The Wrong Bride

The Wrong Bride episode 17 – 18


🥺(Being his bride )🥺
(An Indian romance)
Written by Bella writes ☺️☺️☺️
Chapter 17

“I just came to see how you two were, most especially your wife, she had been so drunk yesterday” Liam said as we three sat at the court yard.

I sat beside Justin while he had his arm over me.

I was still feeling a bit awkward though the introductions had been made.

I found out that the guy who saved me is none other than Justin friend,they have both been close since child hood and he might have been at the wedding but he couldn’t show up because of his busy schedule with work.

And what’s been bothering me most is that he is the guy I had drunkingly told the truth to last night

Now more than ever,I could remember the way I had behaved while I was drunk and I feel embarrassed .

“As you can see my wife is perfectly okay, aren’t you sweetie?”Justin asked having a mocking smile on his face

“Yes I am “I replied gently

“That’s fine then”Liam said looking at me In a strange way.

“Let’s go to my study Liam, we have a lot of things to talk about, like the story of my wedding”Justin said, adding that last part on purpose

“Have always wanted to know more about your wedding”Liam said rising up too

“Get us some thing to drink”He said and began to walk off with him but quickly I held him back and he stopped to stare at me and understanding that I had to talk to him privately, he told Liam to go ahead of him and that he will join him soon


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did you plan to tell your friend?”I asked

“I plan to tell him every thing that happen”He said


would you do such a thing? What happened with us should stay with us”I said

“Not when it will give my friend and I a chance to amuse ourselves”He replied

“Are you saying that am an amusement to you and your friends?” I asked and his smile told me what I had to know.

“Do I need to answer that?”He asked and i sighed in exasperation

“Just when will you stop tormenting me?”I asked

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“You call this a torment, I haven’t even started yet and you are complaining?”He asked

“Please Justin, stop this and let me go”I plead with him again

“You know my answer to that, I don’t have to tell you again,now bring a drink for my friend and I”He said and walked off.

I went to the wine room and brought a wine and then I head back to the kitchen to get two wine glass.

While I did all this, I kept on wondering what he was telling his friend.

If he made this a habit,a lot of his friends will look down on me while others will gossip about me.

I was still thinking when I got to Justin study, I was about to go in when I heard what he said.

“What say that again?”Liam said

“That I didn’t do any thing with her but I made her believe it” Justin replied feeling proud

” Why did you lie that you slept with her when you did not do a thing”Liam asked

“To spite her, to punish her, to make fun of her and to make her worried, I told you that I will make her pay”

“And this is how you will do it?”

“Yes this is how and have not even started yet”he replied
Justin never slept with me yet he lied to me just to punish me and to make fun of me.

I should be feeling happy right but I felt angry and some how hurt.

Not wanting to see his face, I took the wine back to the kitchen and head out side only to see Chantelle getting out of the car.


is she doing here? I thought as I stared at her

She took off her glasses and walk towards giving me a cold smile

“So you are still here?”She asked

“Why shouldn’t I be here”

“I thought that you would have left for India after what you saw last night”She said

“So you saw me standing by the door?”I asked

“Of course I did but I was just too busy with your husband to pay any attention to you”She said

“Look I don’t care what you do with him,he is all yours”I said walking past her only for her to pull me back

“Don’t try to act like you don’t care, all Indian girls pretend to be innocent and sweet when they are demons itself, soon you will be longing for Justin and I will tell you right here, right now that Justin belongs to me”

“And as have said, he is welcome to you, I don’t want him and I don’t think I ever will”I added and I saw Justin walking out with Liam..

He must have seen her arrive and that’s why he is coming out.

I tried to pull free only for chantelle to fall on the floor, I didn’t push her and I never touched her, so why did she fall?

“Justin! Justin please come save me from her”She said and it was then that I knew that she did it on purpose

“What happened?”Justin said as he pulled her up

“I don’t know what has gotten over Her,I was just greeting her and she pushed me “She said

“That’s a lie?”I said

“You did! You must still be angry about last night party and that is why you had pushed me ”

“I didn’t push you, we both know that you fell on your own, stop lying “I said

“Chantelle hardly lies and i know that you are capable of doing it Prachi”He said

“I didn’t do it, Am not as interested in her as much as you think,she doesn’t mean a thing to me just as you don’t,so stop being a pain the ass and leave me alone”I said and turned to head back to the room.

I knew that Justin had been angry with what I had said last but I didn’t care,he is just a bastard,I thought as I quickly took my bathe and dress up.

I was at the balcony when he walked into the room

I turned to see him looking at me strangely, “what do you want now?”I asked and when he didn’t answer I asked again

“I guess your lover must have left, didn’t you have time for her?”I asked

“I do have time for her but I decided to send her away promising to be with her tonight”

“Oh poor you, did I ruin your morning interlude with her?”I asked

“You didn’t and since I don’t have some one to enjoy my morning with, why don’t I do with you”he said

“What do you mean?”I asked getting a bit scared

“What you deprived me of having with Chantelle, have come to get it from you either willingly or forcefully”he said looking like the demon himself

🥺(Being his bride )🥺
(An Indian romance)
Written by Bella writes ☺️☺️☺️
Chapter 18
“Wh- what are you saying?”I asked as I began to move back

“You heard me Prachi, have had enough of you, it’s time I teach you some manners or two “he said as he began to take off his shirt

“Put that back on Justin, put it on”I yelled at him but he only gave me a smile in return.

“I should have done this a long time ago, maybe it might have shut you up and make you obedient to me”He said as he kept on walking towards me

“You don’t know what you are saying Justin, please put on your clothes and let’s talk about this amicably”

“Like you did when you decide to fool me by being your sister”He said

“I told you that I had to, believe me when I say that I didn’t want to do it”I said as i kept on moving back

“But you did, you could have let me down by either of you not showing up but you showed up and made me marry you and that is what I hate most, I hate it and I hate you for it”He said as he pulled me roughly to him

“That is why am asking for a divorce, that is why I wasn’t a divorce from you Justin, grant me one and let me leave,I wont ever show my face to you again”I begged

“No,as have said,I wont let you go with out punishing you for what you did, now come here!!!”he yelled as he pulled me towards the bed pushing me and I fell like a doll

He began to take off his shirt and i scrambled off to the other side of the bed, he pulled my leg and when I ended up in his front, he began to take off my clothes.

I tried to fight with him and kept on struggling for power but he was much stronger than me and he made me look so fragile and weak

He pulled me to him and kiss me, his kiss was like a punishment and I knew that if he should sleep with me tonight,it will be rape and I didn’t want that.

“Stop it Justin, please stop “I begged crying, I kept pushing at his shoulders but he kept on touching my bre@st.

It made me feel sick, I know that it’s his anger that is making him do this and that he will soon regret his action.

I kept on Kissing her and though she tried to pull free from me ,I kept on holding her Back

I want to punish her and it’s Because am very angry.

I want her to feel the same pain, I want her to know what it is like to ruin some one plan.

I kept on hurting her by kissing her forcefully and I stood up to take off my clothes but what she said next stop me

“Please! Don’t do this! Am… still a virgin “she yelled and suddenly my anger went off and I realised what I was about to do to her.

I threw the bed covers over her and went to stand by the window.

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner”I said

“Just go away! Please!”she begged and I turned to look at her,only to see her crying and some how I felt guilt, some how I wanted to make it up to her

“Prachi I…”

“Just go,please”she begged again and knowing that she could take no more, I went out of the room.

I went straight to the wine bar and took a drink.

I felt like the most terrible guy on earth, why on earth am feeling this way ,I don’t know but what I do know is that I have to make amends.

Revenge will just have to come later,I thought as I drank another shot

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