The Mafia Lord

The Mafia Lord Episode 16 – 17

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The Mafia Lord Episode 16


June PoV continues

I held Troy tightly when the plane was about landing.
He looked at me and smiled. he has been kind of quiet ever since I confessed my feelings to him ..
We alighted from the Jet and a man was already waiting to receive us
“Welcome Mr Daniels”.he said with a bow , he looked at me and gave me a bow
“Montes”. Troy called ,how are you?
“ fine. he replied
He lead us to a black tinted car .he opened the car door for us and we both hopped in. He got into the driver seat and drove off…..
“ where are we going from here?”,I asked Troy placing my head on his shoulders
“My penthouse”. he replied
“he must be really rich”. I thought
“ what of your parent?”. I asked and i saw him go stiff
“Troy”. I called
“They are both dead”.he replied calmly
“What happened to them?”.I asked
“Can we Please not talk about it?”.he pleaded
“Alright”. I muttered , it is alright…….:

The driver parked in front of the building and we took an elevator to the penthouse
“Wow”. this is so beautiful. I exclaimed as we got in
Troy headed upstairs and I followed behind him leaving Mr Montes alone in the sitting room..
He pushed the door to a room opened and we walked in
“ I really love this place “. I screamed in excitement
He smiled and walked over to the bathroom .
I sat down on the bed and took of my shoes.
Troy returned to the room with only his briefs on
“Holy moly!. I exclaimed staring at his abs covered in tattoos
“How can someone be so perfect ?”. I wondered
“What are you staring at?”. he asked, we have less than an hour to leave for the party
“I didn’t come with any clothes”. I replied, you told me not to
“Everything you need is in there”.he said pointing over to a big wardrobe
“Alright”. I replied running to the bathroom to shower…….
I returned to the room and Troy was not in
“He must be downstairs”.i guessed
Troy had already selected the clothes he wanted me to wear, It was neatly arranged on the bed…
I stared at the long black slanted gown, it was really beautiful ….
Troy PoV
I headed downstairs after dressing up
“Boss”. Montes called , he was seated on the sofa drinking
I went over to Join him and he poured me a glass of wine
“Who is she?”. he asked referring to June
“A friend”.i replied, why did you ask?
“ I was just surprised to see you with a woman”. he replied, it is so unlike you …..
I thought about June, how will she react when she find out I am into drugs?
“Can I come and work for you?”. he asked distracting me from my thoughts..
“No. I replied, you have a family so stay with them
“Thanks”. he muttered, you have done so much for me. You saved me from Yakusa, you also made sure I had a comfortable life
“It is nothing”. I replied……
“Troy”. June called heading down the stairs, how do I look?. She asked
“Beautiful”. I replied standing up to meet her
“The gown is a bit exposed”. She complained. I am only wearing it because you want me to”.She said grinning
“ can we go?”. I asked her
“Sure”. She replied.
I nodded at Montes who was watching us smiling and headed outside with June beside me……
June POV
“Who is Montes?”. I asked Troy as he drove . Is he your friend or a driver?he doesn’t look Russian
“he is a childhood friend”.he replied
“Really?”. I asked, then why did he address you officially ?
“Probably because you were with me”. he replied
“ we are already here “. he announced and parked in front of a gigantic building
“Diego hotel”.I read the inscription written on the building……
We walked into the hall and I gasped in shock when I saw most people smoking.They were all dressed in black
“Is that the dressing code?”, I wondered
“Troy”. a Russian man called walking toward us, I am glad you could make it
“Diego. Troy called , how are you?
“Is this the owner of the hotel?”, I wondered
“Fine”. he replied
“Who is this beauty with you ?”. he asked staring at me.
“It is none of your business”. Troy replied him
“I am just curious to know because it is so unlike you Troy”. he said grinning, or is she so sweet that you forgot who you really are?”.he teased
“Be careful with your words”Troy warned holding my hands as we walked past him
“Who is he?”. I asked, he is so scary
“He is no one important”. he replied
“Mr Daniels”. a lady called walking Towards us, this way please . She said and led us to the front table
We sat down and Troy pulled out a packet of cigarettes and started smoking…….
“They are all the same?”. I muttered
“What is it?”. he asked looking at me
“Nothing”. I replied
“what is this place?”, I wondered staring around when I met the gaze of Diego. He winked at me and I immediately looked away
“Troy”. I called , he was busy with his phone
“Yes”.he replied with his eyes still fixed on his phone
“What is this place ?”. I asked him
“A party”. he replied looking at me
“What kind …….”. I stopped when i noticed Troy was staring at a man who just walked in with two men behind him
“What is wrong?”. I asked staring at the man. He was a handsome man with grey hair
The man headed towards our table immediately his gaze met Troy
“Who is he?”. I wondered
“Troy”. the man called when he got to our table, it has been long
“hello Yakusa”. Troy greeted him
“ I can see you are all grown”. the man said smiling , Who is she?”. The man asked staring at me, she is pretty
“It is none of your business”.he replied ..
The man looked at me and gave me a small smile before leaving
“Why are they all pretending to be friends?”. I wondered, it was very obvious that don’t like each other …..:::
“Good evening Ladies and gentle men “. a man greeted addressing everyone .
“ Welcome to the peace party of the Mafias
“Mafias? What is that?”. I asked Troy in whispers
He looked at me and looked away without saying anything …..
This is the only way for us to know and recognise each other “. he continued and we are happy to have Drug loads from other countries in our midst…
“Drug lord? I was really confused .
“ what is he saying?”, I asked Troy in whispers,he said this is a Mafia party
“Let us get out of here”. I said holding his hands
“June”. he called, get a hold of yourself
I looked at him and scoffed
“Are you a Mafia?”.I asked him
“Yes”. he replied….
“Holy Mary!. I exclaimed……

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Episode 17

Troy’s story

June PoV

My whole body vibrated as fear gripped me
“ what have I gotten my self into”
I tried to stand up but Troy caught my hands and pulled me back
“What is wrong with you?”.he asked
I stared at him blankly
“Is this the reason why he is so heartless?”is this the reason why he brought me here?…..
“I will answer all you questions when we leave here”.he promised
“Fine”. I muttered

It watched some men walk over to greet Troy when the the party was over
The DJ soon started playing loud music and most guests stood up to dance……..
“Do you care for anything miss?”. a server asked walking to me
“No”. I replied , I really had no appetite

Troy PoV

“ can we go now?”. June asked
“ sure”. I replied
We stood up and was about leaving the hall when Yakusa walked up to me
“Troy”. he called, where are you rushing to? the real party is about to start
“ I am not interested in that”. I drawled
“I guess your b***h is already bored of the party, how could you bring a good girl to the devils club?”.he asked grinning

“Watch your word Yakusa”. I warned , what do you want?
“Can I talk in front of the girl?”. he asked staring at June
“ you can”. I replied
“I need you back Troy”. he said
“ really?”. I asked laughing, that is never going to happen
“ you are so stubborn Troy and that is the reason why I like you”.he said smiling , I planned on making you the successor of Yakusa syndicate but you betrayed me”. he explained
“ I didn’t betray you , I left you”.I replied
“ why?.”he asked. I took you in when you were little, I fed you ,I loved you”. Then why did you do choose to leave me?
“Because you killed my parent?”, I replied and I heard June gasped. I watched your men strangled my father to death and then raped my mother, I was just a little 7 years old killed”. I yelled
“ you already had your revenge , you killed them all”: he said
“Except one”. I replied
“ who?”. he asked
“You”. I replied
“What are you saying Troy?. he asked, i took you in and trained you
“That is why you are still alive”.i replied
“Really?”. he asked laughing
“Do you have any other thing to say?”. I asked him
“How dare you talk to me like that?”. he asked
“Good night Yakusa”. I said taking June hands into mine as we walked out

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June POV

Troy was silent throughout as he drove us back to the penthouse
“Troy “. I called softly
He turned to look at me and his eyes were moist ,my heart immediately melted
“ why are you staring?”. he asked
“Nothing”. I replied
He gave me a small smile
“He must be in so much pain”, I thought

We got to the penthouse and found Mr montes sleeping in the sitting room, he was so drunk
“Crazy.Troy muttered covering him with a blanket before heading upstairs, I smiled and followed behind him……
“he is so caring”.i thought
We walked into the room and he went over to the bed to sit down
I followed him and sat down beside him
“What do you want to Know?”.he asked with a sigh
“Everything”. I replied

Troy Pov

Everything started when I was seven years old. I became very ill and i needed a transplant.
My dad could not afford the bill so he had to go borrow from a loan shark
“Yakusa right?”. She asked
I nodded . I did the surgery and soon got better …..
My Dad had no money to pay back and he began receiving death threats from yakusa
he became scared and decided to run away from him…

We relocated to a small town and was living happily, My mom was pregnant and I was happy to have a new sibling but all this changed when Yakusa boys found us
I watched them strangled my dad to death and watched two men raped my mother . They took me with along with them and brought me to Yakusa
Yakusa took me in and made me work as his personal servant boy. I felt lonely as I had no friend until I met Montez who was also a servant boy like me…..
“Is that why you cherish him?”. She asked
“Yes”. I replied,

Yakusa grew fond of me and started telling me some few things about him . I got to know he was a drug lord and he made me work for him
He taught me everything about drugs , he thought me how to fight , shoot and to make deals.
I brought him more deals and he was proud of me..
he granted me permission to Kill my parent murderers which I did without feelings…..
“ why did you decide to leave him?”. She asked
“I felt bad working for my Dad murderer?”. I replied and I decided to leave finally when he asked me to kill montes
“What!!”. She exclaimed
“ I could not so I helped him escape”. I replied, I couldn’t kill do it……
She took my hands into hers and squeezed it….

“ it is alright Troy”. She assured me…..
“ I became so ruthless and never cared for anyone including Tricia my own daughter but it changed when I met you
She smiled .Who is Tricia mother?”. she asked
“ she is a b***h who forced herself on me”. I replied ,it was just a one night stand
“Are you still seeing her?”: she asked
“No”. I replied
“Fine. She muttered softly
“Do you still have any question?”, I asked her
She bent her head and started playing with her hands
“June”. I called softly , what is it?
“ I was just wondering”. She replied, you have never told me you love me
I stared at her silently
“Do you love me?”. She asked
“You should know I do “.i really
“ really?” . She asked tearing up
“ why are you crying?”, I asked her
“Because i love you very much Troy”. She replied me
I looked at her in surprise
“How can she still love me despite knowing the real me”
“ I love you Troy”. She repeated again
“ I love you too”. I replied softly
“ I can’t wait to tell Sara and Mary”. She screamed in delight
“ who is Mary?”. I asked her
“My sister”. She replied
“ I never knew she had a sister “
“I own the heart of Troy Daniels”. She said in excitement ..
“ you can say that again. I said smiling……
Troy really had a rough past?

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