The Last Blood

THE LAST BLOOD (episode 4)

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The rain freely poured on the students who were watching the drama until they began to depart one by one. The droplets of the rain could be seen on the faces of Rita and Stanley after they had quit the k-ss. Just then, Rita realized the consequences of what would happen if they should continue emotionally, so she began to withdraw back from him but he never left her hand.
“Please, don’t go any further from me” he told her.
“No, I have to, Stanley. I don’t want anything to happen to you” she replied.
Both became quiet for a while still with their hands clutched together. Suddenly, the rain stopped. Stanley looked up in the sky, looked behind to see Mr Ruben’s car and said to Rita, “Come on, follow me! ” he began to drag her.
“Hey, where are you taking me to?” she asked aloud without getting a reply as both ran to the car. To her surprise, Stanley opened the drive’s door, entered, pulled out two red and black wires under the steering wheel then joined them together. Immediately, the car kicked off. Rita couldn’t believe it neither did she know what was happening until Stanley shouted at her saying, “Enter!!”

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She quickly hopped in and they drove out from the school compound before securities got to notice what happened. Seeing all that, Mr Ruben entered into his office, sat down, and picked up a ringing telephone that was on the table.
“Yes? speak?”
“Sir, we’re sorry. We couldn’t get to hold the two students but we wonna involved the police” a security agent said on the telephone.
“No, let them be. They gonna come back”
“Okay, sir” the line went off.
Mr Ruben didn’t know why he was so free with Stanley and Rita after they caused a scene in the school, drove out with his car and put the school day activity in jeopardy. “God!”he exclaimed.
Stanley pulled the car to a stop at the entrance of an old building. Beside them were tall dry trees and shrubs looking reddish in colour. Rita looked at him in,side the car.
“Where are we?”
“We’re at home?”
“Whose home?”
“My home” Stanley stepped out while she also did reluctantly looking at the bushy environment. No other house could be found there except the one standing few meters from them.
“We gonna leave the car here, grandma doesn’t like the sound of cars” he added walking with her.
“You live with your grandma?” Rita asked.
“No, but I visit her often. Be careful, she may be blind but very wise and sensitive. Sometimes I wonder if she just pretends to be blind due to how observant she is” he looked at her then both giggled at the statement.
Rita grabbed his arm with two hands in a way she rested her head there as the locomotion continued. “So, why did you bring me here?” she asked.
“I promised my granny that she would be the first person to see my girlfriend before my parents”
“Really?” Rita looked up at him with a face filled with joy. “Mhen, I can’t wait to see her” she giggled alongside with him.
They finally entered into the house to find it more attractive than the exterior. It was totally empty. Only a white piano-stand could be seen at a corner and an old woman playing melody with it. That was the grandmother. She wore a white robe with black eyeglasses backing the two lovers who believed that she had not noticed their presence. Therefore, Stanley began tiptoe in order to scare her but before he could to her, she stopped playing the piano and said, “No need of doing that coz I have seen you already”
Stanley gave up then looked at Rita who smiled at him. He turned to the grandmother. “Granny, how did you see me?”
She left the piano-stand walking straight to him without any form of support like a stick, if not as an old woman, as a blind woman, but she wasn’t with such thing to tell you the level of familiarity she has gotten with the environment. “I don’t need eyes to see you, Stanley. There are other org-ns for sight such as the heart. I see with my heart, young man” she replied hogging him in a way she placed her ear on his chest.
“I’m happy to see you, granny”
“I’m happy to see you too my child” she disengaged from him then looked straight at Rita. “Who is she?” she asked boldly.
“Who is who?” Stanley wanted to whined her the more with a smiling face.
“Stop messing around with me, Stanley. Of course I know you can with a woman”
“I heard it from your heartbeat”
Already, Rita had fallen in love with the wise old blind woman. She couldn’t help it but to keep smiling all these while the conversation went on. With the joy in her, she briskly walked to her then embrace her.
“Whoa, she’s even more friendly than I thought” the woman reciprocated the hug.
“Granny, she’s Rita Hocain, my girlfriend. I came to fulfil my promise” Stanley introduce.
“Hocain?” she repeated strangely.
“Yes, Hocain” Stanley waited to see her reactions but didn’t see anything. After a series of tranquility, the woman said to Rita, “Welcome dear, join me in the dinning table” she led the way while the two lovers followed her..
At the residence of Mr Hocain, the building was also located at a lonely forest with one way entrance that has a hallow gate. Dead grasses could be seen from the entrance to the doorstep, even on top of the roof. Singing birds could also be heard from the lonely forest. in,side the house, Mr Hocain vibrated in anger with his wife, Lena. Both stood in the living room arguing while the television was broadcasting. They had felt the power Rita used to break the banned which was the reason of their anger and vibration.
“Your daught
er wants to commit another murder!” he began glaring at his wife. “She has succeeded in breaking the banned we used as a way to keep her away from affection and love by any man”
“Then we must do something!” the wife said in a woozy manner. “What are we gonna do now?” she added.
Before any further reply, they heard the sound of a ringing telephone which was just beside the wife, so she picked it instantly. After communicating with the caller, she gazed at the husband.
“What? who called?”
“The call is from Eastwood. They said Rita isn’t in school”
“Where the heck could she be?” the husband asked.
The dinning went very well at the residence of Stanley’s grandmother. Stanley took Rita to his room where he was staying when living with the grandmother. Both entered in,side to see a bed and some toys that made up a typical teenage room.
“This was my room” he made her sit on the edge of the bed. “I’m surprise granny still has it maintained” he also sat beside her.
“Stanley, I’m scared” Rita said.
“For what? Because you gonna turn dark and kill me all because I love you?”
“I have fifteen days to disconnect any feelings that we both share otherwise I’ll turn dark and.. and.. ” she paused looking into his eyes.
“Even if it means to die, I’m ready coz I can’t stop loving you, Rita. I feel as if we’ve known each other before now. Please, I don’t wonna miss your presence”
“I feel the same too”
They gazed at each other rom-ntically then gradually k-ssed. It became so intense that they began to off each other’s cloths. Rita could be seen on only a b-ra and p-nt as Stanley carried her to the inner part of the bed, k-ssed and rom-nced her until he succeeded in putting off both the b-ra and p-nt. One could see her br-ast standing er-ct and the n-pples longing for a s-ck. Sooner did he start s-cking them and at the same time found his d*ck into her vag-na.
“Aaahh” she mo-ned in pleasure with increase in heartbeat. She engulfed him with her hands bouncing inline with the movement of the bed..
The rom-ntic s€× ended pleasurably after which they laid on the bed with their body covered.
“Why were you cursed?” Stanley broke the silence.
“According to my parents, it had been from the onset. My ancestors experienced the said thing. Nobody has the true information about the source” she replied.
“Can’t it be broken?”
They remained silent again before Rita spoke up, “My parents must have noticed that I have broken the banned. Please, let’s go back to school” she stood up unclad dressing up.
When they got ready to leave, Stanley searched for his grandma but couldn’t find her anymore. That was strange. He shouted her name around the compound but all to no avail. Without wasting time, the two lovers drove out.
“I wonder where she is” Stanley said in,side the car.
“Maybe she has gone to visit the neighbors” Rita smiled.
“My grandma has no neighbors and she hate associating with people”
“That’s strange” Rita thought critically then waved it off.
They drove straight to Eastwood but to their greatest surprise, Mr Hocain had arrived there already and Stanley parked the car before his. When Rita saw him, fear grip her.
“What?” Stanley asked her.
“That is my father”
“Really?” Stanley looked at him again to see that he wasn’t happy.
Already, students had started watching them while Mr Ruben was on his way to the place because he knew something terrible might happen. Sooner did Stanley see Mr Hocain angrily approaching to the car.
“You need to run away” Rita told him.
“To where?” before he concluded, the four doors of the car opened magically controlled by Mr Hocain invisibly. Immediately Stanley came out, he stretched his hand and he landed on the floor struggling with an unseen hand which wanted to strangle him to death.
Seeing that, Rita rushed out. “Let him go, father!” she shouted but a slap from him sent her to the ground too. Meanwhile, Stanley had started giving up the ghost in him. Blood could be seen running from his nose and mouth . Rita stood up with anger then envoked a power which did not only released Stanley but catapulted the father to his car in a way he hit his wa-ist hærdly on it then the car alarm activated. Just then, Mr Ruben arrived.
“Stop this nonsense! This is not a magical school but a movie academy!” he said breathing hastily.
“But I guess they are acting movie which someone’s life wiill be taken at the end because he’s so blinded by love and can’t reason with his senses” Danny’s voice came from behind.
“What does that mean?” Mr Ruben turned to him…
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