The Power Of Destiny

The Power Of Destiny : Episode 9

..The next day, she wanted to go to the market and was waiting for Chisala to come as usual to esc-rt her to the market, while she was waiting there was a knock on her door. She went to open it and saw Kamulaza’s mother with some other people.
Kamulaza’s mother: “Neighbour, this is my son, Kamulaza and he came with Madam Lusaka and the man who our grandson, Chisala was living with” she said, with mixed feelings. She was happy to know that their grandson was alive and not dead with his mother as they had thought, but now they didn’t know where he was or what he was doing.
Tasila’s mother: “Did you say Chisala, how does he look?” she asked, as something told her that she had been with her grandson all the while, and had not recognized him.
Kamulaza began to describe Chisala, there was tears in his eyes as he described the boy, whom he had loved, not knowing he was his son whom he had rejected.

Tasila’s mother: “ Eeeeeeee, that boy has been with me all these while, and I didn’t know he is my grandson. Thank God for directing his footsteps to me, may Allah be praised” she said, and told them that they should wait for Chisala would soon come to follow her to the market.
But they waited for a long time and Chisala did not come, they stayed in Livingston for a week, but Chisala did not show up. They were back to square one.
After leaving Tasila’s mother house, Chisala had gone back to the market to continue his job. When night fell, he went to an uncompleted building where he usually slept, just a few distances from the market. He had slept deeply and was already dreaming of his mother, it was his favourite dream. He always made sure that he thought of his mother alone, as he laid his head on the hærd floor of the uncompleted building and stared at the starry night sky.

On this night, after devouring the food he bought from the market, he laid to sleep, and as usual was dreaming of his mother when he was startled awake by thud of feet. He got up to a sitting position and tried to see through the darkness, the people intruding his sleeping place. When he could not see anything, he stood up and tiptoed towards the sound of voices, and listened. He heard the voices of men and from their conversation, he could gather that they were planning to rob a house.
“ Oh my God, they are armed robbers! If they see me here, they might kill me” he thought as he squatted behind the wall. But he did not squat for long when he tried to adjust and hit an empty tin lying by the side. The noise of the rolling tin pierced the still night, and the voices stopped. Then Chisala heard someone say that, they were not alone.
“Come out now and I might spare you, remain hidden and when I find you, I shall kill you” he heard a coarse voice say. Chisala was not ready to take chances with his life, so he jumped out and prostrated in front of the gang of thieves.

Chisala: “Please spare my life, I am an orphan” he cried. He was asked to stand up and he stared into the scariest eyes he had ever seen in his eleven years of living. The leader of the robbery gang was called Kopakopa, and this was because no matter how many shots was fired into him, it didn’t penetrate.
Kopakopa: “What did you hear?” he asked, looking at the boy who had disturbed their timeline. They were supposed to be across the street in the lemon painted house where the head of women in the market lived.
Chisala: “I did not hear anything, please spare my life I am an orphan, I have no one in this world, I have nothing other than my mother’s dream. Please don’t kill me, I fled from death in Lusaka to Livingston, please don’t kill me” he cried.
Kopakopa: “Pitiful. If we don’t kill you, we must take you with us, and to earn your keep, you have to prove your usefulness ”
Chisala: “I will do anything you want” he said anxiously, shivering in the plastic boot he scavenged from the dustbin.

Kopakopa: “You see that lemon house” he said pointing to the dimly lit house across the street, “You will go there and bang on the gate until someone comes to the gate. Right now move” he said and pushed Chisala out of the uncompleted building. They went with him and hid in the shrubs around the house, while Chisala walked with shaky legs to the front gate. He knew what he was about to do was wrong, but he was faced with no other choice. He couldn’t risk that the guns in their hands were filled with bullets.
Queen stayed in the hospital because the doctor said she was over stressing herself and needed to be on bed rest for a week. She had Mukuka at her beck and call, but unknown to her, Mukuka had recorded the encounter between Purity and Queen, where she confessed to trying to kill Chisala, and wanting to kill Purity. So, she was still on the hospital bed, trying to call her husband, Kamulaza then something happened….


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