The Priest Vow

The Priest Vow – episode 14

Episode 14.
By Amah

I drove back home and and continued with my quiet time.
I still resume at the grocery store and had my meeting place at the coffee shop.
I stayed home praying for the rest of my free hours for Gumi precisely.
He was a difficult person, in action and appearance more than I can explain in words.
I was neither afraid or worried because the heart of all men is in God’s hand.
I was only curious to know why we share resemblance.
I prayed and did not cease, asking God to unravel the puzzle for me.

I was back to the prison alone this time.
I signed in and waited for Gumi but he refused to come out.
I sat, waiting but Gumi did not come out.

I left that day and returned again another day but it was same thing.
I came the third time and decided to wait until he comes out.
I got tired of waiting and stood up to leave
On my way out the search officer said to me

“You have to stop wasting your time coming here to see Gumi. He gat no business with a fresh looking and a soft talker like you. He obviously doesn’t want to have anything to do with you…give it up man and focus on other things. Gumi may never want to see you. I guess he doesn’t want a family or anybody visiting him. He is a lone cone man not the type you will want to come and see often and on. give it up and stop wasting your time with a man like Gumi. Is an advice man and it will do you lots of good.

I quietly nodded and said

“Thanks officer.

I walked out and returned again after two days.
The officer on seeing me began to shake his head pathetically.

” James White you are back again? You don’t want to give up??

I smile in response before signing in.

I went to sit as usual to wait for Gumi.
I wasn’t going to give up because of his hærden heart or refusal to see me.

What seem impossible with men is never with God. For with God all things are possible.
I will come everyday and sit and wait until Gumi decide to see me.
If he wasn’t part of God’s plan to be saved I wouldn’t have met him.
I believe the purpose of meeting Anna is to also meet Gumi.
Gumi is not too difficult for God to handle.
At the right time he will come around.

I bowed my head, held my two hands together and prayed to God, the yoke breaker, the only one who melt the heart of men. I prayed in silent without my mouth moving but with my eyes shut.
I prayed because Gumi may appear difficult but not to God.

I have even lost count of my visit here yet I wasn’t ready to give up on it.

“What in hell do you want from me?

I was startled out of my quiet prayer by the strong voice.
I looked up and it was Gumi standing and looking down on me with a very mean face

“Only to talk.

I replied quietly.

” I don’t have anything to talk with you. I gat better things to do rather than talk. Relaxing, exercising or sleeping in my cell is far better than sitting here and talking thrash with you. Is high time I tell the officer to stop letting you in here. I don’t have your time. I’m sure there is a wh0le lot of people in your Church who will appreciate the petty talk. Don’t come here looking for me or I will be forced to punch you hærd on the face and disfigure this your fine fresh boy skin. I’m not one of your church members get that into your empty skull. Sc-mbag… and get the hell out of here.

I remain seated unconcerned and kept looking at him as he spoke with anger.

I wasn’t bothered at all in anyway.
He stared down at me thinking I will be threatened or scared by his mean appearance and harsh tune but I wasn’t.

“… You are only acting all stubborn like a little kidy. When you are done sitting then you k-ss my ass and take your leave. I will never step out of my cell ever again to see you. Go to hell….

He started walking out and I said.

” Have you ever wonder why we share some resemblance?

I halt him with those words and he turned and look back at me.
It was my opportunity and I decided to use it well.

“… this is not coincidence or some sort of magic. I feel there is connectivity or probably a bond. Is not a mistake at all Gumi and I don’t believe in magic either.

He took few steps back and when I thought he was going to be reasonable he started with his usual way with a raised eye brows.

” So?… and so f-ckings what? What are you insinuating? Cut the crap man. We aren’t connected in anyway and I don’t bond with your type. stop being stupid and get the hell out of here.

I stared right back at him unbothered.
he walk back to where I stood and said.

“…Did you think we are… I’m not a celebrity that people will want to reckon with. I’m locked up here…a prisoner and no hope of getting out to know what the outside word feels like.

“What are you scared of Gumi? Are you afraid?

I asked while sitting calmly and staring up at him.
He began to laugh sarcastically.
I watched him calmly.
He suddenly stopped and took a seat in front of me.

“Sometimes…but hærdly. Sometimes I get scared of leaving this world. Scared of dying as a prisoner and not as a free man. Sometimes I look back and knew deep down I don’t deserve anything good out of Life. I have done many things beyond human but I try not to be remorseful about it because in life you are either hærd or soft and I chose to be hærd….

I was quietly listening.

“Do you have regrets?

He did not reply me immediately but later did after sometimes.

“Maybe few regrets but the deed is done I can’t undo it.

I looked at Gumi and breathed deeply.
Beyond the tattooed body, the dreadlocks, the pierced ear, the golden teeth, the scar and fire in his eyes, beyond his physical appearance there was a softness somewhere in his heart which he try not to show.
Gumi may look older in appearance but he is like a child trying to be tough and acting like a bully.

“I’m glad to know that and to also know that there is still a human in,side if you. Are you the only child…

He was quiet and stared at his palm.
I knew then God was at work.

“Are you interviewing me or what? You ask questions like a nosy female gossiper.

I laughed out and he surprisingly joined in.

“I don’t know if I’m the only child but it doesn’t really matter. I grew up in the street after ruining away from an orphanage home. I hustled up to make a name for myself. My real name is Benjamin Cole. My street name is Gumi. Is a name I gave myself. I joined a gangsters as a teenager…we steal, smoke and did anything necessary to survive the tough street. I went into drugs and became popular. I made a name for myself and became wealthy man. I had whatever I wanted including women. I was a busy man and did not want anyone or anything to hold me down. Kita tried but couldn’t succeed. She deserved whatever happened to her but is a good thing she didn’t die. I don’t know the woman that gave birth to me but I knew the man. He is irresponsible just like I am. You know like father like son…hahahaha. I got to know him after sending out different search gang to dig him up. He couldn’t deny me because I look so much like him but he died many years ago. He had cancer of the lungs. He was a chain smoker too. I have taken different things, smoke different things, injected different thing Just to get high and nothing serious happened to me except maybe now that I sometimes have this breathing issue but is not a big deal, I have survived many things, I will survive this too. the old man dying off like chicken was probably because his immune system was weak. I felt no pity for him neither do I blame him for the road I took to become Gumi. Is the part I chose and I blame no one for it. I enjoyed it while it last but nothing last forever. Is my time to face the consequences for my actions so I have little or no regrets.

We became quiet.
I gasped out and said

“I grew up without a father and never met my mother either. She died after birthing me. I grew up in the Catholic children home and I have been on this journey for almost 40 years of my life…

Gumi interrupted.

” You actually look like a 20years old boy. I guess you have never suffered or being in the street. Your type cannot even survive there. I’m almost 40 also but I look like a 70years old man. Hahahaha… isn’t that funny. maybe is a mare coincidence about our resemblance and being orphans..

His time was up and he needed to return to his cell.
I had many questions I wanted to ask but there was no time to ask them anymore.
I was very happy that God arrested his attention
It was beyond my imagination but God did it
 Gumi looks far too old than his age and I guess is because of all the drugs and substances he took that made him look older.
He was also an orphan and ran away from the orphanage home to become notorious drug Lord.
I was very curious especially now that I know we are almost age mate.

“You can come in another visiting day. Talking with you made me feel at ease. And another thing I noticed is that you are a good listener and not quick to anger like I am but that doesn’t change the fact that you have become a pest but I’m gonna see you as a good pest…

He laughed out and I smile back in response as I watch him disappear into the corridor.

I stood with a satisfying smile and left.


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