The miracle I need

The miracle I need episode 84

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“What? You don’t want to take your call?” Ella asked when the phone rang again two more times, and he still didn’t take the call.

“It’s just one of those girls.” Ken said apologetically. He had forgotten that he made plans for the weekend with someone two weeks ago.

“One of those girls? Then shouldn’t you take your call and tell her it’s over?” Ella asked with a frown.

“I’ll do that later. So what were we saying?” Ken asked, wanting to change the subject.

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“What is it with you? Do you always just ignore peopIe this way? Or is she the sister of one of your friends too?” Ella asked irritably, ma-king Ken stare at her in surprise.

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m saying you should take your damn call and st©p avoiding it like you did to me! How [email protected] can it be to take the call and tell her you have a girlfriend now? Or what are you scared of? Wait a minute, are you ignoring the call because I’m here? You probably would have taken the call had you been alone at home, right? And who knows what plans you would have made with her?” Ella asked in an accusing tone ma-king Ken stand up.

“What has come over you Ella?” Ken asked with a confused frown.

“Nothing! Just take the stupid call and tell her it’s over between you both.” Ella snapped at him angrily before walking away. She knew she was probably overreacting, but she couldn’t help it. Loving Ken was one thing, but trusting him was another thing. Maybe she should have allowed herself heal from the hurt first before venturing into a relationsh!pwith him. Or maybe she shouldn’t be [email protected]!nghim at all, since she was always going to be suspicious of him because of his lifestyle.

“Like seriously?” Ken muttered as he watched her leave. He had thought the most respectful thing to do would be to wait until he was alone before taking the call, but now she had ended up getting mad at him simply because he was being considerate of her feelings.

He picked up his phone went after her, “Bella?” He called as he st©pped in front of her be-droom and pushed open the door. Ella said nothing as she [email protected] her be-d with her back to him.

Ken walked towards where she was lying down and and sat beside her before dialing the number and placing it on loudspeaker, “Hey sweetness! I’ve been trying to reach you… Did you forget about our plans?” An alluring feminine voice asked from the other end of the line.

“Sup Jess! Sorry about that… I was having dinner with my girlfriend.” Ken said apologetically.

“Girlfriend? You’re in a relationsh!pnow?” The lady asked, sounding genuinely taken aback.

“Yes. It’s a recent development, and I completely forgot about our plans, else I would have called to cancel beforehand. I’m very sorry.”

“Oh! It’s okay. I’m just surprised, but I’m happy for you. Congrats. She must be really special to have gotten you to commit.” Jessica said with a smile.

“Yes she is very special.” Ken said as he patted Ella’s hair softly, but she said nothing as tears gathered in her eyes.

“Okay. I’ll just go and hangout with my girlfriends then. My regards to your special lady, take care.” Jessica said before hanging up.

“I thought you’d be mad if I receive the call in front of you, and that was the only reason I ignored it. I don’t know what [email protected]£ over you just now, but whatever it is, I hope you get a grip on your emotions next time. Goodnight.” Ken said before standing up to leave.

Ella knew she should probably apologize for her outbur-st, but she said nothing as he left. She knew without doubt that she was going to have to work on her trust issues if she wanted their relationsh!pto work.

“You don’t want to wake up?” Sharon asked as she tapped Kathleen who was still sleeping soundly on her be-d.

“Go away. St©p disturbing me.” Kathleen murmured as she turned around so she was backing Sharon.

“Are you the first person to take alcohol? Wake up and tell me about yesterday jor.” Sharon hissed as she dragged off the pillow which was beneath Kathleen’s head.

“Good morning Aunty Kat. Daddy says we are going to church today?” Amanda who just walked into the room asked from the side of the be-d. It took the sound of Amanda’s voice to make her turn around again. Church? Today was Sunday alre-ady? She hadn’t been dreaming about the [email protected]£? Kathleen wondered as she sat up on the be-d, and looked around the room in confusion before looking at Amanda.


“Yes.” Amanda said, bobbing her head, “Daddy said I should ask you when we are leaving for church. I’m re-ady.” Amanda said with a smile as she sat on the be-d, drawing Kathleen’s attention to the beautiful yellow go-wn she was wearing.

“What is the time?” Kathleen asked Sharon who was still standing beside the be-d with the pillow in one hand.

Sharon picked up her phone to check the time, “It’s twenty five minutes past seven.”

“Tell him we will leave by 8:30.” Kathleen said with a yawn as she sat up on the be-d, before turning sleepy eyes to look at Sharon, “How did I get home?” She asked immediately Amanda ran out of the room.

“You don’t remember? Your boss carried you in here like baby.” Sharon said with a giggle as she sat down beside Kathleen on the be-d.

“He did?” Kathleen asked with a surprised [email protected] as she tried to remember what had happened.

“Yeah. You both [email protected]£ back pretty late. Thankfully I was still awake watching a movie on YouTube so I opened the door. He carried you inside and placed you on the be-d.” Sharon said with a grin.

“He [email protected]£ inside this room?” Kathleen asked as she looked around the room and closed her eyes in [email protected] when she saw the now dirty white [email protected] she had worn the previous day hanging on the wardrobe door, as well as one of the [email protected] she had hung on the door after washing.

“I just told you so.” Sharon said, and laughed out loud when she followed Kathleen’s gaze to the [email protected] and [email protected], “Don’t worry, I don’t think he had time to look around. Plus I think that should be the least of your worries.” Sharon @ssured her.

“Least of my worries? He didn’t take off my clothes, did he?” Kathleen asked when it finally occured to her that she was wearing just her undies.

“See how far your mind has traveled. No he didn’t. I helped you take off the go-wn myself. But your wig was alre-ady off, so I guess you either took if off by yourself, or it fell off while he was carrying you.”

“I hope I didn’t do anything [email protected]?” Kathleen asked with a [email protected] she raised her hand to her head.

“I hope so too. But judging by the smile on his face when I opened the door, I’m sure you did something. What happened though? How come you were drun!k?” Sharon quizzed her.

“I think it was the wine we had over dinner. It was sweet so I kept drinking without realizing it.” Kathleen explained as she got off the be-d, “I should get re-ady for church.”

“What did you both do? Where did he take you to? Did you snap pictures?” Sharon asked as she followed her to the bathroom.

“plea-se let’s talk about that later. My head is aching. Help me ask my mom if there is any medicine I can take for headache. Are you not going to church?” Kathleen asked as she took off her undies which she had sle-pt in.

“No. I didn’t come with church clothes. I’m coming, let me ask mumcy for any pain relief.” Sharon said before leaving the room.

Alone in the bathroom now, Kathleen’s brow drew together in a frown as she tried to remember what had happened. No matter how much she kept trying, the head ache wouldn’t allow her think properly, so she gave up. She could only hope that she hadn’t said or done anything stupid else she would just die of [email protected]

By the time she stepped out of the bathroom, Sharon had alre-ady laid out clothes for her on the be-d. She quic-kly dressed up in the decent charcoal colored, pencil, knee length Sk-irt, a black camisole, and pink blazers.

“It’s like his sister gave you matching shoes and bags for all the clothes.” Sharon observed as she took out a pink stiletto which matched the blazers she had picked out.

“Yes. I was surprised when she added the matching shoes and bags to the clothes. Thank you.” Kathleen said as she took the shoes from Sharon. She could ever un-derstand why Sharon always liked picking out her outfit whenever she was around.

“She obviously likes you a lot. At least you alre-ady have a good sister in-law… Let’s hope their mother won’t cause any trouble for you.” Sharon said with a teasing smile as she walked away from the wardrobe and jumped on the be-d.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself. It was only a [email protected]£.” Kathleen murmured dryly as she stood in front of the mirror and adjusted the wig on her head, before wearing a black beret cap. After hesitating for only a second, she applied light makeup on her face before turning to look at Sharon, “How do I look?”

“You redeem people and berets. You look okay sha.” Sharon said with a shrug.

“Thank you. I need to hurry so I don’t keep them waiting.” Kathleen said as she hurried towards the door, and st©pped when she remembered she was yet to take something for her headache, “Where is the medicine?”

“Sorry, I forgot. Look at it there.” Sharon said as she pointed at the card of diclofenac which was on the dressing table.

“Hurry up and go to church alre-ady so you can come back quic-kly. I can’t wait to hear the gist.” Sharon said as she [email protected] the be-d propped on one elbow.

“Amebo (Gossip).” Kathleen murmured as she picked up the medicine before walking away.

“Na you sabi!” Sharon called back after her.

“Ututu-oma (Good morning).” Kathleen greeted her mother in their dialect as she walked past her.

“Sharon said your head is paining you, go and eat so that you can take the medicine before we leave for church.” Her mother said as she turned around so Kathleen could help her Zi-p up her go-wn.

“You’re going to church too?”

“Am I supposed to sit at home on Sunday morning before? Hurry up so we won’t be late. Isioma is almost re-ady.” Her mother said as she walked over to the room ma-king Kathleen frown. A [email protected] of her was glad that her mother and Isioma was coming with them, that way she could avoid any awkward conversation with Pete, but another [email protected] wished they were going to be alone as they had been yesterday.

“Are you angry with me?” Kimberly asked as she followed Eric into his be-droom, ma-king him turn to look at her.

“No, I’m not.” Eric quic-kly @ssured her before taking her hand and drawing her closer to himself. How could he explain to her that his guilt was ma-king him unable to look into her face? How could he look at her when he was constantly lying to her?

“You don’t look okay. What is wrong?” Kimberly asked, looking at him very closely as though she was searching his face for answers.

Eric took in a de-ep breath “I’ve been lying to you about a lot of things, and it’s beginning to weigh me down.” He confessed honestly as he pu-ll-ed her towards the be-d to sit her down.

“Lies?” Kimberly asked with a frown as she followed him and sat down beside him on the be-d.

“Yeah. I can only hope when you eventually find out the truth you’ll be un-derstanding of my reasons.” Eric said, looking into her face with a worried frown.

“What truth? What are you lying about?” Kimberly asked curiously.

“I still can’t tell you about it yet. But can you give me two weeks? I will come clean in two weeks.” Eric pleaded.

“Why not now? What two weeks?” Kimberly asked with a confused frown.

“Because I need to find out something and make up my mind on something first. So plea-se can you give me two weeks? I promise to come completely clean with you after that. Just don’t doubt that I have your best interest at heart. plea-se.”

“But you’re not married, right?” Kimberly asked the most important question on her mind.

“I’m not.” Eric said with a nod.

“You’re not in a relationsh!peither? You’re single, right?” She asked uncertainly.

“Yeah. I’m not.” Eric said ma-king her let out a sigh of relief.

“The lady I spoke with over the phone, she is your mother, right?” She remembered to ask.

“Yes she is.”

“Good. Okay then. Those are the most important things. I will wait until you’re re-ady for you to tell me about whatever else you’re hiding. So don’t worry yourself too much.” Kimberly said with a small smile before standing up, “Mimi is still around, I will check on you after she has left.” Kimberly said before walking away.

Eric let out a sigh as he [email protected] the be-d and closed his eyes. He doubted she would be this un-derstanding when he eventually tells her the truth. But he was relieved at least that he had been able to prepare her mind for the truth. At least now she was aware that he wasn’t being completely honest with her, so she wouldn’t be too shocked when the time comes for her to hear the truth.


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