The Red Moon 2

The Red Moon 2 – episode 9

(A New World)
Season 2
Episode 9
Written by Bright Daniel
in,side the very sitting room of Eldeson, tention and curiosity took over every individual thereby increasing their perturbation. Eldeson stood very closed to his wife, Rose. While Prisca and Eric had themselves clutched at another angle. Only Michael and invisible Shakiti stood at the center. All waited for someone to pick the call coz it was on voice out. In fact, Michael dropped the phone on the table where everybody would hear every conversation that would be made. What would he say if the call is picked? They all wondered, but only Michael knew what he would say when the time comes. Suddenly, the cell phone stoped ringing-Derick picked the call.
Total quietness spread from the phone to the external environment. Nothing could be heard, not even a cough. Michael slowly set the call on record so that, if at all, he has any conversation with the new Kira, he would use it as an evidence. After setting the call on record, he said, “Hello…”
A serious cough came very loud and clear from the other side of the phone like a patient suffering from tuberculosis. “Doctor Mike, i’m very sick. Please, i need two drugs from you. I’m so down that i can’t visit your hospital” Derick, the owner of the coughing voice requested.
Everybody in the buidling began to look at one another coz it was beginning to get confusing, even Michael didn’t get it initially but later understood he was speaking with the right person, since he mentioned his name. He also tried to decode the information the new Kira tried to pass through. Therefore he replied saying, “Is the drug you have not enough for you?”
“It’s fake”
“Alright, may i know your name again?” Michael wanted to use that idea to get his real name.
“Have you forgotten? I bear your name. I’m Michael Nelson from different parents” Derick replied smartly.
“Oh, i remember. I’ll get the drugs for you”
“I Have three days to live”
“As the sky is blue, so is my hospital. Its glass reflects radiation from the sun to the south”
“Then i guess i’ll use my sun glasses” the line went dead……
On the other hand, in,side Derick’s room, he dropped the phone after hanging up the call. He stood up from the bed to the place he hid the forged Death Note. That was in,side the ceiling where he made an exiguous opening. He had to take a chair, climbed on it in a way his hands would get to the ceiling before bringing it out. Already, Dakiti had been mute without understanding the type of call he made. He thought he had gone insane, so he met him at the wardrobe where he selected a cloth, then took a very close look at his head. Derick noticed it.
“What’s it, Dakiti?”
“I wanna check if your head is still correct”
“Because you were talking nonsense on the phone with Michael! Are you really sick?”
Derick smiled and turned to him. “I’m fine” he began. “I supposed the call was on record that’s why i acted and spoke that way. I’m surprise Michael was able to understand me. He’s really clever as you said”
“Wow, you are clever too” Dakiti became impressed. “So what sup with the drugs, blue sky and everything coz I’m totally lost” he asked.
“The two drugs i requested are the life and death notes in his possession. He said he gonna bring them to me in three days time. That’s the meaning of ‘I have three days to live’. He understood and said that the sky is blue just like his hospital, its glass reflects radiation to the south every three days”
“What did he mean by that one?”
“There is only one hospital in the city which has a blue paint just like the blue sky. It means that we gonna meet at the south area of the hospital where its glass reflect radiation from the sun” Derick clarified.
Dakiti became surprise at the interpretation of the conversation by the conglomeration of two heads of geniuses. He had never seen anything like that before. Though he believed that in their world, they are smart people, but after the explanation, he concured that human beings are smarter because, if young boys like Derick and Michael could be that smart, how much more old men? Right from then, he trusted Derick to kill not only Michael and take his notes but also kill Shakiti for him. Therefore, he said. “Hope you know that Shakiti is with Michael. You have to kill him too. That will be an easy way to kill Michael”
“How do i do that?” Derick asked.
“By writing his name on the death note, but you need to see his face first. And for you to see his face, you must touch his death note”
“You mean the one with Michael?”
“Yes. Michael will also be looking for a way to touch my death note in order to see me and kill me by writing my name on the note before killing you. So we must not allow them win this battle or should i call it a game?”
“It’s not a game rather a battle, and the smartest wins” Derick had aready dressed up in a way only his face could be seen. He stood before a mirror to see himself, looking heroic. When he gradually picked the forged death note, his face changed to that of Michael. “I’ll show Michael that i’m the smartest” he concluded.
Back to Eldeson’s residence, all waited for Michael to explain the type of call he made but he didn’t say anything. Even Shakiti was as confused as others except Michael who understood the conversation perfectly.
“Michael” Eldeson broke the silence. “When did you become a doctor?” he asked, yet, Michael stared at the floor without replying. That left them no choice but to believe that he just made up the call to look as if there was another Kira other than him. Eldeson had experienced such thing before.
Years ago before he set up his new house, he met a young girl on the road crying with a cell phone on her ear. Darkness had taken the sky, only the sparkling of stars gave light to the earth. He was in,side his car when he saw the poor girl pouring out tears like rain as she made a phone call. Eldeson had pity on her then whined down the glass of his car. After making inquiries to know that the girl actually recieved a call that her only mother needed her urgently at home, he carried her in the car to their house. Only to get there to see gun men pointing their gun at him. The girl stepped down from the car, walked to the driver’s door, opened it and also aimed Eldeson’s head with a gun. “Get down” she commanded. Only then did he know that she made up the call. Though later scaled through after they collected his car.

Now, he believed Michael made up the call too, so he stepped forward, leaving his wife behind.
Michael, on the other hand, had not raised his head up from the floor which he stared steadily. Who knows what he was thinking?
“I guess you made up the call” Eldeson began. “Either you are still Kira or you are working with the new Kira. If not, tell us the meaning of this call you made now”
Michael raised his head. “The new Kira was smart enough to know that the call was on record. That’s why he started speaking in codes and claimed to have my name. What i don’t understand is how he knew i was the one calling” he replied.
“Well, you sounded as if you understood the code. What was the conversation all about?”
“He only thinks I’m with both the life and death note. That’s what he refered as two drugs”
“Well, you need to convince the police with this”
“The conversation is on code, they will never believe me. Don’t worry, soon, the truth will be out” Michael concluded then walked upstairs as all stared at him.
“So what’s your plan now!” Rose asked, making sure her voice get to the staircase because she didn’t have a loud voice.
“I don’t share my plans” Michael replied without looking back.
Shakiti gro-ned when he heard that. He turned to the woman from the staircase as if everyone could see him. “Yes, madam, he’s very stingy with plans” he giggled then followed Michael.
At that early hours of the night, Oscar and his men fallaciously took Dera to the station. Vera, Lucky and Sir Rick were disappointed to see them coming without Michael. Already, Dera had realized that her sister must have been the one behind the tracking device in her bag when she saw her there. She totally concluded that she must have been the one who informed the police about her movement. Therefore, she hurried up to her first, threw the device on her face and raised a hand to slap her, but Lucky defended it in a way he never left them.
“Get your hands off me!!” Dera shouted thereby attracting policemen. “She put a tracking device and had me followed by the police! She’s a wicked sole! You know what, Vera, I’ll be exhilarated if Michael kills you for the second time!!” she kept shouting and shedding tears.
“Dera, calm down!” Lucky said, holding her tightly.
“I will not calm down! How can she hate her own brother like that?! She knows why she really want to see Michael dead because he won’t hesitate to kill her again. Get your hands off me! She’s very wicked!”
Hearing the statements by Dera, Vera was moved emotionally and began to shed tears too at a corner where men protected her from conniption. Truely she felt bad by the statements and didn’t know what to do ever since Michael came back to live. She had been afraid to know what her brother might do to her again which resulted to the effort she put to make sure he is captured again and consequently killed for the second time.
As the wh0le drama escalated in the building, a repaort came that Kira is killing and destroying at a place. Sir Rick and his men rushed out, leaving the twins and Lucky at the station.

Derick stood in the middle of the road not just with Michael’s face but also with the forged Death Note. People ran helter and skelter when he began to destroy buildings by writing them on the death note. He couldn’t kill people because he didn’t know their names, neither did he have Dakiti’s eyes. So the best way to kill was by destroying buildings. Some of them exploded, releasing flame like where a famer set his land on fire as a form of farming system called Bush Burning. People died in the course while some injured.
Meanwhile, Debby stood on top of one building watching everything that was happening. “Finally, you’ve shown your face, Michael” she murmured.
Before the police arrived to the crime scene, Derick had disappeared. He made sure camera caught him very well before leaving, not knowing that Debby traced him.
After some moments, the news went online. Sir Rick had come back to the station, looking more angry than initial. There was a television in the station which broadcasted how kira destroyed buildings that night. Dera became disappointed when she saw Michael’s face as the one who caused the holocaust. Nelly ran in,side the station at that time too. Lucky and Vera didn’t say anything as they watched the news.
“Now, you see that?!” Sir Rick began angrily at Dera. “Have you seen what your brother is causing? He is as wise as a sapent! Tonight, five buildings have gone down to the mud and twenty people died because of him! What does he really want!? I thought he only kills bad people. Why is he destroying buildings now and rendering people homeless? Hhuu..”
Dera took a very close look at Kira when he displayed again on the television. “No, that’s not my brother, Michael” she moved closer to the television while everybody stared at her as if she didn’t have eyes anymore. “Vera, take a good look at this person, does the body look like Michael’s?” she asked but her twin sister never replied.
Nelly also drew closer. “That’s not the body of the Michael i know” she supported.
“I can see both of you are blind” Sir Rick said.
“No, forget about the face. This Kira might have the same height and face with Michael but look at the body stature! This person on this television is an impostor! He is not my brother, Michael” Dera tried to convince them but nobody believed her neither did they give her a listening ear except Nelly.

However, when Eldeson’s family saw the news, all rushed to Michael’s room to confirm if he was there, but he wasn’t. From then, they all believed he must have been the cause of the night hazardous act without knowing that he went out to save lives with the life note.

Debby traced Derick from the point of the crime scene to his hidden place. That was an uncompleted building where Derick began to change without knowing that Debby was at the window watching. When he placed the death note in,side a bag, his face changed back to normal. That surprised Debby to the extent she became scared. Unfortunately for her, Dakiti dictated her presence and told Derick saying, “It seems someone is watching us”
“From where?” Derick stood up instantly with his bag. Dakiti pointed at the window where both hurried to but saw nobody. “C’mon, let’s go home” Derick hurried out of the place, yet Debby followed him unknowingly to him until he got to his house, entered and closed the door.
“Gotcha!” Debby smiled from a distance. Even though she has discovered the truth, she wasn’t ready to tell anyone, rather would prefer to work with the new Kira she had just discovered…….

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