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The master Addiction episode 17

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(h¡s last wife)

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
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Chapter 17


I sat d©wΠ at th£ park, it’s sight was beautiful to behold

I j√$t f!ni$h£d attend!ng th£ last lectures for today. Trust me it has been h£ctic

I blew off th£ str!ng of hair that rolled d©wΠ my face

A month !n th£ city has been amaz!ng, hav!ng to see and expedite some fun h£re

I stared at my phone wait!ng for Granny calls, $h£ promised to call me by even!ng and it was even!ng already

It’s been a month already and I have clocked twenty but I haven’t seen th£ person granny said I will see

“Woaw can’t believe th£ master got a third wife. Anyone is expected to be at h¡s mansion. I can’t wait to know how th£ bride would look like. Will $h£ be sa$$y… Cute… Adorable or as evil as h¡s first wife” I could h£ar some pa$$enger gist!ng among th£mselves as th£y walked pa$$ed me

“that isn’t all… I h£ard h¡s third to be wife h¡s carry!ng h¡s h£ir… h£ [email protected] with h£r already…. $h£’s so lucky” Anoth£r said but i h£ard it fa!ntly s!nce th£y were some metres away from me

“who’s th£ir master” $h£ thought still seat!ng d©wΠ

“it baffles me on how you got to be !n two places at th£ same time ” I mean and rolled my eyes and looked up at whosoever !nterrupt me

My eyes widened wh£n I saw h¡m. Its been a month now…how did h£ know I’m h£re

Was h£ stalk!ng me??

“now you won’t be able to pretend that you don’t know me” h£ said

Gosh! h£ caught me

h¡s gonna take h¡s revenge on me but I’m not gonna allow h¡m

“hi small p!n” I said fak!ng a smile even wh£n I’m s¢ar£d

“you are weird……a m!nute you act as if you don’t know me and anoth£r m!nute you recall me as small p!n” h£ said tak!ng a seat beside me

“Now that you aren’t pretend!ng….. I can take my revenge right” h£ said ₱v||!ng h¡s face closer to m!ne and I could perceived h¡s scent

I h£ld h¡s right ear and stood up, ₱v||!ng h¡m up by h¡s ears

“fv¢k! Demon!….. Let go” h£ [email protected] and I smile widely

That’s what I wanted to h£ar

“beg me and I will stop”i said still ₱v||!ng h¡s ear dragg!ng h¡m round th£ park

“I won’t…. Let go already” h£ said but I giggle and ₱v||!ng h¡s ears [email protected]

“you are wasted!! ” I said giggl!ng [email protected]

“fv¢k demon… Please! ” h£ said and I gr!n.

It sounded funny from h¡s m©vth

“I said it already…. Let go now! ” h£ said and I rolled my eyes

“can you say it much nicely” I asked

“fv¢k you demon!! “h£ said

I gr!nned and sqv££sed h¡s ears

“please!! ” h£ begged and I chuckled lett!ng go
✍️authoress gabby pov ✍️

Mrs Emmet entered h£r mansion !n fury

“That son of a bitch! ” $h£ cursed

“how dare h¡m so th¡s to my daughter th£ queen” $h£ retorted walk!ng !nto th£ mansion

$h£ got to th£ sitt!ng room and met Mr Armstrong, h£r husband all dressed up

“don’t tell me you h£ad!ng to th£ Master Mansion ” $h£ asked

“obviously Emmet. I’m th£ h£ad of Elder and I should be th£re” h£ said sternly

“why must you be an bad egg…. Your daughter husband is gett!ng married aga!n and you’re f!ne with it. What k!nd of a husband h£r you” $h£ snapped ©vt

“I can’t change h¡s decision Emmett ” h£ said

“you are th£ h£ad of Elders…. Th£ next !n decision mak!ng…. You got th£ power to utter h¡s decision…. Do someth!ng will you ” $h£ yelled and h£ clench£d h¡s temples

“next !n decision mak!ng and I’m happy you acknowledge that fact….. I can change anyone decision but not th£ master….. I can’t do anyth!ng ab©vt it….. ” h£ said and Mrs Emmet frowned deeply

What did h£ mean h£ can’t do anyth!ng

h£r daughter is !n th£ pent house still unconscious. Nickolas has ordered some guards to take h£r to h¡s pent house even wh£n $h£ fa!nted

“h£’s cruel… I won’t let my daughter say one day !n that God forsaken pent house ” $h£ growled even as h£r husband walked ©vt

$h£ got to do someth!ng…. And $h£ has to be quick
“fv¢k h¡m” Nathan yelled hitt!ng th£ wall [email protected] with h¡s knuckles, blood gestured ©vt and pa!n screwed h¡s wh0l£ [email protected] but h£ didn’t stop

h£ kept hitt!ng it [email protected]

“h£ now have a h£ir….. I will never be th£ people’s Master” h£ growled

Mr Connor (Nickolas fath£r) hit h¡s [email protected]¢k with h¡s walk!ng stick

“you talk nor less than a woman….. h£ hasn’t have th£ h£ir yet.. h¡s soon to be wife is j√$t pregnant….. th£ h£ir isn’t born” h£ said and smirked

Nathan turned to stare at h¡m and h£ smirked too, !n a m!nute th£y both turned !nto an un¢©Πtr0|lable laughter


Maya had to rush ©vt of th£ place wh£n $h£ can’t j√$t swallow !n what Mabel told h£r already

People were popp!ng !n obviously for th£ party

$h£ hurried to a quiet place which was th£ garden and sat d©wΠ

“I’m s¢ar£d…. I’m s¢ar£d of what I will do if h£ loves h¡s third wife m©r£….. ” $h£ remembered h£r own words to Octavia


$h£ has never loved h¡m but why now

Why now did h£r stupid h£art decided to [email protected]|| for h¡m

Maya got a flower and sat on th£ fold!ng h£r legs as If $h£ was ab©vt to meditate

“why is it [email protected] to resist, why does it hurt th¡s much, tell me how I’ll be able to let it go….. Why you Brielle ” $h£ thought star!ng at th£ flower

“Brielle why must it be you?, why did you snap me from beh!nd? ” $h£ yelled

“Brielle or whatever h£r name is…. $h£’s gett!ng married to our husband and $h£’s carry!ng th£ h£ir which we couldn’t……. Your Brielle is gonna be your husband favorite wife…….. I pity you th£ most because I’m h¡s first wife and you are th£ hired one…. h£ will be able to kick you ©vt m©r£ easily and your flame will be a story of th£ past”

$h£ remembered h£r words

A part of h£r didn’t want to believe…… h£r flames…..everyth!ng will go d©wΠ

“th£ flower with£red and also my love Brielle ” $h£ muttered


Mabel woke up an hour later, $h£ looks @r0vnd at wh£re $h£ was

It wasn’t th£ mansion

$h£ tried to get up but some [email protected] h£ld h£r support!ng h£r

$h£ bl!nked h£r eyes severally before hav!ng a clearer view

$h£ looked up and saw it was a maid

“wh£re’s th¡s place and what I’m I do!ng h£re” $h£ asked

“Th¡s is master pent house Ma’am Maya and we were !nstructed to look after you till th£ h£ir is born” $h£ said

Mabel eyes widened. So, $h£ hasn’t been dream!ng

It was true, h¡s husband is fv¢k!ng gonna get married to h£r personal maid

“Arrrrgh…. Wh£re’s my mum” $h£ asked

“$h£ isn’t allowed to be h£re”th£ maid answered and that got h£r vex

“is th¡s a sort of prison or what….. ” $h£ asked try!ng to grab th£ maiden [email protected] but a guard quickly stood at h£r front

“We are tak!ng orders from master” th£ guards said

Mabel chuckled…. Now th£y all got nerves

“I will make you all pay immediately I’m ©vt of h£re” $h£ snapped ©vt and walked to th£ b£d

“moaw! ” $h£ h£ard a wh¡sper

h£r cat jumped !nto th£ b£d and h£r h£art gladdened

“Miley you came” $h£ said strok!ng h¡s hair

“moaw!! ” Th£ cat wh¡skers aga!n

“im gonna make th£m pay…. All of th£m” $h£ wh¡spered to h£r cat
“I never knew a flirt would be fun to be with . You aren’t that bad” Chloe said eat!ng from h£r chocolate

“so I made your day right?? ” Louis asked and $h£ rolled h£r eyes

“it’s noth!ng big….small p!n” $h£ added mak!ng h¡m grit h¡s teeth

“it’s Louis… Not small p!n” h£ said

“your wish”$h£ muttered

“s!nce I’m not annoy!ng, can we be friends ” Louis asked

“I don’t be friends with flirt ” $h£ blurted ©vt

“awwn! That hurt. I can make you th£ best among my bitch£s you know ” h£ smirked and Chloe hit h¡s [email protected]

“gross. You are a big time flirt! ” Chloe muttered

“a penny klzz would do for a compliment too” h£ said and $h£ rolled h£r eyes dramatically at h¡m

“I’m ©vtta h£re ” $h£ said gett!ng up from th£ chair

Louis smiled watch!ng h£r get up. h¡s eyes caught h£r butt

I was big but not as big as wh£n h£ saw h£r !n Nick mansion

Maybe it’s because $h£ was putt!ng on a t!ght and short gown that’s why it was bigger…. h£ thought

h£ got up too trail!ng beh!nd h£r

Th£y came ©vt of th£ park and Louis sighted h¡s car

h£ saw Nick guards talk!ng to h¡s.

Th£ guards eyes widened immediately th£y saw Chloe

Th£y were shocked and walked s1©wly and it was h£r

Th£ four guards bowed immediately th£y got to h£r…..$h£ stared at th£m wierd

“my lady what are you do!ng h£re all alone….. ” Th£y asked !n unison

Louis sqv££sed h¡s eye brow star!ng at th£ drama

“I doubt if master knows you are h£re……. We need to get [email protected]¢k to th£ mansion. Th£ !ntroduction is j√$t !n an hour ” one of th£ guard said

“whose !ntroduction and what master” Chloe asked

“yeah which !ntroduction ” Louis asked

“our lazy is gett!ng married to Master and $h£’s carry!ng h¡s h£ir….. Th£ news is everywh£re” th£ guards said

“what” Louis yelled

“let’s go our lady before master gets to know of your disappearance ” Th£ guards said

“I don’t know what you are talk!ng ab©vt and I’m not go!ng with you eith£r ” Chloe said

“master will be so angry if h£ gets to know ” Anoth£r guard shipped !n

Louis stood frozen. What th£ fv¢k was j√$t happen!ng

“I’m sorry our lady…. You are prov!ng stubborn and had to do th¡s” A guard said and carried h£r from th£ floor !nto h¡s shoulders

“drop me!! ” Chloe yelled but th£ guards paid deaf ears as th£y carried h£r

Louis couldn’t m©v£, h£ was still !n shock

h£ never received any news. Th£ guards got to th£ir car and dropped Chloe on it

Two of th£ guards sat at th£ [email protected]¢k seat and th£ Two oth£rs at th£ front

“fv¢k! Th¡s is kidnapp!ng ” Chloe uttered as th£y drove ©vt with fvll speed


Next chapter will be lit 🔥 🔥

Maya is……. 🤐🤐🤐

Nathan and Mr conner🤔🤔🤔

What’s gonna happen now that Chloe is been taken to th£ mansion 🙄🙄🙄

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