The New Girl

The new girl episode 35 – 36

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Chapter 35💕36

By 🌺Mayor🌺




“Where is Ethan? I thought he is in school today!” The coach asked Liam in a loud voice.

“I don’t know, maybe he is having a stomach upset or something coach!” He replied. The coach shook his head and went to prepare the equipment.

“Where is that jerk?” Liam muttered.

Bastian hit him on his shoulder using his. “Where is dixkface?” He asked.

“In my intestines Doughebag” Liam replied.

Bastian hissed and made to hit him but got a glare from the coach. He smirked and left.

The practice went on without Ethan. Liam was about to throw the ball into the net when Bastian hit him hard from nowhere. Liam fell with a loud groan coming out his lips.

“Call me Doughebag again and I’ll kill you” Bastian warned.

Liam stood up and held his collar.

“Ethan isn’t here, be careful” Bastian said lightly.

The whistle made Liam let go off him.

“Bastian!” The coach yelled.

After the practice, Liam held his chest which hurt resulted from Bastian hit. Selene saw this.

“What happened? A girl broke your heart or something?” She asked.

“It was Bastian. He hit me during the practice” he complained.

“What?!” Selene exclaimed.

“I’m fine, don’t worry about it” Liam said.

As if luck was on Selene’s side Bastian walked out with some boys behind him. Without wasting a moment, she went towards him and throw a Punch on his face.

“Fuck! Can people stop hitting me on my fucking face!” Bastian yelled.

“Just because Ethan Isn’t here doesn’t mean you can bully him. He have me” Selene glared down at him. She left and dragged Liam with him.

Meanwhile, at the library..

“Fuck” Ethan growled against her lips….

He pushed his mouth further deepening the kiss, his grip on her waist got tighter and all that could be heard was their heavy breath and light moan.

Annabelle broke the kiss after a while, her eyes staring at him. Ethan’s gaze settled on her wet swollen lips, he bring his hand up to to and caressed it lightly.

“Not bad for the first time.. avoid me again, and I’ll do more than this” he whispered.

Realization hit Annabelle as she thought of what she just did. Her cheek flushed so hard as she move her gaze on the floor. She actually dragged him back and kissed him? What is wrong with her? While they were kissing, she couldn’t stop herself, it was as if she was being controlled by an unknown force.

“You look cute when you blush” He chuckled retreating himself from her. “Now we are even” he said and left her there.

Annabelle shut her eyes and bite down her lips hard. She failed to avoid him? Why does he have to make her feel this way? She won’t the deny it, the kiss made her heart fluttered.

Getting back to class, Annabelle eyes met Ethan, she quickly look away and went to sit beside Daniel.

“Anna, you look paled. Are you okay? Do you want to head home, I can cover up for you” Daniel said.

“I’m fine” Annabelle replied.

Ethan let out a knowing smile before focusing his gaze back to the board.


Walter stepped into the room having a dim light in it. His eye settled on the man sitting with his back facing him.

“Boss, you called” Walter broke the silence in the room.

Voldemort stood up on his feet and reached for the glass of alcohol on his table. He took a sip and face Walter.

“I’ve been having this thought though” Voldemort said with a light frown on his face. “The witness said it was a young girl who killed my brother.. I sent my men to check out Roman’s school if they’ll find anything suspicious but they never came back” he stopped and took another sip from his wine.

“They were killed by Lord Smith men. It seems they knew we’ll appear there” Walter said.

“They were killed by the same girl who killed my brother.. Which only means one thing” Voldemort walked closer to Walter with slow steps.

Walter seems to get what his boss was getting at. “She is attending the same school”

Voldemort smiled. “That’s right”

“But why is she attending the school when Lord Smith knows fully well on how dangerous she is?” He asked.

“That’s your job to do Walter. We are going to find a way to lure her into my trap and then we’ll kill her” Voldemort said lightly.

“Yes boss”


Back in Brilliant high. During the dance practice Jennifer went to meet Mrs Georgia.

“I have something to tell you” She said and Mrs Georgia look at her.

“Go on sweetie” She said.

“I can’t tell you here, it’s private” Jennifer said lowly. Mrs Georgia frowned a little but then excuses herself from the other students before leaving with Jennifer.

Barbara stayed seated on the floor, she was feeling a little sick today probably because of the cold weather.

“Barbara, get up and dance!” The assistant leader of the dance said to her.

“She is not feeling too good, let her be” The last person she had expected to talk defended her; Patricia. Ever since their fight, they never said a word to each other.

“You can skip practice then.. you don’t have to force yourself Barbara” the assistant leader said.

“No, I’m fine.. I can manage myself” Barbara said standing up to her feet.

“Do you really have to force yourself? What if it gets worse and you won’t be able to handle it.. huh? Just do what she said and go and take a rest!” Patricia snapped.

“Why do you care?!” Barbara snapped back at her. “I thought you said we are not friend, what’s with you this time?!”

Patricia rolled her eyes. “Fine we are friends.. now can you go back to class and rest?” She asked.

“It’s too late for you to say we are friends cus I don’t care anymore!” Barbara said and they both stared at each other. “I’m leaving” she grab her cloth and storm out of the room while others could only stare.

Barbara spot Daniel on her way out but didn’t bother greeting him. Daniel frowned seeing this.
_____ Shadows of the unknown episode 27 – 28

“What!” Mrs Georgia eyes widened in terror as she listened to Jennifer’s word.

“Yeah, that’s the truth.. these people are after me and I seriously don’t know what to do.. I can’t lose my dad” Jennifer sniffed once trying to hold back her tears.

“Then who saved you?, Do you know the person who killed those men?” Mrs Georgia asked.

“No, I didn’t see the person” Jennifer lied. At this moment she can’t trust anyone but she wish to know the reason why the school had decided to hide the truth.

“So Roman is dead” Mrs Georgia muttered, her face sadden. “I’m going to find out why the school hid the truth and for now just be careful with the men you met.. don’t let your guards down” she said and Jennifer nodded.

After school, Ethan went to hold Annabelle’s hand and left the class with her shocking everyone in the class. Jennifer furiously clinched her fist. Annabelle didn’t listen to her?!

“Those two seems weird.. could they be together?” Selene asked Liam in a low voice drawing her face close to him.

“Are you planning to kiss me?” Liam asked raising his brow.

Selene smirked and gave him a light peck on the lips causing his eyes to flew opened.

“Not bad” she shrugged before standing up to leave. Liam jaw was practically on the floor.

The student couldn’t help but gossip among each other on how Ethan was holding Annabelle as they walk.

Annabelle wanted to talk to him but knew how stubborn he is.. he might even decide to kiss her before everyone so she stayed calm until the reach outside.

“That’s the car you always board in?” Ethan asked seeing a huge man waiting for Annabelle. He has a scar on his face. Ethan stared at him in awe.

Scar gave Annabelle a questioning look asking who Ethan is.

“Scar this Ethan, and vice versa” Annabelle said calmly.

Scar grunt with a smile, Annabelle shot him a glare. Ethan Wondered what happened. Scar stretched his hand to shake him without a word, in which was accepted Instantly.

“Nice to meet you Scar” he said but Scar only grunt. Ethan gave Annabelle a look.

“He can’t talk because of a his past” Annabelle answered his unspoken question.

“Oh, and how can you understand him?” He asked.

“We’ve been together since when I was little so I can roughly get what he is saying” Annabelle replied.

Scar grunt and they both look at him.

“He said you have a nice hair.. in which I on the other hand find it weird” Annabelle spoke.

“Thanks man” Ethan smile and Scar grunt again.

“He said he likes you” She smiled and then look at him.

Scar grunt and Annabelle snapped her head to him.

“What do you mean I should go with him since I want to?” She asked.

“Thanks Scar. She is coming with me” Ethan said and held Annabelle’s hand. “I need to show you something” he said to Annabelle.

Scar left with the car Ethan chuckled. “I like that guy”

After walking for a while the sky roared as rain began to pour hard all of a sudden.

“Oh no” Ethan muttered dragging Annabelle towards a shade not far from them.

“It’s raining” Annabelle said lightly having a strange feeling.

“Yeah, it’s been weeks it rained” Ethan replied as they both stared outside.

The sky roared and a sudden adrenaline rush through Annabelle. Her head throb in pain and she heard a voice…


“Ahh” she Yelped and hold her head. Ethan got worried.

“Belle, you alright?” He asked.

*Don’t touch my daughter please!! Ahh!*

The teddy bear flashed before her and her head throb the more as the thunder roared again.

*Help no!!*

“Argh!” The grip on her hair tighten.

Ethan noticed this is because of the rain and pulled down his Jacket. Maybe she is afraid of the rain. He covered her with it. Luckily, his home isn’t far from the place.

They got there, his mom isn’t around. He made her sit and quickly close the windows and doors. He then squat before her pat her head.

“It’s okay” he said staring at her face squeezing in pain. He pulled her close and hug her.

Annabelle felt calm immediately.

“It’s okay” he repeated those words.

At evening, Annabelle dropped the cup of chocolates and gave Ethan a look.

“That’s the last drop of chocolate in the house.. my mom is going to kill me” Ethan mumbled.

Annabelle Chuckled. Thanks to him, she was fine now, though she wonder what could that voice mean.

Ethan held her hand and looked up to her. “I’m still waiting to know who you are.. you know that right?” He said. He tuck her hair behind her ear.

“Wh..what are we?” She asked lowly.

He smiled. “you’re my girlfriend, do you know what a girlfriend means?”

“How can you say that.. I haven’t agreed to be your girlfriend yet” she raised her brow.

“You know about girlfriend.. that’s impressive. Also you don’t have to agree to be my girlfriend. We are together already” He smirked enjoying how disturbed she looks.

“Huh? I told you I’m not into that kind of things” she frowned.

“Tssk..” he laughed lightly.

“Don’t laugh at me” she shot him a glare.

“You’re funny.. then what are we then?” He asked raising his brow.

“We.. are.. uhm.. I don’t know.. maybe friends?” She said looking the other side.

“I and Jennifer are friends too. I guess I’ll treat her the same way I treat y…”

“No!” She exclaimed before she knows it. Ethan smirked. “Fine I’m…” She stopped having a hard time to say it.


Ethan gaze landed on her lips, her constant biting is driving him crazy. “Are you going to say it or should I help you?” He raised his brow.


He grab her hair gently and place his lips on hers. Annabelle felt her heart fluttering just like the other time. She responded to the kiss, she was getting good at this. Ethan hand find its way to her waist and pull closer to himself while she wrapped her hand around her neck.

He parted her lips using his tongue and find hers. Annabelle moaned into his mouth as their tongue rolled against each other slowly, he made her lay on his bed and he hovered over her. The only thing that could be heard was the sound of their lips moving against each other.

Ethan broke the long kiss and went for her neck. Again she felt another strange sensation building up inside her. How many of the feelings is she going to get from this guy.

He rolled his wet tongue at one side of her neck and the kissed it slowly. Annabelle bite her lips preventing the moan threatening to escape her lips.

“Hey, Belle” his hoarse voice made her opened her eyes, their breath hitting on each other’s face. “I have something to tell you” he whispered touching her face.

“Me too” she said, she should let him know about who she is..

but just then the door suddenly opened.

Their eyes widened seeing Mrs Serena standing at the door. They both jumped down from the bed and Annabelle hide behind Ethan. They were caught!

“Mom” Ethan swallowed using his figure to block Annabelle.

Mrs Serena blinked severally with shock. Her gaze moved down to the lady behind him and then back up to her son.

“What’s going on here?” Her eyes squinted.

Annabelle swallowed, her gaze moved up to Ethan hoping this guy won’t embarrass her the more.

“W..we were studying” Ethan replied awkwardly.

Mrs Serena raised her brow. “On the bed?”



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