The Invincible Hunters


(Unimaginable Seed)
Episode 7

Mr And Mrs fenado looked at each other after Jennifer locked her door in tears. Of course they had always heard about powers and spiritual forces but never knew that their family will be involved. Mr Fenado was still angry. The wife expected him to go apologise to Jennifer but he angrily walked towards his room. “Listen..” he turned pointing fingers at his wife. “Jane must return that so called seed to wherever she found it. We are Christians not some kind of witches and wizards or supernatural beings! I’m not gonna allow her stay in my house with that thing! For goodness sake, it’s obviously causing problem to…”
Jennifer’s door which cracked open interrupted him. Jennifer came out holding the seed in her hands still shedding tears.
“Fine, i will throw away the seed” she said.
“I never said you should throw it away. I said return it to where you found it!”
“Okay” Jennifer reached the car key again and headed outside. The father followed her.
“No, no, no, it’s already dark. You can’t send my daughter to that mountain at this hour” Mrs Fenado said bitterly.
“I’m following her. I must make sure she returns the seed” the husband entered the car with Jennifer then they drove off.
The day totally became dark. In the forest near the mountains, Jennifer and her father were seen walking hastily by flinging long grasses away. The sound of different kinds of animals were heard. They could see a flowing river by the side as they moved. They got to the spot where the seed was found then Jennifer stopped. The ground was filled with sticky mud.
“I found it here, right on this mud” Jennifer said.
“Then what are u still waiting for? Drop it!” the father’s voice echoed in the wh0le forest.
Jennifer bent down, she gently dropped the seed and stood up staring at it. However, the seed had possessed her thereby making her to develop a great love for it and eventually protect it. That’s why she couldn’t take her eyes off it.
“Let’s go” Mr Fenado said stepping forward but only to look back to see Jennifer still staring at the seed. “Jane!” he shrieked before Jennifer realised herself and followed him home.
Karina works with Can-food producing company called Milky Crab Foods LTD. She wasn’t a citizen of Zumga but a citizen of Texas where her only mother lives. Texas is a city found after Zumga but not as powerful and rich as Zumga. They also have witches and wizards.
As Karina was on Jack’s car going home that night, she closed her eyes and rested her head. Jack glanced at her then brought out his cell phone and placed it on his ear.
“Jackson” a deep male voice sounded on the phone.
“Good evening, uncle Ben” Jack greeted. “Please, i wonna see you”
“For what?”
“Something very important”
“Meet me at the office”
“Thank you, Uncle” Jack cut the call and pulled over in front of Karina’s apartment. He looked at her and said, “We are here”
Karina straighten up. “Thank you” she opened the door.
“Karina” Jack called her and she turned looking at him. “Don’t hesitate to call me if u get into danger. Remember, the city isn’t safe again”
“Okay” Karina replied and went into her apartment.
Benjamin, known as uncle Ben was Jack’s biological uncle who was also the commander in chief of the police. He had a black complexion with a huge body. He had always prevented Jack from being a corp because of a reason best known to him. As he was going into his office with a police uniform and a paper in his hand, Jack pushed a transparent door opened and hurried inside. Some policemen and women were operating computers while some walked around.
“Uncle Ben!” Jack called.
“Hey, Jack, xup?” Uncle Ben stopped.
“There is a very big problem and i need your help”
Uncle Ben gaze at him silently and
continued walking without a word. Jack followed him saying, “Have you heard of the invincible hunters? What of the seed of life?”
Hearing that, Uncle Ben stopped at
the door of his office. He looked at Jack again and said, “The last time i heard about them was 15 years ago, and that was in a book. I read about it” he pushed the door open then Jack followed him again.
“I think history wonna repeat itself” Jack said watching uncle Ben take his seat.
“What do u mean by that?”
“The seed has been found again and the hunters are back” Jack replied then uncle Ben stared at him…
Jennifer had returned home with her father without the seed. She entered into her room while the father stood before her wife in the sittingroom.
“Has she kept it back?” the wife asked.
“Yes” the husband replied with hands on his wa-ist. Just then, they heard Jennifer scre-ming their names. Both rushed into her room to see her standing before the bed.
“Jane, what’s it?” the mother asked.
“The seed!” Jennifer pointed at the bed. All looked at it and saw the seed glowing in white colour. Mr Fenado became not only confuse but speechless too.

To be continued…

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