The Revenge (18+)

The Revenge – episode 5

11th July,,2008.

Red Friday I

Zick and his fellow cobrans found themselves at club Play house. It was one of the biggest clubs in benin city at that time. Known for hosting so many different cult groups where they come to chill,,party or have a meeting.

At the entrance of club play house is a very large white gate which is always open wide at evenings for cars to enter. There is a car park by the left and an open space bar filled with chairs and a counter where one goes to make an order. There are usually several attendants at the counter made up of mostly females due to the large number of people that patronise the bar. The female attendants could also serve as part time s*x workers for customers who are interested. All that is needed is for the customer to inform the manager of his intention or he goes directly to the counter and talks to any of the ones he’s interested in. Although majority of the customers use the former than the latter.

Some members of “The cobra” were in this bar. They sat at different tables mostly in twos or threes in a semi-circular shape. They were all armed. Nobody backed the entrance of the bar so as not to be taken unaware. But they came to chill today so they were drinking,,smoking and making merry. Not really paying attention to the environment around them. There was a nigerian music playing softly at the back ground.

Behind the bar was the main club. There were also strippers in,side the club dancing. The club was divided into the VIP section and the regular section. It was at this place where zick and four of his wing men sat. The music was blaring loudly and he was nodding his head in agreement. They were all in a light mood. Perhaps if he had known he wouldn’t have come out tonight but his inner senses which always warned him didn’t tell him anything this time around.

There were various kinds of drinks on the table in front of them. John also called “Jay Jay” opened the bottle of hennessy and poured in zick’s cup. Then he poured in his cup too and dropped the bottle for the others to take.

Jack was busy observing a stripper who was dancing s€×ily few tables in front of them. She wore on her a black thong which managed to cover her crotçh in front and a thin line of rope which was in,side the space dividing her two butt0ckz bubbles and a black skimpy b-ra which hærdly covered her large sized br-asts.

She was doing her job,, dancing from table to table showcasing herself to any guy that would want her services. She walked s€×ily to zick’s table and started to dance to the music slowly,,shaking her assets. She had a very big butt0ckz like that of black chyna. Jack looked closely and got attracted to her instantly. She noticed he’s attention on her so she moved closer to him and started to twerk in his front. Jack looked at fab by his side and they both grinned. He gulped his drink,,stood up and shouted into her ears.

“Let’s go somewhere and talk”

She stopped dancing and pulled jack along with her allowing his hands to touch her bubbling butt0ckz.

They went to a corner far away from the disturbing sound of the music. Then jack said.

” Hey s*xy**..i loved the way you danced back there. What’s your name?”

She looked at him and smiled. Not minding his compliment.

” i’m Tutu. s*xy** tutu. Which of my services do I offer you?”

She said.

“I wanna bang. How much do you collect for that?”

Jack was already pressing her big butt0ckz as he spoke to her.

“No s*x! We strippers here don’t fuçk our customers. You can get a lap dance,,strip tease or Mouth Action. If you want to fuçk you’ll have to meet those girls attending to customers at the bar. That’s our policy.”

The stripper replied jack still smiling.

Jack was disappointed. He really wanted to have this girl. The way her butt0ckz was shaking he had already imagined her bouncing on his D-ck or him giving her a döggy.

“How much for a BJ?” He sighed.

“7k. If you Pour in my mouth 10k” she replied.

“Which one be if I Pour in your mouth again? BJ no be BJ? make we go joor. Body dey hot.” Jack retorted,,a bit frustrated.

“Oga cool down we no dey fight. Na the arrangement wey our ogas drop for us be that.”

She led him to another room through a dark passage. The room was dimly lit with blue light and one could hærdly see the faces of people there. There were gr0aπs and gro-ns all over the room.

She found a cushion at a corner of the room and took jack there. Asked him to sit down as she started dancing s€×ily again. She was strip teasing for him slowly and touching him lightly. She bent forward and put her br-asts on jack’s face rubbing it. Jack brought out his tongue about to sU-Ck it and she quickly withdrew then continued dancing. This was torture for him.

Finally she knelt down between his legs unzipped his trousers and brought out his J0yst!ck. It was metal hærd and she could feel the warmth in the air conditioned room. She used both hands to m-ssage it up and down very slowly. Jack gro-ned. Then she put her wh0le mouth and started to work on it. Her mouth was warm and comforting.

Jack gro-ned deeply again. She continued going up and down,,up and down as if she wanted to lick the J0yst!ck till it dissapears. Then she started to lick the head or tip slowly with her very salivate tongue. This got jack really crazy and he gr0aπed loudly.


This should be the best BJ jack have had in a very long time. She was sU-Cking and blowing professionally like no one has ever done for him. Well she was gonna get paid for it,,so it was expected. In his subconscious state he was beginning to see reasons why it was better to pay for a good s€×ual pleasure sometimes than have a girlfriend who’s not s€×ually appealing enough.

“Oga you no dey release?”

He was brought back to reality with a question from the stripper,,s*xy** tutu. She had been sU-Cking him for close to 10 minutes now and there was no sign of him c-ming. Her mouth was beginning to get sore and she had exhausted every method at her fingertips.

“If I no bang I no fit release. Just allow me do this thing Shebi na me go pay”

Jack bargained again. It was actually the alcohol in his system that was delaying his ejanlaculation.

She looked up at him for a while and sighed. Then she said:

“Because I like you o! Normally our managers don’t allow us have s*x. Oya do sharp sharp before someone comes here”

She stood up and faced the wall,,bending over a bit. Giving jack full access to her bubbly butt0ckz. He played with it for a while then he used his finger to rub her clït under. He was about to slide in.

” oh fuçk! There was no c-ndom.” He remembered.

“Oga wetin you dey wait for na? Abi you no wan do again?”. The stripper complained.

Jack thought again. He decided to throw cautions to the wind. This is a one time opportunity that he couldn’t afford to waste. He had to fuçk her tonight or never.

He put his J0yst!ck closer and she spread her legs w¡der,,giving him more space for entry. As he was about to slide in,,all of a sudden there was a loud noise.



To Be Continued…

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