The Heir And His Heiress

The heir and his Heiress episode 27

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(From a nobody to a Billionaire)

⚡Chapter 27⚡

Thompson Eduardo’s POV

I smirked in satisfaction after confirming from the sniper that he had done the job.

I don’t know if Chris is related to the Rodriguez or not but if he is, I will have to get rid of him. I can’t let anyone get in my way no matter what.

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I took care of this seventeen years ago and the only reason why I didn’t kill the heir to the Rodriguez then is because I might need him in the future.

There is a part of their money and treasures that I haven’t been able to access and that I won’t get to access unless a member of the family is pres£nt, at least I was able to get that information from someone close to their family lawyer.

I don’t know if this Chris is the one I’ve been waiting for or not. If he’s the one, then I will use him to get what I want and finally get rid of him.

“My Lord! We found a necklace around Chris’ neck and it’s the same as the one passed down from the Rodriguez.

It’s just that the necklace suddenly became two when another member of the family made a fake one just so he could become the heir and we don’t know the real one” the guard concluded

I had them investigate Chris secretly and I guess this is what they were able to find for now.

“Can I see the two necklaces?” I asked

“This is a picture of the necklaces and this is a picture of Chris with the necklace also” he said showing them to me on a phone

“Wait! Zoom it clearly” I said referring to the two necklaces from before

“This one has a gold ball while the other has a silver. Besides that, there is a name carved on the one with the gold ball but there’s nothing on the other one” I pointed out

“You are right sir! We haven’t had time to check out the differences yet” he said

The necklaces are similar but have slight differences which means it won’t be so h-rd to find the real one.

I’ve seen the necklace on my friend before so I should remember it clearly, although he wasn’t sincerely my friend.

I remember seeing a name on the necklace but what I’m not sure of is whether that small ball was gold or silver, I can’t seem to remember clearly.

Even though I can’t remember the color of the ball, I still have a hunch so I should check Chris own. I zoomed the picture clearly and when I saw the necklace he was wearing, I discovered it had a silver ball and there was nothing written on it.

Thank goodness! This means there’s an eighty percent chance that Chris isn’t the last heir of the Rodriguez. I’m supposed to be happy about this but I’m not entirely happy because of the treasures. It’s actually kept in a safe and I found out there’s a black card in the safe too.

I’ve tried opening the safe for years but I can’t seem to open it. Even if I succeed in opening it, the black card will be useless because I don’t know the pin. I guess I have to put more effort in the investigation so I can find the real heir soon.

Mitchell’s POV

*Lunch time*

I sipped my drink gently in a nearby restaurant I went to and thought about what Chris told me last night. It has been on my mind since he told me and I can’t just seem to take my mind off it.

First, he found the second necklace but we don’t even know which one is the real one because one is definitely a duplicate as I saw online. Then he found a picture again but we don’t even know who is in the picture.

The only clue we had to everything which was that man was killed and it’s making my head spin. Why was the man killed just when he met Chris and why did it have to be when he mentioned the Eduardos?

Dad told me the Eduardos and Rodriguez were friends but something suddenly happened which no one knows about and they became enemies. Shortly after, everyone of them died and all information about them were deleted online except for just few.

I feel like there’s something fishy about the Eduardos, I mean, their daughter doesn’t fail to show her bitchy attitude. There might be more to this than we actually think and it’s making me all worked up.

I paid for the drink after deciding to head home since I wasn’t feeling too well. As soon as I came out of the restaurant, I bumped into someone and when I raised my head, I discovered it was the man my car almost hit who claims to be Mr. Ronald.

“Good afternoon” I greeted politely

“Afternoon Miss Mitchell! What brings you here?” he asked looking around

“I came to eat lunch but I’m not feeling too well so I’m heading home now” I explained

“Ohh….. that’s a good idea. I can drop you off then” he offered

“No thanks! My guards are here and my car is more than ready” I said

“Ouch! That kind of hurts” he said and held his chest playfully

“Sorry! I will take my leave now” I smiled lightly and left

Why do I feel like he’s stalking me or something? I know it’s too early to conclude he’s stalking me when it has only happened twice but I can’t help it.

Chris call came in just as I was about getting into my car and I picked it with a smile.

“How are you doing honey?” I asked before he could say anything

“I’m doing good, how about you?” he asked

“I’m good too, just had lunch” I said

“Wow! You even had lunch before me today” he exclaimed

“Why haven’t you eaten by this time? Is Dad giving you so much to do?” I asked

“Of course not! I wasn’t here yesterday so I couldn’t do anything, I have to make up for it”

“Alright then. Take care of yourself and eat a lot” I said

“I’m going to get fat if I eat a lot” he whined

“You’re not a model so you can get fat as much as you want” I teased

“No one wants a fat husband nowadays”

“Yeah, except for me” I joked

“Really? That’s good then, I will eat a lot. I have to go now, talk to you later” he blew me a k-ss and ended the call

I wanted to get into my car and finally head home when I heard someone call my name from behind. I turned around and found Kevin approaching me.

Oh goodness, not again! First it was Ronald and now it’s Kevin, why won’t they just let me be?

“The look on your face shows you are not pleased to see me” he said when he was finally standing before me

“I’m not feeling too well so I was about heading home” I lied

It’s not entirely a lie though. I’m not feeling too well but seeing him now made things worse.

“You’re not feeling well? What’s wrong? Did something happen?” he asked feeling my temperature

“You have no right to touch me because right now we are not even friends” I said and moved away from him a little

“Why won’t you forgive me Mitchell? I can go down on my knees if you want me to” he said and started going down

“You want to go down on your knees just to get my forgiveness? You didn’t think about that when you were threatening me a day to my wedding? You still had the guts to say you were against my marriage and you want my forgiveness now?” I scoffed

“I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness, honestly I do. But I love you so much that I was willing to do anything to stop your marriage. I know you are married now and I can’t do anything about it anymore but I’m begging for your forgiveness now because I realized my mistake. Please Mitchell, think about how we started” he said

“I will think about it but I need to go home right now, I told you I’m not okay”

“Alright then. Do take care of yourself” he said and moved aside so I could get into my car

“Could Kevin really be serious about having realized his mistake?” I asked myself in my way home

Chris POV

After ending the call with Mitchell, I did what I was told to do and went to the cafeteria. When I got there, Anna was seated outside with her face in her palm.

“Anna?” I called walking up to her

“G….good afternoon sir” she stuttered

“Why are you here and why are your eyes puffy?” I asked concerned

“I…I thought you decided to leave for good because of the gossips” she said and broke down in tears

“My goodness! I told you I won’t leave anymore, don’t you trust me?”

“I do, but you didn’t come at your usual time today so I just felt that way” she said

“You should trust me okay? I won’t leave since I promised you not to” I said holding her hands

“Thank you sir” she said with a smile

“Call me Chris please, we are definitely age mates if we look into it” I said

“Alright Chris” she smiled and followed me into the cafeteria

I placed my order as usual and she brought them to me. All through the time I was eating, she kept smiling at me from where she was working and I returned it.

Now that I look closely at her, she looks very beautiful and has a great figure. She will be perfect as a model, maybe I should ask Mitchell to help her out.

After I was done eating, she saw me off to the parking lot and didn’t want to let me go.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” I suddenly asked even I didn’t know why I did that

“No, I don’t” she mumbled and looked down

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have asked. You don’t need to feel too down, I will shower you with so much love that you won’t even see the need for a boyfriend” I said without thinking

“Really? That’s awesome, thank you so much!” she exclaimed happily

“Did it make you so happy? I’m relieved. Anyway, I need to go now” I said

“You always have to leave so soon, will we ever get to spend hours together?” she asked sadly

“You want us to?” I asked her back

“Yes! I haven’t felt so loved and important to someone so I want to spend time with you” she said

“Okay, we will meet on Saturday then so we can get to know each other more” I said

“Wow! Thank you so much! I will leave you now” she said and turned to leave

After walking few steps forward, she turned around and came to k-ss me on the cheek before running off.

Did she just k-ss me? My goodness! If Mitchell had seen this, she will think I’m betraying her. I won’t scold Anna anyway because she’s pitiful enough. If I talk to her about this, she will definitely feel bad and I don’t want that.

I got into my car and returned to work where I was busy until late in the evening.

“Why did you return late today?” Mitchell whined as soon as I got in

“Awwn! You must have missed me a lot” I teased her

“I didn’t miss you one bit, I just don’t want you to be kidnapped or something” she lied

“Really? Let me go back then, you don’t need to worry about me getting kidnapped” I said and turned around but she instantly hugged me

“What kind of a boyfriend are you? You know I definitely missed you a lot. I’ve been home since because I felt a little sick and home is boring. I didn’t know you will return so late”

“You were feeling sick? Are you okay now?” I asked feeling her temperature

“Yes, I guess I’ve gotten better. You look sort of troubled” she said staring keenly at me

“T…troubled? No, I’m not” I lied

When she mentioned that she was feeling sick, I thought about the peck from Anna and wondered if I was with another lady when my own girlfriend needed me by her side.

“Alright, take a shower and let’s eat dinner. I was waiting for you to return before eating” she said

“You shouldn’t have done that, don’t do it again please” I pleaded

“Okay, I won’t” she smiled and left the room

Mitchell is a wonderful and beautiful lady, more beautiful and curvier than Anna if I may say. Besides, I love Mitchell but I guess I pity Anna. I need to take a stand before I cause problem in my relationship.


©️ Tricia

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