The Invincible Hunters


( Unimaginable_Seed )

There are two parts in,side the company: the manufacturing part and sales part. One could hear the sound of machines and robots at the manufacturing part. Workers were also seen in a black garments and gloves working cogently regardless the pandemonium of the environment.
The sales part was quiet, beautiful and decorated unlike the manufacturing part. One could hear a cool music blasting out of speakers which seemed to be nowhere-there were hidden. From the nature of the environment, one can substantiate quizzically without qualm that their product would be rapaciously delicious. Karina and another female worker were attending to customers rapturously when Randy walked in. He wore a voluminous jacket and a ski-ny trouser. He had a low cut hair and black complexion. When Karina saw him, she smiled. She knew him and Frank months ago through Jack her boyfriend.
“Hi, Karina” Randy approached standing before her. Though there was a demarcation between them.
“Welcome, Randy” Karina concentrated on him leaving her co-worker to attend to other customers. “What brought you here?” she asked.
“Of course Milky Crab” Randy replied then Karina reached one of the can-foods on a shelf and placed it before Randy. “Do you want any other thing?” she
asked smiling. She knew that they offer no other product except Milky Crab but just wanted to see Randy’s reaction.
“Yes, i want one more thing” Randy replied.
“And what could that be?”
“Yes, i wonna take you home and enjoy you as i gonna enjoy this Milky Crab” Randy jokingly said then they giggled.
“You are so silly” Karina finally laughed. They stared at each other still smiling.
“Have you seen Jack today?” Karina broke the silence.
“No, hasn’t he called?” Randy replied.
“No, he hasn’t”
“Alright, don’t worry, he will call” Randy took the can-food. “We shall see later” he said and began to walk out.
“Okay, bye” Karina turned to her co-worker to see her smiling
uncharacteristically. “What?” she asked.
“He’s handsome” Blessing, the co-worker, replied while Karina smiled without saying a word. “Is he your boyfriend?”
“No” Karina replied. “He’s a friend of my boyfriend” she added.
“Oh, i see” Blessing got busy.
“Have you heard of the invincible hunters?” Karina changed the topic remembering what happened the previous night at Jennifer’s house.
“No, who are they? And what are they hunting for?”
“I thought you are a citizen of Zumga”
“And so what? For that i should know everything?”
Karina smiled. “Never mind” she
Jennifer got to Jack’s apartment before Uncle Ben. She was surprise to see a plate of rice untouched on the table. She also saw Jack and Frank staring at her strangely. Therefore, she didn’t bother to sit down but stood before them in the sittingroom.
“What’s happening? I mean why are you both staring at me and..” Karina looked at the plate of rice again. “..and why is nobody eating this food?”
Frank stood up and adjusted his pair of eyeglasses touching Jennifer’s hands quietly. “You are Remina” he said.
“How do you know that name?” Jennifer asked surprisingly.
“Look” Frank showed her the prophecy made decades ago on his lap-top.
However, Jack had not said anything. He stared at Jennifer uncharacteristically from the seat.
After seeing the prophecy and reading a little about the war that took place decades ago with the hunters, witches and wizards and humans, Jennifer said, “I really want to know who i am”
“You are the chosen one” Frank said.
“Jack?” Jennifer called looking at him. She wasn’t just comfortable about how quiet he was.
“Do you have super powers?” Jack
queried standing up.
“But you never told me!”
“I just discovered it this morning when i saved a little child from accident! I still don’t even know how to use it!” Jennifer’s voice became high. “I don’t know who i am again. My life began to change when i found this seed at…”
“The seed must be destroyed!” a male deep voice came from the door and everybody’s eyes went there. Lo and behold uncle Ben standing firmly. Jennifer looked at Jack in a way that shows: YOU SET ME UP.
Jack understood and said, “No, Jennifer, it’s not what you think. I didn’t call him”
Uncle Ben moved forward and Jennifer held the bag where the seed was properly.
“Listen, Remina” Uncle Ben began. “I guess u are experiencing some changes in your life now. If the seed isn’t destroyed, you will never get your normal life back, the hunters will never stop hunting, innocent souls will never stop dying and this city will never be at rest. So you need to let go of the seed now!”
“I’m sorry, i can’t do that” Jennifer
briskly began to walk out. Uncle Ben followed her immediately.
“Uncle, let her be!” Jack also followed them. All came out from the house standing at the door. They couldn’t believe what they saw.

To be continued

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