The Korean god episode 15 – finale

The Korean god πŸ”₯
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Chapter 15…. 😘


Jennifer Owens 🌹

~ Lee ~

After all the scenarios that took place these last few days, I haven’t been myself.
I was back to my old self where I isolated myself from everyone.
If I’m a monster then I better stay clear from humans.
Lisa and I haven’t been in good terms either cause I’ve been avoiding her.
I don’t wanna talk to anyone, I just wanna be alone in my own monstrous world.

I was supposed to go to school today buh I didn’t and I’m never stepping my feet in school again anyway.
I decided to take a walk, that I’m upset with “I don’t even know ” doesn’t mean I should take it out on nature.
About crossing over, a bicycle at full speed stopped right beside me, merely a centimeter away from me.
I looked angrily at the rider and it was her.
I hadn’t seen her face yet buh I knew it was her, Kim.

She seemed shocked with what had happened cause she took some seconds catching her breath.
She raised her face up to look at the person she had almost crushed and she was more shocked when she saw it was me.
The expression on her face was kinda funny though buh laughing isn’t in my dictionary for now.
I wanted to do what I usually do, you know, walk out on her buh I didn’t.
Strange! I stood there staring at her, as if waiting for her to say something.
Why would I even waste a second to listen to this clumsy human being?
Oh wait, she’s no ordinary human, she’s my soul mate.

I don’t know how the universe f*cking had the idea to make this clumsy girl my soul mate.
” Lee” she said in a whisper buh was clearly heard by me.
“what? ” I replied.
I had expected my voice to come out loud and intimidating buh it was calm and soft.
She was flushed as to how my voice came out.
I sighed and turned to leave.
Her footsteps could be heard as she walked behind me.

I stopped and looked back at her.
“why are u following me?” I asked sternly.
She wasn’t even riding her bike anymore, she was just roll pushing it along.
She bowed her head, not answering my question.
I’ll just cross over to the other side of the street.
I wanted to cross buh was almost ran over by a car AGAIN!
Now that’s it! What the hell is wrong with these humans?
Now there’s a scene! A scene of me in the middle of the road with cars around me and those at the back honking to drive through.

What a commotion!

I was angry and the only thing I wanted to do was just set them on fire.
The anger was building, eyes changing, body heating up.
Just when I thought I’d turn into the feared monster, I felt her palm on mine, so cold like ice.
I felt shiver run from my palm up my arm then my spine and sprouted all over my body.

I was calming down.
I couldn’t help buh stare at her, how tf did she do that?
Her lips curved into a heart melting smile and my heart kinda skipped.
I was snapped out of whatever that was happening to me by the honks of drivers.
Some had already gotten outta their cars and in no minute, the cops would be here cause we had caused such a commotion.
My eyes met Kim’s and it was clear from her facial expression that she had the same thoughts.

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Neither of us wanna spend the night behind bars.
She held my palm firmly and pulled me out for the run.
Before I knew it, we were on the run.
She couldn’t help buh laugh and her laughter was contagious.
We could hear the sirens behind us as we ran and that only triggered our laughter.
The cops just came and we already escaped.
We had run far from the scene before it clicked, Kim had left her bicycle back there.

I stopped and she wondered why.
I don’t know buh I’ve never seen Kim without her bicycle, she always goes everywhere with it so I think it means a lot to her.
“your bicycle dummy, you forgot it back there ” I told her and she let out a soft “oh”.
She’s gon be sad now and I don’t think I want her to be so I’ll just….
I arched an eyebrow when she busted out laughing.

“what ” I asked.
“it’s just a bicycle hahahahaha” she said amidst laughter.
She’s trying so hard to hide her sadness behind those laughs buh I could see right through her.
“oh I don’t think so ” I told her and headed back to where we left it.
“what if you get caught? What if the cops already had it? ” she asked as she tried her best to keep up with me.
“I don’t care ” I blurted out just before I could realize it.
Wait what? I don’t care? I don’t care if I get detained?
Her eyes popped out a lil, surprised at my response.

” I mean, you helped me back there so now it’s my turn ” I added.
“you don’t have to ” she said in that soft tiny voice of hers, so angelic.
Since when did I start admiring her voice?
“I don’t wanna be indebted to you ” I replied.
From afar, we could still see few cops there.
“so uhm… I guess we should hang around and wait till everything is cleared over there” I told her and she nodded with a smile.
We took a walk and found a seat beside a super mart.
We both sat down and I couldn’t help buh steal glances at her beautiful face.
Each glance I steal, she catches me and chuckles.

She’s only catching my every glance cause she’s staring and not taking her pretty eyes off of me.
“you’re beautiful ” I let out yet again without realizing and this time I think it got her over shocked.
Her lips were parted, mouth open, eyes wide and popped out, cheeks flaming red.
Just before I could utter another word, she sprung up.
“Aaaaaaaaaah!!!! ” she screamed and ran away.
“Kim! Hey Kim! ” I called as I ran after her.

She’s really something.
I found her standing under a tree, face buried in her palms.
“Kim ” I called and walked up to her.
“hey ” I tried to get her to look at me.
“no no no no no ” she pouted when I tried to remove her palms from her face.
“why ” I asked and she just chuckled softly.
“oh my oh my ” I chuckled softly when I thought of what could be making her act like this.

“you’re flushed cause I told you, you’re beautiful ” I said and she nodded before laughing softly.
” you’re so funny ” I said laughing.
She slowly took down her palm to take a peek at me buh I caught her so she just covered back her face.
“fine then, let’s both close our eyes and see who gets tired first ” I said and closed my eyes. I took a deep breath and placed my hands behind me, eyes still closed.
We stayed like that for seconds, no one ready to give in.
My heart skipped when I felt her close to me.

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My eyes were still closed buh I could feel her so close to me.
What is she up to now?
My heart jumped when I felt a soft, cold lips on mine.
I’m not sure buh her lips were on mine!
My eyes flew open then widenened with her lips still on mine.
Her eyes were closed and my heart pounded so hard like never before.
I closed my eyes, locked my lips with hers and enjoyed the moment.
I could feel the cold tingling sensation running down my spine and I’m sure she could feel my fire too.

With our lips still doing the magic, I ran my hands up her shoulders to her face and gently rubbed her earlobe with my right hand while caressing her jaw down to her neck with my other hand.
Everything felt equal, fire and ice.
I wasn’t too hot nor cold, twas like these two elements fire and ice were at a 50-50 degree and a settled temperature.
We slowly pulled away from the kiss and her eyes were the most beautiful things I’d ever seen.

Right there, I knew the universe weren’t wrong for matching us.
” you’re my soul mate ” I said in the sweetest voice ever I could make.
She smiled and hugged me.
“sorry for everything ” I told her.
“it’s OK, as long we are together I’m happy ” she replied and I hugged her tight.
“come let’s go get your bicycle ” I said and we laughed.
We linked our hands and walked down the street like the two perfect couple that we are.

@ Kim @

I really couldn’t believe everything, it was like a dream come true.
I am Lee’s soul mate! We are meant to be together! We were made for each other!
That day couldn’t have been more great for me!
You’re wondering what happened when we went to get my bicycle?
Well we got it cause the cops wouldn’t have known it belonged to us so it was there where we left it.
Lee and I had so much fun and that day is never to be forgotten in my life.
Now I have him, my only angel, my crush! I’m dating the most handsome guy ever and the STAR can’t even compete with me anymore.

Soon we are gon graduate and get married yaay!
I remember the day I told him I’d been crushing on him since the first day I saw him and how I fainted thinking he was an angel, he laughed his ass out, how cuuute!
Together we’ll make the world a better place for us and peeps like us.
That will be my priority.
Yes! I’m Kim Sae Ron after all. *winks*.

By Jennifer Owens….. 🌹.