The New Girl

The new girl episode 37 – 38

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Chapter 37💕38

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Annabelle swallowed, her gaze moved up to Ethan hoping this guy won’t embarrass her the more.

“We were studying” Ethan lied.

Mrs Serena raised her brow. “On the bed?”

Ethan’s lips opened and close without a word coming out. He then took in a deep breath and lean backward to Annabelle. “It’s fine she won’t bite” he whispered.

Annabelle gave him a glare, she had knew this would happen but Ethan was stubborn not to let her go. She wish the ground could just open up and swallow her. Like a tortoise, she show herself before the woman giving her a questioning look.

Mrs Serena finally recognized her. “This is the girl who showed up at the hospital right?” She asked staring at Annabelle who gave her an awkward smile.

“Yeah” Ethan replied holding Annabelle’s hand tight.

Mrs Serena saw this and could roughly guess what was happening.

“You both should come downstairs for dinner” she said and left the room.

Annabelle blinked severally, that was the least reaction she had expected from Ethan’s mom. She thought she was going to get yelled at or something.

Ethan was surprised too

“Am I in trouble?” Annabelle asked just to be sure.

Ethan chuckled. “Of course not, let go downstairs” he said but Annabelle didn’t move. For some reason she feel unsettled. “It’s fine”

Mrs Serena watch them walk down the stairs. She was already serving the table with her delicacy. Annabelle palms were sweaty already, why is she feeling this way?

“What’s your name little fella?” Mrs Serena asked, sitting on the chair opposite her while Ethan sat close to Annabelle.

“Annabelle” she replied.

“Annabelle what.. dear?” Mrs Serena asked.

Annabelle was a bit confused, how many names does a person have to have?

“Just Annabelle” she replied.

Mrs Serena exchange a look with her son. Ethan badly wish his mother won’t make Annabelle uncomfortable with her questions.

“Alright.. so how are your parent?” Mrs Serena asked.

“They are dead” Annabelle answered without emotion shocking both Ethan and Mrs Serena. They exchanged look again.

“I’m so sorry Anna.. I didn’t kn..”

“It’s fine, I’ve never met them before. I don’t even know how they look like” Annabelle replied.

Ethan cleared his throat and spoke this time. “Mom can we just eat first and then you can ask her somethings later. Belle doesn’t feel too well today” He replied.

“Belle” Mrs Serena repeated and sighed. Her heart still have this strange urge about Annabelle. This girl isn’t ordinary. Here she was thinking, her son might end up with Jennifer..

Annabelle took the first bite of her meal and smiled. “You are such a good cook, mom” she said shocking them for the third time.

Ethan let out a secret smile afterward.

“Mom? Uhmm.. oh.. that was pretty sudden..” Mrs Serena said.

“Can I call you mom too?” Annabelle cut in.

Mrs Serena cleared her throat and blinked severally. “Y.. yeah.. sure” she replied.

“Mom” Annabelle said, then gave Ethan a look. They both smiled at each. Mrs Serena could only stare.

“That was pretty” Ethan said ruffling her hair a little.

Mrs Serena cleared her throat again and they both look at her.

“Since when have you been coming here? Cus obviously this is not your first time” She asked.

Annabelle’s face flushed as she remembered how she had threatened Ethan to teach her how to use a computer, then began to appear into his room anytime she wants.

“It’s been a while” Ethan replied Instead.

“A while?” Mrs Serena frowned.

“Yeah, since you hardly stay for the night, she had been like a companion” Ethan replied and Mrs Serena gasped so loud.

“Don’t tell me you guys…”

Ethan eye widened knowing where she was about to say. “No mom! Fuck! Don’t think that way.. we’ve not done anything like that. I promise”

“But you guys are planning to do it. If I hadn’t show up then.. gasps.. oh my Gawd!” Mrs Serena said.

“Mom, you’re getting dramatic already. Can you please stop the teasing?” Ethan groaned out.

Annabelle could only stare at the mother and child. Do they argue like this everyday? She ate another piece of her food with her eyes glued to them.

“But I saw you guys kis..”

“Don’t!” Ethan exclaimed. He continued. “Don’t say the next word mom, you are making her feel uncomfortable” he whispered this time but his crazy mother return her gaze to Annabelle.

“Am I making you feel uncomfortable?” She asked.

“No mom” Annabelle replied taking another bite of her food. “We were kissing when you found us. That’s the truth”

Mrs Serena return her gaze to Ethan. “See.. I’m not making her uncomfortable”

Ethan raised her brow to Annabelle. “I guess you don’t mind if we kiss before my mom right now”

This time Annabelle choked on her food and her face turn red.

Ethan return his gaze to his mother. “See?” He smirked.

Just then Annabelle spoke again..

“Is there any chocolate drink in the house?”

Hearing this, Mrs Serena turn her head to Ethan. He understood the look immediately.

“So that’s why you’ve been asking me to bring chocolate home” she raised her brow.

“Sorry, I was the one drinking them” Annabelle said.

Annabelle seems to be cool around his mother and that made Ethan happier.

After dinner, Annabelle was ready to leave. She gave Mrs Serena a light hug.

“Thanks mom” Annabelle muttered before breaking the hug.

“It’s quite late out there. Are you sure you don’t wanna stay for the night. My bed can contain us both” Mrs Serena.

“I’ll be fine, I have a bike” Annabelle replied.

“I’ll see her off” Ethan said holding Annabelle’s hand .

A smile graced on Mrs Serena’s lips as she watch them leave. Maybe she is wrong about Annabelle. Her son is right.. You can’t judge people.

“That was pretty good back there” Ethan said as they both walk on the street with their hands entangled.

“Yeah, your mom is such a great person. She is just like you” she replied and Ethan chuckled.

“How?” He asked.

“She is sweet just like you” Annabelle said.

“Huh?.. am I really talking to Annabelle? I love this new you” He said staring at her and she gave him a smile. They stopped when they got to the bike.

“Bye” she said lowly.

“Yeah, I’ll see you tomorrow” Ethan said. He swiftly lean down and kissed her lips lightly. Her cheek burned. He then, watch her climbed her bike before zooming off.

Ricky gaze was cold as the guy before him have a disturb look on his face.

“Shouldn’t we alert Lord Smith about this? Voldemort knew where to find Annabelle…”

“And how is that my business. Don’t you see what she fucking did to me. If she is going to die by the hands of the enemies then so be it” Ricky shot a glare at him.

“But, we’ll be in trouble if anything happens to her..”

“Once she is killed, I know what to do in order to calm my brother. The girl is going rampage.. I’m afraid she might one day become our enemy” Ricky said staring into space.

The man was a bit confused. “What do you mean?” He asked.

“Just don’t interfere to her business… The clan must not do anything to help her” He said releasing a thick smoke from his lips.

The door opened and Bianca walked in..

The man knew best and left the room.

Ricky watched Bianca step forward to him.

“How are you feeling?” She asked lightly and sat beside him, putting her arm on his shoulder.

“I told you not you not to come here any longer” Ricky said giving Bianca a look. She draw her face fast to him and capture his lips. Her tongue slide into his mouth but he pulls away instantly.

“Why did you attack the boy? Don’t tell me you are into that creepy girl” Bianca asked and Ricky gave her a glare.

“Not anymore, right now I wish to just make her disappear.. that little bitch” his voice cold and his face hard.

“Hm, I can’t believe you” Bianca whispered drawing her face close to his ear. “If you want her gone, I can help you. I don’t like her from the start either”

Ricky gave her a look. She bring her hand up to the hem of her chest and unbuttoned the revealing her naked br**st.

“That’s if you please me well tonight” She whispered tracing her hand to his groin.

Ricky needed this to clear his mind anyway so he grab Bianca’s neck hard and pinned her to his bed. He went for her lips for a rough kiss before pulling down her pantie.

Without a warning he thrust himself into her.

“F**k!! Ricky!”

“Destroy me tonight!”

Her moan made him go harder, he pull her hair harshly and dive himself into her in a brutal way.

Bianca prefer this than Lord Smith’s. She wish that man will never return.


Liam spot Selene and hide himself but then the girl appeared before him all of a sudden.

“Are you avoiding me?” She asked.

“Of course not.. why would I?” He asked.

“Are you doing this, because I kissed you yesterday?” Selene asked again.

“No.. and also, why did you kiss me.. huh?” Liam asked with a disturbed look on his face. He still can’t get the scene out of his head.

“Why are you acting this way? That’s not the first time I’ve pecked you on the lips” Selene said.

Liam thought for a moment and realized she was saying the truth. Selene had pecked him playfully on the lips but he do shout on her or push her away.. but why was this one different.

Selene gasped. “Don’t tell me…”

Liam gave her a question look.

“You’re falling for me!” She squealed.

“Hell no” Liam shook his head. “Stop thinking that way, I can never fall for a gangster” He said.

“Hm” Selene raised her brow and in the next moment she swiftly place a kiss on his lips.

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Liam eyes widened, he wanted to push her away but for somewhat reason, he couldn’t until she pulled away.

“You’re blushing” Selene said snapping Liam out of his thought.

“Are you insane?!” Liam asked.

“For you.. yes..”

“What kind of girl throw themselves on a guy?”

“Bitches like me” Selene replied and Liam scoffed.

“You sure have answers to every answers, don’t you?” He asked staring at her face. The smile on her face made her look cute.. wait did he just call her cute? “I’m leaving” he said and walked away.

“I’ll see you around my prince!” She yelled. Liam sweep his hair backwards and entered the male bathroom. He held his chest and could feel his heartbeat.. “what wrong with me, I can’t be into that gangster right?” He muttered.

Jennifer spot Ethan and Annabelle talking with each other.

“I think they are dating, I’ve never seen that freak smiling around anyone apart from Ethan” Patricia said beside Jennifer.

“So what? Why are you even talking to me?” Jennifer gave Patricia a look.

“C’mon Jennifer.. I know you like Ethan, alot. Every girls like him..”

“They are not dating.. Ethan just want to change her that’s all” Jennifer said.

“You think so?” Patricia asked and they both stared Ethan and Annabelle again. This time Ethan gave Annabelle chocolates to eat. “Nah.. I don’t think so.. I can prove it if you want” she shrugged.

Jennifer fist clinched…

After a while, she spot Ethan alone.

“Hey Ethan” she greeted.

“Hey” he greeted back with a smile

“I’m just wondering if I can join you here” she said.

“Sure, why not?” He shrugged.

“Argh!” Jennifer suddenly Yelp.

“Are you alright?” Ethan asked standing up to his feet.

“There’s something in my eyes, it hurts” she wince, rubbing her finger on her eyes.

“Let me check” Ethan stood up and remove her hand from it. At that moment, Annabelle showed up and saw them like this, her smile disappeared.

“It seems fine” Ethan said.

“I think it’s gone.. thanks” she said. Ethan spot Annabelle, the long look on her face made him frown, but then she turn to leave.

“Annabelle?” He called out and followed her.

Jennifer twisted her lips a little. Are they really together? When will Ethan know how dangerous Annabelle is?

“Belle.. c’mon.. what’s with the look?” Ethan asked holding her hand.

“Let go off me.. I don’t want to talk to you” she said.. Ethan find her angry face cute.

“Are you jealous?” He smirked but the girl jerk her hand away.

“Stay away. I mean it” she said.

“She had something in her eyes and I had to check it out” he explained knowing why she is acting like this.

“I didn’t asked for explaination weirdo.. just let me be” She said and left this time. Ethan sweep his hair backward while staring at her.

After his basketball practice, it was lunch time already. Ehan spot Annabelle sitting alone with her food and made to go to her.

“Can I eat with you, Ethan?” A girl came to asked him.

“No I’m good” he replied but then another one came again. She knowingly held his hand.

“Please can I eat with you Ethan?” The girl asked fluttering her eyes.

“No, I have someone to eat with already” he replied.

Another girl came again. “Eat with us”

Normally Ethan would have agreed but, he can’t. “No thanks..” he said again but then the girls sorrounded him repeating the word ‘Please’

Just when he made to push them away a cold loud voice sounded.

“Hey!!!!!!” Annabelle’s voice rang across the cafeteria, startling all the students. They turn to face her, their eyes widened with surprise. Ethan swallowed as they all froze. Jennifer and Patricia was watching the scene.

“I’d appreciate it if you back off vultures” She said. Her tone low and threatening. Seeing how the girls hesitated, she spoke again. “I mean it stay away from him”

The girl gave each other an uncertain look, Ethan couldn’t say a word. He was busy staring at the girl who was mad at him a moment ago.

One of the bold girls among them finally asked. “Why should we step away? What’s with the attitude?” Her tone drop with distain.

Annabelle’s next word shock them all.

“He is my boyfriend, get your flirthy hands off him or I’ll cut them off”



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