The miracle I need

The miracle I need episode 82

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“He says he will join us soon.” Kimberly announced as she returned to the living room to join Wumi, but st©pped when she didn’t find Wumi there. She headed into the kitchen to see if Wumi was helping Prisca out, but was surprised to see that Prisca wasn’t in the kitchen either.

“Where did they go to?” She asked no one in [email protected] as she returned to the living room and headed for the door to see if they were outside.

“Where are you going to?” Eric who just stepped out of the be-droom asked, when he noticed she was heading for the door and suspected Wumi had gone out to take his call.

“I’m looking for Wumi and Prisca. They’re both not inside the house.” Kimberly explained.

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“plea-se get me a [email protected] of water. I’m sure they just stepped outside.” Eric said ma-king Kimberly return to the kitchen, while he walked outside to find out what was going on.

“What was that phone call about?” Prisca asked with an ‘I told you I would get you’ expression on her face.

“Do you eavesdrop on the phone conversations of all your visitors?” Wumi asked irritably after she managed to compose herself.

“Not all of them. Only the ones that act suspiciously like you. You’re not Omowunmi Obasan, are you?” Prisca asked doubtfully.

“I thought you were smarter than that. Doesn’t that question sound stupid even to you?” Wumi asked dryly.

“You are probably Eric’s ex girlfriend.”

“Really? And I’m also Kimberly’s step mother’s ex lover too?” Wumi asked sarcastically.

“What is your relationsh!pwith Eric? I’m certain he was the one you were talking with over the phone just now.” Prisca said stubbornly.

“Says who? If you don’t mind, excuse me. I need to return inside.” Wumi said, and tried to walk past Prisca, but Prisca blocked her path.

“What is going on here?” Eric asked in his usual cool tone when he opened the door and saw the scene.

“Are you having an affair with her?” Prisca asked without turning around to look at Eric.

“I beg your pardon?” He asked incredulously.

“You heard me right. I overheard what you both said over the phone. What is going on?” Prisca asked ma-king Eric [email protected] his forehead.

“And what makes you think I’m the one she was talking to?” Eric asked her calmly as he moved over to where she was, and st©pped in front of her.

“What I think doesn’t matter. It is what Kimberly would think when she finds out you’re both ma-king a fool out of her that matters. So tell me what is going on right now before I walk in there and tell Kim the truth.

“Tell Kim the truth? And what exactly is the truth?” Wumi asked with a hiss.

“That you both are pretending not to know each other. I’m sure she would love to know why. I want to know why too.” Prisca said as she eyed them both.

“Who were you talking to over the phone?” Eric asked, turning to look at Wumi.

“My brother, Tunde. He wanted to know if I’ve delivered his message to you.” Wumi said with her eyes on Prisca.

Prisca scoffed, “Do I look like a fool to you? I heard what you said about Kimberly’s step mother, and I also heard what you said about him coming out to eat and picking his best wine, so you can’t fool me.”

“Not that I owe you any explanation, but that’s because my elder brother actually knows Kimberly’s step mom, and yes I picked up my brother’s favorite wine because I’m going over to see him because he is feeling un-der the weather. Now if you don’t mind, excuse me.” Wumi snapped at Prisca angrily before walking past her and heading inside the house.

“I’ll appreciate it if you don’t accuse me of infidelity without getting your facts right, next time.” Eric said in displea-sure before returning inside the house. The moment he walked throu-gh the door he let out a breath he hadn’t realized he had been holding in. For a moment there he had thought everything was going to be expo-sed.

Prisca remained there with a frown on her face as she wondered if she had really just misun-derstood things, or perhaps they were both trying to deceive her.

“Oh! There you are. I was looking all over for you.” Kimberly said with a smile as she stepped out of the kitchen with the [email protected] of water for Eric.

“I stepped outside briefly.” Wumi said with a faint smile. Her heart was still beating really fast and she was yet to recover from the shock of seeing Prisca standing behind her. It seemed her impulsiveness was going to be a serious problem for Eric. She needed to get a chance to explain things to Kimberly before Prisca beat her to it, else it would be her word against Prisca’s words.

“Babe here’s your water.” Kimberly said as she approached Eric with the [email protected] of water.

“Thanks.” Eirc said with a nod as he took the water from her. He gulped down everything before turning to look at Wumi.

“So your brother is back in the country? I hear you have a message for me.” Eric asked, and they all turned when the door was opened, and Prisca walked in and went directly to the kitchen without sparing them a glance.

“I should let you both talk in pri-vate, while I set the table.” Kimberly said as she took the [email protected] from Eric before excusing herself.

“Are you okay? You look like you’re upset about something.” Kimberly observed.

“It’s nothing. I’m okay.” Prisca said as she took out the dishes and cutlery.

“You’re not. What is wrong?” Kimberly asked insistently.

Prisca walked over to the kitchen door and shut it, “I don’t like this Wumi or Mimi, or whatever you call her. I don’t think she is telling us the truth about herself.” Prisca said with disapproval.

“Why? Did she say or do something?” Kimberly asked in confusion.

“Yes.” Prisca said and went on to tell her what had just transpired between them outside.

“She said her brother knows Amaka? How?” Kimberly asked curiously.

“Is that the point? I think they’re both lying. What if they’re both pretending to be who they are not?” Prisca asked ma-king Kimberly’s brows pu-ll together in a frown.

“But you’ve always said you trust Eric. Why are you doubting him all of a sudden now?”

“I’m not saying I doubt him. I’m just saying something is not adding up, and you need to be alert… Wait a minute, you told me Amaka told you something similar, right? Don’t you think she probably knows Eric too? What if he is actually married to Wumi?” Prisca asked with a [email protected] ma-king Kimberly scowl at her.

“You’re not ma-king any s-en-se. Why would he agree to do this with me if he is married to someone like Wumi? Chief Obasan’s only daughter? You know what? I will just go out there and find out what is going on myself.” Kimberly said as she walked out of the kitchen, leaving Prisca to hurry after her.

“Babe, can I borrow your phone? And you too Mimi.” Kimberly said with a polite smile, “Prisca seems to think you both were on the phone a moment ago, so I need to show her she is wrong.”

Eric exchanged a glance with Wumi who was looking at him like she was waiting to take instructions from him, and then he glanced at Kimberly, “And what do you think?”

“Huh?” Kimberly asked in confusion.

“You just said Prisca thinks something is going on between myself and Wumi…”

“That wasn’t what I said. I said she thinks you both were on the phone.” Kimberly corrected.

“It’s the same to me, since she just finished accusing us both of having an affair outside.” Eric said with a slight frown, “So tell me what you think. Do you also think I’m having an affair with her?” He asked ma-king Kimberly frown.

“I don’t know… I don’t think so.” Kimberly said with a shake of her head.

“I’m glad you don’t think so. You’re the only one I owe an explanation, and as long as you believe me, I’m fine. And as such, I can’t give you my phone to prove any point.” Eric said, giving Prisca a pointed look.

“I can’t believe I was invited here to be accused in this manner.” Wumi said incredulously ma-king them turn to look at her.

Kimberly couldn’t help feeling [email protected] about her action, “I’m sorry…”

“Forget it. There’s no need for the apology. I admit that I may have acted suspiciously, but I can @ssure you that I don’t have any ro-mantic relationsh!pwith your husband. And I definitely don’t have any sort of ro-mantic feeling for him.” Wumi said before glancing at Kimberly, and then at Prisca.

Before anyone else could say a word, Eric’s phone started ringing, and he was relieved to see it was a call from Chuka, whose name he had saved as Tunde, “Your brother is calling.” He told Wumi, and flashed the phone at both Kimberly and Prisca so they would see the name on the screen before turning away from them to take the call.

“What’s up? I heard you’re back.” Eric greeted, taking Chuka aback.

“Back from where? I didn’t go anywhere. Is there a ghost in your house? My things have been missing from the refrigerator, even the cake I bought is missing.” Chuka asked in confusion. He had missed Eric’s call some minutes ago because he had been looking all over the house for the cake he had left on the dining table.

“Oh! I guess that is what you s£nt your sister to tell me? I’ll just set up a meeting between the both of you. Thank you.” Eric said, and hung up before turning to look at Kimberly.

“Tunde wants me to set up a meeting with you concerning your business proposal.” He told Kimberly with a blank expression, before looking at Wumi who was staring at him like he had just lost his mind, “I suppose that’s the message?” He asked her, and she nodded without saying a word.

Prisca looked even more lost since she couldn’t un-derstand what was going on, if that was the message why hadn’t Wumi just said so, since it involved Kimberly? “We should eat before the food gets cold.” She announced before walking away.

“I’m sorry about the [email protected]” Kimberly said to Wumi apologetically.

“It’s okay. Let’s eat so I can leave before it gets very late.” Wumi said as she walked past Kimberly and Eric and headed for the dining, leaving them alone.

“Let’s talk after dinner.” Eric said without meeting her gaze, and then he walked away.

They all ate quietly until Kimberly cleared her throat, “I heard you had a misun-derstanding with my father’s wife?” She asked, ma-king Wumi drop her spoon as she raised her head to look at Kimberly.

“No we didn’t have a misun-derstanding. I only went there to ask her to leave my brother alone.” Wumi clarified.

“Your brother?”

“Yes. Tunde. She used to be my brother’s ex girlfriend back in their University days.” Wumi said ma-king both Prisca and Kimberly [email protected] in surprise.


“Yes. I don’t exactly know the details, but she cheated on him with an older man and when he found out about it, he broke up with her. He traveled abroad after that and cut contact with her. I heard she has been trying to get back into his life lately, so I went to warn her to stay away from him.” Wumi surmised.

All the ladies had st©pped eating by now, [email protected] from Eric kept eating like he wasn’t listening to them. All he could keep thinking about was all the lies he had told. He was beginning to feel overwhelmed by the lies. It seemed like the more lies he told, the more lies he needed to cover it up.

“So your brother was her ex b©yfri£nd?” Kimberly asked as though she was struggling to come to terms with what she was hearing. Why would Amaka throw away a relationsh!pwith someone like Tunde Obasan? Was that older man her father?

“Yes. But that has nothing to do with our friendsh!p, that I can @ssure you.” Wumi promised.

“Babe, did you know about that?” Kimberly asked Eric curiously.

“About what?” Eric asked, dropping his spoon to look at Kimberly.

“Did you know that Amaka used to be your friend’s ex girlfriend?” She asked, looking at Eric curiously.

“No. I didn’t know she was the ex he told me about.” Eric lied before standing up, “Thanks for the wine. Let’s drink it together another time. I need to go rest my head now, so I have to leave you ladies.” Eric said politely before walking away.

“Excuse me.” Kimberly said as she hurried after Eric, leaving Wumi alone with Prisca.

“I’m sorry about the way I responded earlier.” Wumi told Prisca quietly, “I know you’re just being protective of your friend yet I acted like a bit-ch.” Wumi said apologetically.

Although Prisca still couldn’t shake off the feeling that something was going on between Wumi and Eric, she decided to accept the apology for peace to reign, at least until she found out what was going on, “It’s fine.” Prisca said with a polite smile.


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