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The open secret episode 5


The Open Secret .

Episode Five

Tina’s POV

This is really funny, to get my husband seemen, but let me just wait to hear from him because I don’t even know how to do such.

Doctor how do I do that, and how can that be of a help? ” I asked again.

“You can do that, if you can romance your husband very well and make him reach orgasmsss, he will be able to release spperm then you collect it” he said and I guess its sound so easy to him.

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“The fact is that I dont even know how to romance, I married as a virgin, to do that its so hard” I said.

“Then go for a s£xx class, I can tell my sister to add you up on watsap s£xx class. Am trying to help you out because with the semeen, we can run a test and find out what is really wrong” he said and I became more convinced.

“Okay, my problem now is that if he release, how do I get the semeen. ” I asked.

“Very simple nah, you have to off the light while doing that, but make sure its in the morning, so it will not stay longer before we use it for the test, when your husband release you feel it, get a small container with you and collect it, no matter how small, he will not find out because he must be carried away, dont forget you have to do it in the darkness">darkness, you have to take that risk in order to get what you want” he added.

I gave a sigh of relief, its really not easy, I dropped my number Inorder to be added in the s£x class on watsap group.


One week later, am done with the s£xx class, I learnt everything but the question is how do I practice it? Its really funny.

During this one week, I tried so much to be in peace with my husband, he must be surprise but he never knew that I have a specific plan.

That faithful morning about 5:20 am.I was lying with my husband on the bed, its time to carry out my plan.

I stood up and looked at him, he is fast asleep, I undressed my self and started kissing him, he woke up and was very surprise, he couldn’t see my face because I off the light like the doctor said, he just held my waist because I was sitting across his body.

I made sure my small container was around me, I kissed him from neck down to his belly button, using my tongue to do the magic with my left finger on his nippple.

Now, he is m0aning gently and that gave me the perfect boldness to continue my work, before I could reach his for d**ck he has already been carried away, I succcked him like I have never done before, now, his m0ansss are increasing and I guess he is ready to release, I used my hand to mersage his d**ck gently and was also squeezing his nipppple.

Boom, he released and I get my container, my hand began to shake because I was really afraid, I did that successfully because he was laying down and was giving a sigh of relief and also because I off the light, he couldn’t see my face, I think he really enjoyed it. I stood up, went inside the bathroom, and hid the container, he almost caught me because he stood up and followed me to the bathroom without my conscent.

We met at the door and he held me so tight again.

“Darling are you really the one that did this to me this morning? ” he asked.

“Yes of course, that is what you have always wanted right? ” I added atmidst of fear.

“Tell me, how did you learn all this? ” I know he must ask that question.

“Just to make you happy, I paid for a s£xxx class on watsap group” I replied.

“Like seriously? ” he asked.


“Alright, that means, I have to give it to you this morning like never before” he said as he lifted me up.

Hmmm, this man nearly killed me with s£xxx that morning, I have really invited problem by myself, I felt so tired that I nearly forgot that I had an appointment with my doctor.

I waited till he left for work, then I took a permission in my work place and left to the hospital.

The doctor was so happy when he found out that I carried out the plan successfully. He told me to come back in three days time for the result and I went back to my work place.

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