The Korean god

The korean god episode 1

💕 The Korean god 💕


Jennifer Owens 💋

👄 Chapter 1 👄

~ Lee ~

I stood still, staring at my sister as she arranged my school uniform.
She did my tie, styled my hair, wore me my jacket suit as I stared at her.
She brought out her perfume and I rolled my eyes.
She sprayed it on my collar then my clothe.

“Tada! You’re good to go “she said and snapped her fingers thrice.
That’s an habit of my sister whenever she’s done with a job.
She stood on her heel and wiped away something from my mouth.
She backed away from me and looked me up and down.
“don’t think you need the jacket, you have to wear a cardigan that has a cap ” she said and I rolled my eyes.
So she just noticed it.
She pulled off my suit and ran up to my room.
She came back secs later with a cardigan that has a cap attached to it.
She helped me put it on and made sure the cap was covering my face well.
Only my mouth could be seen.
She smiled and snapped her fingers thrice.

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She handed me my bag and dragged me out.
“don’t kill anyone” she said, sarcasm visible in her voice.
I sighed and went to catch the bus.
I boarded the bus and headed to the so called school my sister enrolled me in.

~ Kim ~

I marched on the brake of my bicycle and came to an halt in front of Mrs Jones house.
I got down with the bag of milk and ran to her porch.
I knocked on the door and it flew open within secs, revealing an angry Mrs Jones.
“I’ve told you times without numbers, use the door bell ” Mrs Jones barked.
“Here’s your milk” I said and placed it in her hands.
She brought out her purse and brought out money.

I took it and counted it.
“Sae Ron ah, this isn’t my normal milk ” she complained.
I turned to run but she was quick to hold my leg, making me fall on my face.
Great! Now I’ve got a busted nose.
“Aajunma, let me go ” I said, trying to free my leg.
She sat on the floor with her hand still gripping my right leg tight.
“return my money ” she demanded.
“Aajunma, you know that won’t he possible cause the money already entered my pocket ” I said, trying to free my leg off her grip.
“Arasto (I’ve heard), leave my leg and I’ll return your money ” I said.
“use your hand not your leg to return the money ” she said.

“trust me ” I said.
Gosh! I don’t know why God had to make this woman as crazy as me.
She let go of my leg and I sprung up like flash and ran to my bicycle.
“Kim! ” she yelled.
“That milk is good for your health ” I said as I rode off.
I delivered milk to my other customers before heading home.
I knew I was already late for school.
Kim Sae Ron, is there ever a day you aren’t late to school?
I parked my bicycle outside our house and ran in.
“Kim! ” my mom yelled as I ran up the stairs.

“Omma (mom) ” I yelled back.
I change into my school uniform, brushed my hair backward and ran downstairs, being careful not to break my leg.
I’m very very thin so my mom gets scared whenever I run.
I went to the kitchen and saw a lap of chicken on a plate.
I took it and raised it up to my mouth to eat but I felt a force pull it down.
“ah omma! ” I yelled.
“this chicken isn’t yours ” she remarked.

“I just wanna taste it ” I said.
“no” my mom declined.
“I’m tasting this chicken and it’s final” I said as we dragged it.
“you aren’t tasting it and it’s final” my mom said.
I tried taking it into my mouth but she closed my mouth.
If I stay any longer just for a chicken, I’ll get detention.
PS : not just a chicken.
We hardly have money to afford it so it’s not just a chicken.
I left the chicken for my mom and ran out.
“Kim be careful ” I heard my mom say from inside.
I got on my bicycle and rode to school.

~ Lee ~

I got to school very early and found myself a seat.
I tried hard not to “kill anyone ” as my sister put it.
My mere presence alone seem to get people off their nerves.
I was tired of waiting for the teacher so I got up and went to the restroom.

~ Kim ~

I reached school and the compound was very calm.
I knew right away that everyone was in their class.
Gosh! How do I go to class?
I entered the school building and decided to go to the restroom first to calm my nerves.
I entered the restroom and my eyes met with someone.
His back was facing me but I could see his face clearly from the mirror.
My heart pounded hard in my chest as I stared at his reflection.
Time seemed to have stopped and I’d forgotten why I’d came here in the first place.
He noticed me and turned.
I couldn’t take in his looks anymore so I gave up, I fainted.
T. B. C
Jennifer Owens 💋
Episode 2 is coming soon

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