The Last Blood

THE LAST BLOOD (episode 5)

© Bright Daniel
Danny ignored Mr Ruben’s inquisition then rushed to help his friend up from the ground which Rita was already doing, but when he got there, he pushed her away saying, “Get away from him!”
Rita nearly fell down if not that she withstood the pushing force. She looked at her father whom Mr Ruben tried to calm down. She felt remusful about her action which could be termed ‘disrespect’. Though she had no choice but to save Stanley’s life from the father’s magically power. She briskly walked to him like a child who was caught stealing a meat from a cooking pot.
“I want that boy, whosoever he is to stay away from my daughter!” Mr Hocain broke in anger. “I don’t want him anywhere with her or this school gonna close down! I have been warned by the government that if she should commit another murder, I and my family gonna face the full wrath of law. So, Mr lecturer.. ”
“It’s Mr Ruben” he interrupted.
“I don’t care! All I want you and the school management to do is to make sure this boy is never seen with my daughter again!”
“I’m sorry, father” Rita interfered twisting her fingers but he never replied her. He angrily went back into his car then drove off. Before the gateman could open the gate, he saw it opening by itself-that was Mr Hocain magically controlling it from the car. Seeing that, the poor gateman ran for his dear life.
Mr Ruben didn’t understand what Hocain tried to substantiate, so he looked at Rita and Stanley who have regained himself standing beside Danny. “Both of you, to my office now!” he commanded.
Security agents that arrived to the scene had to hold the two students as all headed to the office. After series of explanation, Mr Ruben understood what Mr Hocain substantiated, therefore, he looked at the two students again who sat opposite him, “Rita,” he called. “if any person should see you with Stanley again, you’ll be expelled from this school. Have I made myself clear?”
Rita glanced at Stanley, bent her head down before nodding it in agreement.
“Speak! Have I made myself clear!?” he repeated hitting his hand on the table.
Rita raised her head up with tears rolling from her eyes. “Yes sir, I’ve heard you. Never will anybody see me with him again” she responded with a quivering l-ips .

For the past three days, no one ever saw the both students together again in school. They should have understood that they were destined to be together and can’t stay any further apart from each other regardless the curse or any consequences it would bring. Danny was yet to understand that when he woke up at night to see Stanley not only standing by the window but shedding tears too.
The tears of a grown man has a strong and remarkable reason which must be out of control. It is far more than the tears of the gods.
Danny gently touched him. “You amaze me bro. There are several girls here in school and in the wh0le world at large, but here you are shedding tears for only one who is not even a Christian. Tercy loves you, why are you so blind to see that”
“To hell with any love from any other girl!” Stanly shrieked as he turned from the window. “You don’t get It, Danny. I can’t stay a moment without Rita. Is like I have known her for years, like my soul is attached to hers, like there is a force that pushes me to her every minutes of the day”
“That must be an evil force, yes, you must stay away from her. She’s evil!”
“Then let me be part of the evil because I love her and there is nothing, I repeat, nothing, absolutely nothing or anybody, not even her parents can do about that” he concluded and went back to the window. Only then did Danny understand the level of the situation. He had no other option than to support him. Therefore, he said, “We need to break that curse because I won’t let you die for love”
Stanley turned again. “Do you have any suggestions on how to break it?”
“Nope” he replied as an afterthought.

  A story for: THORN IN THE FLESH

10:30pm at Hocain’s residence, darkness was the nature of the atmosphere, thus, making the environment dark as well. One can see a ray of light through the windows of the house. Suddenly, a strange wind began to blow which attracted Mr and Mrs Hocain to the window to know the cause of it because as spiritual powerful beings, they felt that another powerful being is approaching the house. Just as they believed, they saw a strange person covered with black robe from head to toes coming from the gate. They also saw a lamp on the person’s hand but couldn’t see the face.
“Who could that be?” Mrs Lena asked the husband.
“Let’s wait and see” he replied.
The strange person finally appraoched the door of the house, hung the lamp on the wall and knocked at the door. Mr Hocain opened it while the wife stood behind him looking at the guest.
“I believe I am at the Hocains’” the person said.
“Yes? Who are you?” Mr Hocain asked then the person uncovered her head. It was Stanley’s grandmother!
“I am Latisha, the grandmother of the one whom your daughter fell in love with” She replied then went in,side even before she was permitted. It was no big deal for the Hocains, so they stood before the old woman looking at her black eyeglasses and wondering how she could see with it in the dark too not knowing she was blind.
“So what brought you, Latisha?”
“My grandson brought your daughter to me for an introduction as his girlfriend. Since then, I went out in search for his destiny with the girl he loves”
“And what’s your result?” Mrs Lena asked.
“I know, you Hocains has some powers but what I don’t understand is why your daughter is destined to be with my grandson”
“Destiny? My daughter is destined to be with your grandson? Is that the result of your research?” Mr Hocain asked trying to get angry.
“In as much as both are destined, Stanley gonna die in the process because the time has come when both can’t stay away from each other due to the force of destiny that is driving them together” Latisha stepped forward looking at their eyes even though she can’t see. “You know of what I speak, don’t you?” she asked calmly.
we know and nothing can be done about it. So tell your grandson to stay away from my daughter otherwise he dies”
Latisha laughed in a factitious expression. “You don’t understand the meaning and the power of destiny, do you? Now listen and listen very good, I don’t care how you gonna do it but you must break the curse because I won’t watch my boy die like a stabbed chicken by your daughter. I have seen it all” she proceeded to the door, took her lamp and went home.
There was nothing that could be done but to allow destiny to take its way, the Hocains knew that.

The next night at Eastwood, students had gone to bed living the environment lonely and quiet. A gentle breeze took over the atmosphere as the moonlight shone brightly for unseen angels. Rita woke up missing Stanley. For the past four days she had not talked to him or touched him. She wished to be with him at the moment, so she walked to the window and surprisingly saw him sitting at the basketball court. “Stanley?” she called happily with a smile and rushed out immediately without Julie’s knowledge.
Stanley also wished to see her. Surprisingly, when he raised his head up, he saw her running to him, so he stood up and ran to her until both met and k-ssed each other passionately. The sound of their breath could be heard by anyone around.
“I miss you” Rita said smiling then gave him another quick k-ss.
“I miss you more” he replied car-ssing her cheek. “I can’t spend another moment without you” he looked around then lowered his voice. “I have an idea, let’s run away”
“To where?” she stared into his eyes.
“Anywhere that we can be forever together”
Rita shook her head negatively. “Stanley, in as much as I so desire to be with you, I don’t want anything to happen to you. I have eleven days left to turn dark and.. and.. kill you”
“Nothing gonna happen to me or you. I want you to have faith in God!”
“Stanley, it doesn’t work like that. My ancestors passed through the same thing” she began to shed tears while Stanlely held her hands.
“You have to believe in God!”
“There is no God, Stanley” she turned to go away but to see Tercy recording their conversation with a video camera. Stanley became surprise when he saw her. None of them said anything until she left.

The next morning, Tercy reported to Mr Ruben with the video as an evidence which led to the expulsion of Rita Hocain from Eastwood Academy. Stanley did not know about it until he saw Rita coming out from the hostel with her luggage. He met her immediately to know what was happening.
“Why are you leaving, Rita?”
She kept quiet dragging the box as she walked slowly. Many students watched her from the windows.
“Talk to me, what’s going on?” Stanley was still curious and inquisitive.
“She has been expelled!” Mrs Kate said from behind.
Before Stanly knew it, security men restricted him from following Rita when he tried to do so. He disengaged from them, ran into his hostel and began to park her belongings. Danny came in with a sad look because the news had gone viral.
“What are you doing bro?”
“I’m leaving the school” he replied without looking at him.
“I have been expelled”
Danny became confused. “I thought Rita is the only one expelled”
“I never told you the school expelled me, I expelled myself” Stanley concluded…
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