

“Am positive, he’s around here somewhere, Owen is primal in nature, according to what I know, during the battle with our family years ago, his mother barely survived and she gave birth to him in hiding, his mother raised him for a few years then she died, he has lived in the woods, among the trees and animals ever since” Dianna narrated

“For someone that hates our family, he sure did tell you alot of personal stuffs” I said


“When you said you had no idea who the father of the baby is I said nothing, I said nothing and I believed you, then it turned out you actually knew who the father is but you lied! You lied to cover up for him!!” I yelled

“I didn’t lie to cover up for him, I lied because I didn’t know how to tell you guys that the father of my baby is our enemy, I was afraid you guys won’t accept my baby cause of that” She said and I scoffed

“Is that how weak you believe our family to be? Because the father of your baby girl is a descendant of our enemy, you thought we’ll abandon you because of that? We’ve always fought for each other Dianna! Always! I didn’t expect this to come from anyone, least of all you”

“Am sorry Ivan, I…..”

“You suffered for the pregnancy alone while he was in the darn woods playing king to some plants and animals! He should have been by your side supporting you!! He shouldn’t have left you suffering for the pregnancy alone” I said angrily

“He didn’t know! He didn’t know I was pregnant Ivan and he still doesn’t, and I was never alone, when I had collapsed out of stress, had morning sickness and some pretty extreme mood swings, I was never alone, you, Eric and Gia were always with me and you all have always supported me, there was not one moment I felt alone Ivan, not one” Dianna said
“I know even if I was going to hide it from everyone I should’ve at least told you, I know but I couldn’t bring myself to, I feared you’ll be angry and disappointed in your sister for getting laid by the enemy”

I sighed and faced Dianna
“I have never once been disappointed in you Dianna and that still holds up till today, and you are wrong, I am not angry at you, am angry at the son of a bitch that got you pregnant and left you to face it all alone, and don’t give me an excuse like he wasn’t aware of your pregnancy, that he didn’t know doesn’t change the fact that he wasn’t here for you” I said and Dianna smiled

“No, we aren’t hugging and you are definitely not going to say any creepy stuff like you care about me so much or I love you” I said quickly

“Those aren’t creepy stuff!” Dianna protested

“They are to me” I said and Dianna stopped walking

“What’s wrong?” I asked and she stared at me

“Bloody hell, she’s gonna say it” I said as I quickly covered my ears

“You are such a caring brother and I love you Ivan!” I heard her yell and I chuckled
Dianna can be so dynamic, one minute she’s the strict elder sister with principles and the next she’s being so cheesy and emotional

We walked on, deeper into the woods then I stopped Dianna
“This place, this was the place I saw in Sophie’s memory, she was injured and she laid right here, then innate one or Owen, whatever you guys call him, he came here and healed her”

“I guess we aren’t too far from his abode then” Dianna smiled

Gia’s POV
“Eric!” I called on

Come on Eric, where the bloody hell are you?
I heard a sudden scream from the other side of the woods and I ran towards the direction of the scream
The thunder rumbled with more intensity and the wind blew strongly
This is bad, really bad

“Eric! Eric!!” I yelled
Then I heard multiple screams again and this time, the scream sounded nearer

I sighted a campfire in the woods and went towards the campfire
I got there and I saw no one alive, they were all dead, in a pool of their own blood

“No, no” I heard the wind rustling behind me and I quickly turned back to see Eric behind me, his whole body covered in blood

“Eric” I called softly but he didn’t seem to recognize me
I tried to remain calm but I couldn’t, I’ve never seen Eric this way, he was always calm, I’ve never seen him so out of control

“Eric, Eric you do not want to do this” I said as I moved back and he walked towards me

“Snap out of it Eric this isn’t you!!” I yelled and he grabbed me by the throat lifting me up, then he threw me hard on the floor

“Don’t Eric, I do not want to fight you” I said as I stood back up
“I really don’t want to fight you Eric, so please don’t make me”

The thunder started rumbling more and I sighed
“As you wish then” I said as my eyes change to an icy color

“Come on Eric, come on!!” I yelled and he ran towards me

“You’ve actually being a jerk to me so am not so sorry about this” I said as I grabbed his hand and his whole body freezed and he was unable to move

“This would’ve been so fun and fulfilling if we weren’t in a life and death situation” I said as I stared at Eric’s frozen statue

“Now how am I supposed get this back to the Mansion?” I sighed
I paced around thinking of what to do next

I suddenly heard some crackling sound and before I could turn around, Eric had already broken free of my freezing spell and he advanced towards me angrily

“Eric don’t……” I was suddenly struck with so much thunder from the angry Eric that everywhere became blank and I lost consciousness……..