The New Girl

The new girl episode 41 – 42

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Chapter 41💕42

By 🌺Mayor🌺



Ethan kept on tapping his foot on the concrete floor, he was tied to a chair. It has been few minutes since he woke up. Finally the door open and a guy stepped in. He recognized him as the guy who hit his head before he passed out, even though he was wearing mask then.

“Where is Annabelle?” He asked the guy, wearing a grey shirt and a black trouser. His arm tattooed.

“That was not the first question I had expected you to ask. Why are you so worried about that girl, you don’t even know who she is and what she can do” The guy spoke.

“Just tell me she is okay, you guys didn’t hurt her right?” Ethan asked.

The guy let out a soft chuckle. “Alright? I’m sure by now my boss would be peeling out her skin and feed it to the dogs later on”

Ethan brow curved down “What?” He was the guy’s lips curved up the more.

“She did the unforgivable so she have to die” He shrugged.

Ethan’s fist tighten as he slowly let his head down. Annabelle? Death? No!

The guy got a strange vibe from the boy before him but then ignored it. “Hey kid, just pray my boss will let you go after this.. well I doubt that would happen…”

“Shut up, punk!” Ethan spoke through his gritted teeth, his voice deep and danger laced in it.

“Huh?” The guy nose flared up in anger as he walked towards Ethan. “How about I teach you how to show some fucking respect..” he made to punch him, but Ethan pushed the chair backward and make himself fall. He rolled over and stood, his head facing down as the thought of them Killing Annabelle made his blood boil.

As the guy saw this, he pulled out his knife and charged towards Ethan, but he dodge his attack and turn himself. The knife cut the rope glueing his hands to together and he got free.

Seeing this, the guy knew Ethan isn’t weak as he look.

“Where is she?” Ethan raised his bloodshot eyes to him. He is not going to lose Annabelle just like the way he lost his father to those bastards.

Without replying the guy charged towards Ethan. They both throw fits against each other.

“You were bouncer huh?” The man asked after succeeding on punching Ethan on the face.

“Yeah, and that was because of people like you!” Ethan roared throwing three punches on him repeatedly. He then collected the knife from the man and made to stab him. Realization hit Ethan and he stopped, his hand froze.. he was losing control.

The man use the opportunity to hit him hard on his stomach throwing Ethan on the floor. He grab the knife and took slow steps towards him. “You’re dead, asshole”

He raised his hand to stab Ethan, but that was when the light turn off. Ethan could roughly see the guy’s shadow, he quickly went to grab his neck hard. The guy choked and tried to get away from him but drifted into darkness afterwards..

Ethan heard loud gunshots and his eyes widened. “Annabelle”

Back in the dark room…

“Fucking shoot!” Voldemort yelled shifting back immediately and the whole room was rented with loud gunshots. The men shot at the direction of where Annabelle was sitting.

Fortunately, Voldemort and Walter could get out of the room.

“Lock it!” Voldemort commanded Walter as soon as the got out. The gunshots was still going on.

“Boss our men are still there…”

“lock the fucking door!” He yelled at him and Walter did as he was told immediately. In the darkness, Voldemort sweep his hair backwards, Walter bought out his phone and on his flash light.

“What the hell happened to the power supply?” Voldemort groaned. They could still hear he gunshots.

“She should be dead by now, since the men shot at her direction at once.. beside it’s dark. She won’t be able to see it coming.

“Then why is the gunshots not stopping?” Voldemort asked. Their head snap towards the door when the heard a loud thud. Voldemort made to speak but then, the gunshots stopped.

“I guess they finally killed her” Walter whispered.

Voldemort placed his index finger on his lips telling to him keep shut. They both heard a knock on the door.

“Little man” Came her raspy voice. Both men shifted away from the door She just kill those armed men in the dark. The surprising part was she was tied to a chair before the shooting.

“How the fuck can she be alive?” Walter did not feel good about this.

“Your men are boring.. they couldn’t dance well” They heard the click sound of a gun. They could sense the danger lurking behind the door.

“Summon all the men now” Voldemort whispered and Walter didn’t hesitate to obey his order.

In the room, Annabelle stood as her eyes lingered on the dead bodies surrounding her with a gun on each of her hand. Bloodstains could be seen on her dress and face. She wiped some of the blood on her face using the back of her hand.

‘We’ve all touched him, gentle for now but I don’t know about later’ She recalled Voldemort’s word in her head and the fire in her burned the more.

She could hear the men footsteps. Spitting out the bubble gum in her mouth, she replaced it with a new one.

‘It’s playtime’ she though as the door before her creaked open.

The men were armed with deadly weapons. They all have a light attached to their guns.

As the door opened, a dagger flew across the room and dived into the one who opened the door. The remaining one began to shoot in space.

Annabelle grab one of the dead bodies to protect herself and began to shoot too. Each of her bullets hit the men’s head one of after the other. In the next minute, 20 men was down.

She shot the last one in the mouth and stepped into the dark hall. There was no sign of Voldemort.

Ethan got out of the room. It was a bit dark and he could barely see. He could hear the cries and gunshots all around the place. As he was about to move further, a large gun was placed on his head.

He heard a grunt coming from the person.

“Scar?” Ethan muttered and look back instantly. Scar eyes shifted to one of the men trying to hit Ethan. Scar grabbed the guy’s face and smashed it hard on the wall leaving a crack with blood on the wall.

“Shit” Ethan gasped with his eyes widened. Scar turn to him and grunt, before taking his hand.

“I’m not leaving without Annabelle, she is in trouble. I have to help her” Ethan jerk his hand away. Without a word Scar dive a sedative into his neck and fling him onto his shoulder when he passed out.

Annabelle met with him and her eyes soften seeing Ethan. Her face turn cold again seeing the bruise on his face.

“Did you hit him?” She asked Scar, who quickly grunt in reply.

“Take him home safe, I’ll take care of everything else” She said and Scar nodded.

Annabelle traced the room and saw the guy who held Ethan captive. This was this same man who pinned Ethan to the floor. She watch the guy wake up slowly from his sleep, she took slow steps towards him with a dagger.

He is doomed!

It was already an hour, Voldemort hasten his steps towards the car alongside with three of his men. They made to open the car door only to hear four gunshots. Each bullets hit each tire.

They all turn only to see Annabelle walking towards them while dragging a dead bodies with her.

“You’ve got to be kidding me, she killed all of them?” Voldemort lips parted in terror. Just how strong is she?

His men shoot at her but Annabelle protected herself and shot the men dead even Walter was shot in his stomach leaving Voldemort standing alone.

Annabelle dropped the dead body with her before him. “This guy hurt my boyfriend, I made him crave for death before killing him and yet, I’m not satisfied.. not even one bit” She stepped closer. Her voice dripping with venom.

Voldemort secretly bought out a knife, staying alert.

“What should I do little man. The devil in me isn’t satisfied” she stopped walking and look up to him. Voldemort swallowed hard. “Should I take it out on you?”

As she was close enough, Voldemort swing the knife to her neck but she stopped it effortlessly. “I guess I have my answer”

The next thing that was heard was the scream of Voldemort renting the whole place.

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At dragon’s, Ricky stood near his window as a smirked stayed in his lips.

Bianca came from behind and wrapped her arms around his neck. Drawing her lips to his ear, she whispered. “Don’t worry babe, everything will be just fine. We are killing two birds with one stone right now”

She was the one who anonymously led Voldemort to Annabelle. Luckily for them, they found her at Ethan’s..

They heard some murmur of the other mobsters coming from the main hall. They both got out to check what is going on.

Their eye widened with shock as they watch a figure walk in. On her right hand was the head of the person they had thought would end her. She threw the head of Voldemort before them and laughed darkly. She raised her head to Ricky and Bianca, who was staring at her in total shock.

“Nice try” she muttered, having a grin on her face.



Ethan jolt up from his sleep when his mom knocked on his door.

“Baby, I thought you promised not to wake up late again.. so please tell me you’re up already” Mrs Serena’s voice sounded behind the door.

Ethan’s face squeeze with confusion. What the hell happened last night? He look around the room and felt a bit strange.

“Ethan dear” Mrs Serena called again.

“I’m up, I’m almost done!” He answered and heard her leave. His eyes widened remembering the incident last night. Annabelle! He spotted a note on his table.

*IT WAS ALL A DREAM, NOTHING HAPPENED LAST NIGHT* were the word written on it.

“Scar” Ethan pinched the bridge of his nose.

In the next moment, he jumped down the stairs with his school uniform on. Before Mrs Serena could say anything, he kissed her cheek lightly. “Bye, mom”

“Your breakfast! and what’s with bruise on your face?!” she yelled but the boy already stormed out. She let out a sigh.

Getting to school, Jennifer couldn’t shake out the feeling last night. Annabelle is probably dead by now. There’s no way she’ll be able to beat thatan judging from how deadly he is. She had treated her father’s hand last night and couldn’t sleep afterward. She wants to report to the police but something in her didn’t let her.

Is it because of Ethan? Come to think of it.. this was Annabelle’s problem to solve not hers and also.. she can now have Ethan to herself.

Her eyes settled on Ethan as he restlessly walked throught hall. He ran towards her.

“Jennie have you Annabelle?” He asked looking worried.

“I don’t know where she is and maybe she probably won’t be coming to this school any longer” She blurt out without knowing.

Ethan frowned. “Huh?”

“I mean, I’ve not seen her today” her face looked paled. Ethan sweep his hair backwards and sighed.

“Where is she?” He muttered.

“What happened to your face, did you get into a fight?” Jennifer asked.

“It’s nothing” he replied and left.

Jennifer left out a breath.

“Hey have you seen Liam?” Selene came to ask and Jennifer turn to her. Why are they looking for someone?

“No” she replied.

“Oh God Jennifer, did you sleep well?” Selene asked noticing her red eyes.

“I’m fine” Jennifer spoke and left.

Selene pouted and then smiled when she spot Liam walking towards a hall.

Ethan spot a familiar car and walked towards it immediately. Annabelle stepped down from it same with Scar. She almost jerk when she saw Ethan coming.

Ethan gaze moved to Scar first. “What you did last night was totally not fair Scar. And do you really think a note would convince me that it was a dream..”

Scar grunt and shrugged indicating he was only asked to do so.

“I asked him to make you fall asleep.. not the note though. He did that himself” Annabelle spoke and swallowed when his gaze turn to her.

“Why did you do that?” Ethan asked.

“Actually.. I.. I.. didn’t wanna..” she paused and stared at him like a child. “I didn’t want to scare you”

Ethan shifted his gaze to Scar. “Never do that again” he said and Scar grunt. “I mean it”

Scar kept quiet.

Ethan return his gaze to Annabelle. “We need to talk” he clinched his jaw.
Getting to a corner Selene stopped before Liam with a smile. “Hey handsome”

“Are you stalking me now gangster? Cus I don’t get why I have to see you everyday” Liam said resting his back on the wall behind him.

“You can’t avoid me boyfriend. I had a dream today, we got married” Selene squealed nad Liam jaw practically fell on the floor.

“Are you serious right now?” He muttered.

“That means we are made for each other.. so can I kiss you?” She asked. She love teasing this guy before her.

Liam’s lips curved up one side, and in the next moment he pinned her against the wall. Selene eyes flew wide open. He pulled his face close to hers, his warm breath hitting her face. His both hands was on wall on both side of her head.

“It’s actually the other way round. Can I kiss you for real.. I mean really hard. Right here, right now?”

Selene swallowed and could feel her heart trumping so loud.



A plane landed softly on the runway, and a tall, imposing figure stepped out, surrounded by three bodyguards. He was dressed in a sleek, well-tailored suit, His hair was styled backward, and his dark gaze scanned the surroundings with cool efficiency. He walked towards the waiting car, his hands casually tucked into his pockets. His aura, full of venom and authority.

He stopped and smiled with his eyes close, feeling the breeze hitting his skin.

“Hmm.. finally home” he muttered.



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