The Priest Vow

The Priest Vow – episode 15

Episode 15.
By Amah

I walked down the hospital corridor counting my every step.
There was no memory of the past nor an idea to hang onto.
The only details I got was from The orphanage home were I grew up.
After my last meeting with Gumi I saw the need to dig deep.
It was it as if God wanted me to find out the hidden things that I didn’t know before.
The secret that I may never know if I don’t follow the leading of the holy spirit.
When I visited the orphanage last week, I was there twice before they searched out the hospital that I was born in which was st.theresa hospital and the name was later changed to Dominic hospital.

I took the details I was able to gather and here I am in Dominic hospital searching for an unknown answers.
I don’t know if there is one but God can never be wrong.
If he wanted me to waved everything I have gotten from Gumi this past months off He wouldn’t have put this zeal in me.

I walked across the counter and asked to see the owner of the hospital.
I was told he was not in the country but I can see the person in charge.
I checked my br-ast pocket again for the confirmation letter I got from the orphanage home.
I walked into the doctor’s office after I was ushered in and sat at his command.

I brought out the letter and presented to him.
He was an elderly man and wore a medicated eye glass at the bridge of his nose.
His white medical gown has a name inscribed on it. Dr Phil Adams.

“Good day doctor Adams. my name is James White. That is a letter from the orphanage home were I grew up. I’m searching for my mother’s file. Eunice Cane, she died in the month of November 8th 1967 after giving birth right here in your hospital which was formerly known as St Theresa. I wish to get a full file on her. The time of my birth, what caused her complication and the time she died. Please it is very urgent and I will really appreciate if you treat it as such.

The doctor went through the letter before returning his look back to me.
He stood up immediately and asked me to follow.
I stood up and followed behind in silent.
We walked down the corridor and he kept turning into a different direction until we arrived to a locked hall.
He brought out his ID card and placed on the computerized lock and the door suddenly unlocked.
We went in and the light was switched on.
There were lots of cabinets and shelf containing different files.
There was a long passage and each side holds a filled cabinet with dates and marks.
He went straight to the year 1967 November and started searching for Eunice Cane file. It was not a long search before he slipped out a file from the cabinet.
Eunice Cane was written boldly on the file.
With the help of the passage florescent lights he started flipping through the file.
I walked closer and stood beside him looking through the file to see if I can get clue of what I’m looking for.

“Eunice Cane had birth complication, Excess bleeding and wrong stitches. She gave birth through caesarian section which is also known as CS at exact 5:30am and died exactly 7am in the morning.

I stood quietly and nodded my head, I was about turning to leave the suffocating hall filled with different files when his last word halt me to a stop.

“Eunice Cane, your mother gave birth to twince. Two boys…one came at exact 5:15am 8th of November 1967 and the other came at 5:30am.


I exclaimed in disbelief.

“If you don’t know before but you do have a twin brother somewhere…Mr James White. You were swapped at birth to different orphanage home…

I turned and looked on confused.

” Twins… aren’t we supposed to share same DNA. I…I mean my supposed brother’s son DNA does not match with mine. I… don’t get it Doc…

“We all share different and unique thumb print. Be it twins or not everyone has a different personality and so is our DNA…

Doctor Adams try to explain it all to me
I asked him if I can have the file and he said no.
He refused by saying it was the hospital property but I can always come around anytime I need anything.

I thanked him and left.
I drove back to the prison to see Gumi the following day.

Anytime he hears I’m around he doesn’t keep me waiting anymore.
Is been four months already that I have being visiting him none stop.
He left whatever he was doing and came out.

“Hey James….here you are again. What did you find this time. Any luck…

“Yes, I was at the hospital yesterday. And guess what I found? We are twins…me and you. You were born on 8th of November 1967 and so do I…. in St Theresa hospital which was changed to Dominic hospital. We were seperated at birth to different orphanage home. Mother died few hours after given birth to us and according to you…our supposed father died of lungs disease due to excessive smoking. I told you this is not a coincidence… God wanted us to meet and He used Anna who you called Kita… with her son Joel to connect us back…

Gumi shakes his head uncertain of what to say.
When he found his voice he said.

” All this sound like a movie or some kind of fiction. Can’t believe is happening real…I may not live for long so don’t get your hopes up. My breathing issue is getting worst everyday so don’t get too excited about meeting a brother. I’m better off dead…. I’m of no use to anyone.

” God may have a different say about that Benjamin. Don’t give up yet. We will get through this…

I said trying to encourage him.

“God do not listen people like me. He listens more to you. I laughed in shock when you told me last week that you are a priest. You really missed alot in life. Can you imagine a world without a woman… eating and drinking out of their rich treasury. A world without alcohol or smoking, no clubbing, no games… c’mon James, such world must be very boring. I can’t imagine how boring your life will be by praying at all time and doing only what pleases God…is not my kind of life. I can’t survive it in a day. Maybe that’s why God will answer you more than he will for me. Sometimes I have doubt but I believe you when you say God is real but I can never have the kind of your faith…

I smile and said to him.

“You don’t need my kind of faith. A faith as little as a muster seed is enough to move mountains. God listens to everyone. No one is more special than the other be it Jew or Greek, black or white, sinner or righteous. We are all under grace but God bestows more grace to those who calls him father, who’s way are just, who harbors no evil intention and are quick to repentant. Sin is a deadly disease that kills faster but when you repent and confess before him, God is merciful and ready to wipe off your mistakes so that even death can not make you a captive. Because we don’t die we are transformed. While our body rots away in the ground our soul is lifted to heaven. Death is not our everlasting home… there is more after death. Is not a myth is true brother.

He was quiet for sometimes.

“I’m not scared of dying. I have lived long enough and indulged in different things. So dying now does not scare me anymore because everyone will pass on someday. Just like mother and father…we won’t live forever. I wish I know the things I know now maybe I would have lived differently….

We sat talking about deep things until his time was up.
I stood and went to my car.
I sat with eye closed but my mouth kept moving.
I prayed for one person that needs to be saved. One soul that I can’t watch perish in vain.
I prayed for Benjamin, who we do not only share resemblance anymore but are blood brothers.

His soul is precious to me and more to God.


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